MAC Magic OF the Night ~ My picks

 MAC holiday collection is here! And it is so beautiful! Also the packaging.. MAC never disappoints when it comes to Limited Edition packaging. 
Lipsticks have gorgeous purple metallic packaging, skin finishes ~ blue and  Pigments ~ teal. 
As much as I wanted to buy all collection, I had to stopped only at 2 items :( Yes sadly there is more Holiday set out there that I really want. So lets jump to my haul.

'Please Me' Lipstick  ~ medium muted rosy pink. Matte finish. Available also i permanent line. And since I don't own it, now I have in special LE packaging. I actually bought two of them. One for me and one for my fried. Texture is creamy and applies evenly. Not as much drying as I thought it would be. Long lasting, vanilla scent. Metallic Purple Packaging LE. ($18)

'Oh, darling' Extra Dimension Skin Finnish ~  oh yes this baby sold out so fast! Even when I got to MAC store at 8;30am in the morning it was almost gone! They told me at the store that a girl bought 20! of them! CRAZY!!!!!! and she asked ho many do I want? LOL I was like : Just one please :) 'Oh, darling ' is described as metallic gold with MAC prints on the surface. Comes with this gorgeous metallic blue packaging. Also it is compared to famous Whisper of Guilt , which i don't own and that is why I bought this one :) ($33)

LVX Narcissist Nail Polish ~ Review and Swatch

I want to show you today a gorgeous nail polish form LVX.  I stumble upon them on Instagram. After seeing all the beautiful swatches and nail arts of a one of their polishes and I fell in love! I followed them just  to look at their page and the stunning pictures they share.  LVX a vegan nail polish line. They are made in USA. 
5 Free and Cruelty Free. 5 Free means that the nail polish is free of 5 toxic and harsh chemicals used in common nail polish formula.  They are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

So far I own only 3 lacquers form that brand. But hopefully I will get more, they are really great!
For now I show you one form their new Fall 2015 collection called Narcissist.
This a GORGEOUS color! Inspired by runaways from Elie Saab's floral prints gowns to Antonio Berardi's monochromatic looks. This lacquer will be this season new black :)
At first I was really disappointed. first coat came all streaky and ugly! After I apply second I was in love! This color is so metallic. Beautiful blue - green shimmer that shifts depending on the light. Shimmer has a duo chrome effect and makes this lacquer irresistible! All I need is 2 coats to make this polish opaque. I rarely put more then 2.. also depends on a lacquer.
I am also impressed with longevity with this formula it last up to 5 days!
Just take a look at my favorite polish :)

You can get it form LVX website . Price $16 (0.5oz /15ml).

NuNaat Brazilian Keratin Dairy Care ~ Review.

Lets talk hair care shall we. I received the Naat Brazilian Keratin few weeks ago. I been testing it since I got it and finally I am ready to give my review on it. Naat Brazilian Keratin hair care collection is perfect for restoring and maintaining hair perfectly straight. Regenerate and strengthen hair fibers while restoring natural shine and softness. The treatment repair damage cuticles and seals them, while turning down the frizz and reduce volume.

 Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Deep Conditioner ~ Lets start with shampoo. Since its all natural the consistency is more liqudy then your regular shampoo. this is my first time trying natural shampoo or any hair products what so ever. At first I was disappointed that I have to pour 3 times to finally get the shampoo to foam on my head! Than i was talking about it with my mom and she said 'well its natural what did you expect!' So that means that I will run out much more faster then with my regular shampoos! No! Now that's a down side! I am used to seeing foam at first or second time while I wash my hair. I need that foam! Even with out that foam you know your j=hair gets clean, coz that is how it supposed to work.  But did it help my hair? Guess if I use all the products together then yes! But will I ever purchase shampoo again ? I don't know... Its my least favorite product form all. Deep conditioner,its a really good conditioner!Can even help me to detangle my hair! Leaves my hair soft and refreshed! I am so happy with how my hair feel right after!That's what my hair need the most!

Lets move on to the next step Intense Hair Mask ~ And OMG! this is the best out of all ! Not only smells amazing but my hair feels so soft after! Its like wow! I can actually run fingers thew my hair! After shampooing and conditioner I apply mask for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it off. This is my second hair mask I ever used on my hair and I LOVE it!

