My biggest Colourpop Cosmetics Haul yet

*purchased by me*

Guys! I think this my biggest Colourpop Haul yet.In the past I did small hauls and brought them up together for the post.But this is one big, one time order haul that cost me $200 :) FYI I am still paying for it,thanks to Afterpay option they had. My order was split into 4 even payments :)

But anyways take a peak of what I ordered :)

Let's start with Fourth Ray Beauty,Colourpop sister skin care brand.

For a while I been wanting the face milks. They were on sale for $7.50 each and I ordered all 4 they had to offer: Watermelon, Rose, Turmeric and Matcha. Unfortunately a week later I got an email saying that Matcha was sold out and I got refunded. So the ones that arrived:

* Watermelon- A refreshing drop of moisture to balance skin. Formulated with Watermelon Seed Oil, Bamboo Milk, Cucumber Water, and Aloe, this lightweight formula will replenish hydration for a healthier, softer complexion. Retail price $10

*Rose - A silky drop of comfort to soothe irritated, unhappy skin. Formulated with Argan Milk, Rose Milk, Oat and Chamomile, this formula will nurture your complexion with soothing moisture. Retail price $10

* Turmeric - A subtle, illuminating moisture booster for radiant skin. Formulated with Turmeric Oil, Almond Milk, Camu Camu, and Licorice, this formula will brighten the complexion for an overall healthy glow. Retail price $10

Next all the goodies from Colourpop. 

* Growth Flirt - Super Shock Cheek Blush - from Spring collection. I wanted more shades from that collection but all was sold out. So I ended up getting only this one. This pretty mid tone pink blush retails at $8

* Ur Thriving Lux Lipstick - rosy coral shade (From Spring Collection)

* Flower Szn - bright pinky red ( From Spring Collection )

* Moody Bloom - warm violet (From Spring Collection)

Lux Lipsticks are one of my favorites.Formula feels amazing and they are really affordable. Plus wow the Spring Collection packaging is beyond beautiful.  Don't you think? Thinking of getting few more products. Definitely a blush No Vacancy and Count me in. Also I been wanting to try Jelly Much shadows :) So yeah I am not done yet hahah . Lux Lipsticks retail at $7.50

Next I grabbed three shades on the new Lippie Sticks:

* Byron Babe- deep rose that flatters all skin tones
* Runaway - hot raspberry 
* Songbird - muted berry

I love lippie sticks. Lumiere was my first ever lippie stick I purchased from them years ago. Plus I been really enjoying the Matte X formula.It just glides on the lips like butter.Comes very opaque and stays on for really long time . Lippie Sticks retails $6

Next we have palettes and palettes sets:

* Bundle The Best Coast - which includes California Love palette, Get Paid and Over Board Gel Liners

* Bundle One Giant Leap - includes Blue Moon palette and Kicker and DTLA Gel liners 

* Bundle In Season - includes Main Squeeze palette and Best O and Get Paid Gel liners 

Single palettes I purchased:

* Sweet Talk - from the Spring Collection

 * Just My Luck - all green palette 

And Also I grabbed empty palettes-small and large with the cutest design :)I used to get them from Z palette,but these are much more cheaper! Big was I think $10 and small $7.

So thats it folks :) Did I go bit crazy? Or nah? LOL As I am posting this haul I browsing CP website and adding more products. Been wanting to get the monochromatic palette post up (yes I been writing it but CP keep releasing new palettes every day, so since I want a complete monochromatic palettes post I keep buying them.. right now I am missing yellow and orange,so as soonest I get them post will go live ....unless CP decide they want to add another color ...)

Alter Ego - "Goddess" Palette aka DUPE for Natasha Denona Gold Palette- swatches and review

*purchased by me*

How do you all feel about dupe palettes? Do you love them? Do you hate them? 
I for starters don't mind them as longest the quality is there. 
And with Alter Ego brand and so many others (I see you CColor Cosmetics, Bad Habit Beauty) the quality is very good.
Alter Ego is USA,Cruelty Free and Affordable brand with high quality palettes :)  

Alter's Ego second palette dupes famous GOLD palette by Natasha Denona, and you know what? I love it!  I really really wanted ND palette but umm I don't have $130 laying around. So pass.But now the Alter Ego palette is only $16! and the shades are so similar! I saw YT tutorials with both palettes (after I bought my) and can't believe how close in color the shades are. The quality obviously won't be same but for less then $20 you can give it a try even if you own ND. Up to you. 

