Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe GIVEAWAY

Hi Loves!

I have awesome giveaway for you!
For a month I been obsessed with Michael's Todd Soniclear. My skin feels and looks so much better!

And now here is your chance to win one for yourself!

It is officially summer and to celebrate and help you to treat your skin right; Michael Todd Beauty is giving away Two Soniclear Elite Deluxe's.  I have teamed up with some of your favorite beauty bloggers to help get your skin summer ready! 

You will have up to 18 ways to enter. And remember the more times you enter, the better your chances!
Makeup always goes on best when you have a clean slate to work with, and we have the BEST cleansing device in the world, The Soniclear Elite!  The Soniclear is the world’s first antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system.  It is the Rolls Royce of sonic cleansing brushes!

This sonic device offers the best in face and body skin cleansing.  Dermatologist recommended, the Soniclear Sonic cleansing brushes will give you softer, brighter, smoother skin in just one use.  Producing up to 300 sonic movements per second for 10x better cleansing than with hands alone.

Plus the Soniclear Elite offers…
  • Sonic powered with 6 Speeds
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Collagen boosting massage mode
  • And the world's first protection against microbial contamination so the brushes stay clean and fresh longer
What Comes With The Soniclear Elite Deluxe?
With the Deluxe version of the Elite, you also get the antimicrobial PEDI treatment head for soothing foot care, Extension Handle, convenient Shower Organizer, and hard shell Travel Case.

Some things to keep in mind about this giveaway:
This giveaway is open to the US, UK and Canada. The giveaway ends on 07/22/16 @ 11:59 PM EST. There will be two winners that will be chosen using Rafflecopter.  These winners will be notified via email no later than 07/26/16. The winners have 48 hours to claim the prize before it's forfeited and another winner will be selected. To enter the giveaway, you must be 18 years or older. Void where prohibited.

So what are you waiting for? 
Enter now for cleaner, brighter skin! 

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InstaNatural Beauty ~ Vitamin C Toner, Skin Brighting Scrub and Argan Oil Thermal Heat Spray

*pr sample*

Hi Loves!

I have a couple of products by InstaNatural Beauty. I been loving them so much! 
InstaNatural started as a small business in sunny Florida, with a vision to provide a natural and effective skin care solution. Their product line is developed by focusing on using organic and natural ingredients. Their products are 100 % free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, artificial color and dyes. 
Their products line include variety of skin care, hair care and body care. 
 have total of 6 products from them. Today I will share only 3 and later I will share reaming three. Who knows I might even have more by then. I really been looking into  more of their products and I really want to try few more. Hopefully soon. 
For now I have two skin care products and one hair care. let me tell you the hair product is a must have! but on that at the end :)

Lets start with Skin Brightening Scrub ~  its form their pro radiant line.  Facial scrub that restores youthful radiance to aging, uneven, sun damage skin. This scrub is maximum antioxidant protection against sun damage as well as a a gentle exfoliator to diminish blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. 
Comes in small tube (50ml/1.7oz) Under the cap there is a nice pump, which I don't have a problems with. Once you pump the orange looking product  comes out. The little exfoliation beads doing a great job at getting rid of all the dead skin cells. My skin after looks really clean and more even. Right after the redness goes away LOL. I am a bit t harsh when it comes to scrubbing. Instead of doing it gentle and I get a bit carried away LOL. Don't judge ....  I do like this little guy. 
you can purchase it here.
Price : $21.95

Vitamin C Facial Toner ~ Pore tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner is all in one hydrator infused with anti aging ingredients to leave skin feeling refreshed and balanced. Vitamin C in the mist helps renew skin by neutralizing UV related damage. Witch Hazel - purify oily skin and tighten pores.
Overall I really been enjoying this toner. Comes in a spray bottle (120ml/4oz) and its really easy to use. Few sprays all over my face, then I go over with a cotton round to wipe off after it been siting on my face for few seconds. Feels really light and make my skin looking refreshed. I use it twice a day (night time and day time), right before I apply moisturizer. 
I also notice that in the morning makes my makeup apply smooth and even. Also it smells great too!
You can get it here.
Price $15.97

