Liquid Lipsticks by Popstar Cosmetics ~ swatches and review

*pr sample*

I want to show you new awesome liquid lipsticks to lust for :) 
They are by the brand Popstar Cosmetics :)
Created by fashion and beauty photographer Donald Chiu. Brand is based in Asia and it ships worldwide. 

Popstar's Velvet Matte liquid lipsticks are amazing. They come in gorgeous vivid colors. They are waterproof, lightweight and non sticky. Dry matte and it stays on my lips the whole day. Application is easy and formula amazing. I don't feel like they dry my lips, the lipstick feel really comfortable :) They are kiss proof! and yes i did try on my husband LOL it wont budge! Liquid Lipsticks are my weakness. I love them :) The longer they stay the better :) I don't have to worry with reapplying.

The shades I got :
* Shi Tay Tay ~ deep plum 
* Claudette ~ pinky purple
* Babette ~ hot pink
* Katya ~ red with orange undertones 

Guys another must have is a Diamond Gloss. It gives an extreme shine to liquid lipsticks. It will not smear or smudge lipstick. It will give a glass like finish though. 
It just transfer a matte lipstick into glossy one and omg it looks so gorgeous! 

And now the Star Oil. OMG you guys the best makeup removing oil :) I been using it daily ever since i got it. it removes my makeup and liquid lipsticks with ease. The best part it comes with a spray pump! So no over-spilling or spilling in general. I really like the spray pump better then other pumps. You can either spray directly on the face or on hands and then rub all over the face to take the makeup off. I like how good it works. and it don't leave the greasy residue (thank God) :) I just wash it off with warm water and follow up with my skin care. 
It is formulated with essence of orange so it smells so refreshing and yummy! Did I mention how good does it take care of a liquid lipstick :) very good :)

This is my basic makeup, really not much. Second picture you can see how Star Oil works. Super easy and really effective. Last pic half of my makeup gone :)

for more lipstick shades and more info visit their website ---> click here.
Star Oil $18
Liquid Lipsticks $18

xo Monica 

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