Hair Care New In ~ Madam CJ Walker and Dafni Hair

Well hello there after my long break. Sorry, due to upcoming Jewish holidays we had to work overtime and Sundays. So with only Saturday off I really didn't have time to blog. 
But now I am back so get ready for some new posts!

Let's start with some new hair care products I got recently. 
 Madam CJ Walker Blow Out Creme ~ As you follow and read my blog you know I been really enjoying Madam CJ Walker products. New addition to my small but growing collection is their blow out creme. First thing I love that the packaging is pink, so cute! This heat protective creme is simply great. If you use a hoot tools such as hair dryer and flat iron or even iron brush the Brassica Seed and Shea Oils Silkening Collection is what you need, The products are formulated for silky, soft finish. Each featuring a tempting blend of spun sugar and red velvet creme. Brassica Seed is a natural alternative to silicone, provides smoothness and luster without weighing down the hair or creating buildubs. Did you know that brassica seed oil is also known as a broccoli?  Shea Oil hydrates ad deeply conditions hair without leaving it looking and feeling greasy. It provides a great heat protection.

I apply this cream right before I reach for my blow dryer. The consistency is rather runny. Thought it would be like a actual creme. Anyways when open try to hold the cap upwards so you won't spill it. I massage it into my hair and then blow dry. You use as much as you want, all depends on the hair length. I use a lot LOL I really need to cut my hair soon. After blow drying my hair are soft and there is not frizz. I hate frizz... Easy to brush and easy to style :) What more can we ask for? I also love the scent of it . yuummmy and sugary :) Wish could stay a bit longer in my hair tho. Other then that I really like this creme . For someone who uses hot tools on daily basis check this line by Madam CJ Walker :) They are available a Sephora :) Price $26 (6oz),

I am so excited to talk about this product it is DAFNI Hair Straightening  Ceramic  Brush. This is the brush that will straighten your hair fast and easy! I am so impressed with it and been using it a quite a lot. Perfect BFF in the morning. I can only be use on a dry and combed/brushes hair. So after I finished blow drying I brushed my hair with regular brush, plug this  baby in and wait for it to heat up. When you plug the button in the middle lights up red, then flashes. Once its steady green you good to go.

The best way to brush is to :
* first separate hair, like with straightening iron, start with small section  at the time.
* Second place brush under the hair and hold it tight and make sure all the hair is in the brush
* third  brush slowly in pulling motion.

Try to keep brush a bit longer on the ends to make them straight.
Dafni makes hair straight, but if you want you hair to be more straight use flat iron on top of it. Most of the time I use my CHI flat iron, first and then in following days especially in the morning I go over with Dafni brush and I am ready to go. This brush really straight hair fast and easy. 1,2,3 and I'm ready to go. Hair look beautiful, sleek and shiny. The unique 3D ceramic surface design allows straighten air in minutes simply by brushing it. Heats up to 365F, which is a safer and healthier temperature. Another great thing about this brush is that it can be use close to the scalp, without burning your skin. Tell me how many times did you burn you skin because you wanted to reach hair close to your scalp? Many right?
I really love this product. I did a demo on my IG when I got it. If you want to see all new products and all demos follow me on my IG. I always post something on my IG storie :)

So yeah if you have curly, wavy, frizzy hair try Dafni brush:) I know it might be on a pricier side but it is totally worth it .Also wait fo r deals! I am pretty sure there are codes that can help you save money :)

You can get it from Dermstore.
Price $199

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