"New Order" Highlighting Blush & "Eros" Lip Lacquer by NARS

NARS ~ the brand that finally making its way into my collection :) I am so proud to grow it more. All thanks to FragranceNet.com. Large selection and great prices. 
Let me show you my two newest additions to my makeup collection.

NEW ORDER Highlighting Blush 

form the first swatch I knew this would work better as a highlight then blush. Unless you want your cheeks to sparkle then go ahead. Blue based pink with golden  shimmer , let's just call it magical fairy dust shall we?. It shows up very sheer, you can see the pink base but hardly. The glitter is just the right size. I don't get much fallout with it. Love how glowy it looks on my cheekbones, just gorgeous! This magical fairy dust is captured in black, slick compact with NARS name written on top. Typical NARS packaging. I been really enjoying this highlighter. It might not be a for everyone, especially the ones who don't like glitter on their cheeks.
Available at FragranceNet.COM ----> $29.99 - 30% = $20.99

EROS Lip Lacquer 

 first off let me state that I never knew NARS had this type of product. I actually saw a video once and someone was talking about NARS Lip Lacquers. Of course once I google them they were discontinue and no one expect FragranceNet.com was caring it. Well they might did but the price was twice more then whats on FragranceNet.Com website. This Lip Lacquer is amazing! If you have it then you are a lucky gal! I really been loving it! It is a gorgeous raspberry or rosy nude color with shimmer. Color pay off is sheer but you can build it up. It show on me after two applications. The formula is a bit sticky but it last longer then regular gloss. Shiny finish and shimmer make my lips appear fuller then they are. I apply with a lip brush on my lips or over a lip liner, depends on what I am in mood for.
Available at FragranceNet.COM ---> $25.99 - 30%= $18.19

As you can say I am so happy with my NARS products. I am telling you FragranceNet.Com have so much to offer at best prices. Definitely need some more NARS! They even have Audacious Lipsticks!

Palladio Beauty Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colors ~ Review + Swatches

*PR Sample*

Palladio Beauty is renowned for its line of color cosmetics enriched with herbs and vitamins.
Fashioned for women of all skin types, Palladio helps you look radiant while helping protect your skin from the signs of aging. Among the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and skin smoothers such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera. Palladio is sold in over 40 countries.

Yay! Another Palladio Review! I must say so far I am super impressed with this brand! They are really affordable and their products are amazing! 
Today I will say few words of the Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colors. 
The have a velvet matte finish. they are not just like any other liquid lipsticks out there. They don't dry super matte and super dry. Palladio Lip creams are really creamy and opaque. the packaging reminds me a bit of Maybelline Elixirs. the lid is black and matte and on it you can  see a sticker with a name of a lipstick.  

* Sateen ~ coraly-pink. Very pretty pink. Great for everyday wear. Especially in Spring and Summer
* Brocade ~  raspberry pink. One of my favorites 
* Panne ~  beautiful red with orange undertones.

Overall I like the formula. Like I said before they are not like a regular liquid lipsticks. They don't dry your lips. But they do transfer. They do last a pretty long time. The formula is think and creamy. applies glossy and then it dries matte, but not like the liquid lipstick drying matte ( you know what I mean?)  really for $6 you can't go wrong. I really been enjoying it. I actually wore Brocade a bit. I really need to go and pick the nudes and lightest shades now :) 

Price $6.99 (12 shades available) 

Palladio Silk FX Eyeshadow "Avant Guarde" and "Femme Fatale" ~ Review + Swatches

*PR Sample*

Palladio Beauty is renowned for its line of color cosmetics enriched with herbs and vitamins.
Fashioned for women of all skin types, Palladio helps you look radiant while helping protect your skin from the signs of aging. Among the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and skin smoothers such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera. Palladio is sold in over 40 countries.

