Spring Makeup with MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection

*purchased by me*

Hey! I have a brand new, pinky and so spring-ish post :)
Just quickly wanted to show you new additions to my MAC collection:) As some of you know I collect LE Mac products. I try not to use them and so all are untouched expect two lipsticks :)

Anyways curious about the new collection :) Well jump right in :)

Let's start with lipsticks :) There is 5 shades of lipsticks and 4 lip glosses. 
I only bought 2 lipsticks, and might grab a lip gloss... still thinking and Macy's website is open and they have 15% off so just might grab one :) 

The packaging on the whole collection is simply stunning! I just adore the cherry blossom flower print, so pink and so spring! The inside of the lipstick bullet is rose golden and just well perfect match! Oh wait watch me I will write "perfect" many time over in this post LOL. Sorry but just adore MAC LE! So the two lipsticks I got are:
* Wagasa Twirl ~ muted medium pink. Matte finish. 
* Framboise Moi ~ Deep raspberry pink. So beautiful! Semi Matte finish.  

The highlighter Fleur Real High-Light Powder~ I be honest here, I bought it only just so I can stare at it. Over all this one and the other one got very bad reviews. I swatched them myself at Macys and wasn't thrilled at all. The pink one (same I got) swatched super matte and super chalky. The beautiful over spray was gone and tbh nothing super exciting. The golden one was too gold and it kinda looked weird and kinda dirty on my hand.  But like I said I bought it only to add it to my collection of LE MAC powders :) and I am not planing on using it. Moving on....

Eyeshadow palette ~ Kabuki Doll, so stunning! Small, 9 pan palettes with clear lid that have falling cherry blossom petals printed. The colors look absolutely beautiful! There are mattes in the center of the palette and shimmers on each side.
The palette is small and prefect for travel :) Plus these are my go to everyday shades so yeah :) If you like MAC shadows go and grab this beauty and you won't be disappointed. 

And the last is the famous Fix + setting spray in cherry blossom scent. Guys this smells heavenly! OMG! I have one from like two years ago, The Tutti Frutti Collection and that one smelled so good as well! Ugh! Love it! Fix plus is amazing. 

New Pixi Beauty EYE REFECTION SHADOW PALETTES ~ swatches + reivew

*pr sample*

Oh Pixi! I must say the new palettes are gorgeous! So pleasing to look at and yet very fun to play with. 
As you didn't know Pixi not only makes great skin care but also great makeup products. These two palettes are the great example of it.

The new palettes are truly stunning and personally can't stop  playing with it .

Reflex Light ~ gorgeous warm toned palette that creates beautiful looks :) The shades are pigmented and blend really nice. And all 12 shades are metallic and I love it! I know I know some of you would prefer a nice matte shade, transition matte shade to be precise. But I love metallics and I can always use  use a matte from a different palette. The metallic formula glides on like butter and just preforms so well :)
Swatches :)

I really really like this one as I am a die hard fan of metallics and shimmers.

Natural Beauty ~ mixed of warm and cooler shades as well as metallics and mattes. On a side not the second shade in the top row, arrived broken. But thanks to formula I just had to press it together and voila! Shade almost looked like a brand new :) Thank God I didn't have to use alcohol, personally I don;t like it and I feel like the shadow is not same. This palette will give you a good variety of shades, and will complete the look as you have all the shades and formulas you need.
Swatches :0

 I really like this one as well, who knew I would like cooler tones :)

Below is the view on a PR box and the brushes, that I didn't use it yet.

I do think PIXI formula improved form previous palettes. Can't wait to see what more they have in store for us.

Spring Glow with Jeffree Star Skin Frost palettes ~ Shop My Stash (part 1)

*purchased by me*

I don't know about your but I love a good highlighter. Always did. They are my weakness and I could have them 100 and still not be satisfy.  Now thinking about it I might have just that many. Sorry not sorry. 

I am trying something new on the blog. "Shop My Stash" post will be about products that I have in my collection and still didn't review and mostly it will include past collections and older products. No worries most of them you still will be able to buy :)

Today, as you can tell by the tittle I will share my thoughts on Jeffree's Star Skin Frost highlighting palettes. I bought them sometime last year, when I believe there were on sale on Beautylish. I do not own the newest palette yet. But it will be joining my collection, hopefully soon.

Jeffree's formula is loved by some and hated by others.  I am in the circle of people that like that formula and all the crazy colors he creates! Yes give it to me all :) 
What's the formula like you ask? Well its super creamy, pigmented and blend-able. When you dip you fingers in its so soft and the color payoff, BLINDING! 
I had this goal to collect all of his highlighters. Crazy right! There is approx over 20 shades! Well lets see what time will bring. I always wait for some sort of sale on his website or even Beautylish. These babies can drop to half of which is amazing deal if you ask me. 

Now back to the palettes :) Like I mention I got them off Beautylish and they were on SALE back then. Not sure how much I paid but definitely less then $40 regular price. Both palettes: Platinum Ice and 24 Karat I love and treasure.

