Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color ~ review and swatches

*pr sample*

I got recently chosen for a new voxbox by Influenster. This time I got to try two colors from Maybelline SuperStay 24 liquid lipstick. 
I like the lipsticks that I can wear all day with no need to touch up. Maybelline SuperStay gave me just that. 

I received two shades:
* Keep up the fames ~ red
* Constant Toast ~ nude.

Both colors are gorgeous :) Personally I find myself reaching more for nude but omg that red have my heart :)

As for the formula , I like it. Red applies much better than nude one. The color is more opaque and creamy and just looks so pretty on my lips. Nude well its more sheer and it sit in my lines on my lips (you know I mean?) it does not apply same as red that for sure. Plus once it dries it gives me glowy metallic sheen to my lips which with my oily skin was no no. I mean don't get me wrong i do like metallic finish but I need to mattify my face better wen I wear one. I think Constant toast look better under a nude lip liner. I tried under In the nude by essence and I really like it. I want to see how it will look under soft berry tho :) 

what i am impressed the most is the staying power. They do last very long on my lips. First, when you apply the liquid lipstick on you need to wait for it to dry. It will get all sticky and tacky and just yuck! but wait once its dry go over with the conditioning stick. That conditioning stick/balm locks on moisture and color.  Color stayed on my lips .. lets see ... I applied it around 7:30am and I saw that the color was wearing off from the middle of my lips around 4pm. I say not bad. The formula is so lightweight you cant feel it on the lips :) Plus the stick makes your lips hydrated. I notice drying by the 3:30pm. 
I was afraid of removing them tho. When I first swatched them on the back of my hand it was soooo hard and painful to take them off...really! So I was scared that I might be difficult to take tem off the lips as well.  I used first my L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover and after I took my In Vitamin Micellar water and took of any excess that was left. I went off nicely without hurting my lips :)

Maybelline SuperStay 24 is indeed long wearing and smudge proof.  I did notice a tiny transfer on my mug yesterday but clearly it was nothing. I rub my finger on my lips and there was no lipstick on . Weird tho. I didn't notice any cracking or flaking. Over all I am impressed with them :) I might pick one or two more shades :) Coz I wasn't happy wit the nude I got so I might pick another one. There is 30 shades in collection so for sure I will be able to pick something up. 
If you are on the budget and you need a long wearing lightweight lipstick try maybelline superstay 24 :) They less than $10 :)

*Thanks for Influenster for sending them over for review. Just wanna state that all thought are my own :) 



  2. Ooooo these shades are so pretty! love your photos too - and your blog layout! pretty pretty xx

  3. I love the look of these shades! Have a lovely Weekend :)

  4. The red one looks gorgeous!


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