InstaNaturla Glycolic Acid Serum and SPF 30 Vitamin C Moisturizer ~ My must haves in daily skin care . Plus Black Friday Deals

*pr sample

Let me show you my two must haves in my skin care :) InstaNatural products have been one of my favorites for a long time. I started to work with this brand hmm I think like 2 years ago.  As the matter of fact I posted a review of my very first three products here on the blog in 2016. You can see it here. Yup they were in old packaging LOL.  I personally love the new revamped packaging of their products. White with green leaf, beautiful and minimalistic. As the months and years go by InstaNatural adds new products :) The have a whole lot of range of different oils, that I will be talking next month of :)

A little backstory on InstaNatural. They are a Florida based brand with vision to provide natural and effective skin care solutions. Their products line is developed by focusing on using organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without harmful parabens or other questionable ingredients. 

Company's newest baby launched on November 9th 2017 and its the Glycolic Acid Serum. They launched this serum for Holidays :) InstaNatural is well known for innovation in serums and this Glycolic Acid Serum will continue this tradition of excellence, formulated for exfoliation and hydration with this new, proprietary 8% Glycolic C Complex. This product was developed in response to customers wanting natural Glycolic products that are gentle on the skin. 
InstaNatural's  8% Glycolic C Complex contains blend of glycolic acid, vitamin c and their proprietary Botanical Complex to boost cell renewal, support collagen production and refine the skin appearance. In addition, hyaluronic acid and argan oil to provide needed hydration. 

The serum comes in 1fl oz/30ml bottle with dropper  Easy to use. The consistency of the serum is not so runny. Like some serums can be like water so you have to be careful with them. this one is on a bit thicker side. It does have a light natural scent to it, which don't bother me. Once I apply to my face, serum sinks in right away. There is no greasy residue or what so ever left. It is gentle, I have a sensitive skin and this product wear nicely and I didn't notice any breakouts or redness. I been using it only night time and I can tell you that my skin feels more hydrated then before. While testing Glycolic Acid Serum I didn't use any other products in my night time skin care routine.  

Overall I think this is wonderful product. Feels light weight and like I said sinks in right away and leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated. This will be a perfect product for upcoming cold wintery months, when skin will need that extra kick of a moisture. I am actually thinking of buying one more bottle for my mom. I know she will love this :) 
Shop here

Next stop we have a SPF 30 Vitamin C moisturizer. I have this baby since summer and I can get enough of it. It is fantastic. InstaNatural SPF 30 Vitamin C Moisturizer is formulated to prevent common signs of aging, while protecting against daily sun exposure. Mineral based board spectrum sunscreen leverages the power of Vitamin C with Niacinamide  and hyaluronic acid visibly reduce the appearance of aging, while blend of natural extracts offer antioxidant defense for healthy radiant complexion. 
The key ingredients :
* Zinc and Titanium Dioxide ~ natural minerals that serve as a primary sun protection ingredients
* Vitamin C ~ brightens, tones and tightens appearance of skin while supporting healthy collagen. Vitamin C is also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.
Niacinamide ~ supports healthy skin barrier while decreasing appearance of discoloration and redness. 
* Hyaluronic Acid ~ acts like drink of water to the skin, hydrating and plumping appearance of lines and wrinkles
* Sunflower Seed Oil ~ is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, D and E to nourish skin while providing lightweight moisture. 

I been using this moisturizer a lot during summer days. It wears really nicely under makeup. During the day my skin got this radiant look. It was glowing. and not greasy. It applied and blended really good as well. I haven't notice a white cast that I know some SPF moisturizers, sun screens leaves. 
I know my skin looked healthy and plumped :) Like I mention few months ago on LIVE video I did with InstaNatural my co worker said my skin looked really good when I wore this moisturizer as a base of my makeup. It looked plumped and bouncy :) and it was definitely more healthy and  radiant. 
Again it worked well on my sensitive skin  :)  I will continue to use it during colder months as well. Coz even in winter we need a good SPF :)
Shop here. 

I have a good news! InstaNatural will have a killer sale during Thanksgiving Week! It is so exciting!

