Wander Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you heard of Wander Beauty? They have been around for about 2-3 years? Not sure exactly, but I been fan for about that long. Their makeup and skin care line is amazing, and I happy to say it keeps growing too! When they first contacted me years ago they didn't have much to offer. Now? I am impressed and happy to see them grow. 
They are sold at Sephora :) at pretty reasonable prices. 

I do actually have a few pieces that I am trying to review for you guys. Trying, coz the end of this year is a madness.  I am so not kidding! Ughhh... 

Anyways below are few last minute Christmas ideas, pulled out from Wander Beauty :)
All mentioned products are available at Sephora as on Wander Beauty website 

Who She Is: She’s always on-the-go, and you never know where she’ll land next. On Saturday she’s on a safari, and by Tuesday she’s headed to Bali… but that doesn’t mean her skincare routine gets left behind.
What To Give Her: Take Flight Skincare Discovery Kit combines four multitasking must-haves in a travel-ready kit. Baggage Claim Eye Masks, Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Mask, Extended Stay Hydrating Mask and Glow Ahead Face Oil will give her her most gorgeous skin yet no matter where she’s wandering to next.

Who She Is: She’s on the pulse of all of the latest beauty launches. Her personal collection rivals your local Sephora's stock.
What To Give HerWanderess Off Duty and Wanderess Chill for the win. These two palettes have every shade she'll ever need, both warm and cool, in two portable palettes. Pair them with Baggage Claim Eye Masks in Rose Gold and Unlashed Mascara to truly make her holidays! 

Who She Is: Being a multitasking mom may leave her sleep-deprived, but she shouldn’t have to look like it!
What To Give Her: She’ll want these two must-haves, no matter the season: Fake Awake Essentials Trio and Baggage Claim Eye Masks in Rose Gold will help her fake a full eight hours of sleep, even if she’s had anything but. These two will give her all of the tools she needs brighten, conceal, blend and repeat.

Who She Is: On a Sunday, you’ll find her multimasking and snapping the process.
What To Give Her: Reach for our Maximum Impact Skincare Trio for the perfect multimasking moment. This trio features our shimmering pink Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Mask, Baggage Claim Eye Masks and Glow Ahead Face Oil, for the perfect Sunday self-care moment.

Who She Is: Your favorite person in the office and forever lunch companion who deserves to be spoiled!
What To Give Her: No lipstick arsenal is complete without a pinky nude and a mauve shade. Premier Pout Lip Kit not only combines these two must-have shades with On The Mauve and Bare in Barcelona, but Lipsetter also combines lipstick and lip liner into one dual-ended stick. She’ll be able to perfect her pout on-the-move while keeping them stored in a gorgeous rose gold pouch.

Testing Two New Makeup Removers ~ SkinFix, Clove + Hallow

*pr sample*

Let's talk makeup removers. 
I love trying new makeup, and the "removing" part is important to me, and I bet for anyone else. 
Leaving makeup on your skin or any so called "left overs" may cause breakouts and other not fun stuff. I know it happen to me many times. You come home late, really tired and trying your best to take off whats left of your makeup. Sometime you just pass out and let it be. Don't.  Don't leave your makeup on. Trust me take that extra 5 min and clean your face. Clean skin, happy skin. 

I know the micellar waters are one of the best makeup removers out there. I personally find them so easy and so convenient.  But , as you can tell, today i will focus on oil based removers. I have two to talk  about, as they are great and fast! 

* SkinFix Foaming Oil Cleanser ~ I discovered this brand last year at Ipsy Gen Beauty. This Oil Cleanser was sent to me a while back and tbh I been loving it ever since. It is really gentle on the skin, removes makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and clean. It have a very mild scent and it foams up when you add water. Not like crazy foam but it is still a foam.  I like to use it in my night time skin care routine. What I like the most is that it won't leave me skin with greasy residue as some other oil based cleansers. The cleanser is made with natural coconut based cleansers that gently cleans skin without stripping it from skin's essential moisture.

Natural key ingredients include:
~ Healthy Skin Lipid Complex ~ helps to maintain healthy, glowing skin. 
~ Jojoba Oil ~ natural seed oil that is lightweight, deeply hydrating oil that is packed with Vitamin E, B-complex, copper and zinc.
~ Red Seaweed Extract ~ is rich in natural sodium, a powerful ingredient that pulls moisture into the skin to create plump appearance and dewy looking complexion.  
~ Aloe Leaf Extract ~ Aloe Vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids. It helps repair collagen and elastin. And it also helps to sooth the skin. 
~ Macadamia Oil ~ natural seed oil, that is not greasy but nourishing. It is calming, healing and helps to maintain skin essential barrier function. 

