Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub by Borika

Another body scrub! yay! Hope Im not boring you with this kinda posts. Just FYI there will be one more review of other coffee scrub next week. 

This time I will be "talking" about Borika's Coffee scrub. 
Its all natural and organic coffee scrub. 
Made with a rich blend of Coconut Flakes, Coconut Oil, Coffee, Himalayan Salt and Fresh Lemon Zest Scent. 
If you are a coffee junkie, in other word if you love coffee try this one out. Its amazing. Just
like a sugar scrub this one leaves my skin super soft and refreshed. Gets rid off all the dead skin and my skin is silky smooth. I did try it on my face and I did like it. I kept it for about 3 minutes and then I rinse it off. I been scrubbing twice a week but I think I should do it more often :) 
It is a coffee scrub but you will not smell like a coffee, so don't worry. The scent might be strong but after words it is not. 
And since we are "talking" scents let me tell you how this one smells. As the name says, smells like a coffee but I don't smell coconuts. The second strong scent to coffee is lemon zest. It smells like a lemon coffee. And the lemon makes this scrub more refreshing :) 
The only down side that it is a bit messy... remember this is coffee and you know how messy coffee gets. But anyways after I use it I rinse my tub and all good to go. For me its worth it :) I could do it everyday :) 
Again you guys need to try it for yourself :) 

Here is Borika's Website ------>Click
Again this scrub is a perfect for you or for any coffee junkie out there :) 
Get SCRUBBING Ladies and Gentleman  :)

Shameless selfie :)

Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub by Flora Body Care

Lets talk body scrubs. 
I personally love any kind of body scrubs. And recently I been into all organic coffee scrubs. They are really good! But this sugar scrub stole my heart :)  I just want to eat it! Guys it smells so delicious
This scrub is like no other I ever tried. Its addicting. 

It is made by company Flora Body Care. They are based in Canada. All their products are made with natural ingredients, hand created and cruelty free. 
Sounds great huh? They do ship worldwide so I suggest get your sugar or coffee scrub :) 
They do offer two flavors to choose form :
Vanilla Coconut (sugar scrub)
Coffee Hazelnut (coffee scrub)
I haven't try their coffee scrub so I will tell you how I like, no excuse me ...Love this sugar vanilla scrub.
Like I said it is made with natural ingredients, and it smells so delicious that instead of scrubbing my body I wan to eat it!  Both scents are equally matched.  My mom used to make a raffaello cake and smells just like that! Reminds me of that cake or should I say the cream and the candy itself! and If you know me this is my favorite candy :) It also smells like Christmas .. don't laugh or roll your eyes on me. You know the Christmas cookies ... I think they called Sugar Cookies? Yes that's the smell right in this bag :) 
 No wonder I want to eat it.... I have send my husband to the store and he better get me box of Raffaello or sugar cookies :)

How to use it : Just rub a handful into wet skin and leave it for 5 min. After that rinse with water. And voila ! Yous skin is super smooth and soft. It really feels good and refreshed. I don't scrub often. Twice a week the most. 
Another thing, sugar scrubs can be harsh but this one is perfect for me :) 
Love the way it exfoliate my skin. 
I am pretty sure I be purchasing soon another one. Feels like Christmas on Tropical Island .. Literally.

Here is the website so you can CLICK and BUY one for your self. And Since Christmas is so close it can be a perfect gift or a stocking stuffer :)
Trust me I would be happy If you give me this scrubby for Xmas :)  

Flora Body Care ---->Click Here.

If I ever have to describe the smell ... That would be it ~ Raffaello :) The best candy in the world.

Cover Girl 'Red Revenge' Nail Polish

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish ~ One of the prizes I won in Cover Girl Giveaway a while back.
'Red Revenge' its a stunning true red color. One of the most beautiful reds I ever worked with. 
The color is super opaque. Even one coat is enough!  I did apply two I always do that even if only one would work. 
The polish comes in bottle that reminds me of Chanel, Dior bottle even though I don't  any of it. The only think I dislike is the cap. It is hard to hold and paint the nails. The color it self like I said is very opaque. Its also glossy! like wow! and it stay glossy for a long time. Gloss/Shine wont wash away...  As for the lasting .... hmmm... not impressed. Maybe because I didn't use any base and top coast? I paint my nails on Sunday and Monday it start to chip... by Wednesday I had nothing left... 
Even though it didn't last long I will not give up on it. I will try it again soon :)
Obsessed with this read :) Just take a look at how intense it is :)

Wet n Wild ~ 'Halloween Display' and 'Here's to the Wild ones' ~ HAUL, SWATCHES compared to Permanent lipsticks (lots of pics)

