Sheet Masks by Miss Spa Beauty ~ Charcoal, 24K Gold and Bubble Mask

*pr sample*

I got three new sheet mask form Miss Spa beauty. 
I love mask and masking :) but it it my first time trying sheet masks . I heard so many mixed reviews about Miss Spa masks that I was not sure this was something for me :( 

 Miss Spa was kind enough to send me three masks:

* Charcoal Clarifying Mask ~ targets pore clogging dirt, bamboo charcoal helps absorb impurities, soothing botanical extracts nourish and hydrates.

* 24k Gold Radiance Mask ~ pure 24k gold helps with luminosity, while skin soothing peptides encourage elasticity to help reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

* Oxygenating Bubble Mask. ~ re-energize dull looking skin. Nourishing pineapple fruit extract helps replenish and refine skin tone, reviling optimum clarity and radiance. 

Now for my experience with these masks. First i tried Charcoal Mask, I have a large pores and well mask said that It will help to clean pore clogging dirt. The mask is made out of stretchy bamboo fabric and as you can guess its pitch black :) Looks actually fun on the skin. When I opened packaging I was surprised how wet the mask was! It was dripping so bad I had a problem putting it on my face. No kidding. It took me few minutes to place on my face and even it out and be careful not to get "water" in my eyes! Yikes! I did have a problem around my nose area. the mask was cut so weirdly that I took forever to place it on my nose and around it. Finally when I done it all I had to do was to relax for 20 min and then take off the mask. I did feel a bit of stinging effect on my jaw line though. I got scared! Guys one time i tried a mask and it burned my skin ! So when I feel sth is off i have to check it before its too late. I run to the bathroom to see what is happening. I slowly lift the mask but i didn't see anything red. I place the mask back on, the sting continue for more 10 min and than stops. When was time to take the mask off, thank god there was no reddens!  but the amount of residue left was crazy. I didn't know if should I wash it off or patted in to my skin hahah! I went ahead with second choice and gently patted to my skin. Now my skin was so soft and actually healthy looking :) As for the pores I did see a small difference. Nothing major but I could tell the pores were cleaner and smaller :) 
   The 24k Gold Mask is fun! It have a gold powder and once you take the mask off the gold powder will stay on your face. This will give your skin that glowy luminous look. Mask was huge tho! I had problems even it out on my skin LOL. It was smaller around eyes and I was afraid that the liquid would just drop into my eyes. Again the mask was super soaked. Luckily I didn't notice any burning like I did with Charcoal mask.
The Oxygen Bubbling Mask was the most fun of them all. I liked it I really liked it. Again same as before the mask was soaked with a liquid and very soapy. I manage somehow put on my face haha. As soonest you put the that mask on it start bubbling. It do reminds me of my favorite Dr.Brandt Oxygen mask. And I think this my be a cheaper option for you. The mask bubbled and made champagne noises :) It was so relaxing :) After 20 min I took of the mask and saw a white residue on my face. I rub it in and let it hang on there for 5 more min and than I washed it off. My face felt fresh and alive. definitely my favorite mask out of three,

Miss Spa did good with the masks :) I really enjoyed them :)
They are available at Miss Spa Website and Target

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