Argan Oil Thermal Protector Spray ~ its a intensive blend of premium ingredients that form a powerful heat shield for the hair to keep it looking soft, hydrated and beautiful. 
Argan Oil is widely known as one of the most effective ingredients in a hair care. InstaNatural imports their Argan Oil from Morocco and it is 100% pure and organic. Argan Oil is the best ingredient to get rid of dry, frizzy and brittle hair. 
Other ingredients in the spray are:
* castor oil ~ to give hair a salon quality style and volume
* Vitamin B5 and Sunflower Seed Oil ~ help hair from looking dry.

Spray comes in decent size bottle ( 236ml/8oz). I use it every time when I use hot tools. That means when I blow dry and then when I curl or straight my hair. Also what I like about the bottle that there is a lock and not a plastic cap. I can lock it anytime I don't use it or when travel.
Another thing is this spray smells so good! I can smell it in my hair through out the day and I love it! 
Now how I use it. First I spray on damp hair before I blow dry it. Once they are dry I comb them and prepare for straightening process. I usually separate my hair into 3 layers and then each layer into smaller sections. I comb through the section spray the thermal spray and comb again and go with my straightening iron.   I repeat the process until my hair is straight. I love the way my hair feels after. They are silky soft, smooth, shiny and the most important looking healthy. Even with all the oils as an ingredients I don't get greasy feeling. They also don't get frizzy much ! huge plus! 
InstaNatural Argan Oil might be the best thermal spray I ever used. I LOVE it.
You can get it from here
Price $13.95

Mirrored Vanity/Perfume Tray

Hi loves!

Ok so I been on a hunt for a nice mirrored perfume try. I really one so bad but for the love of God I can't find it. Once while shopping at Jack's World ( store located in Manhattan ) I came across this cute tray. This is not what I was looking for but I bought it anyways. 
Its mirrored silver try. Heavy and it have a nice design inside of it. Diamond heart and inside a girl with shopping bags. I actually found it so cute and decided to get it. Plus the price was really good ($5.99) and also I bought matching mirrored jewelry box. Right now its empty...
anyways back to the tray.

I putted my on my vanity and I put my favorite perfume inside. The perfumes will rotate depends what I am in the mood for the week. Right now I put Ari, Chloe, Flowerbomb and Bright Crystal.

What do you girls think?

Bluemercury's M-61 Skin Care ~ SuperSoothe E Makeup Remover and Vitablact C Scrub and Mask

*pr sample*

M-61 skin care brand that offers large selection of natural cosmetic products. All products are carefully formulated and that development ream has gone to great lengths to leave out over 100 ingredients that are beloved to give negative effect on the skin heath. 
M-61 line was created by Bluemercury co-founder Marla Beck.
All products can be only purchased at M-61 website, Bluemercury website and stores. 
Products are made without parables, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. 

I have 3 products form M-61 line but I will be writing only about two of them . The third one I got recently and I didn't have time to try it yet.

so lets start with Makeup Remover, which been one of my go to removers for past few months. It is gentle and very effective. While using it I really like to concentrate on my eye makeup the most. I soak a cotton round and gently press onto my eyes to soften the mascara and eye shadows by padding it .Sometimes I get carried away and I start rubbing it and with that I sometimes loose lashes.... Yeah not good. B ut with this one even if I rub to much I don't see any lashes missing. Which is great but I better don't do that in the future...
anyways the makeup remover is great. I haven't notice any burning sensation once it accidentally gets to my eyes. And that happens too sometimes. It cleanse my makeup well and leaves my skin refreshes. The Vitamin E nourishes the skin, while Aloe, Licorice root and cucumber cool the skin. Plus with the price point you can go wrong! 
Price $12 ----> get it here.

