Weekly Skin Care Picks #1

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Hey Loves,

So I decided that every Sunday I will be showing you my skin care picks from  a week before. 
I used to change  my skin care daily,  but it would be hard to write a post based on that. I would have to either combine the posts or post everyday. And we all know that daily posting is not for me. Sometimes I do have a busy schedule and well post don't go up the time they supposed to.  So with that said I guess Sunday is the best day for the skin care posts to go up.  so let  me show you what products I was using the entire week. 

 Lets start with cleaning my face with Kezo Amazing Cleansing Water ($25).  This is a great refreshing micellar water, that cleanse face and eyes, removing makeup and impurities. Like with all Micellar waters I apply it on a cotton pad and simply clean my face. My skin after looks and feels fresh. The Ginger Plant Essence: cultivated especially for Kenzo in the Chinese providence Shangdong, ginger grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salt and essential oils, it help produce a healthy glow and radiance boost.  The skin looks review. The Yuzu extract, native to China, it help to combat skin dryness. To obtain extract, the fruit is picked in October when it is most juicy. Yuzu extract helps to increase water level in skin cells. 
 After that I go with  Ziaja Manuka Tree Cleansing Gel ($12.99). This is great pick for oily/acne skin people. It smooths irritation and calms down the redness. It is very gentle and efficient. Manuka Leaves Extract is a key ingredient, used to solve oily and combination skin problems. Has antibacterial properties, deeply cleans and eliminates bacteria causing acne. This bottle my mom send it to me all the way from Poland. Ziaja Cosmetics is really popular polish brand. In Poland my whole family uses Ziaja . Me, personally I remember using a bronze body lotion. Oh how many bottles I went through it's insane. 
Next step is to combine CelleCle skin care Multi Glow A Night Treatment ($98) and Clarins Booster Detox ($39). Let me start by saying that CelleCle skin care packing is freaking gorgeous! Wow! feels so luxurious just like the product that comes out of it. I been actually using this night treatment for two weeks! This treatment product infuses skin with the perfect synergy of pure, time released Retinol and a scientifically proven Bio Retinoid. Overnight application leaves skin feeling and looking smoother, firmer and brighter. In addition, skin friendly sugars lock in moisture, for hydration, while purifying Chinese Licorice keeps complexion calm, clear and healthy. It helps to even out skin tone and diminishes appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There is no scent to it. It sinks into the skin and skin just feels good. I like to mix it with Clarins Booster Detox.  It contain green coffee extract to counteract the visual toll of partying, pollution, stress and indulgence. Booster gently purifies and detoxes skin for clearer and more refreshed complexion. A must have for people who lives in a big cites. Booster can not be use alone. Best is to mix with a night cream, serums etc. just add 3 to 5 drops. The booster is not for a everyday use tho. I use it once or twice a week, just when my skin really needs it. I know the bottle might look tiny but it will last you for long time. I like the built in dispenser which helps to get the right amount of product, just simply tap on it and the drops will come. It will not leak or spill :) 
The last product that goes on my skin is my beloved  Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior ($95). Thanks to Octoly I got a chance of trying Kate's products and gosh i love them.  Wrinkle Warrior was the second product i received. This all in one serum and moisturizer plumps up the skin using three sizes of  hyaluronic acid. It is lightweight and helps to fight wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. It absorbs fast and leaves satin finish. It also improves appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.  It can be use day and night. It does not clog pores and works good with my oily skin. Plus I like the scent :) Yes it does have a fragrance :) 

So this are the pick for this week. Next week I will try to use some drugstore products :)
Did you try any of the above? Or you have any on a wishlist?

xo Monica


  1. Nie miałam żadnych z tych produktów ale wszystkie wyglądają wspaniale a zwłasza te brokatowe pędzle !!!

  2. Tego produktu Ziai jeszcze nie znam ;)

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