Epic Bend Lip Balms

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Hello Beauties!

Let's talk lip balms :) They all were send to me by the brand Epic Blend long time ago. I wanted to write the review in January but well life happens. 
Epic Blend is a Canadian based company. They were kind enough and send me few of their lip balms to try. 
Lip balms overall are my must haves. No matter if its winter or summer I use them quite often. 
My daughter and I we always carry one with us .. all the time and we do use them on a daily basis. 
In the winter time my daughter ips get dry so bad and they cracked. I always tell her to keep them moisturized. She loves lip balms she have few that she really likes and switch between them. 

Epic Blend have 3 categories of lip balms : Hemp, Vegan and Moisture.
They do have a bunch of flavors to choose from in each category. 

They not only smell and taste, yes taste good but  they actually work pretty well! Glide on smoothly and boy, they do feel moisturizing! They don't feel sticky. 
They are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, petroleum free. They are vegan and made with natural ingredients. 
The packaging is your basic lip balm tube. Nothing special. 

Now let's go into each category:
* HEMP Lip Balm ~ made with organic hemp seed oil, which is great antioxidant, nursing and quickly absorbs deep into skin cells.
form this line I have : Blueberry, Banana, Root Beer, Raspberry-Pomegranate. 

* VEGAN lip balm ~ 100% plant based and beeswax free. Made with all natural food grade Candelilla wax, which give lip balms smooth texture.
From this line I have : Chocolate and Peach.

* MORE MOISTURE lip balm ~ includes seven moisturizes, includes organic shea butter, which give extra kick of moisture and boost staying power.
From this line I have : Cherry and Grape.

Overall  I am impressed with them. Haven't try all yet, but the ones I did they are truly amazing. Keep my lips nice and moisturized. They did help me and my daughter's lips survive harsh winter.

If you are interested, you can purchase them form Epic Blend Website.
Price: $3.49 CAD.

Fairy Girl Lipsticks ~ My Collection Swatches and Review

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Hi Loves!

This post was long coming. Finally, finally it is up and I can introduce you to new amazing, vegan brand - Fairy Girl. They are famous for their lipsticks. The  lipsticks are all over Instagram and everyone loves them! My very first two Fairy Girl lipsticks I won in their giveaway last year. I got Melrose and Perfect. I tell ya I was hooked! One of the best lipsticks I ever tried! 
Fairy Girl is fun girly company. Love their IG page. They share all the gorgeous pics :) 

I was send their all collection and now I am a happy owner of 24 beautiful shades, well 25. Newest addition to the collection, Sabrina arrived in the middle of February.

The packaging is gorgeous! Pink meta tube. It does have nice weight to it, which means your lippies are safe in it. The cap you don;t pull like regular lipsticks. This one you twist :) It is a huge plus for me, because I know the cap will stay on, no matter what. And look at the box each lippie comes with. adorable! Beige with cute flowers printed on it. Simple and ... vintage! and I love any vintage vibes. 
They also send me acrylic organizer to place my lipsticks in :) They all look so pretty on my vanity .. YAY!!!! 

The lipsticks itself are dreamy. They are your perfect NUDES! Demi-matte finsih, that last very long time. I had to reapply it once during a day. I didn't notice any drying with them. Lipsticks fee hydrating. They wear very comfortable on the lips. Opaque in one swipe. Colors are beautiful and unique. 
Before you apply them, let them warm up a bit. Just lightly press them against your lips for few seconds and then start applying. It take couple second to warms up and then applies super smoothly. 

Fairy Girl recently changed the formula on them , So the collection I was sent is the new formula, So compared to other two lipsticks I got before, the new ones glide on more smoothly and more easier. 

All lipsticks are cruelty free and vegan.
Made with :
* Organic Cocoa Butter
* Organic Hawaiian Coconut Oi
* Organic Argan Oil
* Wild crafted Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil
* Organic Avocado Oil
* Organic Jojoba Oil
* Organic Castor Oil 
Full ingredients list can be found on Fairy Girl Website. 

All I say you must try them! I know they might be a bit pricey ($25) but Fairy Girl have a great promotions once in while. Then there is your chance to get few shades to try! 
I do highly recommend them! Plus they do taste and smell like chocolate ... you will; be licking your lips all day... just sayin :) 
Lipsticks can be purchase here.

