Zoella Beauty Body Mists ~ Summer Fragrance Edit

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Like any girl i love to smell good. Body sprays, body mists, perfumes .. you name it, its my weakness LOL. In today's post I will focus on Zoella Beauty Body Spritz's. I also believe this might be my first mention of Zoella's products on my blog. Or not ... I might have mention Zoella's Hand cream a while back? Not sure, but definitely I will write more later on, because there is few products that I need to shout out :)

Today's post is Body Spritz. I have 4 in total. All come in a square chunky glass bottle. Each bottle have a different design and each one is really elegant.  Each bottle is 45 ml (1.5 fl oz) and it cost a around $13. Not sure if all are still available. 

* Blissful Mistful ~  bottle is a coppery rose gold I would say. I like the dots design on the back :) This one was my first body spray by Zoella I got. I think it is the original collection scent. Floral and Sweet. This fragrance launched in 2014. Top notes: strawberry and grapefruit, middle notes: violet, jasmine and gardenia, base notes: vanilla and musk.  I do like it but the musk might be a bit overbearing and it will trigger my migraine. the scent is perfect for spring summer days. But be warned the scent won't last very long. 
Available at ULTA.com

* Sweet Inspiration ~  cute pink-y gold bottle with shell like design on the back. This might be a least of my favorites coz of the almond and vanilla. Gosh I remember I used to love almond scent. But then I guess I over did with almond scented everything and I seriously can't take it any more. This scent launched in 2016 and notes includes: macaroon, vanilla ,almond, cacao and honey. Blissful Mistful last only few hours this one could go for days. Not kidding. When I first tried it and sprayed it, I could still smell it after I showered. Talk about the lasting power! A  little note: the picture I took of this collection was featured on Zoella's Beauty Social medias :) 
Available at ULTA.com

* Gelat'eau ~ all white bottle and the scent is marvelous! The whole collection was a hit for me! Loved it every piece I got. The fragrance the most! Scent is flora, fruity and fresh. The notes include black elder flower, pomegranate, sweet creamy notes and ozonic notes. This is noting like I smelled before. The scent is strong but not overpowering. Just perfect like the whole jelly and gelato collection was amazing. The only downside is not long lasting :(. this scent was part of 2017 summer collection.
Available at ULTA.com 

* Splash Botanic'Eau ~ just loving the bottle and the palm leaves at the back and the cap. Just stunning! and the scent? Freaking amazing! This is my fave out of all 4 . It is new, launched this 2018  summer collection, that has this awesome botanic theme. The scent is describes as a watery floral scent with freesia and iris flower. It light and airy and just so green. I dunno how to say it but it just reminds me of nature, a summer day in park by the water.  I like to pair it with a body quench cream for the scent to last longer. 
Available at ULTA.com

Did you try Zoella body spritz? Do you have a favorite one? 

Summer Hair, Don't Care ~ Feat. Marc Anthony Hair Care

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I think every girl loves a good hair care products :) Marc Anthony recently send over a box of goodies that I been really enjoying. 

If you don't know Marc Anthony Hair Care is a drugstore hair care brand and yes all their hair care products are super affordable :) 
I am already die hard fan of their Coconut Dry Shampoo and now I get to try more of their awesome products :)

Lets start with my favorite product I got :

* Strictly Curls - Perfect Curls 7-in-1 Treatment Foam ~ this all in one treatment styler provides curls with the nourishment and moisture for definition and softness, while adding shine with flexible long-lasting hold. It delivers 7 benefits:
* Define curls with flexible hold
* Detangles 
* Reduces Split Ends and Frizz
* Nourishing Treatment
* Smooths and Softens
* Moisturizes 
* Adds Shine
Essential ingredients includes: Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Soybean Oil. 
This one is one of my faves. I like my hair curly in the summer and this foam helps me achieve this while  bringing all the good benefits for my hair~! Yes please! 
This little guy can be bought off UltaBeauty.com , price $8.99 

* Refreshing Coconut Clean Dry Conditioner ~ I adore Marc Anthony's  Coconut line. Seriously the dry shampoo is one of the best on the market. And now a dry conditioner! like what?  it gives an instant hydration, refreshes blow outs and revives natural curls by locking it moisture. This weightless dry conditioner removes frizz, leaving hair touchably soft and with incredible smoothness. It has nice fresh coconut scent and really adds shine to my hair. Spray from roots to the ends and brush it :) Nicely refreshed hair, here you go. 
Essential ingredients: Abyssiniam Oil and Vitamin E.
I haven't see this one on Ulta but I guess CVS might have it. Not sure of the price but I believe it should cost between $8-$9. 

* Strengthening Grow Long Dry Shampoo Foam ~  this quick drying, water-less cleaning foam removes buildup and excess product. Leaves hair feeling freshly cleansed and refreshed with extra volume. Perfect for second, third, fourth day hair. 
Personally I have not yet try this one and the one I will mention after it. It does sound like a awesome product but uhmmm reviews on ulta website don't sound so good. We will see :)
Essential ingredients: Caffeine, Ginseng Extract and Rice Starch. 

