Skin Care Routine with new Neutrogena Products ~ Deep Clean (part 2)

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Hi Loves, 

Welcome to my part cleansing with Neutrogena. My last post included Acne Proofing products and you can read about it here

Like I said before Neutrogena is great skin care brand that is really affordable. Hello! they sell at drugstores all over the world! I been fan for the longest time. 

Today I want to talk or write about two products from Deep Clean collection. 
At first to be honest I thought these two were breaking me out and I didn't want to use anymore but it was my hormonal breakout and it didn't have nothing to do with following products. That's also a reason why I didn't post this review earlier. 
So with that out of the way lets start review.

First we have Deep Clean Purifying Cleaner Clay Mask ~ awesome two in one product. it deeply cleanses skin without stripping. It can be use as a cleanser and also as well as a mask. Which is so awesome! It targets skin impurities like dirt, oil and left over makeup . It uses dual cleanser technology called BARRIERCARE, that helps preserve skin essential moisture and maintain soft looking skin. Formulated with Salicylic Acid it unclogs pores by drawing out the dirt and left over makeup that can cause a breakouts. I really like how refresh it feels. It have a minty scent . I do like to use it in the morning coz it wakes me up! I mostly use it as a cleanser then a mask. Although I need step up my masking game, its been a while since the last time I mask.  Don't judge, I had so much on my head lately. My right now combo skin loves it. And yes I needed extra time to test it out. I really thought that product was the cause of my breakouts but thank god it was not.  
You can find it at , price $8.49

The second we have Cooling Gel Scrub~  the love I have for Neutrogena scrubs. they never disappoint me . This scrub gently cleans and exfoliate the skin. It draws out impurities, dirt and left over makeup. It uses the same technology as Purifying Cleanser and Mask. Again it have this cooling, refreshing effect just as the previous product. I like it. even more then a cleanser tho. I dunno I just love scrubs in general. I like how nice, smooth and fresh my skin looks and feels after. This is is non irritating and non drying. 
You can purchase the scrub at, price $8.49

*Samples provided by Neutrogena and BrandBacker, opinion is my own. #SkincareStatus  #GoBeyondClean 

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