Palette is small and very travel friendly. There is a mirror (big plus) and magnetic closure. It contains 15 shades and the color scheme is absolutely stunning :) Browns,golds and greens/blues simply goes together so beautifully. So super wearable. The pigmentation is wonderful and the shadows blend like a dream. Shimmer shades are better when applied with finger in my opinion. You can wet the brush and apply with it but I think when using a finger the color comes out more vibrant. Matte shades are a bit sheer but they can be build up easily. I like it that way and find it so much more easier to apply and easy to control it. Names are printed under each shade and they are Goddesses inspired. 

Shades in the palette:
* Artemis - metallic peacock blue
* Athena - matte mustardy shade
* Pandora - metallic champagne
* Iris - matte cool yellow beige
* Lyssa - sparkled bronze gold
* Aura - medium brown 
* Hera - matte warm pink beige
* Valkyrie - sparkly green toned gold 
* Gaia - matte deep teal
* Venus - metallic warm gold
* Freya - sparkly sheer vanilla gold
* Juno - matte medium brown
* Luna - metallic cool gold
*Avalon - matte dark brown
* Cassandra - golden apricot with golden duo chrome 

After playing with this palette for a week I must say I am really impressed. I recommend checking it out as the price is affordable and quality is really high end. There was a tiny bit of fallout but nothing major. I have one more palette by Alter Ego,and its the Tempress palette that dupes ABH Sultry,which I also own. I will compare them in future post :)In the mean time grab this :)

Here is the link :) This palette is only $16
Happy Shopping

Boxy Charm Au Naturale July 2019 Unboxing and Review

*purchased by me*

How are you my beautiful friends?
I know I know I been gone forever. I am really trying to start blogging during a weekday as well but so far no luck. Was thinking of putting at least 3-4 posts a week. No idea if that will happen or not but I will try.There is really lots of topics I wrote and way more I want to cover. 

Today I will show you my third Boxy Charm.Also if you notice I made a page (top of my blog) so it is easier to access if you want to see past boxes.

I love this subscription. Its amazing and most of the products are always up my taste. 
This month theme is Au Naturale, and the products inside my Boxy Charm match this theme perfectly. 

Lets see what was inside:

* Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask - get a shoot of green goodness with this treatment mask that nourishes, smoothes and brightness for softer, smoother and more radiant looking skin. I tried this mask today for the first time.I used foundation brush to apply on my face. This mask is packed with skin loving ingredients like:
-Chia Seed Oil that provides deep and log lasting hydration
-Omega Fatty Acids,Passionfriut Acids  which are rich in Vitamin C for bright looking complexion
-Wheatgrass Extract, which is packed with vitamins,minerals and enzymes for healthy looking skin.
The mask is creamy and once its applied leave it for 10-15min. It don't dry out or sets, and you just need a small amount. Wash with warm water and viola,beautiful, hydrated and glowy skin will welcome you. Price $35

* Butter London Natural Goddess Eye Shadow Palette - let me start by saying that the packaging on this palette is stunning! The wood like appearance with the flowers detailing is beautiful and very appealing! Inside there are 6 beautiful shades and nice sized mirror.  The 4 shades are shimmery metallics and two are mattes:

Enchantress – shimmering sand
Queen – shimmering copper
Star – metallic green
Diva – metallic gold
Temptress – matte dark brown
Femme Fatale –  matte turquoise

The formula over all is really impressive. The shadows applied and swatched nicely.All except the last blue teal shade.Its matte and its really really difficult to work with. Wish that could have been a metallic shade instead of matte. But over all I enjoyed the palette. Price $32

* Luxie Brushes Gaea 3 pc brush set - I love luxie brushes and I am happy they included it here. First off Luxie have good and well pricey brushes,so to see that I got them basically free with this box. LOl I does make me happy :)These new eco friendly brush set is beautiful.There are 3 brushes that are made from recycle materials.Again matches the Boxy theme. Brushes included in the set: 
-Luxie 510 foundation brush
- Luxie 250 Large eye shadow blending brush
- Luxie 246 Precision Crease Brush
The set retails at $30

* Koh Gen Do Spa Cleaning Water Cloths -  These convenient,cotton Cleansing Spa water cloths remove waterproof makeup and impurities while nourishing skin with mineral rich cleaning spa water. I am exciting to try these.I have not yet as I am writing this post. I thin k Koh Gen Do is Japanese brand,so it excites me even more as I never really try any Japanese skin care. So hope they work their magic :) There is 10 cotton cloths in the pack and the retail price is $17

