DURA CHI Hand shot Dryer by CHI ~ Review.

I think God loves me and He listen to my prayers LOL. I think I mention this before but I do it again. I was in need of new blow dryer. Was, because now I have one. and I am obsessed. Yeah whenever I like something I always say I am obsessed and that's true I am :) Sorry I might blab a bit LOL. I was sick for a past few days.Now I feel a bit better so I am in need of talking/writting. The DURA CHI Hand shot dryer is not like your typical one. Just take a look at it :)

 I admit first when I got it I was kinda confused on how to use it. I googled video to see how people use it, Guys it so easy. Like I knew you had to hold it that way but I was afraid I might burn my hand or something.
Now let me bring you closer and tall you more about this awesome dryer.

* Handle free design ~ promotes a more balanced and efficient drying angle and allows wrist sits in more comfortable position.
* Touch sensitive screen ~ easily controls temperature and speed level.
* Ceramic Heater ~ maintains consistent heat with ceramic technology.
* Soft touch grip ~ non slippery grip offers control during use.
* hands free drying stand ~ unique design dryer stand enabled dryer to stand alone on a flat surface for hands free drying capabilities.

I got this dryer few weeks ago and I used it few times since then. I really like it. First off it dries fast. My hair,my daughter even my dog! Let me not compare to my old very old dryer that was need of changing. I do like the modern design of this dryer. I was a bit confused a the beginning, but once you figure how to use it you get the handle of the design. Now one of the key features was the "handle" design. It supposed to allow wrist sits in more comfortable position. Well, my wrist are getting used it slowly. So far my hands sill hurts from holding it, but once I get a hang of it this wont be a problem anymore. The air come out through the grip. So on my old dryer that grip would heat up and it could burn me. This dryer grip have a some sort of protection against the heat. Since you hold it while you drying you won't get burn. I will admit that it is comfortable and soft. I found it easier for me to dry my daughter hair then my. But well I just have to practise more right?. Another cool feature is the touch screen. It allows to control the speed and temperature. Super easy to use. Just slide your finger on the temperature and the desire heat. And to lock it in place press power button. That way when you dry your hair the temperature or heat won't change. Once you press and hold power button it will turn on/off dryer.

Dura Chi comes with two attachments. They are easy to put on and to take off. I used only one of it. On the other one time will come. LOL.
What else I like abut this dryer is how lightweight it is. Its smaller then regular dryers coz it dont have the handle. But it also lightweight and I say travel friendly.

If you guys looking for new and modern design blow dryer check Dura Chi out. I really been enjoying it and I am super happy to have it in my hair routine.

you can purchase it at Loxa Beauty and Farouk .
Price $144.99

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