Makeup Organization and Storage ~ Vanity tour, what's in my Alex and on my bookshelf?

Today I will give you a little peak into my makeup collection. 
This post was supposed to go up last month, but I was waiting for my organizers. Some came to me from overseas and we all know how is with the shipping it takes forever. But finally I have them and I spend all Saturday organizing my mess :)
I dont have my own beauty room unfortunately. For now my vanity and my makeup stays in a hallway. my hallway is pretty long and it fits my vaniity, alex and my bookshelf. Hopefully by January I will be able to move it inside of my bedroom :)
All my furnitures are from IKEA, I have the Malm Vanity, Billy Bookcase and Alex 6 drawers (I will be getting one more soon),

so this  is more less view of 4 -5 shelfs . The top one is a complete mess and it will be fixed very soon.
Fairy Girl lipstick holder is from Fairy Girl.
The organizer on the right is from Biedronka :)
Wake up and Makeup mug is from etsy store, click here.
Perfume tray is Sonia Kashuk Tray I got from Target few yrs ago.
GOld brushes and gold brush holder is also from Sonia Kashuk

Clear acrylic storage I got from Jack's World and it was around $17
The middle palette holder is new to me and I got it from Vanity Closet Beauty..
Lipstick holder with lips is from Vanity Flair Customs
and the other lipstick holder from Nurbesten,

Nail Polish / Palette rack is fiom Nurbesten.
As you can see it fit nail polishes and palettes. It was a mess to put it up but I like the final result.

My Malm Vanity from Ikea.

On the vanity I have some Halloween Decor going on :) All decor I got from dollar tree.
Acrylic 4 drawer holder is from Jack's world I love coz the drawers are deep and it fits a lot.
Red flowers are from dollar tree and gold vase from Target.
Brush holders from Vanity Flair Customs

more holders from Vanity Flair
Glass mirrored tray I posted over here.

Guess what more holders from Vanity Flair.
Acrylic organizers (2 stalk on each other) are from Marshalls.

Somehow my first drawer pic got lost LOL, here is second. Almost all my lipsticks ) The most messy one :) Gotta figure the way to organize it

single shadows, foundations, mascaras, bb creams :) All organizers from Dollar tree

Blushes and bronzers :)

 Palettes :) Not all tho :)

Video of more less overview I have for now. Definitely it will change in the future

btw if you ever feel like you have too much stuff you can always use a storage. Make Space is one of the them. I am pretty sure it is available in many cities across usa. check their web if you have more questions. 


  1. Oh wow your makeup collection is amazing, I love how you have your drawers organised xx

    1. hey ! Thank you, they do still need some work :) and I need to pick another alex coz I keep getting/buying more makeup

  2. All of this looks so nice :)

    1. thank you :) it still need some work. I am not 100%happy with it though

  3. OMG how many pretty things!! And oh I love your organization! *__*

    1. thank you, I still need to change few things

  4. So jealous of your organisation!! <3
    Chloe xx

    1. thanks :) I have change few things tho :) Will be moving my vanity around next month so woohoo

  5. Wow girl, your makeup collection is impressive!!! I need to buy a nail polish organizer next, my nail polishes are all over the place! :)


    1. I wan to get shelfs that can store lots of polishes :) Damn I ave over 500 bottles and it will take up the whole wall LOL.... as for my makeup collection I think the pics dont do the justice I have so much its crazy

  6. Olbrzymia kolekcja :D Ja ostatnio porobiłam czystki w kolorówce i rozdałam to, czego nie używam :D Teraz mam miejsce na nowości :D

    1. ja nie moge nic wyrzucic ... nawet opakowania mam w jakims pudle :(

  7. Wow, that is A LOT of makeup! I don't have nearly as much yet I can't organize it, haha!


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