Form Thursday, November 23 to Sunday, November 26, 2017 
* 25% off site wide at
* All Orders will get a deluxe sample of InstaNatural Retinol Serum. 

PLUS free, full-sized gift with purchase:
* $25+ purchase = Free InstaNatural Micellar Water ($15 value)
* $50 + purchase = Free InstaNatural Micellar Water and Eye Cream ($35 value)
* $75 + purchase = Free InstaNatural Micellar Water and Eye Cream and Eye Lash Enhancing Serum ($60 value)
* Free Shipping with $35 purchase 

So that would be it for today. Like I said I will be doing a reviews of InstaNatural Oils next month :)  both products can be purchased at InstaNatural website and Amazon. They do have a large selection of products there. 
So if you are not based in US and would like to try their products check also
Their are also available at, and

** links are non affiliate. 

Star Family Collection ~ JeffreeStar Cosmetics ~ swatches

My Jeffree Start Family Collection arrived at the end of October:)  And Guys I am obsessed! The cute house that lippies are housed in is so freaking adorable! I just can't!
I order it the day it launched via Beautylish and guys the shipping was super fast and they way it came packed!?! Yes Beautylish you did an amazing job and I will be definitely ordering again! I just had to throw it in here. Coz some brands they don't care about packing products, not making sure they secured, they don't even put a bubble wrap! Yes it happen few times with my orders, so i am glad Beautylish cares about their customers and products they ship! A+ for that.

Now lets get back to the collection, coz I bet you want to read about it and not of my Beautylish experience. 
At first I thought that was a Holiday collection, I don't know where that thought came from tho. Anyways someone on IG told me that it was not a Holiday Collection but just a Family Collection that Jeffree have been working on for a while. When I first saw the post all over IG, I knew I wanted the House with lippies and a highlighter. I love Jeffree highlight formula. As the matter of fact I own few in my Star Collection :)There is still few that are on my wishlist :) With that I wait till Black Friday :)I heard there will an awesome sale so yeah can't wait you guys!

anyways back to the collection.
Like I said the liquid lipsticks come in  a cute pink house, that have Jeffree Star Logo and right below holographic Family Collection. Once you open up you will see the Family Picture of Jeffree, Nathan and their cute doggies with Jeffree's and Nathan's signature as well as doggies paw prints and their names. I mean adorable as hell!
 On the other side we have beautiful liquid lipsticks :)

* Nathan ~ warm toned terra-cotta nude. My favorite in the collection :) it looks so pretty
* Wifey  ~ dark brick toned red.
* Diva ~ pink with metallic gold shift. Named after Jeffree's first dog.
* Diamond  ~  beautiful periwinkle shade. named after their second Pomeranian  dog.
* Delicious ~  deep grey based mauve shade. Named after 3rd dog, who's fur was exact color when he was a baby.
* Baby Daddy ~  another pretty warm taupey nude. Named after their 4th Pomeranian dog

(swatches in  order the shades were  mentioned)

Each lipstick have a pink cap and holographic starts and writing on them. Formula is same as the other liquid lipsticks. They dry matte but their not as drying and crumbly as other liquid lipsticks.They are really comfortable on the lips :)
The set that I showed you here retails for $75. Each lipstick if you want to buy separately $18.

Now the star of the show, the Skin Frost Highlight in shade Neffree. OMG you guys the most beautiful highlight I own. Its this icy purple pink with a shimmer finish. It looks pink on me, but you can see the purple shift, depends on how light hits it. It is blinding!  But I don't think it is consider duo chrome.  I live for it! It comes in a baby pink package with holographic detailing.  The only bad thing I have to say about this highlight is that it was really hard to take a pics of it.  it made a white background looks all yellow and well not so nice. but what choice do I have LOL :) The highlight just like other skin frosts retails at $29.

I love the video that Jeffree posted on his channel. Its was so cute to watch! the doggies are so adorable! I am such a dog person and dogs are just my favorite! and I love them all.  their family is just so cute and fun! Ahh it made me smile and I am just love it.

