MAC Juicy Fruity Collection ~ my picks

I feel summer already with newest MAC cosmetics collection. 
MAC Juicy Fruity is inspired by tropics, exotic fruits and flowers. Vibrant colors paired with a black background .. ahhhh feels really juicy!

I went day after launched day and surprisingly I was able to get what I wanted :)   
Collection did launched on May 18th here in USA :)
 I , for some reason I love to shop at the store. I just want to feel product and well swatch it! and there was a swatch party! I left the store with only 3 picks :( I kinda on fence here LOL i might pick up two more products ... lets see :) 

First two things that I grabbed were Fix + and Pearlmatte Face powder . 

Can you believe I have never ever tried a Fix+!!??!!?? Yeah  I actually wanted to grab the limited edition scented ones that were available last year but heck they sold out super fast. When i saw that COCONUT one will be available with new MAC collection in cool LE packaging, i knew it will end it up in my shopping bag. Do you know the first thing I did when I got home? I pull that spry out and sprayed my face right away! yes! summer scent indeed! now wonder all the scented FIX+ spray sold out so fast last year, I bet you this one will too! So if you want it I suggest run to your local MAC and grab it , even two! coz it is amazing! Yes baby the hype is real! 

Next up is Pearlmatte face Powder "Oh my Passion" , oh yes the design on it is breathtaking :)  Really look at it ! isn't it gorgeous? :) 
The Pearlmatte face powder is supposed  to be a combination of a highlighter and a blush with excellence color payoff and rich creamy texture. 
In the pan you can see a bronzer, pinky coral and pinky lavender blush and soft yellowish highlight. when swirled together it creates warm peachy blush :) I personally didn't stick my fingers in my , hell if I ever do. Some products you really can't touch it LOL. I did play around with it at the Mac store and I really like the color after swirling all shades together.  My powder is going to DO NOT TOUCH MAKEUP STASH :) 

Lastly I got a lipstick. I always get LE lipsticks:) This time I picked only one , but I really want to get either the pink or purple-ish one :) Again I went home with a nude ~ Calm Heat. 
Pinky beige with satin finish, I read few reviews on it and its not so good LOL, but hey I don;t think I will wear it anytime soon but I guess paired with a lip gloss should be fine. I read that it sinks in the lip lines and that don't look good. I swatched it on my hand only. I didn't wear so can'r tell you much :) 

(promo pic , found on  google. )

I think the packaging is gorgeous on this collection and well any MAC junkie should get something , ya know!?  Like I said I really want to pick up one more lippie and a bronzer. I read that one of them is super nice, matte and cooled toned. 
 Hopefully it will be something left for me :) 
What did you pick up form this collection? 


  1. o panie i dzieju ale to są piękne rzeczy!

  2. This is a beautiful and fun collection! The packaging is adorable, so perfect for summer!! Happy Sunday lovely xx


  3. Ta kolekcja jest po prostu piękna! <3

  4. I wish to have them all!! So pretty :)

  5. produkty jak produkty, ale dla samych opakowań brałabym :)


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