Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick ~ Candy Cane ~ Holiday Collection

Let's stay in Holiday Spirit a bit more. I want to show you new Limited edition Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in shade Candy Cane.  As I said it is limited edition and it launched with all Too Faced Holiday Collection 2016.  For Holiday collections Too Faced is the best. I don't know I love the brand :) I kinda missed out on last year collection. I was a little bit broke coz of all the bills and all so I couldn't afford any. This year I promised myself to get whatever I can from my holiday wishlist. From Ulta i am planning to pick up TF holiday palette and lipstick set and Let it Glow trio. I am considering to get Chocolate Shop as well (sephora exclusive) but I dunno I heard mixed reviews :( So I will see if I have any $$$ after I get what I want and I might pick up Chocolate Shop as well.

Now lets me get back to this gorgeous lipstick :) This is my very first Melted Liquid lipstick. I know Too Faced released many shades but my sophora carry only regular melted lipsticks not the liquid ones. I wanted to order online but well I want to swatch colors first. 

When I saw this one on a holiday display i took it without swatching :) The cute packaging and well the color is sooo xmasy! Too Faced describe this shade as a festive red but it actually is a raspberry bright pink.  SO I don;t know where they see red .. anyways I love the color.
It comes in festive red pink candy cane packaging with red and black accents. The lipstick is just as the ones in permanent line but the top is limited edition candy cane swirl :) or should I say pink ad red swirl. Now on the box it says that lipstick is peppermint mocha scented and ... it is :) I get hint of peppermint and mocha :) I read/heard in other bloggers reviews thier lipstick was lacking the scent. 

My does have it for sure. It is not overwhelming or anything but it is there. 
I don't know if the formula is same as the other melted liquid lipstick in collection but if it is I will be getting more. 
It applies really nice. full opaque color. Feels hydrating and not drying (thumbs up Too Faced). It set nicely on my lips and stays there for about 7h. I did have a lunch in between but hello still on mah lips :)  

This lipstick is a fun and sexy and my holiday this year will be raspberry pink :) 
And yeah I will be getting few for my family as a xmas gifts :)
Well done Too Faced!

you can purchase lipstick at Sephora, Ulta, Too faced website. 
Price $21

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Lip Color ~ review and swatches

*pr sample*

I got recently chosen for a new voxbox by Influenster. This time I got to try two colors from Maybelline SuperStay 24 liquid lipstick. 
I like the lipsticks that I can wear all day with no need to touch up. Maybelline SuperStay gave me just that. 

I received two shades:
* Keep up the fames ~ red
* Constant Toast ~ nude.

Both colors are gorgeous :) Personally I find myself reaching more for nude but omg that red have my heart :)

As for the formula , I like it. Red applies much better than nude one. The color is more opaque and creamy and just looks so pretty on my lips. Nude well its more sheer and it sit in my lines on my lips (you know I mean?) it does not apply same as red that for sure. Plus once it dries it gives me glowy metallic sheen to my lips which with my oily skin was no no. I mean don't get me wrong i do like metallic finish but I need to mattify my face better wen I wear one. I think Constant toast look better under a nude lip liner. I tried under In the nude by essence and I really like it. I want to see how it will look under soft berry tho :) 

what i am impressed the most is the staying power. They do last very long on my lips. First, when you apply the liquid lipstick on you need to wait for it to dry. It will get all sticky and tacky and just yuck! but wait once its dry go over with the conditioning stick. That conditioning stick/balm locks on moisture and color.  Color stayed on my lips .. lets see ... I applied it around 7:30am and I saw that the color was wearing off from the middle of my lips around 4pm. I say not bad. The formula is so lightweight you cant feel it on the lips :) Plus the stick makes your lips hydrated. I notice drying by the 3:30pm. 
I was afraid of removing them tho. When I first swatched them on the back of my hand it was soooo hard and painful to take them off...really! So I was scared that I might be difficult to take tem off the lips as well.  I used first my L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover and after I took my In Vitamin Micellar water and took of any excess that was left. I went off nicely without hurting my lips :)

Maybelline SuperStay 24 is indeed long wearing and smudge proof.  I did notice a tiny transfer on my mug yesterday but clearly it was nothing. I rub my finger on my lips and there was no lipstick on . Weird tho. I didn't notice any cracking or flaking. Over all I am impressed with them :) I might pick one or two more shades :) Coz I wasn't happy wit the nude I got so I might pick another one. There is 30 shades in collection so for sure I will be able to pick something up. 
If you are on the budget and you need a long wearing lightweight lipstick try maybelline superstay 24 :) They less than $10 :)

*Thanks for Influenster for sending them over for review. Just wanna state that all thought are my own :) 

Makeup Organization and Storage ~ Vanity tour, what's in my Alex and on my bookshelf?

