Make Waves - My first ever Boxy Charm - May 2019

*purchased by me*

I finally craved in and subscribed to famous Boxy Charm. Oh guys, you have no idea for how long I been thinking of joining. After hearing my sister in law loves each and every box she gets,I decided it's about time. And here I am with my first box.

This won't be a review.More like see whats inside. I can always post review at later time :) 

First is the product I was hoping for :) Glam Glow - Gentle Bubble Cleanser.Ah just look at this beauty! I heard all good reviews on it so yes I am super excited to try it!Have you tried it before? Or any Glam Glow product on that matter? This is my very first time trying anything from this brand.And I am so excited! Its a daily conditioning gel cleanser that gently and effectively cleanses skin and dissolves makeup. Oat amino acids condition while vegan formula with apple extract, vitamin E and green tea extract bubbles up to clean and remove impurities.Soap, fragrance free and SLS/SLES free.  Retail $28.00

Next is Milk Makeup - Blur Stick. Again this is my first time trying Milk Makeup. This is lightweight, silicon free, matte primer stick that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines with powder-filled,blurring micro spheres. The smooth and velvety formula goes on clear to create a flawless, shine free canvas that helps makeup look better and last longer. Well reading the short description a I am excited as I have oily skin with pores :) Retail $36.00

Ciate London - Eye Lustre Creme Eye Shadow - I got my in shade ICE. They are great at creating long lasting,shimmering eye looks. The metallic,glittering eye shadow can be swipe on a full covereage or blend out for a sheer sparkle.Applied on any eye shadow as a topper. ICE as you can guess is a white sparkly shade! and glimmers so beautiful!I definitely want to ware it sheer and it shows so much more sparkle! Retail $22.00  

PUR Cosmetics - Eye Lash Curler - I love how cool and holographic it is :) I be honest I don't use curler often. Not sure if I will keep it or pass it along. Let see. 
Retail $18.00

Luna by Luna - lip gloss in the shade Venus. pretty sparkly lip gloss.I might own it already as I got very similar one in Lip Monthly bag months ago. Not sure tho. If I don;t I might keep if not I will pass along :) Retail 18.00

Total value of my May Boxy Charm is $122.00 and all products are always a full size products. 
Boxy Charm is only $21.00 and you can sign up here.

New palettes by Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless

*purchased by me*

Ok so for the next few weeks there will be tones of palettes blog posts. What can I say,I love buying them :)

New in my collection are the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless palettes. There is 4 in total but I only have 3 as the Decadent palette was sold out when I ordered rest :) 
And yes you guessed right I will be ordering it soon :) 

Now lets talk about the palettes, and how gorgeous these are! the packaging sold me! They all come in a tin that is very sturdy. There is a big mirror inside and each palette contains 18 beautiful shades.  The shade names are printed inside under each shade. I prefer that way and wish more brand did same. All for $15 each :) I say not bad! 

Lets dive in into first one - Optimum Palette. The tin on this one is a grey marble,super pretty. Its a mix of cool and warm tones with bunch of beautiful shades - 8 mattes and 10 shimmers. I love this palette a lot.These are my kind of shades and it reminds me a bit of Profusion Chocolates palette.

 The mix of browns, bronzes, golds and greens is simply beautiful and definitely a safe zone for all of us.
This palette is vegan and cruelty free.


 Few of my favorite shades: Peak, Parallel, Choice,Outstanding,Capital.

Unconditional Love - very pinky and very romantic palette.  Gorgeous light pink marble packaging.Adore this one :) I think it goes really great with whats inside.Soft, rosy and very romantic.

 The shimmers and the mattes in here perform really good.I used this palette twice and I really like the looks it created.Perfect for every day.


My favorite shades: Official, Coy, First Date, Love Potion, Adore,actually all!
This particular palette is not vegan but it is cruelty free.

Constellation Palette - the brightest out of all the,The packaging on this is insane! Its a galaxy and I love it!The shades like a mention are super bright!