Leave in Liquid Keratin ~ Ok , so I am used to cream 'leave in ' products, again this something new for me. And I do love anything that says 'leave in' especially when its a conditioner. But this is Keratin. This product again helps me with my damage hair. Makes them soft and easy to brush with all that pulling and me screaming! I use this product on both wet and dry hair. Also it keeps down the frizz ( ughh hate the Frizzy hair)..

Ultra Shine Serum ~ final step in my hair care. And yes I love this one too, so does my husband cousin. Use it on to wet hair and after blow drying  and styling with brush.After use the flat iron so the heat can seal the cuticles. Also I like to apply to dry hair to reduce the frizz and leave my hair shiny. Its a non greasy products and it smells so good! The only down side is the bottle its is really hard to squeeze the drops form it. 

Over all I am really impress with this hair care line. My hair are super super soft and no more tangled! Since I have really damage hair after all the coloring/bleaching and on top of that I use flat iron! Yes imagine how my hair looks! and feels! While using regular drugstore shampoos and all other hair care I still couldn't brush my hair with out all the pain and pulling out bunch of my hair! With this collection I finally feel like my hair are alive again! Always after washing I had to put lots of conditioners to make them more softer, but still they don't look how I want them too! this line helps a lot. It did reduce frizz, big time! and it volume down my hair as well and I like it! Even my co worked asked my what did I do to my hair? It looks so healthy and shiny! And yes they are soft as well!I could just touch them and touch! after I run out with ll the products I will be purchasing again! Mark my words! I really really love it! 
If you have a problematic hair make sure to check Nunaat . Here is the link to their website. they do have a lot of collections to choose form and I am pretty sure You will find something for yourself and you will be as happy as I am :)

Mirabella Beauty Perfecting Concealers ~ Swatches and Review.

Hi Today I want to share with my new to go concealers. I think I'm changing to concealer junkie! I have so many now! And I don't think I try any that I didn't like, unless the color was wrong ... Yes it happen few times. But I still made it work.
 Mirabella Beauty is a mineral makeup line. All of their products are free of harmful ingredients. Their new Perfecting Concealers are mineral based long wearing and free of talc, parabens and gluten. Formula is creamy and very lightweight. When I applied they are sheer but yet build-able, you can basically layer them up to achieve full coverage. They come in 5 shades (light to dark ) and their retail at $28 each; 
 I ~ light 
 II ~ medium light
 III ~ medium 
 IV ~ medium dark
 V ~ dark

in the bright light (outside)

 As you can see by the color they can be great for highlight and counturing. Ok, I be honest I am not a pro when it comes to counturing. But then again its really easy with these concealers. The lightest shade is a perfect highlight! Its a lot more lighter then my skin tone. For under my eyes I mix number 'I' and 'II'. Then I highlight with number 'I' my cheekbones and bridge of my nose. For countour I use number 'III' and 'IV'. Number 'V' is way to dark and too orangy for me. Number 'IV' too but when I mix a bit with 'III' it is workable. To blend I use beauty blender or my fingers. Both ways work great for me. I did try brush but I was like ehhhh , I didn't like how it looked. 
Also the applicator is a padded brush. Something like with the lip glosses. 

 The cap is really pretty as well! Silver that when you move around it shines! Looks like a glass but its plastic. Anyways gorgeous addiction to your collection that could be. Over all i really been liking them, especially the lighter shades. Much easy for me to work with. The two darkest one are too orangy for my fair skin and I don't like the way it looks on me. 
I pretty sure girls with darker skin tone could work more with them then me. 
Company is worth checking out. As I wrote before their products are mineral based and judging form my use of concealers they are really good. By the way they could make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member that likes makeup. Happy Shopping!

on the last pic you can see half of my face after I apply all the concealers. Sorry my camera is really nt good  :(

September Favorites 2015 ~ Face and Body Care.

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I thought I do a separate post on my body, face care favorites.
As you can see there are products I reviewed already or will be reviewing. 

Borika Body and Flora Body Care Scrubs ~ Both I reviewed already and both I loved as much. One is coffee and the other one is sugar scrub. Both do a great job of scrubbing my body and leaving it refreshed and soft :) Totally recommend to check both of them :)
my reviews are here----> BORIKA -  FLORA

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion in A thousand Wishes ~  If you k ow me you know my love for all the BBW products. Love their lotions and shower gels and candles and mist and soaps.. and anything else ! hahaha Too many 'ands' :) but seriously their lotions are amazing! This one I won in a giveaway and I opened it recently! Smells heavenly .. fruits and flowers :)  Keeps my skin hydrated and leaves it silky smooth. Love it!