Now swatches :) Enjoy!

MAC x BROOKE CANDY Collection~ Summer 2016

Woohoo! MAC Cosmetics will launch new collection for Summer 2016. 
Trendmood1 on IG posted a sneak peek of new Mac x Brooke Candy Collection and I am of course in love! The packaging is on point you guys!
Definitely getting lipsticks!
 GOD pls send me money before that collection launches...

collections will include:

* Whirl ~ dirty rose (matte)
* Mind Control ~ bright cherry red ( amplified )
* Witching Hour ~ rich purple ( matte )
* Doo-Wop ~ pink pop (matte)

* Night Crawler ~ deep plum
*Whirl ~ dirty rose

VAMPLIFY: (creamy pigmented gloss)
* Till Death Do Us Part ~ dark purple
* Pamela ~ dirty rose

* Golden 

* White-Yin ~ shimmer white with multi colored pearl
* Black-Yang ~ black with red and blue pearl

* Boot Black


* Madame Candy ~ nude
Black Stallion ~ midnight purple 

What do you guys think? 

Clarins ~ Colour Accent Face and Blush Powder

When I first saw it I thought of doing  a weekly blog series focusing on High End Beauty.
I will try to post every Sunday high end beauty product from now on.
I think all my high end beauty products deserve posts on their own, just like this gorgeous Clarins face and blush powder.
I recived this blushingpowder for WeMakeBeauty.com
On their website you can find tons of makeup and skin care products Brands like Dior, Clarins, Guerlain, Lancome and more. All available at very great prices as well. 100% authentic 

Clarins ~ Colour Accent Face and Blush powder was released in 2012 in a Fall Collection. it comes in a gold packaging,that you need to be careful with. It loves your fingerprints :) I be honest I was kinda disappointed with the idea of just plain gold package Why not red? It could match a box and I could look better in my opinion. But oh well that can do it too :) We do care for the product right ? not the packaging :) But just hate when it gets the fingerprints all over :( what I love on the other hand is that red velvet pouch. Now that screams High End to me :) That beautiful pouch makes up for the plain packaging :)

When you open it  ( magnetic closure FYI) you can see the magic in a pan :) Love at forst sight. 
Four shades in fun geometric design Kinda reminds me of Burberry . righ? What Really stands out are the two pink stripes :)

There is no shimmer to the shades. They are matte but they do feel like satin matte. 
Three colors starting form light beige to brozny beige are design to brighten and even out the complexion.
Fourth shade Pink  is perfect as a blush.
Swirl them all and you get an all over face  powder (only if applied light hand)
I personally use it as a bronzer to warm up my face.
I had trouble getting only pink on my brush tho. Stripes are just so thin. I always get some beige on the brush and instead of pink I get peachy blush. Which is not bad :) 

Over all I been really enjoying this powder. At first I couldn't bring myself and swatch it It was just too prefect. 
I just want to say it, This is an Limited Edition product. There are few of us who like to collect LE products so I tell you check WeMakeBeauty web and you can find few gems in there including this powder form Clarins :) 
Go and thank me later :) 

Price: $39.95 on We MakeBeauty

Green Celebration of St.Patrick's Day ~ Fragrances

Happy St.Patrick's Day Loves!
I can tell today will be lots of green going on! NYC streets every year are green and a lot of people celebrating St. Patrick's day. Even Empire State Building lights up green.
So for this occasion I am going to celebrate with green fragrances.
One is an actual  'green' Fragrance and the other two are packed in green bottles.

Lets start with my favorite out of three ~ DKNY Be Delicious (Green Apple)

Such a beautiful and fresh scent capture in adorable apple bottle. I really had a hard time to photograph this baby! The lid is like a mirror you can spy my phone if you look closely.
But anyways I love this bright and energetic scent! I first I thought it will be more like apples but well its not! The notes that my nose picks up the most are cucumber and magnolia :) And these together are amazing! This will make my go to spring / summer fragrance. Definitely you guys need it.
TOP ~ Grapefruit, Cucumber, Magnolia
HEART ~  Apple, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet
BASE ~ White Amber, Woods

Now the other two. I will admit I had hard time to review it. I was not a fan of either one. But, I am happy to have them in my collection.