I was lucky enough to stumble over two LE wet n wild displays last Sunday.
I found the Halloween one and Here's to the wild ones. 
I manage to get all 4 new LE lipsticks form Halloween Display and 3 nail polishes. 
For the 'Here;s to the wild ones' I only got 3 lipsticks out of 6. 
I also want to show you swatches the most. You really don't need all the lipsticks ! 
I compered them to permanent line lipsticks and last year LE lipsticks. 
Really they all look so similar! 
Take a look 

These are form Halloween 2015 display. But I tell you the colors are very similar to ones that exist already. Scroll down for more swatches.
* Pink Pyramid
*Blossom Out
*Bordeaux Bitten
*Red Sea Resort

Nail Polishes form Halloween Display. I will swatch them over the weekend.
(L to R)
*Haute Hieroglyph
*Embellish Minted
*Pharaoh Fatale

These 3 are form 'Here's to the wild ones' display. Sorry no separate  swathes of these. I don't know why I forgot to swatch them LOL!
The colors I picked (L to R)
* Nightcap (reddish brown)
* On the Ave ( fuchsia purple)
* Celeb Sighting (orangy red)

Now here is the fun art. Swatches compared to other Wet n Wild lipsticks

First goes Blossom Out ( this year Halloween display).
Loos exactly same as Pink Suga ( last year Halloween display) and it is a bit darker then Clothing Optional ( also last year Halloween display). If you own any f the other two , you really don't need this one ...

Second is Pink Pyramid ( Halloween 2015). I felt like I need this color ..why ...? Because it remind me of my favorite Cherry Picking ...and guess what?! Its same! Cherry picking might be slightly darker But also check this one out the new Fall 2015 Here's to wild ones lipstick On the Ave looks exact;y same as Pink Pyramid. So if you own Cherry Picking you don't need any of the other two. But if you don't, then pick only one , as you can see they are both same!

Next one Red Sea Resort (Halloween 2015) I compared to Celeb Sighting ( new Fall 2015 display) (again you don't need both ..duh) and other two red from permanent line Red Velvet and Spotlight Red

Next we have Bordeaux Bitten. Kinda reminds me of Bordeaux Boulevard form last year, bur unfortunately I don't own this one. I compared to Cherry Bomb (permanent line) and Urban nights ( I think it was form Halloween 2014). Cherry Bomb is a lot darker, but Urban nights its very similar.

Last one to compare is Nightcap form Fall 2015 display.
the closest shade that I fund in my wet n wild stash as Coming in Latte (from Halloween 2014).
But as you can see the Nightcap is more on a brown side and Coming in Latte more on a nude side.

Hope this post was helpful :) they all retail less then $2.49, depends on a location.
Hapy shopping :) for me I still need to get reaming 3 lipsticks form 'Here's to the wild ones' display. 

Spotted NYX Cosmetics Holiday Sets

I might be wrong but oh well.
I stumble upon them at my local CVS. NYX Cosmetics Holiday Sets. The did had similar ones last year as well. I remember I wanted to grab the one with butter glosses.
Today I saw three sets of Butter  Lipsticks ( 9 shades in pack of 3 lipsticks )
3 sets of Butter Glosses ( 9 shades in pack of 3) and Simply Chubby Sticks ( same 9 shades pack of 3) ~ here I apologize I show you only two sets I thought I took the photo of  third as well but it was not :( I duplicated pictures.
Also there two sets with NYX Adorable and Smoky palettes + 2 mega shine lip glosses ( I really like them).

Each seat retails at $9.99! steal right?
I believe last year butter gloss set was $11.99? But I might be wrong.
Anyways check it out :)


The Displays

August Haul / Nowosci w Sierpniu

Surprisingly I didn't buy much last month . Most of the products were sent to either by a friends or by companies for testing purposes. 
Yes, I been a good girl last month. 
Here is my monthly haul.


Musze sie przyznac ze nie kupilam duzo w poprzednim miesiacu. Dziwne :) Wiekszosc jest od kolezanki i od firm, ktore przyslalay mi swoje produkty do przetestownania :) 
Pojawia sie post na temat tych produktow juz w krotce :)
zapraszm na haul.

Got all 6 polishes form Silver Lake Collection by wet n Wild :)

Candles form Rite Aid :) 50cents each! you cant bet the price :)

Julie G polishes :) only less then $2 each : )

Jacks Haul : Loreal HOPE blush, Jordana Lip liner, Master Glaze by Maybeline, Clearasil Toner

New nude Rimmel Lipsticks form Ashley and beautiful palette :)
Read more about Lipsticks Here.

Ashley also got me a Kat Von D Bronzer :) How gorgeous it is right ?

 Marshall's Haul. Unfortunately bra is going back.

Packages :) Yay!

Skin care form Peter Lamas to test :) So far I'm loving it :) Review soon

Beautiful Lipsticks form Ready Set Play NYC :) Frozen Blueberry Kisses and Cotton Candylicious

Gorgeous Earrings form Shop Peony :)

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