My Brow Products including Freedom Makeup, IT Cosmetics, Pixi Beauty, Jordana, Catrice and Mirabella

I know I know Brows are so on trend right now and everyone have them on a fleek.  Brows are important, they frame face and they give face expression. I didn't care much for eyebrows years ago. I got into makeup lets say maybe 3-4 years ago and I start paying more attention to my browns 2 years ago. Why so late you ask. Well I didn't like myself with a bold, filled in brows LOL I kinda looked weird. But once I start filling them in everyday I notice that people were telling me that I look great and asked what new did I do? Well brows DUH! 
I have few brow products and I want to show you it and tell you more about it too. Are your ready? 
also let me put it up at front some  products were sent to me and some I purchased myself :)

Let me start with a product that I am simply obsessed and I am grateful I have such a good friend who got this for me. I am talking about Freedom Makeup EverBrow pomade. I have to day huge thank you to Dorota my UK bestie who got this baby for me. I have to admit I was neglecting this product for so long. To be honest I was scared that this would be to bold for me and I would look weird LOL. But I ended up loving it. A lot f people say this is a great dupe for ABH dip brow pomade. I don't own ABH but If they are dupes then well spend your money on Freedom's Everbrow pomade. My browns never looked better. I am not a pro but this pomade is so easy to use and it will make your brows stand up. So far this is my holy grail product. Gel like formula, color payoff is amazing and t will last the whole day without the budge. This little gem is a must have for sure. I have my in shade Blonde which is cooler ashy blonde and matches me and my brows perfectly. To apply I use Sonia Kashuk angled brush and then spoolie.

Second amazing product is IT Cosmetics Brow Power in Universal shade. Retractable pencil, packaged in a twist up tube. One one side we have our pencil shade and on other we have a spoolie. I think that a brow pencils are the best options for beginners. They are so easy to use. The Universal shade is prefect for every one. Apply lighter, softer strokes for light color payoff (blondes), press harder for darker color payoff (medium brown black hair). The oval tip makes it really easy to fill in your brows. One two three and you out the door.

Another pencil that I have in my brow collection is by Pixi Beauty. Their Endless Brow Gel Pen is really nice as well. I did mention this pencil before in a post so I just send you over there, click here.

Now lets move in to powders. I have three in total but I will talk about two because I can't find my Milani one anywhere.
Let's start with Jordana Brow Powder Duo. This one my very first brow product I purchased. I Have my in shade light and it was using the heck out of it for past two years. and guess what I didn't hit pan yet! Small little grey plastic box comes with two shades (one lighter one darker) and a dual ended mini brush. I lost my brush but to be honest it was not that good. Like I said I like my Sonia Kashuk Angled brush for my gel and powder products. This Jordana brow powder was mu go to for a really long time. I only used the darker shade tho. The lighter was too warm and well it didn't match me at all. What I like the most about it is that it is inexpensive and works really good giving a natural looking brows.

My second brow Kit is one from Catrice. I got it recently and I been living it. Probably more then Jordana one. This one comes with two powders as well. I do find them better then Jordana though. I like to mix both together to get the desire color. The kit also comes with a mini tweezers and dual ended mini brush. They are so adorable bit I never found myself using it. Also the packaging on Catrice kt is much more sturdy then on Jordana's. I like both but If I had to choose I would got with Catrice. Both are super affordable.

My last product is also fairly new to me It is by Mirabella Beauty and their Quick Brow. And it is indeed quick. I have my in shade Light/Medium. I kinda eh on the shade i dunno I don;t see myself with it LOL. Or maybe that's just me. Quick Brow is a powder product that comes in a tube. The brush is rounded and wide, with only one swipe voila! your brows are filled. You really don't need anything else/ That's what I love about it. Easy and fast! Just wish for bigger shade range. Overall I love to apply/mix with other brow products :)

How about you ladies? How many brow products do you own and which are your faves?
By the way I found this awesome article on how to fill your eyebrows. Detailed information and video tutorial on how to fill your brows, Check it out!

starting from top :
* first two are Jordana
* another 2 are Catrice
* Freedom Pomade
*Pixi Endless Penil
* It Cosmetics Pencil
* Mirabella Quick Brow 

Summer to Fall Perfume Transitions ~ Viva La Juicy and Poison Girl

As you already know I love perfumes. What can I say I like to smell good, who doesn't? 
In this post I want to talk about my two new perfumes. Well not so new but still new.  One that I been using in a summer a quite a lot and one I been saving for Fall, but I was still using in the summer haha. 