* Tarte Glitter Lip Paint - umm something that I am not excited about. I like Tarte,but I don't think I will get a use out of this one.I already own few glittery lip glosses and tbh I am not using them much. I saw some people got Alamar glosses,ad really I wish i got that one instead as well. But oh well,I didn't swatch so I will find a good home for this glitter baby :) Retail price $20

My box value this month came up to $134,and the box subscription is only $21 a month. You want to sign up,click here.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Jawbreaker Summer Collection

*purchased by me*

Summer is in a full swing. NYC its been hot and humid and more hot and humid. We past Independence Day and my short 4 day break is coming to an end. But before I even go back to my normal work routine I will talk to you about the Jawbreaker collection by JSC, and honey it is jaw dropping!

This might be the biggest collection he launched so far.The main focus is not only the biggest palette but this time we have two! They are highlighters, liquid lipsticks,lip scrubs,metallic lip toppers, merch and mirrors (oh the mirrors got away!). I am so getting the white one next restock! I don't own JSC mirrors but I am eyeing few :) But lets ask our self, how many star shaped mirrors one person can have? the easy and the only answer is ALL OF THEM! #sorrynotsorry. 

I placed two order on Beautylish.Why two? Coz my phone was acting up once the collection launched. I was only able to add palette bundle to my cart. And thb I didn't wanted to go into details on why it didn't see ADD TO BAG under any other products. I had to get the bundle and I just paid for that. When I got home, several hours later,some of the products were still available! So I added three new liquid lipsticks, highlighting palette, stock up on my Adrogyny lipsticks and added Blue Blood and Sugar Blood, coz yeah I am late to the game. So my complete order came up to $291 for that day :) *fingers crossed maybe one day I can get on his PR* and then I could show you all the products and not only few. Both palettes and the whole collection is inspired by candy -  Jawbreaker. Now question: did any of you ever tried that candy? I didn't but now I really want to!

Ok enough me rumbling.Here are my picks form the Jawbreaker collection. 

Two new palettes joined JSC family :) Guys I am a nude eye shadow lover.I feel safe with nude.But men when I saw the beautiful colors in both palettes I told myself that I need to step out of my comfort zone and try colors! The only colors I use is on the lower lash line.Its like a staple look for me.Always blue,teal,green, purple you name it :) Thats how far I go with color LOL. But both palettes were calling my name! And I was so excited for purples! purples are my jam! *on the lower lash line*

Jawbreaker palette come in a white outer packaging, that resembles jawbreaker candy. with lots of color splashes that might be dunno sprinkles? The palette is pink and the packing feels really sturdy. and same story lots of color splashes aka sprinkles.Adorable! Btw this is the biggest JSC eye shadow palette. It contains 24 eye shadows. Inside there is a well sized mirror and your gorgeous colors! Its such a pleasing sight :)all colors scream summer and they scream to play with them :)

Shades :
  • Virgin: bone yellow-white with a matte finish
  • Good Morning: soft, fleshy pink with a matte finish
  • Bubble Gum: pink with a matte finish
  • Wow: neon yellow with a matte finish
  • Suck: true orange with a matte finish
  • Licorice: pure red with a matte finish

  • Cute: teal with a matte finish
  • Fuck: pinkish coral with a matte finish
  • Gum Drop: true purple with a matte finish
  • Snack: light pink with a glitter finish
  • Brain Freeze: baby blue with a matte finish
  • Jawbreaker: reflective silver with a shimmer finish

  • And What: red with a metallic finish
  • Orange Juice: orange with a metallic finish
  • Sour: light green with a matte finish
  • Soaked: cobalt blue with a matte finish
  • Raspberry: deep maroon with a matte finish
  • Cotton Candy: pink with a metallic finish

  • Lemon drop: yellow with a metallic finish
  • Bite me: dark, rich purple with a metallic finish
  • Cherry Wet: bright, fuschia red with a matte finish
  • Tasty: deep brown with a matte finish
  • Cone: champagne nude with a matte finish
  • Delicious: dark navy with a matte finish

I played with few shades already and they feel wonderful. I live for shimmers and I love Snack. This might me my favorite shade from the palette. The Jawbreaker shade makes perfect inner corner highlight. Cherry Wet is beautiful ! The Cotton Candy hot pink and Bite Me wow love! 
Really all shades are wearable if you only now how to wear them :)

The Mini Breaker is so cute! Its JSC first 9 pan palette "hope there will be more in the future!*. Comes in a super bright lime green outer packaging and  the inside palette is white. Very sturdy packaging and inside there is nice sized mirror. This one as soonest you open you can see purple shades coming at you. And yes this girl loves purples!And this might be even more wearable then the bigger palette. Shades like Double Scoop,Orange Crush or Slice are safe and basically your safe neutral shades *if you can call Orange Crush neutral LOL* .7 shades are brand new and two (Bite Me and Bubble Gum) are repeats from the big Jawbreaker palette. 


