Anti-Aging skin care with HydroPeptide Nimni Cream

*pr sample*

Oh hey! guess what another anti aging post :) This time it will focus one of the newest innovation from HydroPeptide -  Nimni cream. 
This cream is prefect for those who concern about wrinkles, fine lines and loss of facial volume.
Nimni cream was developed by Dr. Marcel Nimni, a leader on a collagen products. 

The key ingredients:
* Patented Collagen Support Complex ~ blend of amino acids that fights skin sagging for a firmer appearance
* Time-Release Retinol ~ improves skins fullness and elasticity while resurfacing skin for more even tone and texture
* Anti-Aging Peptides ~ improves skin structural integrity and provides additional collagen signaling.
* Collagen Supporting Antioxidants ~ helps stimulate and support healthy collagen.

Now let me tall you how this cream worked on me :)
So like some of you know I'm in my 30s. I know some would say I might be too young for anti aging products, but better start early then cry later.
My skin is acne/oily and sensitive. I always do a test before I apply any sort of product. Over all  My skin really like this cream. I didn't get any breakouts or any rash. Thank god!. It absorbed fast and left my skin feeling soft.  At first I started using it only twice a week and than i increase to use it every day or every other day. Since this cream is strong you want your skin to get used to it and not hate it.
I been using it for a about 3 weeks now ( i apply it twice a week) and I can see small changes. Like my fine lines getting smoother and my skin tone even. I don't have wrinkles or any other concerns. It didn't give me any bad reaction nor did it clog my pores.
It have a strong herbal scent that to some people might be to much. also the cream color is kinda yellowish-greenish... On the picture  promoting product cream is white. You get kinda mustardy color tho.  Why can it be white LOL.
The only down side of this is the price. This cream cost $110 (0.5oz) But if you use twice a week it might last you few months.

I applied it on a cleansed skin  and neck, avoiding eye area.
Over all I think this cream is good. I would love to send it to my mom now and see how it will preform on her skin. Like I said before my fine lines are even and my skin looks really good.
Now would i repurchase it ? No, unless I have the $$$ to spend on it. Over all I did recommended this cream to few of my co workers :)

* product was send to me for review from Brandbecker and Hydropeptide #hydropeptide #nimnicream. 


  1. This cream sounds intriguing!

    Priyanka |

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