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture have been on my wishlist forever. Ever since my friend gifted me a tiny rollerball one for Christmas years ago I always wanted a full size of it. These perfumes are so me! girly and sexy at the same time. What caught my eye? The most gorgeous bottle! You know, that crystal cap with fuchsia pink bow and a chain with Juicy logo. Ummm Yes it is perfect and it looks stunning on a dressing table, Aside from the bottle the fragrance is to die for!

 Feminine sweet fruity floral. At first spritz you get hit by fruity scent that dries down to sweet flowery-vanilla. The scent is not overpowering or annoying. It didn't give me headache. I got a lot of compliments and people were asking m what kinda perfume is that .. well Juicy of course!  The fruity floral composition makes this perfume perfect for summer days and nights :) I am a fan! and now I will be looking into more perfumes by the brand :) and Thanks God FragranceNet.Com they are always on sale :) I think I found my signature scent :) 

TOP : wild berries, mandarin
Heart: Jasmine, Gardenia, Honeysuckle
Base: Vanilla, Amber, Caramel, Praline, Sandalwood.

Get it from 
Price: $39.74

Long hot summer days coming to the end and we will welcome shorter and more cooler days. and with this most of women will change their perfume game. They will look for perfumes that contains amber,spices etc notes. I on the other hand found my summer to fall perfume and I think it fits perfect. The newest addition to famous Dior's Poison family ~ Poison GIrl. Fragrance launched in January 2016 and it is intended for younger lovers of this iconic brand. I personally don't call myself a lover of the brand. I own the original Poison, which I use on occasion. Other then that I didn't have a chance to look into other Poison perfumes. I heard of Poison Girl from my mom! yes! She got herself one and she love it! and she been talking a lot of it so I decided to finally give a shot and get new Poison. And guess what? I love it. They said it was intended for younger gals but to be honest anyone can pull it off.

Comes in a classic poison bottle and this one is pink :) the composition contains: sicilian bitter orange, that lead to heart of roses ( which contain May Rose and Damascena Rose). The drydown is Venezuelan tonka beans, sandalwood form Sri Lanka, almond and vanilla.  Pure oriental sweetness.
I actually love Vanilla scents for fall and winter. Also I have to say that this perfume reminds me very much of YSL Black Opium. So for sure will be my favorite coz let me be honest Black Opium is my fave!
Yu can get them off
Price: $104.39

Night time Skin Care Routine including SRB, Bravura London, Dr.Brandt.

Skin Care is the most important part of the day. I get send a lot of pr skin care and I am trying to switch around as much as I can and then share it with you.As a disclaimer all the products mentioned in this post were send to me. To be honest I don't remember when was the last time I bought a skin care product.  and also I have to mention that I don't get paid for reviewing these products. I get send them to me for my honest opinion. So if I dont like something I definitely let you know. 

I usually start my skin care around 9-10pm that is the time that I am done with dinner , homework, etc (monday to Friday) On the weekends my skin care look a bit different.

First I reach for makeup wipes. I use them to wipe off rest of my makeup. One wipe sheet is enough to clean my face. The makeup wipes I been currently using are my the brand Celavi in scent Milk. The brand offers more scents to choose. I have one more in Honey but I don't really like the scent. The Milk ones smells amazing and the wipes are soaked really good. And they take off makeup with ease. They don't feel harsh or anything. There is 30 in a package and they cost less than $5 score! So if you ever are looking for new inexpensive wipes I recommend Celavi in scent MILK :) for more scents click here,

once my face is clean I go to my eye makeup. And here with help comes Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover.  this guy is new in my cosmetic bag but after few uses it become a staple for me. It is really gentle! realy! if you have a sensitive eyes try this! my eyes love it! I didn't notice any burning, no blurry vision, no irritation , nothing! before I pour few drops on a cotton pad I give it a good shake and then press on closed lid to soak up the eyeshadow and mascara and then I sweep it off. I have a small 1.7fl oz (50ml) bottle that was gifted to me my a friend, but once I am done I am getting full size .. unless my friend can get me one more LOL.
Lancome Bi-Facil is available in every Lancome counter price for : 1.7 fl oz - $15, 4.2 fl oz - $30, 6.7fl oz -$39