 Double Scoop: terracotta nude with a matte finish
Orange Crush: orange with gold reflects with a matte finish
Foreplay: cool, mauve-y pink with a matte finish
Oral: mirror-like, reflective silver with a duochrome finish
Purple Punch: purple with a matte finish
Slice: unique, burnt yellow-orange with a metallic finish
Bubble Gum: pink with a matte finish
Bite Me: dark, rich purple with a metallic finish
Hot Fudge: dark, cool-tone brown with a matte finish

Next is Brain Freeze Highlighting palette :)

 Oh Yes Baby i love JSC highlighters. I didn't try the supreme skin frost yet.. I am eyeing Diamond Wet form this collection.I think this shade and I will be a bff's ... once I get it of course :). The name is so fitting ! The highlighters (except the golden ones) feel like they can give you a brain freeze haha. But every single shade is beautiful and I can wear it on a daily basics. The shades are housed in the same kind of very sturdy packaging as the both eye shadow palettes. The design reminds me of ice cream. And gosh I crave one right now lol .

The highlighters like I said are beautiful and blinding!they really can see you from outer space. But that's nothing new, JSC skin frosts are amazing and formula is always the best. 


  • Cold Shoulder: white-silver with blue reflects with a duochrome finish
  • Gold Breaker: radiant gold with a shimmer finish
  • Cocky: deep gold, especially beautiful for medium to deep skin tones, with a shimmer finish
  • Statuesque: yellow-ish gold with a shimmer finish
  • Frozen Fruit: shiny light pink with a shimmer finish
  • Freeze Tag: funky silver with a shimmer finish

To complete my purchase I grabbed 3 velour liquid lipsticks:
* Fully Nude - nude
* Strawberry Crush - strawberry red
* Yes Ma'am - hot pink 

I love love love velour liquid lipsticks! the colors,the formula everything! This are so cute! they come in a bright neon lime green box,just like the Mini Breaker and have cute neon green caps! Always trying to add LE products to my collection :)

So that would be it. I will be posting review and swatches of Blue and Sugar Blood palettes at later time. What  do you think of this summer collection? What caught your eye? What will you purchase?

Maybelline Made For All Lipstick Review + Swatches

*purchased by me*

Few months ago, Maybelline launched Made for All lipsticks,that were tested on 50 different skin tones to be universally flattering for all. There is 7 shades in total and they retail $7.49.

First I bought Plum For Me,as this and Pink were the only one left on CVS display. 
I haven't wear it yet and was in love already.The shade was prefect. It might look plumy in the bullet but its like darker pink berry on my lips. Not whats in the bullet. It applies like a dream and it stays on through out the day. I freaking adore it so much I made another trip to CVS and found Ruby For Me and untouched Pink For Me

The packaging  is regular Maybelline packaging.The cap is the color of the lipstick housed inside. 
The formula  really stands true to its claim,vivid pigmentation and rich texture that feels really good on the lips. Its creamy and glides on so smoothly. 
Few of the main ingredients are: Lanolin Oil, Castor Oil,Sesame Seed Oil and Beeswax. I love how good it feels on the lips. I am really impressed with it.

Here is a closer look on the shades I bought:

* Ruby For All - a classic red that I needed it. Its beautiful bright red with cool undertones. If you look for a perfect red look no further :) If you need a warmer red get Red For Me as it looked like it had orange undertones. I don't own it and I don't think I will be getting it.I prefer cool toned reds. 

*Pink for Me - its light pink that is actually very flattering on me. And personally it looks more like mauve on me.I was looking into  Mauve For Me, but it was more like a nudy brown and tbh I don't feel like brown lipsticks look good on me. And this pink is actually beautiful and perfect for every day. 

* Plum For Me -  described as a rich medium berry. On me it looks like a pink berry. It looks more plumy in the bullet like I mention before. But the shade will look different on all, depends on your lip pigment.My bff wore it and it look so much more different on her. But over all so so pretty on both of us.


I am loving these and Plum For Me I been wearing for a past two weeks non stop. I adore the shade and the best is that it leaves a stain behind.So you either can add more color or just leave it like it is. 

How about you do you own any? Which shade is calling you name?

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