Peter Lamas Pumpkin Scrub ~ I think the best scrub I used so far. I did a review a  while back. You can read it here. Its organic and natural , smells like a Fall :) I will definitely purchase a backup! 

Dermaesthetics Green Apple Cleansing Oil and PM Purity Gel ~   both products are amazing! The cleansing oil helps me get rid off all the makeup and super easy. Works really good especially on my eye makeup. Purity PM Gel I used on my acne. Like the pimple/zits that pops up out of nowhere! I just put a tiny bit of gel after washing my face and voila, next morning or its gone or its way smaller. Both are a life savers and I will be reviewing both very soon :)

Have a great week! 
Hugs ~ Monica 

September Favorites 2015 ~ Makeup

Time for my September  Favorites. I know I didn't post this in a while :) 
Surprisingly I loved few babies last month. Let me say , these are the most used makeup products in September. So lets get started :)


Two palettes that I could not get enough of 
Bh Cosmetics Eyes on 70's Palette ~ Full of colors! As you can see most of greens, blues and warmer natural colors:) I been playing with this one a lot  last moth.
 ABH Amrezy Palette~ Oldie but goodie :) There are 4 shades that I cant live without. The shadows are super pigmented and blends really easy .
Absolute NY ~  Eye shadow crayon. I used it as a my eye shadow base.I was switching back and forth with my NYX jumbo In Milk. 


YSL Blur Perfector Primer ~ This primer is amazing! Silky smooth, blurs out all my pores and holds my makeup all day! Review here.
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ~ this is a must have! Full on coverage concealer! I have a review here
Mirabella Perfecting Concealer ~ I will be reviewing them soon. But they are really good! I have 5 shades and they great for contour and highlight! 
2nd love cosmetics Baked Bronzer in Sun Kissed ~ I will be reviewing some of their products very soon :) But this bronzer is really amazing! I used the very top strip for highlight and the rest I swirl my brush to get a sun kissed glow on my face! 


Milani Cosmetics Toasted Tuscan and Blushing Beauty~  so Fall appropriate. The Blushing Beauty is my most worn lipsticks last month. More here. 
Rimmel Dare to go Bare #45 ~ My favorite nude shade! its like your lips but better :)  swatched and review Rimmel Lipsticks here. 
Revlon Colorburst lip gloss ( Rose pearl) ~ such a pretty shade and very fall appropriate. I wore it alone and  over nude lipstick.


Butter London 'The Black Knight' ~ I just love glitter nail polishes! I know they are pain in the butt when it comes to take them off but .. that sparkles! I am not surprised I liked two glitters last moth. 
Sinful Colors 'Starry Night'~ Oh my Goddess! super affordable and super beautiful! Black ith lots of sparkling glitter! More here.

Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel ' Ghoul Friend'~ Not only the package is cute but it also smells sooooo good! BBW recently changed the packaging to this cute one :) and I like them more! This one came really handy during my commute. Germs are everywhere!  Better safe then sick later on ... :) Sophia ha her own too :) 

What Are Did You Love Last Month? 

Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Primer ~ Review

Priming my face before applying any kind of makeup is a must. For a while now I been on a search for a perfect primer. Primer that will keep my makeup all day and skin moisturized. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. For years I been using countless amount of primers and yet, there is many many more out there waiting for me.As a beauty blogger that's what I do. I try, review and compare to ones I tried already.
Today I have for you Amazing Cosmetics Anti Age Primer. 
I do have a high hope for this one. I love their concealer a lot! I am hoping the primer will be as effective as a concealer. Will it live up to its expectations ? We will see :)
The primer is locked in a white tube that stands on it "head" ( well I am sorry I don't know how else I can name that :) ). It's a silicon/gel based primer. Very light weight,non greasy. It feels like silk when I apply to my face. Reminds me so much of YSL Blur Perfector Primer. Also does a really good job at blurring out my pores. Yes! makes my skin refreshed and even , ready for my foundation. I did try it in different way and with different foundations. To see which way I like the most. Once I used over a moisturizer and with Rimmel Foundation. I didn't like it. I didn't know if that was the moisturizer or foundation that made my face so shiny! and my makeup was gone fast too :( . Second time I skipped the moisturizer. I primed my face with Amazing Cosmetics primer and then I apply Rimmel Foundation with a dump Beauty Blender. In the morning it looked flawless but later, around 3pm I could see the SHINE!Ughhh! I blot my face and then powder it up. Next day again I primed my face and this time I used my SmashBox BB Cream. And this time it worked beautiful!  Didn't see any shine or any lack of makeup on my face. It was flawless! So I am guessing that my new Rimmel Foundation is not for me :( I try the primer again over a Eveline CC cream and again worked really good. 
I also tried it as a eye makeup primer. Well while applying on my face, I add a bit more on my eye lids. After that I went with my NYX Jumbo Eye pencil and the with eye shadows over that. Again it preformed really good. Didn't notice much creasing or fading. 