Korean Skin Care ~ Masqueology 24K Gold Under Eye Gels

*pr sample*

Before Octoly I never heard of  Masqueology Skin Care. Did you? 
I found the brand in my Octoly free store and when I saw the 24K Gold Under Eye gels I need to have it. Can you believe I have never use under eye gels before?  They like a mask for you under eyes. Just put it on and relax :) 

The hydrogel under eye patches with gold and collagen will lift and firm the eye area while helping against dark circles. They hydrogel will give moisture and elasticity to the skin. 

They come in a cute gold packaging that contains 15 pairs of eye gels. They are really gold! They are single use masks for under eyes. lightweight and lightly scented. I do like the scent tho. If you are not a fan you will not like it coz once the eye gels are on the skin they still have a scent to it. I used it twice so far and I really been liking it. It definitely gave a kick of moisture to my under eye area. I did see that they did firm my under eyes. As I don't have much problems with dark circles I can't comment on how they work. 
I used them after a clean my face. I placed each under my eyes and relax. Keep them on for 10-20min and take them off, gently rubbing reaming serum in. I think they are in soaked in some sort of serum. 
I think they are great addition to any skin care routine. Plus for the price why not give it a shot? 
Walmart carry them for only $10 ! which is a steal if you ask me. 
I can recommend them enough.  If you shopping at Walmart pick them up :) 
you can shop them here

Fave skin care picks IG @villemo20

I really want to try more of the 24K line and other products by the brand :)

till next time!

NYX Cosmetics Prismatic Eyeshadows ~ my small collection, swatches and review

NYX Prismatic shadows been on the market for a while now. I remember seeing YT videos when they first came out with them. I wanted them but at the end I couldn't find them locally only online. So yeah I passed, but I craved. This year on IMATS NYX booth I bought my first two: Fireball and Rose Dust. Guys! Love at first swatch! Pigmented and freaking gorgeous! I said to myself that I will be getting more of them soon! I couldn't buy more, coz I have a limited $$$ and I still wanted to buy other products.  That was back in April. It was not until recently I was browsing NYX website. I was actually looking for the new palettes and some of the old ones that I saw on their IG page. GOD their palettes are freaking gorgeous! I so want them all :) So while I was scrolling up and down I saw few of Prismatic Shadows being on SALE! It was not crazy sale, like IMATS but still for $4.00 I grabbed few :)  So I got my bank card ready, check out and wait for them to come :)The shipping was fast! Impressed! the shadows arrived in cute black laced bag with a liquid highlighter as a gift with purchase :) Nice!  I guess I missed that part "gift with purchase" coz i was shock lol I said to myself that I didn't order this LOL. 
anyways all shadows came, none broken Thank God. 
I must say that they are even more prettier in person! 

So here is my haul :)
Prismatic Shadows are fully pigmented with almost metallic finish. The texture is creamy and buttery soft. There is 24 shades in total. and since the formula is so great it is really easy to work with them. Some I like to apply with a finger, just to get that full pigment on my lids. Also a wet brush applied them nicely. 

Glass Slipper ~  minty duo chrome with gold pearl. Its really pretty. I didn't know it was minty color tho. I didn't read the description when I placed an order. I thought it would be white duo chrome or something LOL the name glass slipper reminds me of white and very light blue.. oh well. But over all this shade is stunning and I am happy with it.

Mermaid ~ this shade have been on my wishlist ever since it came out. gorgeous metallic aqua . On the NYX website they describe is as a Mint with gold shimmer. Minty sea green. Shimmers like a mermaid tail. I am not gonna lie, this is by far the most beautiful shade I own. Great for inner corner and even on a lower lash line:) I need to play more with it tho. 

Sunset Daze ~ rusty cooper with shimmer.  I do love coppery shades. This one is so pretty and applies nicely. Like a I said for full on pigment apply with a finger directly on the lid. You be wow-ed!

Bedroom Eyes ~ warm deep brown with warm undertones. Bronzy brown and oh so pretty! and it have a more of a frost sheen then metallic. So pretty for like all over the lid smokey eyes kinda look.  This one feels a bit crumbly. So there might be a fallout. 

Jaded ~  deep forest green with light green shimmer. To be honest I was not sure if I wanted this shade in  my collection. After singing all day Aerosmith song "Jaded" i added to my cart. and guys I like it! I don't love it like I love Fireball or Mermaid but I like it! It is a gorgeous deep green with shimmer that looks really nice! I have many deep greens like this in my collection, but I don't have one with a shimmer. 