Lets see the shades in Platinum Ice:
* Ice Cold ~ you can get this one in regular offer as it comes as a single highlighter and I belive it was one of the first highlighters that Jeffree launched years ago. But I might be mistaking. Anyways I have it in a big pink roundy compact and I wore it so so so many times! Creamy white blinding goodness. 
* Glacier ~ its a blue silver highlight that looks so beautiful. In the pan and on the skin :)
* Lavender Snow ~ I was so happy that this baby was included in this palette. I wanted it for so long.  Its lavender and its amazing!
* Alien Ice ~ one of my faves for sure! gorgeous green that is blinding like no other! I would like to see this in Jeffree's permanent line. 
* Pink Chill ~ its more like a topper. Its really nice and looks stunning when the light hits it. 
* Canary Bling ~ its super pretty soft gold that shifts in the light. 

This palette was my go to when I bought it last year. Now it is time to pull it out and use it more :)
The whole idea of Shop my Stash is to re-discover loved products :)

The 24 Karat  palette is much more warmer and suits deeper skin tones. I use it as an eye shadow palette :) With exception of one or two shades that work as a highlighters on my skin. 
* Sarcophagus ~ gorgeous champagne color that Jeffree decided to make it in a big compact so yes this shade joined 'stand alone' skin frost family. This is by far my favorite shade in this palette. It works amazing as a highlighter and as a eye shadow :)
* King Tut ~ already available in Skin Frost line. Light golden bronze. 
* Dark Horse ~ true copper color. Can be used as a shimmery bronzer and also available in regular Skin Frost. 
* Legendary ~ salmon pink and if applied light handed it looks so beautiful on my skin. Can be used as a blush topper :)
* Giza ~ makes a beautiful blush topper and works great as an eyeshadow. 
* Liberace ~ true yellow gold. I don't think I could ever pull this on my cheek bones but on the eyes, yes please!

Do you own any of the palettes? Any of Jeffree's skin frosts?

Keep a look out for more "Shop My Stash" posts :) 

New L'oreal Infallible 24h Fresh Wear Foundation ~ oily skin approved? Worth the hype?

*purchased by me*

L'oreal Infallible foundation, my my so much hype around this foundation. But is it really that good? 
Read on and find out. 

I purchased my at my local Rite Aid ($16.00). At first I thought that it won't match me, as the shade I always get (Ivory) was completely messed up. Open and used and all dirty yuck! Hate when people do that. And I do believe drugstores should get a "try me"  for each product they carry. Trust me less product wasted and more money saved. Did you ever wonder why drugstore makeup is so pricey? I do think that coz of idiot people who open the products and use it with out buying it. Later the store throws the product away and company losses its money. That's what I think. 
Ugh but anyways back to the topic. Since "my shade" was used I went to next shade on the display - "420 True Beige".  Swatches on my hand it looked way to dark and a bit orangy. But on my face with all the makeup products was alright. It kinda matches me :) 

I was trying this foundation for 5 days with 5 different primers :) 

Day 1 ~ I used it with a POP Beauty Prime Magnet Primer. I notice that the foundation looked a bit dry around my nose around 3-4pm.

Day 2 ~ I used it with Too faced Peach Perfect Primer. Foundation wore relay nice throughout the day.

Day 3 ~ I used with Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer. Again foundation looked really good all day.

Day 4 ~ I used it with YSL Touch Elcat Blur Primer - I really like this combo. Foundation wore throughout the day really nicely. I did started ti get "shiny" on my forehead around 5pm.

Day 5 ~ I used it with  Pixi Rose Flash Balm another great combo. I love this Pixi moisturizer as a primer :) hold very well and foundation again looked really nice. 

Few things first. I like that it comes with a pump :) the formula is liquid-y. The foundation claims to have a natural finish and last all day (24h). It has an air light texture, medium to full coverage and its transfer  and sweat proof. Also if you are sensitive to fragrance, keep in mind that this foundation have a perfume scent to it. It is not that strong but still noticeable. It contains SPF 25. So you might wanna be careful with selfie flash! Like I mention because of formula being liquidy, the foundation is very light weight and breathable. I love the finish and just how beautifully sits on the skin. If you apply with brush your get a nice full coverage, with sponge is medium. You can always build up with the sponge so no biggie :). 

I do believe that this foundation will work on all skin types, especially oily as it is oil absorbing. And it actually is! I love how beautiful wear through out the day. It sit in place the whole day and the best part? No creasing, no oil, no shine and no transfer! So if you into wearing turtle necks, this will be your new bae! I didn't oxidized, color stayed just as it when I first applied it. If you are on a more drier side you might want mix in some oil. But don't really have as I saw reviews of girls with dry skin and they really liked it. 

There is 30 shades so anyone can find something for them self :) And this is my new favorite foundation as of now :) 

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