Next we have Vitablast C Scrub and Mask ~ amazing 2 in 1 product. this hybrid mask/scrub helps to get rid off any impurities from your skin. Deep cleanses my pores and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh looking. Gentle non-irritating formula powered by Vitamin C, papaya with gallic acid and natural amber powder help soften and smooth the skin, polish away dead skin cells and help to achieve radiant complexion. Vitamin E and seabuckthorn protects the skin form environmental stressors while natural passionflower and yacon provide additional soothing and calming.
massage in circular motion on my skin for a minute, then I rinse it off with warm water. I try to use it at least 3 time a week :)  But I must say my skin feel and it looks better. Love the scent of it.
Price : $44 -----> get it here.

D.Benoit Cosmetics ~ Liquid Lipsticks ~ Swatches + Review

Hi My Loves!

Yes I have another liquid lipstick review for you. :) I love liquid lipsticks! Yes I know they are drying but the stay put on all day and no need to reapply. 
Today I want to talk about D.Benoit Cosmetics and their liquid lipsticks. 
I have 6 shades and I won them in their giveaway. Yay Lucky me! 
D.Benoit Cosmetics is a California based company. They made a high end quality cosmetics with no high end tag price. 
I love them! They come in a typical tube, with clear plastic and black cap. Simple, cute and sturdy.
The applicator is a stiff doe-foot and it is super easy to work with. Also the lipstick formula help to achieve a perfect application. They are not runny, they are more thicker consistency.  Lipstick dries to a complete matte finish and it last all day long. You only need one coat to get full opacity.
Again to remove it you will need a oil based makeup remover or just use an olive oil. They do wear nicely through out the day. But as the face that they are matte they are drying. But again this do not bother me at all. I Just don't have to worry to re apply during the day.
I have to mention that there is ascent to it. If you are a fan of Vanilla Cupcakes you go and get them :) They do smell just like that. and its so yummy! Mon Cheri smell like raspberries. Temptation and Chocolate Tsunami don't smell like vanilla I kind of get the scent of some kind of berries? Cranberries maybe. Can't figure it out.

there is 6 shades in their matte collection:
* In the bare II ~ nude pink
* Perfection II ~ a perfect nude
* Mon Cheri ~ pink -purple
* French Merlot II ~ reminds me of a wine. Deep dark pinky-red-mauve.
* Temptation ~ dark bloody red
* Chocolate Tsunami ~  dark brown 

Each liquid lipstick retails at $18 and can be purchase at the company website --> here.
for more pictures and swatches check their IG page --> here. 
They are cruelty, gluten and paraben free.

Real U Australia ~ Skin care

*pr sample*

Real U Australia ~ skin care I been loving and using for a past few weeks.
They are an Australian Brand, Their hypo-allergic formula helps calm down skin. Products are great for all skin types. Gentle on skin and are made without benzol peroxide and salicylic acid.
Real U Australia was kind enough and send me 3 of their products, that I been using in my skin care routine ever since. And I have to mention: I am running low on face gel!OMG!

Lets me tell you a bit about Face Wash. It is a gel formula that foams up once you massage on  face with a water. I used it with my clarisonic and soniclear and it seems to work wonderful. Left my face soft and clean. I also notice less reddens and breakouts while using it. Before washing my face I remove my makeup, but if there is any 'leftover' this face wash helps me with it. I really been loving it . I don't think there is any scent to it, well my didn't have.

After I am done with washing my face I follow up with Face Gel. It gives a great hydration. Gel formula and a little goes a long way. Absorbs really fast and leaves my skin hydrated and ready for Real U Moisturizer ~ which I been loving! It feels like the formula might be heavy and think in consistency  (once you squeeze and then put on your face) but blends really nice onto skin and absorbs quick. It do not feel heavy once it blends to the skin, you actually don't feel it at all.. It contains antioxidants for problem skin.

Overall I been really enjoying real U Skin Care line. My face feels a lot more cleaner and acne a little less visible. I also notice less reddens. I still get pimples once in a while, but as I use it they disappear within days. Some of the stubborn once they like to hang with me w little longer tho.
I really love this brand and the face wash is a must have! and as I said before I am running low on that one :(

To purchase visit Real U Australia WebSite.
And also Thanks Ebony for sending me all the products!

Katy Perry Katy Kat Matte Lipsticks ~ Swatches + Review

Hi Loves!