Strengthening Grow Long Texture Spray ~ this lightweight dual purpose spray, can prep the hair for styling or can be used as a finishing spray for effortless tousled texture with modern matte finish. Big on volume with lasting results, extends your just-styled look a day or two. Ugh I don't know I am not fan of any spray as they just glue my hair together and make them so heavy and so gross. you know like the hair spray from 90's that my mom used to use. You spritz some on your hair and nothing will budge them. Bu then you need to wash them coz the spray basically glue your hair.  I think this might be a slightly different spray. I not sure have't try it yet. But lets see how it will work on my hair this week. 
Essential ingredients: Caffeine, Ginseng Extract and Zeolite.
This one you can get at Ulta for $8.99 

International Ice Cream Day and 3 Places in NYC where you can get a good ice creams :)

Yay! Happy International Ice Cream Day! I mean who don't love ice cream? 
Personally I could have ice cream all day every day if I could, seriously! 

Please just don't ask me what my fave flavor is coz I won't be able to answer it hahaha! I love them all!

Quickly want to tell of of three places in NYC that serves awesome ice creams, are you ready?

Lets start our Ice Cream trip in Chinatown. There are two places here that I absolutely love!

TAIYAKI NYC, located at Baxter Street, right off the Canal Street. Small cute shops that serves ice cream in insta-famous fish waffles. First time me and my daughter went there was in Winter! I know who in the right mind eats ice cream in Winter hahha. But we really wanted to try the Unicorn Ice Cream so bad! so
 don't blame us! 

They have most common flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, matcha. Serve in either cup, cone or fish waffle with either red bean or custard filling, plus you get topping and drizzle :) 

Second time we went there, my daughter got regular vanilla ice cream in fish custard waffle and I got matcha ice cream in matcha cone with condensed milk drizzle! yum!

Second place in Chinatown is STAX Ice Cream and Doughnut Shop right on Grand Street. This place is bigger then Taiyaki. You can easily sit down and enjoy your ice cream. 
And here we have great flavors like Jasmine Milk Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Fruitty Pebbles , 
Cornflake Bourbon and my fave UBE. 

And the best part you can sample your ice cream before ordering! yes! Sophia and I went there twice and we got first time Madagascar Vanilla in pink vanilla cone and I got UBE in matcha cone. Second time Sophia got S'ores in vanilla cone and I got one scoop of UBE and one scoop of Cornflake Bourbon, both times I got condensed milk drizzle. 

another fun thing that you can get ther are doughnuts! Cereal inspired! They are topped with cinnamon squere crunch, fruitty pebbles, nutella etc. Annnnnd if you want you can make a ice cream doughnut sandwich! Haven't try but yum!

Third cool and recently discovered by my ice cream place is located right off 5th ave on 32nd Street. Besfren, Korean dessert place inspired by Korean Fairy Tale :)
Such a cute little place located in the heart of NYC. not only they serve a good ice cream but also rice cakes that are delish! 
But we are here for ice cream people! Me and my bestie from work went out Friday for lunch and got our self an ice cream. Matcha-Taro! yum both flavors are soooo good ! and our ice cream come decorated with a gorgeous flower :) 

So that is it for now! :) I am on a look out for more ice cream places :) I make sure to update you once I find and new spot :)

Colourpop Cosmetics SOL Y MAR eye shadow palettes ~ swatches

Yay! finally my Colourpop order arrived! I ordered new palettes Sol and Mar, as well as Preception palette and as a gratis I got the new 6 pan palette called Makeup Ur Mind, such a cutie!

Anyways I just wanted to a dedicated post on the new 9 pan palettes: Sol and Mar. 
OMG they are even more stunning in person! The colors in both palettes are so beautiful and so pigmented! I am not joking, Colourpop Cosmetics makes such an amazing eye shadows! 

The outside boxes are so pretty! Sol is orange and Mar is blue, just like a ocean. 
Once the palettes are out of the outer packaging, both are square white compact with metallic writings.  Sol have orange metallic writings and sun look alike designs. Mar have blue/teal metallic writings and have like a water waves design. Which makes coz Sol is means sun in Spanish and Mar means Ocean :) So both palettes are inspired by Sun and Ocean and I am so in love with it! ANd the best part? Both palettes have mirror! Woohoo!

Sol Palette ~ beautiful warm toned oranges, corals, browns all in one :) I bet those colors won't look flattering on me but omg for $12 I could not get it. This palette also reminds me of new HUDA Beauty obsession palette, the Coral one :) I don't know the quality of Huda mini palettes but this Colourpop for $12 you can't beat!

* New Digs ~ soft peach 
* Anthem ~ metallic rose gold
* Dynamite ~ dusty orange
* Hotel ~ orang-y copper, metallic

* Motel ~ gorgeous metallic coral (one of my fave)
* B & B ~ soft gold with pinky base
* Floaties ~ metallic bright vibrant orange
* OOO ~ neon orange
* Unwind ~ soft brown 

Now the second palette :) This one was just calling my name :) and its a stunner in real life

Mar Palette ~  this one contains pretty blues, teals, browns, golds. I am living for the blues tho! I feel like my skin  can pull off this one more. I can't wait to try this palette especially.

* EL Ray ~ peachy orange
* Wild One ~ metallic copper
* Detour ~ Ultra blue 
* Boozy ~ bright burnt tangerine orange

* Gridlock ~ bright blue with a green base So gorgeous
* Sorbet ~  peachy beige
* HWY ~ Sea foam green 
* Top Down ~ chocolate brown
* My Way ~ metallic brozne 

What do you guys think? I am in love with both palettes :) Beautiful color selection and reminds me of tropical vacation that i wish I could go one day :)

Annnnd I must say the shades blends so nice and the eye makeup lasted all day without creasing on my eyes. FYI I used Milani eye primer :)

Each palette retails for $12 and you can get them both in a bundle for $24 :)

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