Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette ~ swatches

Let me just say Holy Molly you need to get this palette. 
New Kat Von D Metal Matte palette launch for holiday hmm two months ago I believe. 
When I saw it at sephora I swatches few shadows and I was sold. 
I missed out on last year palette so I told myself to get this year one.But then again I heard many mixed reviews so I decided to hold on on ordering and wait till hit sephora store so I can see her in person and decide. It only took 3 shade to swatch to make my decision.

"The MetalMatte Eyeshadow Palette is a mashup of bold colors and must-have textures, celebrating the two sides within everyone—whether it’s soft and romantic, rock ‘n’ roll, or both. The palette’s top row features an explosive lineup of exclusive, never-before-seen metallic shades in Kat Von D’s max-pigment Metal Crush Eyeshadow formula, including Synergy, a bestselling bronze from the original collection. The bottom of the palette is a rainbow array of buttery mattes, in a range of tones—from dark and moody to pastel neutrals—all in Kat’s signature blendable, pigmented eye shadow formula. This palette’s array of tones and textures gives you endless combinations for a number of eye looks. Get inspired by the three fearless tutorials, each with step-by-step instructions."

Now lets talk about the packaging first. It is huge! it is like double the size of naked palettes. 
The logo was hand down by Kat as an ambigram. It reads Metal one way and when you flip it it reads Matte. Love this idea. 
The eye shadows are freaking unbelievable. The metallic ones have a famous Metal Crush formula and OMG they are fabulous. I am so happy that they were included in this palette. The matte shades are also wow  fantastic. They all swatch wonderfully. Although I would use primer with all of them ;) I did used it few times already. Just did a quick basic look ;)the metal crush formula is hands down the best one I tried. 
All shades are really pigmented and overall I love this palette :) Well send $60 for sure.  The only problem I have is the storage for this baby LOL. Right now it sitting on my vanity.
Now lets see the swatches:


NEBULA ~ dark blue with cool undertones (metallic)
WATT ~ teal with cool undertones (metallic)
INGNITE ~ aqua with metallic sheen.
TINSEL ~ sparkling gold with glitter
GLITZ ~ peachy pink with metallic sheen
TWINKLE ~ lavender with frost finish
VOLT ~ plumy purple with silvery shimmer
SYNERGY ~ golden brown with orangy undertones
FLASH ~ dark gold


LINEN ~ white with cool undertones
JET ~ Black
VELOUR ~ dark royal blue with cool undertones
STONE~ medium dark gray
MOSS ~ dark green
RIBBON ~ dark purple
SILK ~ mauve purple
FRINGE ~ light peach
FEATHER ~ medium yellow
OAK ~ olive brown
SUEDE ~ beige brown
BONE ~ bright beige
VELVET ~ dark burgundy

Overall the shades are wonderful like I said it before. Some mattes need work and good primer.
This palette is a limited edition so get your hands on it while you can.


  1. Podoba mi się ten bordowy kolorek :)

  2. This palet look so great!! Really pretty color <3

  3. Jaka cudowna paletka , śliczne ma kolory !



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