I am very impressed with this primer. It definitely made my top 3 best primers. 
It blends very easy. Small amount goes a long way. Works great on my oily skin. Well more combo on an oily side. Definitely hydrates and moisturize. All thanks to Cassia Angustifolia Seed,a natural botanical high in content of polysaccharides that mimics the skin's hyaluronic acid to increase skin's moisture, repair and protect.It can sustain in skin for up to 24hours. 

Would I recommend the primer? Definitely Yes! It is one of the best primers I tried so far. If you need a lightweight, non greasy primer that holds you makeup all day, give this one a chance. Its a primer and moisturizer in one :) 
Hope you find this review helpful :) 

Before and After I used both Primer and Concealer form Amazing Cosmetics ;)

30 days Skin Challenge with Exposed Skincare

I super excited to try and share with you results of this challenge. I received the kit last month. But  I started to use it three days ago. I have a high expectation of this product and I hope I will be happy with the results :)
I will have a full review of this products by the end of the month :)

here is what my kit includes:
* facial cleanser
* Clearing Tonic
* Acne treatment serum
* Clear pore serum
* Moisture Complex
* Derm - X - Cloth

Banana Oat Pumpkin Muffins ~ from Pinterest.

My first time baking pumpkin muffins and I know I will be baking them again
I found this recipe via Pinterest and I fell in love. The muffins came out so delicious! 
I added few ingredient to the recipe though. 
Tomorrow or Tuesday I will be baking cookies! OMG I just cant wait ! My mouth waters already :)

Note to European Girls :
If you want to make this muffins the measuring is slightly different. We use special Measuring cups and in Poland when ever I baked I used Glass to measure all my ingredients
Click the link to see Recipe Conversion Chart.  

for my Polish readers check this links out it is really helpful :

Now on the recipe :) Here is the original by

* 5 cups of oats (The old fashioned ones)
* 1 can (15oz) pumpkin puree
* 1 cup applesauce
* 4 eggs
* 2 bananas ripe
 * 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 1 cup of sugar ( even though she only put 3/4)
* 1 tbs ground cinnamon
* 3 tsp baking powder
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 1/2 cup dried cranberries 

My extra ingredient:
* 1 tsp pumpkin spice 
1 cup white chocolate chips 

Mix all dry ingredients together. All wet together in separate  bowl. Transfer all wet ingredients to dry ingredient and mix it well. Add chocolate chips and cranberries . Scoop in muffin liners and bake for 22 min. At 400F. 
Makes 24pcs.  

Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Liners Fall 2015

I was lucky enough to find a display at my local Walgreens. Milani came out with similar ones last year too. But unfortunately I bought nothing... I only found empty displays. 
 I really wanted it even though they didn't have the best reviews. But come on you just want them in your collection, they are just so pretty too look at it. 
So when I saw the new ones I grabbed all three, 
The glitter/over-spray is just so beautiful.
I think they might be Limited Edition like the ones form last year.

Here are this year shades:
* 04 Evening Star (silver, blue)
* 05 Celestial (mix of pinks, golds and browns)
* 06 Galaxy  (mix of greens)

Now a moment of truth. I mean if you have the last year ones you know what I am about to say.
Underneath of that gorgeous over spray we get regular liner. That means all that glitter don't run through the entire pot. Sucks...
Evening star is a black liner, Celestial is brown and Galaxy ~ really dark green almost black. I really wont be able to tell the difference between Galaxy and Evening star once the glitter is gone.
I did swatched them on my hand and they did not dry. I heard the same thing happened with the last year ones.
I don't think you really need it. I only got them because of that gorgeous over spray. I wont be using them at all. If you are like me and like to collect makeup, then get it. Other then that don't waste your money. I got them at Walgreen's $6.99 each.

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