Ok so now I'm don with my makeup, time to wash my face. Here I been using a Stabilized Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Wash by korean brand SRB. There is a huge hype on korean products! I guess it got to me too! LOl I actually want to try more korean brand and I might check some asian subscription boxes for that. I was contacted on my Instagram by the Choc Choc Cosmetics (korean beauty store in Chicago) they asked me if I would like to try SRB rice bran enzyme wash. Well you don't have to ask me twice hahah.

Yes! and this was a really good decision. I freaking love this cleanser and I will give you 10 good reason that you will too love it :
* First off - is great for all skin types even for the sensitive skin!
* Second - it is really gentle and non irritating (hence great for sensitive skin).
* Third - skin feels so soft and looks healthy after using it
* Fourth - rice bran extract helps repair damage skin
* Fifth - no uncomfortable dryness or tightness after using
* Sixth - smells really nice , like baby formula or cereal :)
* Seventh - really easy to use, just add few drops of water and then clean your face.
* Eight - skin feels clean and refreshed
* Ninth - brightens up the complexion
* Tenth - even kids can use it :) coz of the gentle formula.
I tried it on my daughter and she and her skin loves it :) She told me that her face feels so smooth and soft :) So yeah kids love it too!
if you are interested you can purchase it here.
Price $25

once I am done with washing my face it is time for mask. I don't do masks everyday but once in awhile. For a past few weeks I went back to my holy grail mask by Dr.Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask.  I talked about it before you can check it here. But yes this mask will always have a special place in my skin care, My face feels soooo good after. I try to use it only if I really need to, I dont know if I will be able to purchase it again - the price is kinda high for my small budget and pay check :(  but it is worth every penny. I will wait for some sale or coupons tho.

My last two steps are with newest addition to my skin care by Bravura London. Salicylic Acid 2% Peel - this is such a an amazing products for acne/oily skin. Salicylic Acid is great for deeply penetrate pores, to dissolve oil buildup, It is housed in a navy blue frosted bottle and it comes with a dropper. it have clear and fragrance free formula. Bravura London recommend to use this peel for 10 (max 30min) and then rinse with water. I prefer to keep it overnight (as a serum) and then wash it off in the morning. Also it can be use  as a spot treatment :) talking about versatile product :) I didn't notice any dryness and my face looks much much better. Usually Salicylic Acid dry my skin but this one feels better :)

On the nights that I dont use Salicylic Acid I reach for their Azulene Moisturizer -  light moisturizer with healing properties. It is prefect for my oily skin. I didn't find it greasy or oily. There is no fragrance to it either. It absorbs intently and leaves my skin feeling nourish. he moisturizer come sin a blue frosted jar wit rose gold cap. The moisturizer itself is blue! but don;t worry there is no dye added. It is blue because of the Azulene plant and no it wont make your face blue :)
Over all Bravura London line is amazing, especially for people with problematic skin such as me. I am really looking forward to try more. I have to more products waiting for me to open them :) SO i better get going and do so.
I also have to mention that Bravura is Cruelty free and Vegan friendly :)
you can shop here.
Salicylic Acid 
Azulene Moisturizer

So that is it for my night time routine. I will do a post on a day time  routine soon.
Did you try any of the products mention here? let me know what is your holy grail skin care product :)

Kat Von D ~ Lock It Revolution ~ Concealer and Setting Powder ~ Review

Is it me or Influenster is stepping up their game and their boxes are better and better?
When I saw that they had a Kat Von D Voxbox
I was crying. I really wanted to be a part of it , but I got Marc Jacobs before so I never knew I would not get in. But miracle happen and yes! I got in :) 
I am telling you when you know that you getting something in the mail, the waiting time is soooo long! you know what I mean right? But finally I think week after I got email my box arrived :) Tears of joy and happiness you guys! This box is the best one yet! 