Skinfix is available at Ulta and the cleanser retails at $22. 

* Clove + Hallow Makeup Melt ~ new to my skin care. Before I was sent this product I have never heard of Clove+Hallow. This brand is vegan and cruelty free, based in Atlanta. I also got to see them at Indie Beauty Expo few months ago. I have to say i am impressed with the line. They have lipsticks, concealers, foundations and makeup remover. And today we will get more in depth with the remover that changed my routine for better. It is so easy to just pop it onto my face and it melts everything!  And you don't need a lot. it is a balm-to-oil makeup remover that melts even waterproof mascara (I don't wear waterproof mascaras but for the purpose of testing this products I did) while
nourishing the skin. I am so happy  coz it is really really good. Aside from being so good can we talk about super luxurious packaging? I mean come on! It so well done! Heavy and very modern. And all of it will cost you less then $30.. $28 to be precise. With the super high end quality of this product that is very affordable. 

It is made wit Clean15 Ingredients:
~ Fractionated Coconut Oil
~ Polyglyceryl 10 Laurate 
~ Sweet Almod Oil
~ Sundflower Oil 
~ Sunflower Seed Wax
~ Sorbitan Sesquioleate

Below, lets call it a swatches of the removers. Just simply to show how the formula looks more less. Both like I said are very effective. I really can recommend both. Its up to you and your preferences if you like more liquid-y formula or more stiff a'la moisturizer formula.

My sensitive skin friends, these both products are for you. Both are gentle and both leave skin soft and clean. I do love both and I can't choose one like better.  

Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Holiday 2018 ~ Velour Liquid Lipsticks swatches

Oh yes! this year I didn't sleep on it and purchase the whole velour liquid lipsticks set. Jeffree Star Holiday collection always get me. Last year lipsticks were so gorgeous and I only managed to scooped two shades. I know, by the time I was ready to get the set it was sold out. This year I made sure I was up and ready on launched date and got me the lippies. The Alien palette on the other hand is sold out and I am patiently waiting for it to get back in stock. Alien and Blood Sugar are the ones missing in my collection. 

Anyways back to lipstick bundle. 8 beautiful lipsticks packaged in a iridescent with rainbow shift packaging. The tubes are so gorgeous as well. Glittery and sparkly. Once they hit the light or sun they sparkle and its insane! No one does Holiday like Jeffree :) 

Lets get into swatches and colors:

* Karma ~ khaki green. It looks like a baby poop. There I said. But once on the lips wow! especially with my fair skin tone it looks surprisingly nice! Who new I would like that much. I only wore it around the house, not brave enough to leave the house yet. 

* Jeffree Who? ~ gorgeous warm rosy pink that I been wearing it almost everyday. This one and Doll Parts are definitely favorites shades Jeffree created. I live for it! 

* Clout ~ metallic lavender. Sister of Thirst Trap that came out this summer. Blinding metallic shade that can be used as a base of an eyeshadow :) Yes you should know by now that Jeffree's velour liquid lipsticks can be used as a eyeshadow base and eye liner :)

* Triggered ~ deep burgundy with glitter. Nice grungy deep plum :) I love the sparkles in this :) 

(from top: Can't Relate, Hi!How are ya?, Clout, You're still on the property, Scandal, Karma, Jeffree Who?, Triggered)

* Scandal ~ deep dusty rose almost lavender with sparkle in it. Again another beautiful shade! And something that I can wear everyday. 

* Hi, How Are Ya? ~ beautiful holiday red with glitter in it :) I simply adore Jeffree's holiday reds! I am bumped that I ahve not gotten my hands on the last year one. Glitter comes through once you rub your lips together. 

* Can't Relate ~ nude. A something between Skin Tight and Mannequin. I love good nudes so why not Jeffree! make some more nudes :) TBH I need to purchase more nude lipsticks from Jeffree Star :) There is few that I really need :)  "Can't relate" is the something that Jeffree said this year and it become a big hit! 

* You're Still On The Property ~  deep metallic blue that is so beautiful! omg love this! God I want to wear this everyday !