I have an exciting post for you today. Any Katy Parry's fan out there? Did you try her new lipstick collection form collab with Cover Girl? 

Don't let the word matte fool you. This lipsticks are far form drying matte formula. They are demi-matte, which means they a more creamier and have sheen to it. Plus they feel hydrating rather then drying. 
There 13 shades in a collection and I hope they will be permanent.   I found 4 shades so far, but I will be hunting down reaming ones. 
Lipsticks comes in a white tube that have a rubbery feel to it. On the lipstick tube you can see  Katy Perry <3 Cover Girl and on other side Katy Kate Matte printed in back. On the bottom there is color and shade name with cutest cat ears printed on top! adorable right? 

I bought my at my local Rite Aid ($7.99 each) on a promo buy 1 get second 59% off. My display was rather small and there were two repeat shades. I try to find all unopened lipsticks, coz you know people like to open every single color and swatch it .. dummies! So anyways I found only 4 that I could take home.
They apply smooth and are vanilla scented. Which I really like. 
typical wear time is around 5h.

Shades I got:
* Sphynx ~ nude peachy- pink
* Catoure~ brownish pink
* Kitty Purry ~ lilac pink
* Crimson Cat ~ classic red

L'oreal Mono Eye Shadows ~ Swatches

Hi Loves!

Today I want to share my thought on new L'oreal Color Richie Eye shadows that launched with L'oreal 2016 Spring Collection. Finally I was able to get my hands on them. My Rite Aid tend to get all the collection with huge delay. But anyways they are here and I bought them on 40% off promotion. Woohoo! 

There is 14 shades available. Matte and shimmers. They retail for $5.99 each.
As much as I am not fan of single eye shadows I really needed to have them. 
They all come in small back plastic packaging with a clear lid and L'oreal Paris logo in golden ink.
They are formulated with gel technology and have soft velvet texture. Now the formula is not the easiest to work with. It is really hard to work with a brush. Better to use your finger to apply shadows to the lid. I use brush to blend out the harsh edges. I also tried with sponge applicator and it worked well. 

The colors are gorgeous! Haven't wore all of them yet but sooner or later I definitely will.  
 the shades I picked up are:
* Pain Au Chocolat ~ metallic shimmery taupe
* Quartz Fume ~ medium chocolate brown shimmer
* Violet Beaute ~ purple burgundy , shimmer
* Sunset Seine ~ shimmery copper bronze
* Green Promenade ~ deep green , metallic finish
* Teal Couture ~ teal green, metallic finish
* Grand Bleu ~ royal blue shimmer

all swatched with my finger.

Happy Father's Day ~ Last minute gift ideas~ FragranceNet.Com

Father's Day is right around the corner . If you looking for last minute gifts I have a cologne option for you. Colognes make a perfect gift for any occasion really. And we all want our Daddy's to smell good don't we? 
I went ahead and order few from FragranceNet.com. Like I said many times before they do have a best prices and products you get are 100% authentic. 

Here is what I got:

Ralph Lauren ~ Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren's Polo Colognes are classics. I actually heard one of Hubby's friend talking on how much he love the Polo Blue. So I thought why not get it for my hubby on father's day? 
Masculine fragrance that is casual, fresh and elegant. Scent begins with the notes of tangerine, melon,cucumber and pepper followed by mid note of geranium and finishes with essence of basil,sage,suede, patchouli and oak. The scent is fresh and summery. No overpowering and perfect choice for men in any age. Love how notes transforms form crispy fresh to warm and sensual. 
Price: $46.49

YSL ~ L'Homme Sport 

I remember spraying it few weeks ago.I took a picture of it and made a note to pick for my hubby one of the days. And what better then occasion then Father's Day? I am obsessed with this fresh, citrusy fragrance. Its an explosion of energy, magnetic passionate blend of fresh woods with wave of citrus notes on top and cucumber at the base. Definitely a keeper. I think this will suite a "active" guys who like sports, just like name suggests. My personal Favorite out of three. 
Price: $49.46 

Versace ~ Signature (Gift Set)