Kat Von D Lock It Revolution Box came with  2 new Lock It Concealer Creme, Translucent Setting Powder and two brushes.

As a big fan of Kat's work and makeup line of course I am beyond happy to add her new products to my collection.

Lets talk about concealer first. 
Being described as a creamy , full coverage product this multi tasking concealer does it all. It said that it does amazing job at covering dark circles and brighten them without appearing too dry and also cover your blemishes without the extra coat that would make your face look cakey.

top L5, bottom L3

I got my two in shades : L5 Neutral and L3 warm. Both are my match and both do an amazing job.
They are indeed creamy and do cover blemishes and dark circles. Comes in round tube with doe foot applicator that is shaped like a tear drop. It makes applying concealer easier :) Plus it is really flexible. I use a beauty blender to blend it and works really good. I don't apply too much just few dots under my eyes, bridge of my nose and forehead. I didn't notice any creasing throughout the day. Another great thing is that it comes with over 20 shades, so you can find one matching you.

I set the concealer with a Lock It Translucent Setting Powder, which is by far my favorite product in the collection. So lightweight, non drying and super silky. Perfectly locks makeup and have a blurring properties! Is that a magic or what? Comes in translucent shade that can be use for all skin tones, don't leave any white residue or cast on the face. Blends really nice and like I said lock makeup in place. I am so happy that it stays matte well almost all day. I did get a bit shiny after 7h of being matte :) but that 7h is the longest I went without all that shine coming through. Powder comes in a simple clear jar with Kat's logo embossed on the lid. The sifter holder are in star design , which is so awesome.

I used Lock It Setting Powder Brush with the powder. Made of synthetic fibers the brush is dome shaped with tapered end. The bristles are super soft and I didn't notice any shedding. This brush is perfection when it comes to setting my under eyes. It fits perfect and works amazing.

Then we have a Lock It Edge Concealer Brush. I be honest I didn't use it yet.I was using my beauty blender to blend out the concealer. I have to put this one in rotation as well. This brush like the other one is have a really soft bristles. I heard a lot of gals love this brush, so I dunno what I am waiting for.

Thanks Influenster for sending me this amazing box! 

NYC ~ Insta mix

Hi Guys!

I get request to post more pictures of NYC so here we go :)

view from H&M on 48th street

5th ave

5th ave

6th ave

3rd ave

3rd ave

5th ave and Empire

this one i took in march:) empire

times square

 one world trade center

view from brooklyn side 

MAC ~ My Lipstick Collection

Hi  Loves, 

I'm not gonna hide that I love MAC lippies. Ok I love their Limited Collection , which I don't quite use, coz you know they are Limited. How crazy right?
I bought my very first Mac lipstick when Alluring Aquatic collection launched and that was about hmmm 3 years ago ? I am not quite sure. Too be honest I was not really happy with the color but the tube on the other hand was breathtaking. After that I tried to buy at least one lipstick in every LE. I can tell you my second and third lippie I bought but as for others I don't remember.
Second was Oblivion form MAC ROcky Horror Picture Show. This is by far my favorite lipstick ever! The most gorgeous red I own. My third was yet another red, this time from Holiday collection and I got it n shade Sparks of ROmance. There was one more red form that Xmas collection I wanted but unfortunately it was sold out.

I will try to show them in order I bought them. I might however not remember exactly hahaha!

Lets start with MAC Lipstick collection,

1. MAC Pet me Please (LE Alluring Aquatic Collection) ~ Light peachy beige, frost. I really don't like the color, but I really wanted something from this collection. I am still trying to hunt down three lipsticks from this LE collection but the prices are out of the world!

2. MAC Oblivion (LE Rocky Horror Picture Show)~ vivid bluish-red, amplified finish. By far my favorite red I own.

3. MAC Sparks of Romance (LE Christmas Heirloom Collection) ~ describe as a true red. medium-dark bright red with cool undertones and barely there gold shimmer. Overall this is a matte formula. MaC Salon Rouge is another one I really want to get my hands on.

4. MAC Oxblood (LE Toledo Collection) ~ light peachy nude, matte finish. I remember this lipstick sold out super fast! I was happy that I could get it. The rest in collection were all reds.

