MAC x Mariah Carey ~ my picks

Today I want to show you my picks form MAC x Mariah Collection. I was surprised when I saw the preview of the collection. I thought after Holiday Nutcracker Sweet Mac was done , but nooooo. Right before holidays Mac Mariah launched and ahhh the collection is gorgeous! 

Its so Mariah! you guys remember lipstick that was out last year "all I want"? there was something missing right? The packaging.  Lipstick was housed in simple Mac bullet, nothing special. I read so many blog saying that they should do better than that. and they did! 
This collection's packaging is fabulous! its sparkly, festive and so eye catching! 

Now lets me show you want I picked up at my local MAC Store.

Lets start with lipstick. OMG the bullet is soooo freaking gorgeous! Silver glitter all over! Inside its gold with Mariah signature. Once you twist the lipstick.. Hello butterfly!   Freaking butterfly engraved on a lipstick how cool and beautiful is that!? 

the two lipsticks I got are:
* MAC Dahhlinggg! ~ pinky-peachy nude, creamsheen 
* MAC Mcizzle ~ rosy peach, creamsheen.

and a lip glass 
* MAC Rainbow Interlude ~ clear pink with pink and silver or should i say rainbow sparkles. 
to be honest I didn't want to buy any lip glass but when I saw this one I was in love :) I have actually similar one in my collection form MAC Alluring Aquatic collection ~ Clear Water.

the last product I got was blush. I wanted a blush. First I wanted the highlighter but price scared me. So I ended up getting blush. 
* Sweet Sweet Fantasy ~ such a pretty deep coral. Its matte but when you look closely you can see slight golden shimmer. I liked this one more than the other pink one. I think this one is more of a natural and everyday kind of blush. Plus it comes in a pretty , super pretty gold packaging. 

So that will be it. I actually, after thinking for few days I want the other blush and I get so OCC lipstick. So I will go and check my local Mac if they still have anything left. If not well than too bad. It might be back again on a restock or something. We wait we will see :)

 Did you pick anything form this collection?


  1. Jak zawsze wybrałaś najładniejsze cudeńka ;)

  2. Ja akurat nie skusiłam się na nic z tej kolekcji, ale błyszczyk jest piękny :)

  3. Omg! They look so pretty I didnt even really look at this collection. :) Great haul!!

  4. That's so awesome, by the time I had the money to splash the collection was almost completely sold out in every Mac store! x


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