Today I will talk or write, which ever LOL. Anyways I have two Silk FX Eyeshadow palettes form Palladio Beauty. Such a beautiful palettes for everyday use. They are pigmented and very silky to touch it . Now most of the colors in a palette are shimmers. So if you not a fan well these two might not be for you. I, to be honest love shimmers and glitter shades so yay! Each palette have a protective plastic and on that, there is printed with is your: Highlighter, All Over Base, Crease, Lid and Liner. The only thing, the highlighters might be too dark for brow bone highlight, I would use instead of that the all over base shade. The pans are pretty big. Each palette comes with sponge dual ended applicator.
Now, the two palettes I own and swatches

Femme Fatale ~ beautiful purple hues. Lid shade is stunning. The lavender highlighter can be use as an inner corner highlight. The crease shade is almost matte, I can see a tiny shimmer but that might be an overspray. Liner and base color have glitter in it Actually all of the have glitter/shimmer, but lid and crease have less... if that makes sense .

Avant Guarde ~ this palette is gorgeous. I am obsessed with lid and crease shades! Highlight shade is also really pretty (taupe silvery color). All over base have no shimmer or glitter. It feels like satin matte. Crease is green-bluish-teal kinda shade with black base, looks lighter in a pan tho.  Lid is beautiful glittery Taupe with brown undertones. Then we have a liner, which is dark blue, almost black.

Overall I really like the palettes. The only thing is there is good matte shade, so I suggest you can use any atte form different palettes. The shades are nice and pigmented and they blend very good. With a primer they lasted around 8h with no creasing.  Again most of the shades is glittery so you will get a small fallout. I will be picking up at least 3 more palettes.

They are available on Palladio Website, Sally's Beauty Supply 
Price : $12.00

Clinique Chubby Stick and Soft Matte Lipsticks review + swatches

Ladies, Spring is coming and after a long awaiting Summer. Time to rediscover or shop for some fun Spring/Summer lipsticks :) I have three to share with you. I got them recently form FragranceNet.Com. As you can say form a title of this post, they are by the brand Clinique. Brand loved by many, and as for me? I am discovering it now :) Better late than never, right?
I have to admit I am lusting after their Cheeky Blushes  and  new lipsticks, dang I forgot the name of them.But you know the new ones. Hope FragranceNet.com  will get them soon!

ANyways I been wearing all three lip colors last week and I am really impressed. Why didn't I try it earlier?
Let jump in so I can say few words of each lippie.

Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick #46 Matte Mandarin

 This is such a beautiful color! Very pigmented and opaque in one swipe. I didn't find it to be drying like some other matte lipsticks. Goes on smoothly and have a velvety feel. It is very bright, juicy orange. I think this will be prefect for summer time. I can already imagine myself on the beach, sipping margaritas :) Even tho its a bright orange, lipstick is very wearable. Comes in a metal tube. And it last long! very long. I applied it the morning, I had my coffee and nothing, didn't even budge. After lunch, yes it as coming off slightly. So I just wiped it off and reapply it. And it was on my lips till I got home. Not bad Huh?!
I really can wait till I get my tan back in the summer, coz right now it looks weird on me LOL. The color is gorgeous but I am just too pale.
FragranceNet.Com ---> $20.99 - 25% = $15.74

Chubby Sticks ~ These the opposite of matte lipstick. They are moisturizing lip colour balms. Hybrids between lip gloss and lip balm. They are wearable and feel moisturizing. So prefect for this year winter we have in NYC. The texture is soft and easy to apply. Best part, you don't have to sharpen them! Just twist the bottom and voila! Personally I hate when I have to sharpen anything...

"Pudgy Peony"

 beautiful bright cool toned pink. I admit when I first saw the tube I got scared. It looks like bright fuchsia pink! But once I apply to my lips it was nothing like the tube. Very pretty, sheer but buildable color. Me love it!
FragranceNet.Com ----> $36.99 - 25% = $27.74

"Heaping Hazelnut"

 Now this color I knew I will love, no matter what . It is described as a pale nude. For me it is beige-brown nude, perfect nude for my lips. Love to wear it and I wore this one a lot! even today when I went out, with no makeup. I just swipe it over my lips and I was out the door.
FragranceNet.com -----> I think it out of stock now. 

Carmen Electra "Rrrr" Perfume review ( Fragrancenet.com exclusive)

I love Carmen! Love her in 'Baywatch'. who is guilty f watching "baywatch'? Back in 90's that was one of my favorite shows to watch. And we all know who Carmen Electra is. 
So anyways today I want to show you her new perfume that launched 2015 and are Fragrancenet.com exclusive. 

