Saturday Afternoon ~ NY Aquarium ~ Coney Island

Last Saturday finally I had a chance to visit New York Aquarium in Coney Island.
I always wanted to go but I never had time. Since my friend have a seasonal pass we decided to take our kids and just go. 
I will make a separate post about Coney Island one day too :) 
Wish we cold go week day because the place was crowded ! First We were cruising around and looking for place to park the car.  Then We went in without waiting in line ( thank you pass).
As soonest you come in you have this humangest tank on your right side. It is huge and it have a lots of different kinds of fish in it. then either you go outside or you go down corridor and see more aquariums. The first room have three small tanks, second have another three  and the third have also three and then ... you go outside. Really? one huge tank and then nine small and that you call Aquarium.... ok, moving on.
Outside you can see Sea Lions, Otters, Walrus Penguins and then the sea creatures I was most excited about - Sharks :) 
And again I was disappointed... The water in a shark tank was green and you could barely see them. 
I think there was 4 spices of sharks. It was kinda cool but nothing exciting . I was expecting more.  
The only fun  part was a Sea Lion show with Diego and Osburne  :) 
Other then that I would not be going back until the Ocean Wonders is build. 
Someone told me that they didn't fully rebuild after we were hit by Super-storm Sandy in 2012.
Another thing, bring your own food and drinks! the prices are out of the world! Small cup of ice cream coast me almost $6! ( you will Sophia holding it in one of the  pictures), water and soda priced $3.50 plus tax so it come up to around $3.81! per bottle! Insane... same with hot dog and pretzels ...
If you want to read more here is direct link to their website ---> click here.

NEW MAC Collections ~ Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek of upcoming MAC cosmetics collections.
I am super excited!


Lets start with  MAC GUO PEI 

The packaging is beyond beautiful. Vintage golden and super stunning. 
Collection will be available September - October so get your money ready. Prices similar to last year Prabal Gurung .. so lipstick will coast around $30 


MAC Dita Von Teese 

Oh How I love her! Dita is a burlesque dancer, model, costume designer and actress. And most of all she was married to Marilyn Manson. If you don't know I love HIM! hahah one fact about me :) Marilyn Manson is a love of my life :) So yes I am super excited to see his ex wife collaborate with MAC :) and Love the LIPSTICK already : )


MAC Christmas Collection MAGIC OF THE NIGHT

Can wait to see more . The packaging will be purple and blue. And the most important Whisper of Guilt is making its comeback. Feast your eyes . I'm counting my $$$$ 

None of the picture is my. I got it off Trendmood1 Instagram page. 

Rimmel London Dare to go Bare collection ~ Swatches and Review

I'm so happy to blog about new Rimmel Lipsticks:) All thanks to my wonderful friend Ashley :) She was so kind and grabbed them all and send them over. Canada got them first. I guess, us beauty bloggers in USA have to wait for it to launch here. 

Rimmel London released some time ago a new line "Dare to go Bare" in collaboration with Kate Moss. The collection includes 5 nude lipsticks ( 4 shades available in Canada, I don't know how many we will get in US), lip balm and nail polishes. And since I don't have any nail polishes lets talk lipsticks :)

You can never have too many lipsticks, right? I love lipsticks. Nudes are my to go lippies. They suit me well and go with any makeup I do. Ever since I saw Instagram post on Rimmel London's page I knew I need to have them . 

I really like Rimmel lipsticks. The formula is really good. Really creamy and opaque. Good quality and most of all budget friendly. They do smell amazing, like all Kate lipsticks. And I don't mind when my lipstick smells I do enjoy it. 
New nudes are pretty long lasing. I apply right before I take off to work and by lunch time I still have it on my lips ( drinking and eating in between) and I talk about 6h. I reapply twice during the day. 
I been wearing each shade for the past week , just tell you how I feel about them. I think they are great! If you see the display definitely pick up number 45 and number 42. These are my favorites of all :) If you are really pale I believe number 40 will suit you. 
Definitely getting backups of #45 and  #42.
Also lets not forget about the cute packaging! Shaped as all other Kate lipsticks. Pretty Pastel peach with Kate signature on the cap. Sometimes I really don't know if I buy product just for the product or the packaging ... I think packaging sells me every time! hahaha. I think its a cute addiction to your collection , so get it! I really want to get the really dark lipstick, I think its number 48 but I don't know if we will get it in USA :( If not I will have to ask someone from UK to buy it for me :) 

Hey, I'm not done yet.There is an extra lipstick in the collection. Well its not a lipstick its a lip balm and it comes in white packaging. Even though I didn't use it yet I thought I mention it anyways. You supposed to moisturize your lips before applying. 

Also, Im working on a DUPE post. I might few lipsticks that a similar to these Rimmel ones :) Stay tuned should be up soon :)
Have you picked anything form this collection?

July Haul 2015 ~ Nowosci w Lipcu 2015

Super late haul. Sorry Was to busy with the monthly challenge that I forgot about my haul :)
The only splurge was Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette. And OMG this palette is gorgeous! I will do swatches and review  very soon. I also bought entire line of Maybelline Baby Lips Glosses ... Ulta had them bogo then why not :) So far I been really liking them :) 

Lets move to haul :)


Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette ($30)


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Glosses (all 12 Shades) (reg. $4.49 each)

Essence Cosmetics Nude Lipsticks (01 Wearing only Smile, 02 Porcelain Doll, 05 Cool Nude) $2.99 each
Essence Cosmetics Lip Liners (Soft Berry, In The Nude, Wish me a Rose) $1.49  each
Mascara Free with $10 purchase :)


NYX Blush in Dusty Pink $6.29 ( I had $6 coupon and I had to pay only $0.29)


Wet N Wild Nail Polishes ( L-R : Grasping At Strawberries, She Shell, Who is Ultra Violet?, Lavender Creme) $0.99 each (bogo buy 1 get 2nd 50% off)


Wet N wild Brilliant Lip Gloss ( top to bottom : Zinny Dippin, Will You Bloody Marry Me?, Mai Tai Buy You a Drink?, Lying on The Sand-Gria) $2.99 each... all LE


Stila Pretty in Pink Blush ~ $9.99
NYX Revenge Palette ( love that show!) ~ $6 

Fit Me Pore-less matte power 
Revlon Gel Nail polishes the price was amazing ~ $1.29

Package form UK form my Instagram Friend Danalouise_x

Package form Canada form my Love Ashley :)

Package form Elizabeth_bethzda, she found some extra wet n wild palettes :) 

Burberry Form Ashley :)

Winning Prize form a Jill's Giveaway :)

YSl form Influenster :) So happy! 

Sweet Little gift form Bratz Dolls :) They send me an Iphone6 Super cute case :)

Coffee Scrub and Tea form NewPort Skinny Tea
I am obsesssssssed with Coffee Scrubs :)

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