Let me introduce myself ....


As my first post I just want to introduce myself to all of you .

My name is Monica,I'm 27 years old,  I was born and raised in Poland (Kalisz), I moved to US in 2007 and been living here ever since . First year I was living in beautiful New Jersey and now Brooklyn.  I'm married , and I have a daughter. 

Me and my Husband Don when we were dating :)

Here I am with my Love, my daughter Sophia

I work as a receptionist in small company in Manhattan. I love shopping, fashion, makeup, doing nails, and baking / cooking. 

My blog will be based on all the things I like to do. It will be some fashions looks, some hauls, some travels , some advice's , some recipes , books, my love for makeup,  maybe even some reviews  on some products :), also I might post some about my daughter and what she likes :) i think its a god idea:)

I want my blog to be like my Diary :) place that i can share fun things with all of u :) and i want to focus on al aspects of life , so you will find here many themes :) 

let me know in comments below what do you want to see here :) and I will make that happen :)


Hugssss~ Monica


  1. Swietny blog ;)) będę zagladala ;)))

  2. I love your introduction. It definitely inspires me to start my own blog oh so very soon :)

  3. Bede wypatrywala postow o pieczeniu a moze napiszesz cos o zyciu w NY?

    1. hey super , o tak napewno cos napisze na ten temat , i bedzie wiecej postow kulinarnych w przyszlosci rowniez :) dziekuje za odwiedziny !

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