"Sexy, playful fragrance with seductive trail ment to stop any man in his track"

Perfume is beautiful. At first is very fruity  you can smell mandarin and peach and then goes down to sweet floral- caramelly notes. So they are sweet but not overwhelming. 
Wear time for me is about 6-7 hours and then I have spray it again. 

Now the bottle! Look ho cute it is :) Glass, very sturdy. Kitty like shaped. Hence the print on the packaging and the lid. Love the cute red lips that gives the pop of colors and the bottle is not boring. The leopard print cap comes off entirely. Also you can see on the lid printed Carmen Electra name in silver. I think the shape of the bottle is really cute and love to display it on my vanity with other perfumes. 
Anyways I am a sucker for anything leopard! That was and will be my favorite print. Even the box is cover in leopard spots :) Also the lips and Carmen Electra name on the box have a 3d feel to it. 
I never really throw boxes away . I like to keep them :)

Top Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Peach, Blackberry
Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orchid
Base Notes: Amber, Caramel, Musk, Sandalwood. 

Like I said they are available on FragranceNet.Com  $34.99 (with 25% coupon you can get them with only $26.24) 3.4 fl.oz (100ml).

Palladio Beauty ~ Metal Crushed Eyeshadows ~ Swatches + Review

* PR Sample*

Palladio Beauty is renowned for its line of color cosmetics enriched with herbs and vitamins.
Fashioned for women of all skin types, Palladio helps you look radiant while helping protect your skin from the signs of aging. Among the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and skin smoothers such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera. Palladio is sold in over 40 countries. 

I be honest I been eyeing them forever! First I saw one in TaraBabyz video on Youtube and I screamed I need it!!!! LOL!
They are plain gorgeous! I have 5 colors to share with you today. If you like glitter, stand out eyeshadows well these are for you. They are cream based formula with super intense foil, metallic finish.  
Some are more pigmented then others. And some contain glitter. 
They all come in a small, round acrylic packaging. With a clear lid so you can see the shade. The "Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadow" is printed all over the lid with white ink. 

Now the colors I have :

* Light Year ~ beautiful, metallic peach. Perfect as all over lid shade. 
* Eclipse ~ gorgeous golden bronze shade.Very pigmented and opaque. Love this one!
* Nubella ~ beautiful purple. Don't contain any glitter. Very pigmented. Love purples.
* Zenon ~ Lime green shade with glitter in it. The texture is more chunkier and it don't show opaque. Less pigmented then others. Contain gold glitter. 
* Blue Moon ~ gorgeous blue. Contain silver glitter. Again the texture is chunkier but the color is really opaque. 

Overall I like them. I will have to pick up the rest to complete my collection. I was not fan of 'Zenon' the color look gorgeous in the pan  don't get me wrong, but it was lacking the pigmentation. 
'Eclipse' and 'Blue Moon' are my favorites. The pigmentation on 'Eclipse' is amazing and ' Blue Moon' Is just soooo gorgeous, even with that glitter. 
The best way in my opinion to apply them is using your fingers or sponge brush. 

you can get them at Palladio Website ( $6.00 ) Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta. 
$6.99 each.  Available in 12 shades. 

CARGO Essentials Palette ~ Review + Swatches

I have new gorgeous palette to share with you. It is "Essentials" Palette by CARGO Cosmetics. I Have never tried anything form CARGO, wonder why I always walked past by their counter at Khol's. I actually stopped there one time, but I couldn't decide what I wanted so I just simply left.  Bad move Monica.

CARGO need more HYPE people! Their makeup line is seriously good! Definitely I will be getting more form their line. I saw three more palettes that I really really want ~ Venice, Shanghai, Northern Lights. But well knowing my luck they are not available any more ;( I swear I want to cry!~
Anyways let me show you the palette that is available for purchase on Cargo website other retailers carrying CARGO line.
Essentials Palette was launched in 2015 in Spring / Summer Collection. It is inspired by my beautiful city ~ New York City. It comes in very sturdy cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. On the lid you can see gorgeous skyline of  city that never sleeps~ NYC. It actually looks like a Spring on the cover tho. The trees and they way it is presented.
Inside, once you open you are welcomed by 12 beautiful neutral shadows, double ended brush and eye pencil.