Fireball ~ this one of my top faves! this shade is stunning and it was the first that I bought! Its described as a rusty orange with red opalescent. its a reddish copper with frost sheen. It is intense especially when you use your finger to apply. I can't get enough of it tho!  

Voodoo ~ this one is a duo chromed cherry brown with green pearl. I say it looks better on picture online then in a swatch. I dunno I am not really liking this shade, maybe coz of that green pearl? I don't know. The brown base i think it is pretty, just that slightly green sheen on top is kinda not my style. . I will have to play a bit more with it tho.  

Rose Dust ~my second shade that I bought back at IMATS.  Just as a name suggest it is a deep rose gold shade. And wow it does look so pretty. again I like to apply  with a finger and then blend with a brush :)

so that is it . which shade is your favorite? Do you own any? 

~ Monica 

Great Holiday Sets for under $40! ~ Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. 2017

I been recently on a hunt for good Holiday sets. And while browsing isles in Sephora I stumbled on Smashbox sets. And OMG I think they are amazing!

I picked up two sets the travel primer set and eye shadow palette set.
 Guys I can't believe no one is talking about them! All I hear is Kat Von D , Too Faced, Tarte etc. No one mentioned these sets before. I haven't even see much of it on IG either. 

So here I am gonna show you and tell you why you need both sets :)
Lets start with Draw In. Decked Out. Primer travel set ~ not only it is priced so cheap but it contains bestsellers by Smashbox.
For $22 you get three mini products:
* Photo Finish Foundation Primer (travel size)
* Photo Finish Pore minimizing Foundation Primer (travel size)
* Photo Finish Primer Water (travel size)
so there you go. I personally didn't try any Smashbox primers before ( I know, shame on me) but with this set I can try not only one but three! and all in price of $22. Just so you know the 1 travel size primer cost $16 at the Sephora. Tell me that is not a good deal. I really been wanting to try the blurring primer and primer water for the longest time. I am thinking of grabbing another one. You too! get it while you can !

Second set I grabbed is Draw In. Decked Out. Eye Shadow + Highlighting Palette Set.  Another steal! I don't even know where to start! It contain:

* Spotlight Palette in Pearl (travel Size)

* Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette in Ablaze (full size)

* Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette LE in Sultry (full size)

Now I been dying I said dying to get the cover shot palettes ever since they came out. But I can't bring myself to spend $29 on each. So when I saw this set I screamed! I did and I got weird looks at Sephora hahah! Like I couldn't believe there were two full size palettes in this set! Like what!?! Come to Mama! Especially the Ablaze palette is gorgeous! this set is priced at $39 and I think it is a really good deal! I can't wait to play with all the goodies!

The packing on these is also really fun! Smashbox collaborated with Brazilian illustrator Ana Strumpf to create one of  a kind collection. Each set also contained stickers but well my daughter grabbed them :) She does love stickers LOL who doesn't !

Which set caught your eye? Which one would you pick? Primers, Palettes, both?

Hugs, Monica 

NYX Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipsticks ~ Swatches + Review

*pr sample*

NYX Cosmetics just launched a new liquid lipsticks! WooHoo! I love NYX Cosmetics they are super affordable with quality of a high end makeup. Their liquid lipsticks are the must have. The Suede line, the soft matte or even the Lingerie liquid lipsticks especially. 

I was lucky enough to be send these beauties by NYX team and guys I am in love ! The shades are gorgeously yummy! Each lipstick is named by the feeling that makes people feel beautiful. I feel like the formula is very similar or even same as a Suede liquid lipsticks (which I personally love).  They are velvety smooth and dry up to matte finish. Plus the wear time is impressive!  

There is total of 6 new shades and they are available at ULTA for only $6.99 .
Out all Brilliant is my absolute fave! 

* Confident ~ Pale Nude
* Brilliant ~ Rosy Nude 
* Passionate ~ Deep Violet
* Fearless ~ Dusty Lavender 
* Extraordinary ~ Rich magenta 
* Brave ~ Plum 

I think the idea of gifting one to a person who resembles above attribute is really awesome! 
You like the colors ? Don't miss on them, they are limited edition so grab yours while you can  and share the love! :)
My package came with a cutest T-shirt that says I am Confident. And you guys that package came right before I was starting new job and those words totally made my day.  I went on on being Confident and Fearless!