A little close up on the packaging.

What are thoughts on this collection? Will you be picking up any? Which shade is your favorite?
Each lipstick retail at $18, bundle $105.

Christmas with Profusion Cosmetics ~ thoughts on a new collection

*pr sample*

Guys! OMG as you can see in a picture above I got the new Christmas Collection by Profusion Cosmetics. WOW, its so gorgeous! Just quick fyi I went ahead and ordered three more eye shadow palettes and lip kit. :) Just coz I had to have them all.

Anyways the new collection as you can see it breathtaking. 
As always the main focus are the eye shadow palettes. Summer collection launched 3 and now we have 4.

In my PR box I got Wanderlust and I am obsessed with it. Everything about this palette is perfect. The price, the shades and the quality. As I mentioned before the eye shadows a really good.
The shades are hi-pigment, soft and blend-able. As you can see we have a nice verity of pinks, purples, greens and blues.  The top row when I swatches kinda reminded me of pastel shades. Especially the last two shades. As always the shimmers swatch and apply like a dream, especially if you use your finger. Some mattes are better then others. I found few powdery but still they blend nicely. I just live for these colors.

21 shadows housed in a black plastic palette with clear lid and glittery gold trim around it. I find that to be perfect touch! all for $10!
I can't wait to create some holiday inspired look with it.

The second palette I got was the new, up-grated Mix Metals palette. I got my in shade Pink :) I own the previous mix metals palettes and I love them. They are really really good. And now Profusion re-vamped them and viola! Totally new packaging and new layout. I like how the actual palette packaging matches the names, example Mix Metals Pink is pink, Mix Metals Gold is gold, there is also Silver and Rose Gold. I am not gonna lie at some point I want them all. Hoping Profusion will have some sort of promo before or after holidays :) The Gold one will definitely be my. I will insert below pictures of the other ones :) Just so you can lust after them like me hahah.

Now back to the Pink palettes that was sent to me. The palette is a part of the kit. It comes with a belnding brush, that is actually really nice and pink glitter liquid liner. The palette itself contains 8 pink toned eye shadows and two face powders (highlight and blush). There are 4 mattes, 1 matte with shimmer and 3 shimmers. The blush is matte pink and highlighter coppery gold.

The whole set retail $10, which is not bad, especially considering the products you get. I did play with the shadows already and they blend good and the look I got was really soft and girly :) I have not yet used that glittery eyeliner tho.

The third eyeshadow palette is the eye case Bare Eyes. Perfect nude, travel friendly eyeshadow palette. 10 shades are housed in a metal case, it comes with dual ended brush and a mirror. Bare Eyes is you everyday nude palette. If you don't like colors much this is prefect option. I like how you get nice variety of  7 mattes and 3 shimmers. Again pigmented and blendable. The shimmers are so pretty and works perfectly with the mattes. Mattes although are a bit powdery they do blend nicely.

This palette retails $7 and they have three more color choices.

Next one up is Highlight and Contour palette. Cute mini size palette with 6 shades (3 highlighting shades and 3 contouring shades). I said mini but you get 0.12 oz for highlighting shades and 0.62 for contouring, and if I am not mistaken this palette retails only for $5. So not bad, I don't know if you can find cheaper then that. The packaging to be honest its not so great. Cardboard with flimsy top, but the products on the other hand are great! 2 matte highlighters, which will work great as under eye setting powders, 1 gorgeous shimmer and 3 bronzers. The bronzers look really nice and have nice depth to it. Not too muddy or orangy. Again this makes great travel friendly palette :)

And the last but not least is the lipstick set. I love their lipsticks! Guys! this set is only $5 and its so freaking good! I am about to order more and give my friends for Christmas! I got Fierce set, which is deep purple berry and I didn't know I would love this as much as I do now.

The lipstick is so creamy and so opaque! paired with lip liner is a perfect duo. What I love the most is the glossy lip topper with a matching color. OMG it changes the everything and it looks so good! Not even sticky! and the best part, even with the glossy hi-shine lip topper the lipstick last whole day! Like I only re-applied it

for $5 a set I am getting reaming colors and some for friends!

What are your thoughts on this collection? Have you picked up anything yet? What is on your wish list? Looking forward on your feedback :)

*I already got my Black Friday order and I will be posting it soon :)

Below the Metal Mix sets I been eyeing :) Silver, Rose Gold and Gold

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