Dior ~ Poison

Luxurious oriental, warm, spicy, balsamic scent. before getting it I read reviews and everyone seems to love it. For me this is way to heavy. Vintage scent. It launched in 80's and women around the world love it. Poison is sweet, dark and mysterious like picking berries in the midnight woods. It lasts forever. I mean forever! I sprayed on my wrist and 24h later I can still smell it. This perfume is a classic and having in my collection is fantastic.
TOP ~ Coriander, Pimento, Plum,Anise, Mace, Rosewood, carnation
Heart ~ Rose, Tuberose, Ylang -Ylang ,Cinnamon, Jasmine, Lily of the valley
BASE ~ Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, VAnilla,Heliotrope

 Jessica Simpson ~ Fancy Nights

Again another miss for me. Oh I wish to love them but I cant :( Fancy Nights is really heavy woody oriental scent. Some people say that is a almost perfect dupe for Prada Amber. The bottle is gorgeous! Green with all the gold decorations =, breathtaking :) This can make prefect winter perfume coz fragrance is really strong. Opens up with patchouli note that dries down to musky vanilla scent. Last pretty long too . I wore it twice and twice I got headache... I guess my head and nose don't like something it in
TOP ~ Bergamot, Papyrus
HEART ~ Patchouli, Rose, Night Blooming Jasmine
BASE ~ Vanilla, AMber, Sandalwood, Oakmoss

I can highly recommend both if your a fan of woody oriental fragrances. They are made for specific people, sadly I am not one of them :( I will though try to work with them and maybe use them as a base for other perfumes I own and see if I can make something. 

Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette ~ Swatches and Review

Hi Loves!

Yes I have another MUR palette to show you! I bet everyone owns it already. If you do, how you like it then ? 
Affirmation palette is gorgeous! I bet you heard me saying it many times. I love Makeup Revolution products. 
This palette contains 32 beautiful and super wearable neutral eyeshadows. We have mix of mattes and shimmers. Some shimmers ook metallic tho! They are so pigmented. Any shimmer shade in MUR palette is the BOMB! 
Like I said the pigmentation is on point. Especially the darkest shades. The light (nudy-beige) need some work, but they are so pretty as well. 
As you can see we have coo and warm tones, rosy pinks, gold, bronzes, purples nudes ets. 
This palette is perfect for day to night time looks. 
Top two rows - daytime , bottom two - night time. 
They are creamy to touch and they do blend really nice!
Love the texture of the shadows, they swatch and perform beautifully. Also the mattes, especially the darker ones. Most matte shades I came across were far off, these are perfection. I just have a problem with lighter shades in the palette. They are really pale and they need time to build up. Used over good primer last all day. 

Palette itself is simple back packaging. Every MUR palette comes in a same package, the box is only different. Inside again you can find a huge mirror!  

Overall I like this palette. You get 32 shades and endless choices of looks you can create. I love MUR palettes! I am such a sucker for shimmer/metallic shades and they have the best ones. I have found myself using more the two top rows the most. Love the colors and well MUR, I will be getting more of your palettes soon!

Available at Ulta, Ulta.com, MUR US and UK websites.  
Price : $15


Amazing Cosmetics ~ Perfection Stick ~ Review

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Hi Loves!
I want to show you a new product joining my makeup collection, Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick is a creamy, blendable pencil that contours and highlights creating flawless complexion. 
I just want to state I love Amazing Cosmetics, their concealer is my holy grail. 
Now I got the chance to try out Perfection Stick. 
Stick comes in 4 shades ~ Fair, Medium, Tan and Deep. I have my in Fair and Medium. 
Chubby sticks that are cute and easy t hold and to work with.Best part you don't have to sharpen it. Just twist the bottom.

They are really creamy and blend like a dream. They are also very versatile. You can use them as a highlight and contour. They do have great pigmentation. Both feel light on my face.
I use Fair underneath of my eyes for highlight. I actually didn't like the Medium much because I thought it was too orange for me, but it actually worked to hide my dark circles! I applied it first blended out and then I apply Fair shade on top and it looked great! my eyes looked more awake and more flawless. I didn't notice any creasing. It lasted all day on my oily skin. 
Both can be use as an eyeshadow primers too. Yes I did try that too and it worked. 
They are prefect for to-go. You can put them into your makeup bag and do touch ups during they day.  You can blend it with our fingers. Cap stays on. I didn't have much problem with it. 

