Wet N Wild ~ Sequins and Stardust ~ Holiday Collection

When the brand like Wet N Wild releases new LE collection you need to go and hunt it down. 
I actually stumbled on it by accident. I was shopping one day, unfortunate day when the some terrorist asshole set up a bomb in Chelsea NYC. Can you belive I was there that day!?!?!? I leave 45min before the bomb exploded. Thank God no one was badly hurt. 
Anyways the store, Harmon Face Values is located near the explosion site. 
As I said I went there just coz my friend wanted a nail polish and Michael's was downstairs. Than I saw the new WNW display, I took apic send it over to my IG and asked Queen of Budget Makeup, G. from nouveaucheap blog if that collection is new? Or I am super behind and its old. Anyways me being me I grabbed 4 nail polishes, one lip gloss, and all pigments. Unfortunately my display didn't have the highlight bar that everyone is obsessed with it.Lucky few weeks later my rite aid got the display and I picked all remaining products. So now I am proud owner of the whole collection , including highlight. 

* Pigments each comes with a protective cap , so in that case you wont make mess with it nor you will spill it, I like the idea a lot! They come in 4 shades. They do might look same but trust me each one it is different. 
~ Heart of Rose Gold (my personal favorite) - rose gold
~ Dom And Cherry On Top  - gold
~ Ride On my Copper - copper
~ Kung Fu Lightning ~ the lightest and in my opinion the less pigmanted shade.

* Lip glosses ~ I am not a fan of glosses but the design on the cap and the colors and well I am weak, so I have all 4 shades with me. I didn't wear them yet so can't really talk how the perform throughout the day . Starting from top:
~ The Loco-Potion - orange with lots of pink flecks
~ Boggie White Lights - this one is sheer white with lilac shift
~ Moxie Brown ~ coppery-gold
~ Ring My Bellbottoms ~ yellowish gold with shimmer

* Nail Polishes ~ As a nail polish junkie I had to have them all. Thank god the price is low on these ($1.99) Overall Mega last series is my favorite coz the polishes last really long time. They come with wide brush and over all they are one of the best and long lasting in the drugstore. I admit I didn't buy wet n wild polishes in long time. There were countless displays but not in my area. I will definetly post swatches in the separate post soon :) I think my Rite Aid have few more in stock so I might pick few for giveaway :)
starting from top we have:
~ Studio Glitter and Gold~ I love gold polishes :) this one  will look stunning on
~ Ninja Lovelace ~ omg this one is stunning! Dark very dark golden brown with gold flecks.
~ I dream of Jean Genie ~ pretty jeans color with gold flecks, its really pretty!
~  R-U-Free 2 Dance ~ its sheer and works mostly as a topper :)

* Gold Bar Highlight "Holy Gold Head" ~ this baby sold out fast. No wonder why,  It is freaking gorgeous! The design the color, oh my :) It say it comes with a mirror  (hence the reason that packaging is so chunky) but my mirror won't come out and since I don't want to ruin my precious baby I leave t be. This is a star of the collection and everyone wants piece of it. Each display old only two of these babies. Only two!!! So if you want to score one you need to hunt it down and do it fast! The highlight is gold with peachy star on top. I swatched a bt and formula is really nice! I don't own other highlights (summer ones) but I love this. Swatches beautifully, there is not shimmer just pure gold reflection, peachy gold if you swatch with the star :)

* Eye Lashes ~ two sets and both gorgeous! I dont think I will wear them but I happy to have them. :)


  1. Uwielbiam tę Marke produktów, wspaniale nakłąda się nii makijaż i do tego nie testują na zwierzętach a to dla mnie bardzo ważne ! :) Jesli masz czas i ochotę to zapraszam do siebie na jesienną inspirację :) http://szymkowerobotki.blogspot.ie/p/romwe-fashion.html Pozdrawiam

  2. Oh you are so lucky!! I love Wet n Wild products and I usually buy them from Beauty Joint but they don't have any LE products! That highlighter is everything!


  3. kocham wszystko co pokazałaś:) bajeczne produkty!

  4. the pigments look really pretty!


  5. Great thing that Wet n Wild isn´t too expensive, it would have been hard to decide which ones to leave.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking


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