 And they are not the shades I use every day. I don't feelgood playing with colors that bright. I got this one so maybe I can use with some other palettes :)

There is few shades that I really like in here like : Celestial, Spiral,Saturn and Retrograde.
Again this palette is not vegan but it is cruelty free.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Riviera Palette,DewySet and Loose Highlighter

*purchased by me*

I completed my ABH eye shadow palette collection. Last month I finally purchased Modern Renaissance palette as well as the new release - Riviera palette. Well scratch that, Riviera palette was my birthday gift from my bff :) Along side with Riviera I ordered new setting spray and 1 loose highlighter from the Spring Collection.I was hoping to grab So Hollywood highlighter during Sephora sale but it is sold out online. In that case I will try to get my hands on it Monday :) Yeah I have 2 sephoras around my work...Oh the temptation!
But any who, today I will focus on what I have :)

Let's start with the most anticipated eye shadow palette,Riviera. The shining star of the collection and oh so summer worthy! It comes in a navy and white nautical material and gold lettering. Past palette had a velvet covers, this is one is different. Just to let you know, it will get dirty easy and it won't be easy to clean. Just heads up. I am very careful with my palette, and make sure my hands are clean when I touch it. Girl if I could put gloves I would!

 The palette is so beautiful and the shades inside stunning! there is 14 new shades!8 mattes, 4metallics and 2 duo chromes. The colors scream summer. Just like the name suggests it remind me of like a tropical coastal destination.You know somewhere warm,with gorgeous blue waters,yachts, soft sand and bright sun.

This palette is very aesthetically pleasing,with top row of shimmers and bottom of mattes.I like that ABH went to different direction with this palette, as all others are neutral with single pop of color. This is your colorful palette that is so good! All shades compliments each eater very well. You can create endless looks with it. For me the top row is life!I love a good shimmer shade and the ones in the palette are fantastic!


 * Sails - matte white
* Yacht - duo chrome mauve taupe with violet shift
* Seychelles - metallic aquamarine
* Palermo  - metallic jewel pink
* Seaside - duo chrome silver with blue shift
* Inheritance - metallic gold
* Mediterranean - metallic sky blue

 * Estate - matte pastel peachy pink (love!)
*Cabana - matte muted birch mustard
* Coastline - matte pastel peach
* Bahamas - matte bright hot pink (pressed pigments -will stain)
* Monte Carlo - matte cool mid tone pink
* Cannes - matte bright purple (press pigment)
* Palm - matte dark chocolate brown (press pigment)

I played with this palette for over two weeks and I really like it. I used every shade in the palette and I am really happy with my everyday looks :)
100% recommend looking into this palette if you don't own it yet :)
Good job ABH! Price $45

Now lets move on to the next two products from the Spring Collection and that is the setting spary and highlighter.

 Dewy Set Setting Spray - right off the bat I say that I LOVE the bottle!So sparkly! I kinda was hoping that there is glitter in it and boy that could look so nice sprayed on the body, but nah its just the bottle. The 'water spray' is clear and glitter free :) Of course like the name suggest you will get a nice summery dewy finish tho :) I'm not big on dewy spray as I have oily skin. But I love how nice it made my makeup look. Also it is their first setting spray and it is the BOMB! On the side note the bottle spray is same as MAC Fix+, so if you are a fan of that (who isn't) you will love this! The scent is pure tropical summer scent - coconut and vanilla. It refreshes the skin without disturbing makeup. Sounds great right? Well I love my bottle and I use it every day :) Price $26

Loose Highlighter - Snowflake- just to be safe I went with the lightest shade. Plus cooler toned and almost white highlighters look good on my skin :) Its silvery white shade, it has translucent base with fine shimmer and sparkles that when applied on the skin it give a wet glowy look. This highlighter paired with setting spray is a dream come true. Love how wet and glowy it look.And I been wearing it for a past two weeks now. So Hollywood is on my wish list. Like I mention at the beginning of my post I will try to get it from the store,coz it is sold out online. There is a third shade in the collection but personally it is way too dark on me, so I am skipping that one :) Price $25

How about you? Did you pick up anything from this collection? Are you planing? Share your thoughts in comments :)

Glow AF with Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighters - Shop my stash (part 2)

*all purchased by me*

Another post of shop my stash :) And more highlighters! Like I mention before I love a good highlighter. And if its affordable I love it even more. 
Wet n Wild MegaGlow highlighters are a HOT! I don't believe I met a person who would not like it. You want to glow to the Moon and back? Wet n Wild got you covered. 