This one on the other hand is Hubby's favorite. The smell is nice, fresh and tangy. Its great for this time of year because of citrusy notes. Perfect for any time wear. Hubby loves it and that is important. The notes of Versace Signature include fresh scent that is prefect combination of jasmine, musk, moroccan cedar wood and azalea. This is a very nice smelling cologne and it does reminds me of one of the colognes my dad used to have. But I don't remember which. 
This was also a steal on FragranceNet.com ! it came in a gift set with a hair and body shampoo :) 
Price: $50.24

What are you getting for Father's Day?
And how do you like Sophia's painting? I think its super cute and hubby will be happy :)

Loubilaque Collection by Louboutin ~ Sneak Peek

OMG !did you guys see the new collection Louboutin launching this summer? I am dying to won at least one! 
New Lip Lacquer collection will include 8 shades all inspired by patent leather shoes. 
Highly pigmented and not sticky. 
Comes in encased jewelry box, can be worn as a pendant ~ just like lipsticks. 
I love the mermaid tail design on the tube. Screams summer and OMG I freaking want at least 3 shades !
They will be available on their website and selected stores
Price $85
coming this July!

“Loubilaque is for the bold woman who wants to bring attention to her lips. When she wears Loubilaque, she feels its power through other’s reaction to her,” said Louboutin.

 Pic Credit Trendmood1 IG and found few online.

Color Kill Liquid Lipsticks ~ Swatches + Review

*pr sample*

HI loves!

I been wanting to write about Color Kill Liquid Lipstick forever. I was actually holding it off coz I didn't have the whole collection. What is with me and the fact that I need to have every single color? I dunno, but well it is nice to have all right?  At the beginning I was send only 4 shades. Then company launched 2 additional shades, which I was send as well. And after that they were kind enough and send me over 3 reaming shades. So now I have the whole collection and I am one happiest girl!
First off these lipsticks are the BOMB! They come in the cutest box ever! When you stack at least 4 together they create a picture of a Pixie ( that's how my daughter call it ). And that actually a sleeve for a actual packaging which is pink.

The actual liquid lipstick is closed in a frosted tube. The tube is see through and on it you can see a company name Color Kill. The cap is red and on the top there is company logo. Super simple and super pretty.
The applicator is flat which allows  a smooth application. It is on a bigger side but I personally like it and I find it really easy to work with.
Now the formula of the lipstick is thick and not runny.Texture is super easy to work with and applies nicely and even. Opaque in one swipe so there is no need to dip the applicator again.
They mega matte lipsticks, that means they are super matte and drying. Not crazy crazy drying but they do dry my lips.
They are waterproof and they stay on while eating. Just please don't eat much of greasy food or they will come off.
The colors are gorgeous and unique. We have every day nudes, pinks, red and stunning purple. Plus the new two shades that a more of a metallic matte finish which I am obsessed with. Shades are true to color.
They wear all day and they don't flake. they are transfer proof. I would let them sit on the lips for about 10 min until they complete dry.
The only way to take them off is to use oil based makeup remover or olive oil.

They are cruelty free and vegan.
You can purchase them only online. Company ships worldwide.
Price: $15.95

Now the shades I have :
 * Playmate ~ muted soft taupe brown, peachy-beige undertones
* Lotus Petal ~ earthy red wine with warm undertones.
* Pink Gumballs ~ light medium pink with cool undertones
* Carnival ~ medium pink with blue undertones
* Sweet Salmon ~ hot vibrant coral pink
* Indie Red ~ deep red with cool undertones
* Love Thing ~ deep purple with red-pink undertones

and the new two shades are:
* Occult ~ a plumy gunmetal.
* Ruby Bling ~ vivid dark ruby red with a sheen of pearl pigment.

Also both of the new lipsticks comes with new Pixie packaging. This one is more goth looking and she rocks! just like the new shades.

Cant wait too see more of Color Kill and see what kinda sheds they will introduce to us :)
To purchase check their website --> here.
for more pics and more swatches check their IG ---> here.

Now which is shade did you like the most?
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