Today I will give you a little peak into my makeup collection. 
This post was supposed to go up last month, but I was waiting for my organizers. Some came to me from overseas and we all know how is with the shipping it takes forever. But finally I have them and I spend all Saturday organizing my mess :)
I dont have my own beauty room unfortunately. For now my vanity and my makeup stays in a hallway. my hallway is pretty long and it fits my vaniity, alex and my bookshelf. Hopefully by January I will be able to move it inside of my bedroom :)
All my furnitures are from IKEA, I have the Malm Vanity, Billy Bookcase and Alex 6 drawers (I will be getting one more soon),

so this  is more less view of 4 -5 shelfs . The top one is a complete mess and it will be fixed very soon.
Fairy Girl lipstick holder is from Fairy Girl.
The organizer on the right is from Biedronka :)
Wake up and Makeup mug is from etsy store, click here.
Perfume tray is Sonia Kashuk Tray I got from Target few yrs ago.
GOld brushes and gold brush holder is also from Sonia Kashuk

Clear acrylic storage I got from Jack's World and it was around $17
The middle palette holder is new to me and I got it from Vanity Closet Beauty..
Lipstick holder with lips is from Vanity Flair Customs
and the other lipstick holder from Nurbesten,

Nail Polish / Palette rack is fiom Nurbesten.
As you can see it fit nail polishes and palettes. It was a mess to put it up but I like the final result.

My Malm Vanity from Ikea.

On the vanity I have some Halloween Decor going on :) All decor I got from dollar tree.
Acrylic 4 drawer holder is from Jack's world I love coz the drawers are deep and it fits a lot.
Red flowers are from dollar tree and gold vase from Target.
Brush holders from Vanity Flair Customs

more holders from Vanity Flair
Glass mirrored tray I posted over here.

Guess what more holders from Vanity Flair.
Acrylic organizers (2 stalk on each other) are from Marshalls.

Somehow my first drawer pic got lost LOL, here is second. Almost all my lipsticks ) The most messy one :) Gotta figure the way to organize it

single shadows, foundations, mascaras, bb creams :) All organizers from Dollar tree

Blushes and bronzers :)

 Palettes :) Not all tho :)

Video of more less overview I have for now. Definitely it will change in the future

btw if you ever feel like you have too much stuff you can always use a storage. Make Space is one of the them. I am pretty sure it is available in many cities across usa. check their web if you have more questions. 

Naturally Beautiful ~ Pixi Beauty Event and Holiday Preview 2016

Hi Loves,

Ok so last Wednesday (Oct.5th) I went to Pixi Event in NYC. You guys it was amazing. Drinks, appetizers skin care and makeup! What more girl could ask for? I am truly honor that Pixi invited me, and meeting Pixi Team and Petra Herself is a blogger dream, that I can cross off my wishlist:)
 Petra, woman behind Pixi Beauty is such an inspiration. She is sweet and fun and I really enjoyed talking to her. Even Judy (itsJudyTime on YT) was there and omg she is so sweet and fun! Also the girl that made glow tonic famous Caroline Hirons was there :) Well I admit I didn't know that, this little info Petra told us when were discussing glow tonic. Fun fact to know :) Caroline is so sweet tho! 
Here are some pics from the event :)
 Also I will be showing you new holiday collection !And OMG you guys get your wallets ready! It is amazing! I should have a blog with swatches and all up next week )

foods :) food was actually really good! damn need me some recipes!

first pic with Petra :) Snow, me and my IG friend Rachel that I met at the event ( we are Ig friends for few yrs now)

With Judy  :)

Wet N Wild ~ Sequins and Stardust ~ Holiday Collection

When the brand like Wet N Wild releases new LE collection you need to go and hunt it down. 
I actually stumbled on it by accident. I was shopping one day, unfortunate day when the some terrorist asshole set up a bomb in Chelsea NYC. Can you belive I was there that day!?!?!? I leave 45min before the bomb exploded. Thank God no one was badly hurt. 
Anyways the store, Harmon Face Values is located near the explosion site. 
As I said I went there just coz my friend wanted a nail polish and Michael's was downstairs. Than I saw the new WNW display, I took apic send it over to my IG and asked Queen of Budget Makeup, G. from nouveaucheap blog if that collection is new? Or I am super behind and its old. Anyways me being me I grabbed 4 nail polishes, one lip gloss, and all pigments. Unfortunately my display didn't have the highlight bar that everyone is obsessed with it.Lucky few weeks later my rite aid got the display and I picked all remaining products. So now I am proud owner of the whole collection , including highlight. 

* Pigments each comes with a protective cap , so in that case you wont make mess with it nor you will spill it, I like the idea a lot! They come in 4 shades. They do might look same but trust me each one it is different. 
~ Heart of Rose Gold (my personal favorite) - rose gold
~ Dom And Cherry On Top  - gold
~ Ride On my Copper - copper
~ Kung Fu Lightning ~ the lightest and in my opinion the less pigmanted shade.