I actually do recommend for you to check them out. They are a great addiction to you makeup collection. And I wont lie I been using them daily ever since I got them. 

You can get them form Sephora, Sephora Online,Ulta, Ulta Online and Amazing Cosmetics Online.
Price $23 each. 

Amarte ~ Overnight Express Therapy

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Amarte began in Korean in 1994 as a skin care initiative within prestige dermatology clinic. In 2004 Amarte had become well establish high end skin care brand in East Asia. Today Amarte is becoming known throughout the world. 

Amarte Overnight Express Therapy is one of the best skin care products I tried so far. This new Korean sleeping mask delivers intense hydration, softness, firmness and luminosity. 
I have never used any sleep mask before and I see I did missed a lot. They are amazing! Especially this one! Feels like silk and absorbs super fast into the skin. Doesn't feel sticky or greasy. It have a nice fruity scent. Works great on my oily skin! Best part it didn't break me out! woohoo! 
After all my skin care steps I apply Amarte Overnight Express Therapy last, as a final step. 
In the morning I wash it off with cleanser. My skin is super soft when I touch it. Feel good too! I been using it every night for a psat week and I am so happy with the results. Such a game changer in my skincare routine. Definitely a must try. Trust me you will feel results within days. 
The key ingredients:
* Silk Fibroin ~ (Silk Extract) an antioxidant protein matrix that brightness skin and stimulate collagen production.
* Propolis Cera ~ an antioxidant , anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial healing emollient.
  * rh-Oligopeptide-1 ~ a nanoencapsulated peptide based epidermal growth factor that enhances cell renewal. 

Product comes with a pump which I love! I pump out only one time and I get just the right amount of product to apply to my face. The packaging is pretty too, yellowish-gold! It is just the right size, lightweight. It does have a gold rim around the lid. Amarte name and logo in gold and rest writen in black ink. On the top of the lid there is also Amarte name written in gold. 

Amarte Overnight Express Therapy can be purchased on AMARTE Website.
Price: $79

Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ~ Review

*PR Sample*

Hi Beauties!
I am super excited for this post! I will be talking about Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water. Yes I know such a long name. But anyways, I am so happy to finally try famous Dr.Brandt skin care! I swear I see it everywhere, youtube, Instagram and other blogs. I really don't need to introduce the brand to you, I bet you know it already.

Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water:
* removes oil, impurities and makeup residue
* gently and effectively removes even waterproof makeup
* help support skin's  natural defense system against free radicals and external aggressors
* leaves skin purified and revitalized.

Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water have been my 'go to' makeup remover for past weeks.Well alongside with my L'occitane cleansing oil. I been switching between both and OMG both are amazing. Love them!
The 2 in 1 antioxidant micellar water, traps oil and removes makeup residue. 
Anyways micellar waters are great solution for removing makeup altogether. Fast and easy. 
This is not my first micellar water I ever use, but it is one of the best if not the best. Some can irritate your skin and most importantly your eyes. I know it happen to many of us. I hate when makeup remover gets into your eyes and they burn like crazy, even though it says: gentle on eyes... No!
But this Xtend dual Fusion water is amazing! I removed my eye makeup with it and it did not irritate my eyes! It is really gentle on eyes and skin. Removes makeup fantastically!When to remove my eye makeup I just soak a bit  a cotton round and just press onto my eyes and hold it for about a minute and then padded off. Mascara melts off and it removes with ease. ame with eyeshadow. Same with my face. Removes all makeup in two cotton rounds. Leave my skin clean and refreshed. It didn't break me out either. 
It is fragrance free and dermatology and safe for people with contact lenses. 
Non sticky and non greasy. 
The only thing is I don't know on how good it is when it comes to waterproof mascara. Since I don't us them quite often, It works great with regular mascara tho. 

Also did you know you can use it as a toner? Yes, your can! 
After removing my makeup, I still use a facial cleanser no matter how good makeup remover is. I pour a bit onto cotton round and padded allover my skin, then follow with moisturizer. It works great with all my skin care and I say it is a must have for me!

