Palladio Beauty ~ Drugstore haul ~ Swatches and review

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Hey Loves!

I got a surprised package from Palladio a while ago with  many great goodies.
I love Palladio, they are great drugstore brand and their products are simply amazing.
I love the velvet matte liquid lipsticks and crushed eye shadows :)

Palladio was kind enough to send me a lot of great products.
I got:
* 3 velvet metallic lip creams
* 3 matte lipsticks
* 2 stick highlights
* brow products
* mascara

I didn't try all yet tho. On the ones I did try I will give you a quick review and tell you what I think of it.

Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Lip Colors

I do love the original Velvet lip creams :) This one are same but with the metallic finish.
They have a similar formula, but this one as the name suggest have metallic sheen to them. They are really opaque and apply smoothly on the lips. Same as with the velvet matte they don't fully dry down, they will transfer, for example if you drink coffee you will see a stain on the mug. I personally like them. For the price they are really good. Maybe not a everyday wear for me ( I do Love my Nudes) , but hey I rocked one out at my work and I even got compliments :) I really like the fact they they won't dry out my lips. I wore all there shades I got and boy I love them! Definitely will pick up reaming colors :)

shades that I have:
* Opulent ~ really dark red.
* Ritzy ~ dark pink
* Gilded ~ gold brown

Dreamy Matte Lip Color 

Great lipsticks. beautiful colors and amazing pigmentation.  They do wear like dream tho! matte and non drying :) The packaging they come in is sleek black tube  :) on the top there is a sticker with a lipstick name and the bottom shows a lipstick shade. The packaging feels like your holding expensive lipstick to be honest. I really like it. Another thing is they have a scent to it. Which I personally love! I know some don't like scented lipsticks but I do :) The smell like a vanilla :) The go on matte and look gorgeous on the lips. Non drying and wear for about 5h :)

shades I have:
* Refined Chianti ~ for me is a deep wine red, so gorgeous! and my favorite. Perfect vampy color
* Darling Damask ~ grape purple. Another stunner
* Magnificent Magenta ~ dark magenta pink.

Creamy Stick Luminizer

I am a highlight junkie :) So these two sticks were my favorite products from the bunch. I do prefer powder formula though, but these are so creamy , so blend-able and so easy to work with. You can apply either with stippling brush, fingers or beauty sponge.

I have two colors :
* Stunner ~ Champagne Shimmer that I personally love the most. It gives really nice glow to my cheeks :)
* Limelight ~ light pink , that reminds me more of a blush than a highlight :) Its really pretty and I think it will make a great base for a blush :)
They don't feel sticky or leave a greasy residue on the face.

The Brow Definer ~ Medium Brown 

This is one of the products I did not try yet. I'm sorry but I can't put down my brow pomade by Freedom Makeup. Hey Palladio do you make a brow pomades? If not please do!
Palladio Brow Definer is a twist up pencil. With thin tip on one side and spoolie brush on the other side. I got two in a shade medium brown , but looking at the website I see the shade Taupe and I believe that would be a more better match. Anyways I will try it soon and see how it works :)

Brow Obsessed Mousse with Fibers

Yet another product I didn't try but I can say it looks promising. Fibers in a lightweight mousse builds sparse brows and fills in any gaps. I look forward to try this :) It comes in two shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

Palladio Double Agent Faux Lash Effect Mascara

Yes you guessed again I didn't try this one yet. Right now I have like 5 mascaras open and this one will have to wait its turn. I do look forward to trying it :)

All the products I didn't try i will soon and i will give you my thoughts on it :)

xoxo Monica

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  1. I haven't tried this brand before but everything looks amazing especially those Creamy Stick Luminizers. The shades are stunning.

    Ann-Marie |


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