Skin Care Routine with new Neutrogena Products ~ Acne Proofing (part 1)

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Hello Skin care junkies, 
Today I want to talk a little about Neutrogena Acne Proofing duo. This will be a part one of the Neutrogena, because I have another duo that will be publish shortly after this one. 

I do really like Neutrogena products. Not only they are budget friendly but also very effective.  I been fan for a very long time of their Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. That product was such a  life saver. I went through so many bottles of it, no joke. But being a beauty blogger you been send out  so many skin care products, that you forget your favorites. Sadly I did never repurchase Pink Grapefruit scrub after. But now as I write this I am adding it to my next shopping list. I really do miss that scrub. 

Now lets focus on Acne Proofing line. For someone who deal with acne on daily basis this is a great option. Myself I still deal with acne and I am 31 years old! With that said this duo is not only for teens but also for all adults. 

First we have Acne Proofing Daily Scrub ~ just as much I love the Pink Grapefruit I love this one. It is actually really good scrub you guys! Not harsh on the skin. It helps breakouts and prevent new ones. It contains skin smoothing exfoliators and maximum strength salicylic acid. I like how the beads are not so scratchy and it don;t over dry my skin. I like to use it right after I removed my makeup with a wipes, I go over with this scrub to get rid off all the makeup that sits in pores. I have sensitive skin and it works perfectly. You can find it here. Price $9.99

Second we have Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser ~ another great product. I like switching up my cleanser and always looking for whats best for me. I like when my cleanser work on par with my Soniclear brush from Michael Todd Beauty.  Good cleanser and good brush make a huge difference in my skin. I like this cleanser, it foams up and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. I usually use it after the scrub. Sometimes if I don;t use the scrub I go straight with a cleanser.  I adore it for morning and night time.  Cleanser can be purchase here. price $9.99

Overall I am very please with both products and been using them daily for a two weeks now. I do love how nice and citrus-y both smell and yes they do wonders to my skin :) 
Shorty after this post I will publish another Neutrogena review. Keep a lookout on that one. 

*Samples provided by BrandBacker and Neutrogena. Opinion is my own 

What I found at Marshalls - haul part 2


  yet again Marshalls and TJ Maxx brings out the good things. So many awesome products!  Do You all remembered when I hauled ABH products? Click here to see the post. 

This past few weeks I was lucky once again. I found few great makeup products at super affordable prices!

Lets start shall we ?

First products I hauled few weeks ago.  I went out with my co-worker and well she wanted to buy a winter jacket and I was hoping to find something good. As we were strolling and not getting anything for her we ended up in beauty section where I went a bit crazy. 
First I grabbed Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes  that were prices $5.99 for Tapered Brush (300) and $3.99 for Flat Contour Brush (301). I think the contour brush was wrong priced LOL but can't complain there right?

The second I saw the Cargo Cosmetics  Star Wars the Dark Side palette for only $4.99! what a deal! I know for fact that the palette was sold on Cargo Cosmetics website for around $30. There is also a Light Side version that I need to hunt! 

The last palette set I picked up that day was Mixed Metals Amber palette by Profusion. This deal wasn't as great as the other but I been wanting that palette for a quite sometime. I paid $7.99 and on Profusion website you can get it for $10. SO like I said not a big deal, but any who the palette is gorgeous! and Profusion lately makes super great quality products.  They also sell their products at Target so I suggest to try there :) Meanwhile here is the link to Profusion web if you are interested in Amber palette.

Second time I went was last Saturday (03.24). I went to look for a new bag. I bought few months ago cute Nine West one but its just too small and I need something bigger. Unfortunately there is nothing that I like.  After walking around I grabbed few house stuff ( I dunno if you guys would like to see it or not ) and when I went to makeup aisle I only was able to grab NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Lip 
Set , Real Techniques 2 mini sponges and Unicorn Glow Palette. 

the NYX lips set was only $4.99 for 3 full sized lipsticks. Why not! plus the dark colors are something I am into it lately. the colors that came in the box were : Subversive Socialite, Covet and Temptress.  The mini sponges from RT were only $2.99, I grabbed two one for me one for a friend.

The unicorn glow palette is something that I saw during Christmas. I never bought it coz it was all shattered. This time I found new, unopened, untouched :) and I brought it home with me. for $3.99 why not :)  Just look how pretty it is inside :)

And my last, today's haul. I been seeing on IG that girls picking up Kat Von D's studded kiss lipsticks! I saw one last week, no scratch that I saw an empty box last week. Was asking around and all I got was come again tomorrow, we get deliveries every day.  I can't tho. My work starts at 9:30am so same time they open up. But today, my daughter was not feeling well and I called in that I won't come either. Someone have to stay home and watch her. But hubby was at home in the morning so I quickly run for breakfast and on my way I stopped by Marshalls. 