 The Luv Out Loud Collection will donate $6,000 to The Trevor Project and also giving you a chance to win $10,000 to donate to a cause you believe in. 

Urban Decay Naked Heat ~ Worth the splurge? Swatches + review

I remember when Urban Decay released first photos of new Naked palette. And I remember reading many unhappy comments. That palette like this was done already, another warmed tone palette and what is UD thinking of coming up with a palette that no one will buy? Coz let's be honest how many warmed tone palette do we need? 

 when I saw the shadows in the palette I was on the fence. They were not my cup of tea. So I said to myself : passed. But, later on when I went to Sephora and saw it on the display, guess what ? I bought it!

 I could not help myself.  It spoke to me on so many levels. How could I say no to all these gorgeous terracotta shadows housed and very pretty packaging. I like warm shades so I could not passed on it. there is a mix of mattes and shimmers in the palette. All shades are nicely pigmented.  Except of En Fuego and Ashes I found these two were lacking of the pigment. They both can be build up tho. Scorched and Ember are my two favorites. I get nuts when it comes to shimmers :) 
I kinda wish for a bit more darker shades in the palette, like maybe darker chocolaty brown? Coz I feel like when applying shadows on the lid they all mash up together. Like I we need a little darker for more definition. 

Shades in the palette:
* Ounce ~ soft cream with slight shimmer
* Chaser ~ Light beige brown. 
* Sauced ~ matte tan,
* Low Blow ~ light brown matte.
* Lumbre ~ burnt peach with gold shimmer, so freaking pretty
* He Devil ~ medium reddish brown. 
* Dirty Talk ~ medium -dark coppery brown 
*Scorched ~ oh my favorite , bronzy red metallic 
* Cayenne ~ dark brown with warm undertones. 
* En Fuego ~ reddish brown. really pretty but my is not pigmented enough.
* Ashes ~ purple plum with brown undertones, same as En Fuego not pigmented enough. 
* Ember ~ dark bronzy brown metallic. 

Personally I am really happy with the palette. the shimmery - metallic shades look better applied with wet brush or even a finger. Palette is prefect for either day and night looks. Was it worth the splurge? for me most definitely. I am a UD fan and their palette are amazing.  And as a makeup collector I need Heat palette with her sisters. I can tell I will be using it more toward Fall. Summer I like my makeup light and colorful. This palette scream Fall to me than Summer. 

If you are a warm tones shadow lover or over all love UD palettes, get Heat palette. It is all up to you. If you think you will get a lot use out of it then what is topping you? 

you can get it from Sephora, Ulta Beauty , UD webiste.
Price $54 

Kokie Cosmetics ~ Unicorn inspired Nails #2

*pr sample*

Round two of Unicorn Nails :) This time more soft and girly look. 
Last week Unicorn nails check here.
I am really impressed with Kokie Cosmetics nail polishes. 
The ones I used applied so nice and went on without chipping for over 5 days! 

I really love the way my mani turned out :) Cute, girly and sparkly! 

The polishes I used :

* Berries N Cream ~ pale peachy pink. Very pretty soft and pretty. But even after two coats looked a bit streaky and uneven. I fixed it with the glitter polishes tho. And I really like the way it turned out

* Wishful ~ gorgeous sheer glittery topper. This gives this mermaid kinda sheen to the nails, it looks so good on the Berries N Cream.  I painted over BNC on the middle finger, can you tell? On the pinky I applied all three of the polishes. 

* Celestial ~ beautiful rose gold holographic glitter. OMg looks so good on :) I am a sucker for anything rose gold :) This is a great as a topper :)  Isn't it gorgeous! I am in love you guys!

I still have few more polishes by Kokie Cosmetics that I need to put out to test. So far I really like them. For $6 you can't go wrong. Plus they are Cruelty free! So there you go! 

* nail polishes were send to me by Kokie Cosmetics and Octoly for my #honestopinion #octolyfamily #gifted
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