You can see variety of finishes: mattes and shimmers. They are your prefect every day shades. You can also create a nighttime look as well ;).

first row we have:
* Uptown ~ Ivory with shimmers . Can work great as your inner and brown bone highlight.
* District ~  rose (shimmer).
* City Hall ~  Nude beige (matte) very sheer.
* Urban ~ very very light grey with beige undertones (matte)
* Rush Hour ~ brown, almost orangy nude. (matte)
* Plaza ~ very similar to Urban. Plaza is darker (matte)

Second row;
* Downtown ~ black (matte)
* Industry ~ grey (shimmer)
* Metro ~ light copper brown (shimmer)
* Brownstone ~ chocolate brown (satin)
* Hub ~ taupe-brown (shimmer)
* Facade ~ black with blue undertones (matte)

The quality of shadows is good. I find myself more reaching for satin, shimmery shades then mattes. My favorites will be : District, Rush Hour, Metro, Brownstone and Hub.
Over primer they wear long time, don't crease. I don't get much fallout either.
They do blend nicely and over all this palette is great!
I think if you are a  New Yorker or love NYC get this palette ;) I love NYC, I been living her for past 8 years and I enjoy every second of it ;)

palette  available at Cargo Website and Ulta.
Price: $34

Makeup Mess form my IG ~ Villemo20

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette "HOT SPICE" ~ Review + Swatches

Makeup Revolution~ a makeup line created in Uk and slowly getting its way to US market. I am happy to see more of their products at my Ulta and online. Everyone and their mothers are talking about MUR and they Hype is real. 

Today I want to share my thoughts on one of their blush palettes. They have two option available: 
* Hot Spice 
* Sugar and Spice

I have Hot Spice and I am obsessed with it. Palette comes with 8 blushes. Each blush is really big and they are 3 finishes : shimmer, matte and baked. The colors are beautiful, peachy- coraly terracotta shades. Perfect for everyday wear. They apply smoothly and blends very nice. Long lasting as well. 
they come in a black glossy palette, same as eyeshadow palettes. Inside there is a huge mirror. Palette is lightweight and travel friendly. 
As for pigmentation, some are more pigmented than other.

Swatches All Shades

They don't have names so lets just number then form 1 to 4 in the top row and again form 1 to 4 in the bottom row.

Swatches Top Row

Shade 1  (close to left) ~  one of the most pigmented in the palette. our first shimmer int he palette. Its orange with brown undertones.

Shade 2 ~ our first matte shade, its not as much pigmented as other one, but it will do. It is a peachy-pink more on a pink side. One of my favorites in the palette.

Shade 3 ~ it is pink. It doesn't show quite well but it is more on a bright side. One of few with nice pigmentation. I really like this one as well. And that is a shimmer.

Shade 4 ~  our first baked. This is your perfect highlight. Frosty white with peach sheen. It is gorgeous!

Swatches Bottom Row

SHade 1 ~ this is beautiful. Really really pigmented. Bright orange with glitter.

Shade 2 ~  Another matte in the palette. Pretty nice pigmented Swatches and applies better then 2nd shade form top row (also Matte). This is more on a peachy side. The other one was more pinkier.

Shade 3~ pretty peachy pink color. Its have a shimmer finish. but don't worry no glitter visible. Perfect for every day.

Shade 4 ~ pretty super peachy highlighter / blusher.

Overall I think this is a great palette. Really good pigmentation (asde of 1 shade). great colors. You get 8 blushes at very low coast, which is always a plus. I been enjoying this palette a lot. I wish MUR could name their shades and maybe did something different with packaging? Add some colors or design to it, so all are not same ? You know what I mean? I actually keep them all in their original boxes so I know which palette is what. Just a side note though.

Really looking forward trying out more of their products. I have two more palettes to review. SO hopefully they will be up next week.

The blush palette you can get form Ulta, Ulta.com and Makeup Revolution Webstites
Price  $10

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