Definitely  give it a try! I hope you will be as happy as I am:) 

You can purchase at your local Sephora, Sephora Online, Dr.Brandt online and Macy's. 
Price: $32 (6.7 fl oz - 200ml)

Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask ~ Review

*PR Sample*

Hi Loves!
I am so excited for today's post! Yay! I will be quickly reviewing Dr. Brandt Oxygen Mask. I am becoming a big fan of Dr.Brandt skin care line. IT is truly amazing.
I got this Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask along with Xtend dual Fusion water. Both products are amazing. 
Oxygen Facial Mask is a professional in home instant oxygenating mask design to boost skin's luminosity. Potent formula inspired by the most popular facial in our practice to rescue skin form your busy life in only 3 minutes.

What mask does:
* unveils new skin luminosity
* instantly lessens the marks of fatigue
* revitalizes and re-energizes tired, dull, lackluster skin
* provides a more pure and clarified complexion
* helps smooth the appearance of fine lines.

This facial mask is WOW! Magic in the bottle. After first use I was sold! This is now a staple in my skin care. Oxygen facial Mask is housed in this adorable turquoises bottle. The lid is turquoise clear. The bottom is flat , which allows it o stand.
The mask it self is really light cream consistency that once you spread on your face it foams up. And that is the best part of it! you can actually feel it working  and sinking into your skin. I tell ya I love that feeling. It is tickling and yest feels like a nice massage. The mask is really easy to use. Before applying make sure that your skin is a bit wet. Spread mask all over you face, you don't need to rub it. It will start to foam fast! Once all the foaming bubbles disappear you will see a white film left. That means you can wash your face with warm water and follow with your skin care. 
I can see results immediately! My skin looked brighter, felt tighter and felt better all together. Super soft when I touch ;) 
I actually forced my husband to try it, he is such a pain in the butt when it comes to trying out beauty stuff LOL. I know he is a guy, but come on guys need a pamper time too! I made a deal with him and I let him try it. He almost jumped out his chair when the mask started to frizz! He had to go and look into mirror to see the mask foaming. He told me that it felt great. Mask made his skin softer and more hydrated.
Now let me go and hide it! coz if he likes something trust me it will be gone before I know it! 

I am not lying this mask is awesome! I highly recommend to every one to try it! 
It can be purchased at Sephora , Sephora Online, Ulta, Ulta Online, Dr.Brandt online.
Price $70

Osmosis Color Lasting Lip Color ~ First Kiss

I love Lipsticks, did you know that? I bet ya did :) Anyways I recently got one form Osmosis Color line. I did review a matte eye shadow palette before. Here is the link if you missed on it.
Osmosis Color Long lasting lip color is really good. It is a semi matte finish, moisturizing and beautiful. 
Matte finish is my favorite one. The color payoff is great and it does last long time. I have my in shade First Kiss and it is described as pale, nude pink. On me it shows more on a peach side tho. The lipstick is super creamy and really pigmented. it feels moisturizing, thanks to Castor Oil, which is one of many ingredients. The lipstick  is opaque in one swipe. I reapplied once during my full day at work. Thanks to Silica  lipsticks did not feather. I don't think there is any scent to it, I can't smell anything anyways.
It feels weightless on my lips.  They are paraben free and cruelty free.
Now for the packaging. Comes in slick metal tube. Love how sturdy it is. Looks really classy and chic. 
I also notice that it makes my lips appear fuller. It's such a pretty everyday shade. Highly recommend checking them out!I have two more products from Color line to try out and one form Skin care line. Hopefully I will have a posts up soon :)

Lipstick can be purchase here. Available in 8 beautiful shades. I really want "skinny dip", "vintage" and "forget me not" - such a beautiful colors!
Price: $22

Sonia Kashuk ~ Knock Out Beauty ~ Spring Collection 2016 ~ PREVIEW

 New Limited edition collection from Sonia Kashuk. 
New Spring collection is looking amazeballs! Especially the lipsticks and the highlighter! Ahhh Sonia always makes everything so beautiful! Packaging on point! 
Avaliabe now at Target.com and Target stores. 
Let me know what you getting :)

Take a look. 

WHo is excating! Looks as cool as the collection form last year :) And no I didn't pick any last year. And I don't know if I will be getting any this year... but that highlight thooo!!!!

Browse all SK product at Target.
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