As of right now there is 7 permanent shades, I think they are permanent. And recently WNW released 2 more. Through out the months there was few limited edition ones that I own and will be talking about as they are still available. Also I am ordering right now, while writing this blog the new shades. I will grab only one for now - Bloom Time and it look like it will be up my alley :) The other new shade is Awesome Blossom. 

The first two shades that came out back in 2016 were Precious Petal and Crown of my Canopy. And yes everyone including me went crazy for it. I say that Precious Petal is better friend for lighter skin toned girls than Crown of my Canopy. Precious Petals is pretty champagne gold, that I been using a ton! and Crown of my Canopy is coppery gold.

(Flower of my Canopy on the top, Precious Petal bottom)

The formula is very soft and very reflective.

Wet n Wild after seeing how popular these were released more color! Next 4 shades are a whole new level :) 
* Blossom Glow ~ very pale pink and very reflecting. Perfect for fair skin tones. 
* Golden Flower Crown ~ medium warm gold with metallic finish
* Botanic Dream ~ rosy pink with frosty finish. Beautiful!
* Royal Calyx ~ cool light lavender. I bet not everyone's cup of tea. :)

(swatches from the left Golden Flower Crown, Botanic Dream, Blossom Glow and Royal Calyx)

Also in permanent rage is shade called Diamond Lily ~ beautiful icy blue toned highlighter :) I dunno I love shades like this and yes I do wear them sometimes :)

Another one I bought but not wore is Pink Ashes, form I am guessing Halloween collection. Just like the name suggest it is ashy pink and I don't think it would look good on the cheek bones, but I bet it will make a great eyeshadow:)

Then WNW released few Limited Edition shades as well as palettes. I have not bought palettes tho. 
First they were two highlighters in a white packaging ~ Lilac to Reality and The Sweetest Bling. To be honest until now I have not open them. I just bought on some kind of super sale over at WNW a while back and just stash them in my drawer.

 I think these came out back in 2017. Not sure. The Sweetest Bling is pale pink and it looks like up my alley :) I like they way it swatches so I guess I need to play with it more. Lilac To Reality is a cool lavender with blue undertone :) 

Then we have 3 highlighters from Fire and Ice Limited Edition collection inspired by Game of Thrones. Actually I bought all three megaglow powders, one bronzers and 3 eyeshadow palettes :) Gimme anything GOT!
So the highlighters that come in this collection are very icy but again super beautiful. We have:
* Glow Watcher ~ pale bluish icy white silver. Really dunno how to describe it. 
* Winter Falls in LA~ warm white with pearl that shift to bluish -green sheen :)
* Halo Walkers ~ icy blue with visible sparkles. 

(swatches from left Winter Falls in LA, Halo Walkers and Glow Watcher)

Wet n Wild as you can see have everything for everyone. 
Right now I am waiting for my new order and can't wait for new collections to drop! :)

Do you own WNW megaglow powders? which are your faves?

Massive Iron Throne in the middle of Rockefeller Center

If you follow my IG page (villemo20) you know what this post will be about :)
 Beginning of April, a massive Iron Throne, from famous GOT series was spotted at Rockefeller Center.The notification popped on my Facebook and I ran to my co-worker saying we going. We work 2 stops away anyways so why not.

 The throne was huge! and lots of people was taking pictures.So did we.But the best part?It was also a red carpet premier! And hello all the GOT actors! I think every one was there.Unfortunately we didn't have a good spot so we couldn't see, but the was a huge TV that show all the fans who's there,etc.
Ned Stark-check, Hodor - check,Brienne - check, Jamie - check, George RR Martin - check! It was such a fun night! 

See few pictures below :)
Do you watch GOT?How do you like the show?

Cast, just few pics :)I  also have few videos on my phone :)

With lamps!I mean aside for the Throne,how cool are these lamps!?there was so many of them in different colors :)of course I had to take a picture with pink,coz you know it matches my hair!

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