5. MAC Burmese Kiss (LE Bao Bao Wan Collection) ~ bright coral pink with matte finish. I bought it just coz of the name. My hubby is Burmese :) There was a nice purple one in the collection as well, hoping to get my hands on it one day.

6. MAC Free As A Butterfly (LE Cinderella Collection) ~ light golden beige with frosted seen. Lustre formula. Oh men! you guys that collection was sold out within 10min. I had my $$$ prepared coz I wanted almost all! and I ended up getting only one :( till now I am stalking up my local CCO hoping they will get it one day.

7. MAC Petite Red (LE Julia Petit Collection) ~ strawberry cream red with satin finsih. It have blue undertones. This was not the lipstick I wanted form this collection. It was the only one left :(

8. MAC Creme D Nude  (LE Wash and Dry Collection) ~ muted light peachy beige with cremesheen finish. I think it is available in permanted line. I just wanted that cute special packaging.

9. MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus ~ bright fuschia pink, amplified finish. I bought this one off a friend. She sold it to me with a matching lip glass for only $16

10. MAC Please Me (LE Christmas Magic Of the Night Collection) ~  light medium creamy pink. Matte finish. more here.

11. MAC All I Want (LE Mariah Carey) ~ Champagne shimmer. You can read more here.

12. MAC Von Teese (LE Dita Von Teese) ~ vivid tomato red, matte finish. I almost missed out, thank god for good friends! Dora one more time thank you!

13. MAC Dangerously Red (LE Zac Posen Collection) ~ bold, bright fuchsia red with blue undertones. this was my birthday gift from my BFF Snow :)

14. MAC Full Fuchsia ~ bright fuchsia pink, amplified finish.

15. MAC Diva Antics ~dark berry red, amplified finish.

*The first orange in the pic above was for my mom. The name is My Inner Famme.

16. MAC TATS (LE Giambattista Vali) ~ bright hot pink, matte finish. This I bought off a friend on IG. So happy to own atleast one form that collection. Still hunting down Bianca B.

17. MAC Doo-Wop (LE Brooke Candy Collection) ~ bright fuchsia pink, with cool undertones.more about Brooke collection and what i got here. Matte finish.

18. MAC Witching Hour (LE brooke Candy collection) ~ deep, rich purple. Matte finish.

19. MAC Mind Control (LE Brooke Candy Collection) ~ bright, cherry red with cool undertones. amplified finish. This one I manage to get at MAC Sample Sale :) for only $7!

20.  MAC DDDevilish (LE Chris Chang, Poesia collection) ~ pastel hot pink, matte finish.

21. MAC Hot Chocolate (LE Vibe Tribe Collection) ~ muted dark, rosy-plum. more about it here.  Satin finish.

22. MAC Arrowhead (LE Vibe Tribe Collection) ~ light pinky-beige. Matte finish.

23. MAC Only You (LE Ellie Goulding Collection) ~muted rosy pink. Cremesheen finish. This one and other Ellie lipstick I bough on Mac sale. I paid around $12 for each.

24. MAC Without your love (LE Ellie Goulding Collection) ~ warm seashell pink, cremesheen finish.

 Now all these that I am about to mention I got form Sample Sale. I don't know if they are in permanent line or not.

25. MAC Silly ~ bright pink cream. Matte finish.

26. MAC Long Legged & Fabulous ~  soft baby pink. CremeSheen.

27. MAC A Sprinkle Of Magic (LE Faerie Whisper Collection)~ medium pink coral with golden shimmer. Frost finish.

28. MAC Nice To Meet You ~ deep pink red. Cremesheen finish.

29. MAC Flocking Fabulous ~ bright , medium pink coral. Cremesheen finish.

each of the lipsticks I got on Sample Sale cost me only $7! what a steal!

now my newest addition to my small MAC family :

30. MAC Midnight Troll (LE Good Luck Trolls Collection) ~  medium dark navy blue, with cool undertones. I am in love with this shade! and that was the only one I wanted from this collection :) It is a matte finish.

My friend over at Vanity Flair Customs makes amazing brush holders and her new design is MAC inspired. Check it out . You can get yours here.
In my I keep some of my Mac Lippies.

Mix from my IG.

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