* Lip glosses ~ I am not a fan of glosses but the design on the cap and the colors and well I am weak, so I have all 4 shades with me. I didn't wear them yet so can't really talk how the perform throughout the day . Starting from top:
~ The Loco-Potion - orange with lots of pink flecks
~ Boggie White Lights - this one is sheer white with lilac shift
~ Moxie Brown ~ coppery-gold
~ Ring My Bellbottoms ~ yellowish gold with shimmer

* Nail Polishes ~ As a nail polish junkie I had to have them all. Thank god the price is low on these ($1.99) Overall Mega last series is my favorite coz the polishes last really long time. They come with wide brush and over all they are one of the best and long lasting in the drugstore. I admit I didn't buy wet n wild polishes in long time. There were countless displays but not in my area. I will definetly post swatches in the separate post soon :) I think my Rite Aid have few more in stock so I might pick few for giveaway :)
starting from top we have:
~ Studio Glitter and Gold~ I love gold polishes :) this one  will look stunning on
~ Ninja Lovelace ~ omg this one is stunning! Dark very dark golden brown with gold flecks.
~ I dream of Jean Genie ~ pretty jeans color with gold flecks, its really pretty!
~  R-U-Free 2 Dance ~ its sheer and works mostly as a topper :)

* Gold Bar Highlight "Holy Gold Head" ~ this baby sold out fast. No wonder why,  It is freaking gorgeous! The design the color, oh my :) It say it comes with a mirror  (hence the reason that packaging is so chunky) but my mirror won't come out and since I don't want to ruin my precious baby I leave t be. This is a star of the collection and everyone wants piece of it. Each display old only two of these babies. Only two!!! So if you want to score one you need to hunt it down and do it fast! The highlight is gold with peachy star on top. I swatched a bt and formula is really nice! I don't own other highlights (summer ones) but I love this. Swatches beautifully, there is not shimmer just pure gold reflection, peachy gold if you swatch with the star :)

* Eye Lashes ~ two sets and both gorgeous! I dont think I will wear them but I happy to have them. :)

DURA CHI Hand shot Dryer by CHI ~ Review.

I think God loves me and He listen to my prayers LOL. I think I mention this before but I do it again. I was in need of new blow dryer. Was, because now I have one. and I am obsessed. Yeah whenever I like something I always say I am obsessed and that's true I am :) Sorry I might blab a bit LOL. I was sick for a past few days.Now I feel a bit better so I am in need of talking/writting. The DURA CHI Hand shot dryer is not like your typical one. Just take a look at it :)

 I admit first when I got it I was kinda confused on how to use it. I googled video to see how people use it, Guys it so easy. Like I knew you had to hold it that way but I was afraid I might burn my hand or something.
Now let me bring you closer and tall you more about this awesome dryer.

* Handle free design ~ promotes a more balanced and efficient drying angle and allows wrist sits in more comfortable position.
* Touch sensitive screen ~ easily controls temperature and speed level.
* Ceramic Heater ~ maintains consistent heat with ceramic technology.
* Soft touch grip ~ non slippery grip offers control during use.
* hands free drying stand ~ unique design dryer stand enabled dryer to stand alone on a flat surface for hands free drying capabilities.

I got this dryer few weeks ago and I used it few times since then. I really like it. First off it dries fast. My hair,my daughter even my dog! Let me not compare to my old very old dryer that was need of changing. I do like the modern design of this dryer. I was a bit confused a the beginning, but once you figure how to use it you get the handle of the design. Now one of the key features was the "handle" design. It supposed to allow wrist sits in more comfortable position. Well, my wrist are getting used it slowly. So far my hands sill hurts from holding it, but once I get a hang of it this wont be a problem anymore. The air come out through the grip. So on my old dryer that grip would heat up and it could burn me. This dryer grip have a some sort of protection against the heat. Since you hold it while you drying you won't get burn. I will admit that it is comfortable and soft. I found it easier for me to dry my daughter hair then my. But well I just have to practise more right?. Another cool feature is the touch screen. It allows to control the speed and temperature. Super easy to use. Just slide your finger on the temperature and the desire heat. And to lock it in place press power button. That way when you dry your hair the temperature or heat won't change. Once you press and hold power button it will turn on/off dryer.

Dura Chi comes with two attachments. They are easy to put on and to take off. I used only one of it. On the other one time will come. LOL.
What else I like abut this dryer is how lightweight it is. Its smaller then regular dryers coz it dont have the handle. But it also lightweight and I say travel friendly.

If you guys looking for new and modern design blow dryer check Dura Chi out. I really been enjoying it and I am super happy to have it in my hair routine.

you can purchase it at Loxa Beauty and Farouk .
Price $144.99
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