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 Hello Loves, 

and welcome to a new post on a hair care :) 
I have super delays in posting. As few of you know I work full time and I do blogging mostly weekend. One of my co workers left for Vacation for 3 weeks and some one had to replace her and do her job. Yes that someone was me. I was basically doing 3 jobs at ones. I was so busy at work that when I got home I didn't want to do anything just dinner, shower and then sleep. Even weekends were busy. In mean time my grandpa passed away all of the sudden. For two weeks I was so depressed. You could even see the lack of IG posts (if you follow my IG).  Now I am hoping everything is getting back to normal and I can post all the unpublished posts. 

Now, hair care and new additions to my hair care family. 
Lets start with White Sands, since this is the right order to start you hair care is with washing and shampooing :)

White Sands Orchid Bliss Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner. 

It so funny how good timing some companies have. I was running low on shampoo and conditioner and than I get this two in the mail. Thanks White Sands! 
Stop color fading with this duo :)
Orchid flower is known for its vibrant, fade  resistant color. Based on this concept White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner utilize the flowers anti-aging features and mineral richness to support color retention. with an extra gentle sulfate-free formula, the duo will leave hair feeling clean and full of body without stripping strands and fading color. Orchid extract fight free radicals, increases hair immunity and reduces the appearance of strands imperfections like split ends. The orchid complex will instantly fill in these imperfections giving  a high shine and vibrant color. 
Other ingredients like sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, carrot seed, olive extract and apricot kernel will restore the moisture , shine , elasticity and softens lost from chemical treatments, thermal stress and daily UV exposure. 
Ingredient Highlight:
* sunflower seed extract ~ offers natural hair color and UV protection . 3X more effect than shampoo with only Vitamin E
* Grape Seed Oil ~ rich in antioxidants 
* Ginseng Extract ~ infuses hair with fullness
* Jojoba Oil ~ acts as moisturizer and improves hair elasticity 
* Flax Seed Oil ~ for softness and over all helps hair stay healthy
* Avocado Oil ~ for moisture
* Carrot Seed ~ contains beta-carotene, which is high in natural antioxidant and Vitamin A
* Olive Fruit ~ high in antioxidant and Vitamin E
* Apricot Kernel ~ high in Vitamin E, B17 and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids it has natural softening and moisturizing properties. 
* Hydrolyzed Soy Protein ~ straightness hair, builds body, adds shine, provides moisture, mitigates damage due to  bleaching and using hot tools. 

You see my hair, I bleach them once a month and I use hot tools on daily basis. So when i read that this duo will help my hair especially with color fading I sign up right away. Most of shampoos I use they are good, they leave my hair soft but they take away the color. I been using White Sands duo for a little over two weeks and so far I love it. I didn't see much change in a hair color. My hair did feel clean and soft :) Shampoo lathers up pretty well for sulfate-free formula. I do like when shampoo lather up. I dunno I feel then that my hair is really getting clean you know? :) Conditioner is creamy and thick. On both you don't need much product tho. The plus is that they come with a pump :) This really makes my life easier :) And now the smell. Oh my lord these smell amazing! when i wash my hair I literally getting transformed to tropical Islands :) Heaven. and the best part my hair smells nice all day :) I really like the duo :) I also notice that less of my hair comes out when i brush which is a good thing!
 both products can be purchased via White Sands.
Shampoo  $20

BioSilk 1st Professional Styling Tools 

Yes you see that right BioSilk launched a styling tools line. And I am a proud owner of two :)
The line includes Blow Dryer, Flat Iron and 4 Spring Curling Irons in different sizes. 

The lightweight tools bear maximum heat to enhance styling efficiency, producing salon quality results. each styling tool is equipment with titanium, a premium heat conductor that possesses immense strength, enabling light weight tools withstand increasingly high levels of heat.  Due to its resistance corrosion and immeasurable strength-to-density ratio, titanium plates and barrels heats instantaneously, allowing for faster styling. Additionally, titanium seals cuticle, locking out humidity and producing shine. 

BioSilk Titanium  Professional  Hair Dryer  

The dryer dries hair faster and create smooth and sleek blow out in less time. 
Is designed with powerful 1875 watt ceramic motor with an ion generator, to produce shine and sealing hair cuticles and locking out the humidity. 

The dryer is simply amazing. It have 2 speed settings and 2 temperature settings. It is really  lightweight. The air comes out straight to you hair. It is strong and drys hair really fast. My hair and my daughter hair gets dry within minutes. Dryer comes with to attachments as well. 
I like the fact that is silver and its all pretty looking :) It the best hair dryer I ever had. 

Price $119.99 (click here to shop)

BioSilk Titanium 1" Flat Iron

The iron combines the power of ceramic and titanium elements for the smoothest and silkiest straightening results.
Iron's plates heat quickly and evenly while retaining even heat distribution. Titanium is high in strength and low in density allowing for lightweight, scratch-resistant tool. Titanium products incredible shine , seals hair cuticle and locking out humidity. 
It have a LED digital temperature display and it heats up to 410F. 

Again I was surprised how lightweight it was. You would think that lightweight tools won't work as good as the heavy ones. They do actually work better. I am used to using ceramic flat irons, so switching for titanium was kinda weird. At first while straightening I thought I would pull out all my hair or burned them down. Silly Right? I do love the way my hair looked after I straight them. Silky smooth and just beautiful. They didn't look dry or burned. It straight my hair within minutes. I actually going back and forth with this one CHI one and I really like them both :) And yeah its silver and so pretty! perfect pair it makes with a blow dryer :)

Price $159.99 (click here to shop)

My final thoughts on the BioSilk Titanum tools is that both are amazing. Before i start using BioSilk blow dryer I was using CHI one and I tell you I like this one better :) I still continue to use CHI as well. I keep BioSilk next to my vanity and CHI is in a bathroom :) 
Both the dryer and the flat iron are really lightweight. They both work great on my hair and they are fast. By that I mean the dryer dry hair withing minutes and the iron straightens my hair withing minutes. I say I need less than 30min to get ready and note that i have a long hair. Both come with 2 fl oz Hot Thermal Protectant  Mist. 
 Not only it smells amazing but it actually keep my hair safe from the heat. 

Another great product is Silk Therapy Thermal Shield , oh my this smells soooooo freaking good! I just want to spry it on my hair all the time. It does protect my hair from all the hot tools and it makes them look all shiny and healthy. I use this right before I start with flat iron. I spray a good amount of it onto my hair and start styling my hair. It can be used on a wet hair but I personally dislike it. I feel like my hair is harder to comb through. Once my hair is dry I spry comb and then go over with flat iron. This is the way I like it the best. 

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