Jackpot! I found 4 KVD lippies!
I picked up : L.U.V., Cathedral, Motorhead and Vampira. They were priced at $7.99 each. Perfect condition and prefect colors. I wanted to grab another Cathedral but unfortunately it was all swatched up. I don't get it why does people do that? Shit not wonder companies loose money and they price makeup super high! Coz some morons have nothing better to do. Yeah go to Marshall or any drugstore and start swatching and breaking  makeup. I get all heat up when I talk about this..

On top of it there were few Makeup Revolution palettes as well. for $4.99 I grabbed two : Girls on Film and Stipped and Bare. MUR makes amazing quality palettes and seeing few at Marshalls makes me happy! I can save few $$$!  Right now I am hunting for more KTV lipsticks shades and MUR Heart Highlighters :) Wish me luck!

Also my last non makeup/beauty related haul. I picked a while ago gorgeous lingerie set by Marilyn Monroe. I always, always when I am at Marshalls I make sure I picked something up. They are by far my favorite lingerie brand. So pretty and comfortable. Most of my bras and panties are by MM or Jessica Simpson. I do own few VS but I prefer MM better. Plus they are affordable. Just look at the cute set below. Pretty flowery bra cost me only $6.99 and the panties set $8.99. 

K-Beauty Skin Care I been Loving Lately ~ 24K Gold Series by Maqueology and Morgan Miller Cleansing Wipes

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I love skin care! Just as much as I love makeup. Trying and discovering new brands its really fun :) Some products will work out some don't. 

I notice that I have in my skin care stash good amount of K-Beauty skin care. So I will share with you few of my favorites :)

The brand I will be mainly writing is Masqueology and Morgan Miller. I am not 100% sure but they might be some how connected coz when I got in the mail Morgan Miller wipes the sender was Masqueology. I will have too look more into that later.

Lets start with Morgan Miller Cleaning Wipes. I own three Charcoal, Avocado and Rose.  I love testing facial cleansing  wipes. Some work for me some don't.  These three are fab!  But I must say that out of all i prefer the Charcoal Green Tea ones. I think they are soaked more and smell better. But that is just my opinion. I do like the avocado and rose ones as well, but if I have to repurchase definitely Charcoal will land in my basket. Both remove makeup with ease and I just need one wipe to clean my entire face. Now I did review before DermaE wipes and their tissue was a lot thicker then this one. I do like thicker tissues but these since they were soaked better then dermaE they worked just as good :)

* Charcoal Green Tea ~ pre-moistened , gentle and soft wipes. Charcoal removes chemical and toxins. When activated charcoal is applies to the surface of the skin it draws out the bacteria, pollutants and other harmful particles trapped underneath the skin. Green Tea extract acts as antioxidant that protects skin form damaging effects brought by pollutants and harmful elements.  ($9 for 60 wipes. get it here)

* Avocado ~ is packed with vitamins such as Vitamin C and E, that are essential for keeping skin healthy. It have an antioxidant properties which rid the skin of free radicals. ($9 for 60 wipes, get it here)

* Rose and Chamomile ~ the rose and chamomile formula helps  hydrate and reduce swelling of the skin. Rose have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and swelling of the skin and also acts like a moisturizer. Chamomile contains essential oils and skin treating properties such as  anti-inflammatory , anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antioxidants. It also acts like a natural moisturizer that brings back the glow. Out of all these have the most beautiful packing. But I like these least coz of the very strong rose scent. I don't mind rose scented products, but this one was just too much. ($9 for 60 wipes, get it here)

Now, Masqueology. Korean brand that is affordable and can be found at Walmart.
I reviewed before their 24K under eye gels and now I will share my opinion on rest of the 24K products. The gold have been very popular in skin care for many years. They said even in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra would put gold on her face to keep her skin radiant and young.
Gold have many benefits like increase elasticity, collagen depletion, lightness skin complexion, stimulate the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation, and prevents pre-mature aging.

* 24K Gold Serum ~ is an anti-aging formulation to give moisture and elasticity to the skin while helping to restore the skin youthful complexion. It leaves skin smooth and refreshed.  I love the beautiful glass bottle it comes with. Feel really luxury! It comes with a droplet as any other serum would. It have gold flakes in it. And it looks so beautiful! Little gold sparkles in clear liquid it takes my breath away! The serum sinks into the skin and leaves nice radiant look. These are scented just like the whole line is but unfortunately this scent I hate. ( $18, purchase it here and Walmart)

* 24K Gold Gold Cream with shimmer  ~  first off it smells better then the serum and again beautiful packaging, that feels luxurious.  The cream is formulated with gold and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin for maximum moisture while gold pearls give all over sun kissed glow. Vitamin A and E gives instant illumination for healthy looking skin while helping against fine lines and wrinkles. Now this packs a lot of shimmer on my face. I use it more often at night time, but if I need a radiant glow-y look I will apply it under neath my foundation and voila! But yeah, if you are someone who don't like the shimmer or any kind of sparkle on your face, stay away from this creme. It will make you shine like a disco ball :)  ( $18, purchase here and Walmart)

* 24K Gold Eye Cream ~ with gold and adenosine will work to lift the eye area while helping against wrinkles and fine lines. I be honest I haven't use this one a lot. But just as a creme is packed with shimmer and it makes my under eyes bright. Again I will be using mostly night time, coz of all that shimmer. If you ask, the shimmer wash off easily.  ($$16, purchase here and Walmart)

Just fyi I added links directly to a retailer but it is way cheaper at Walmart. Over all I really enjoy this line. Beautifully packaged, affordable and well works great! Looking forward trying more products by the brand in near future.

