KBShimmer Bling In the New Year and Chai-hauhau ~ swatches + review.

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Hello Loves!

I have another nail polish post for you :) The post that was supposed to go up back in December... and why it didn't ? I don't know. December was really busy month for me. All the cleaning, crazy holiday shopping etc took all my time.

I did promise to myself to write a post featuring Bling In the New Year nail polish by KBShimmer. 
This is my favorite nail polish ever created :) It is prefect :) I wore it through out the December and yes I did paint my nails with it on new years eve or rather a day before. 
If you are a fan of metallic glitter polish you will love this one. 
It has silver metallic flakes base and silver halo glitter with accents of colorful shifting flakes of greens , pinks, golds and blues. This gives me life! The nail polish shines! really shines! 
even nighttime outside while walking my dog I was looking at my nails and simply admiring the polish:) couldn't take my eyes off! I show it to my hubby's cousin and she painted her nails right away :) Even at work I got so many compliments and questions where did I get it form? I like it the most at night, especially outside , under the starts or a street light LOL it shines :) I really love it.

It went on easy and all I need was 2 coats :) It last for about 4 days (which is normal for me ) and then it stared to chip. When I took if off it went with out any problems. Not like the glitter polishes, that you have to rub it off until your nails hurts. This one is prefect. Even on the nails and you don't feel glitter.

It was my very first time trying kind of polish. When i saw it yes I fell in love right away but I was scared that it will be like a regular glitter  nail polish... but it wasn't :) 
 Next step is to wait  for some sales over at KBShimmer and pick more polishes like this one :) I love the colors on the website  and I will be definitely picking few up :)

Second nail polish by KBShimmer is Chai-huahua its a muted red orange. This polish was inspired by Chi Tea Spices~ cinnamon, cloves and anise. This is  a pretty red. I do have a lots of red polishes in my collection but so far this one wore better then others. Applies in two easy coats, lasted for about 4 days :) No streaks while applying. 

Over all KBShimmer polishes are amazing. I only tried two but I will be getting more. Right now, while I am trying to link their page I added 3 to my cart ahahha! 

Each polish cost $9.25 available on KBShimmer website

Polishes were sent to me for review. All thought are my own*


  1. I totally understand why Bling In The New Year is your favorite nail polish! Holly molly, this color is gorgeous and now I'm gonna search for if I can order it to my country, because this color I NEED in my life.

    Michelle Morchella

  2. Pretty! I especially love the red. I love shimmer polish too but hate taking it off!


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