* products provided by Octoly, Masqueology and Morgan Miller for honest review #octolyfamily #gifted #honestreview

Introducing new eye shadow palette by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs ~ VAMPIRA (picture heavy)

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I got one of the best birthday gifts ever. When I got home yesterday a pretty coffin package was waiting for me. I didn't have to check to see who is it from :)  I know only one brand that sends out cool packages like that.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs launched yesterday (03/20) on my birthday, a new eyeshadow palette inspired by legendary Maila Nurmi's Vampira. 

I freaked when I saw the palette. It is stunning! Coffin shaped, includes mirror and 5 eye shadows. On the palette cover you see beautiful Vampira, and inside the coolest drawing created by @hagcult . 

Vampira shades :
* Velvet Moon ~ its a duo chrome it have a lilac shift to it. really pretty. buttery and pigmented
* Untarnished ~ very pretty metallic silver. also buttery and pigamned
* Astro Vamp ~ matallic-y  deep plumy purple. again buttery and pigmented. It have a purpely- pink sparkles in. 
* Necromancer ~ it like a antic gold. very nicely pigmented and buttery to touch 
* Nefarious ~ it is hard to describe this. I would say it is a deep green with a black base. when you look in the pan you can see many pretty sparkles (green, teal, light green). But when swatched I don't see it any more, plus it is kinda dry and well least fave. I see how it will look on the eyes but I am not crazy about it tho. 

Over all palette is amazing. Aside of that one shade I adore it. Packaging have a nice weight to it and it is very sturdy. this palette is perfect for all Vampira , Lunatick Cosmetic Labs and all Supernatural  fans. 

You can find VAMPIRA palette here
Price $35

*Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is cruelty free. 

 I do adore the black and white pictures :)

Kevyn Aucoin Electropop Palette ~ swatches

*pr sample*

Hi Loves! 
Again I am so thankful for Octoly for having in their free store Kevyn palette and Kevyn Aucoin for accepting me and sending it over :) 
This palette is life! Yes I might say that about all the palettes lately but come on just look at this beauty! Look at all the electric shades! and it definitely made in my top 5 eyeshadow palettes releases last year. 

This year I want to grow my Kevyn Aucoin collection. There is a lot of products that I really want to try. I already own their Neo Trio, that I can stop raving about it and got my coworker purchase it. Their Expert Mascara is wonderful, works great with their eyelash curler. Last year I went to 260 Sample Sale that was holding sample sale for Kevyn products :) I bought few, but I have not yet try them. Just wished I could went there early and well bring more cash with me hahaha. I ended up spending over $70 and I say it was a money well spend. 

Now back to the palette :) Its a limited edition filled with 12 beautiful metallic-y shades.  Neutrals and pops of color, yes give it all to me. The shadows feel lightweight and the texture is creamy, buttery almost gel like. The best color pay off is to apply with a finger. They blend nicely and there is minimum to no fall out. I am in love with almost all the shades. There is one that is kinda sheer, but still workable. The shade I am most impressed by is the back. That must be the most beautiful and most pigmented black shade I have ever seen. I usually hate black in the palettes coz they so patchy and non workable, but this, this you guys was send from heavens for all mua's to enjoy.  It is also a great base for all the other shadows. Just simply layer it over the black for the color to pop! I forgot to mention that black have a satin finish. 

* Light ~  light gold with metallic sheen
* Beam ~ medium gold with yellow undertones
* Ultraviolet ~ medium mauve
* Charge ~ golden brown
* Switch ~ fuchsia pink 
* Laser ~ medium pink (very sheer)
* Heat ~ coppery red

* Fuse ~ plum, contains glitter
* Amp ~ metallic teal
* Impulse ~ deep blue
* Hardwire ~ purple with blue undertones
* Blackout ~ satin deep black. (the best black shadow I have work with)

Overall I am really loving the shades and the palette. It one of the best metallic palettes out there. I have not buy UD Heavy Metals coz the colors didn't call for me, but this totally did. I am happy that it is in my collection and I cant wait to play more with it. This is perfect sidekick palette to all matte palettes :) I have few matte palettes that miss those pop of colors or just shimmers. I like sparkle and shimmer on my eyes :) 

*Disclaimer. Palette was send to me for review by Kevyn Aucoin and Octoly. Opinions are my own.

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