New! Urban Decay Cosmetics ~ Naked Cherry and Elements Palettes ~ Sneak Peek

I don't often post sneak peeks but I could not help myself!
Imagine your day, sitting at work, busy like hell, thinking ... let me check my IG and see how my pictures doing. You open your Instagram and the fist thing you see is the new  Urban Decay Elements palette! <3 I had hearts in my eyes! I had to show my coworker coz he asked my why I was holding my breath LOL! It is stunning and well it will be mine! 
I quickly reposted and went back to work. 
Now I have a bit of time to really see the palette and the colors. I love it! I just hope the colors are pigmented and blend-able. I really can't wait for it to hit the shelves coz I need to swatch it! 
Take a look 

Like an hour later, Trendmood posted a new Naked palette by UD ~ Naked Cherry! We all heard the sad news that very first Naked palette is being discontinue... Thank God, Ulta beauty had it in stock and I was able to order it. NOw back to Cherry palette :) loving the packaging and the cherries! How adorable! And the shades in the palette look really pretty and kinda remind me of AHB Modern Renaissance palette. Btw I today I bought NORVINA palette and can't wait to play with it. 
Cherry palette is the reason that I NEED to ask my boss for a rise. Dude! all the new Holiday makeup will dry my bank account! for sure!
I also saw a pic of Cherry makeup spray, so I am  guessing there will be a full cherry collection :)

What are your thoughts on both palettes?
will you pass? will you buy?

* Pictures are from taken from Allure, Trendmood and UkMakeupNews  

My Summer SPF Edit ~ High End and Drugstore

*pr sample*

Sun damage is number one cause of premature skin aging.  Not to mention skin cancer. So went to my skin care drawer and pulled out all my sunscreens or basically anything with SPF in it.
I am not going to make a long introduction coz we all know how important is a good sunscreen.

Here are my top favorites

* Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant (SPF 33) ~ I discoverer this brand thanks to BrandBacker. This sunscreen protects skin from harmful environmental damage and prevent visible signs of aging. The lightweight formula features a universal sheer tint with clear matte finish. Glycerin keeps skin hydrated while rich antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Micronized zinc and titanium block harmful UV rays and soothe irritation. It is not sticky and works perfect under foundation.  Available at , Price $51

* Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Naked SPF 45 Sunscreen ~ one of my newest addition to my SPF family. All mineral lightweight lotion with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provides board-spectrum SPF 45 protection. Vitamin A, C and E and safflower extract help nourish skin appearance while providing antioxidant benefits.  I like the tint and they way it blend with the skin. Again it can be use under the makeup. You can get it at Sephora and, Price $38

* La Roche Posay Anthelois Clear Skin (SPF 60) ~  absorbs pore- clogging oil even in the heat and humidity.  It is formulated with a unique oil absorbing complex with Perlite and Silica , providing anti shine properties and keep skin matte. It is not greasy or sticky, it don't leave a white cast. I love how it keeps my oil at bay and it is perfect for NYC humid and heat weather. I also use it on my daughter and it didn't break or irritate her skin. Definitely a keeper. You can buy it anywhere they sell La Roche Posay products: Walgreens, Target etc. Price $20

* Insta Natural Vitamin C Moisturizer with SPF 30 ~  I love Insta Natural skin care. as the name suggest they are natural and don't use chemicals in their products and they are based in Orlando :) Hoping to visit them one day :) I got this Moisturizer last year and I can tell you I use it a lot! The moisturizer is formulated to prevent common signs of aging and protect skin against daily sun exposure. It is mineral based and contains ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Seed Oil and Zinc and Titanium Dioxide . Here is the link to review from last year (here). Insta Natural is sold at Walmart, Amazon and InstaNatural. com. Price $22

* Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-action Ultra Sunscreen SPF 30 ~ Powered by linseed extract, this moisturizer works lift, firm and improve wrinkles and visibly reduce the dark spots. It absorbs quick, its oil free and it wont clog pores. SPF 30 provides additional protection against environmental skin damage. It blends nicely into the skin, no white residue. Leaves skin hydrate, radiant  and comfortable. I like to wear under or with no makeup at all. You can get it at Sephora, Macys, Ulta , etc. Price $99.

What are your favorite sunscreens or moisturizers with SPF?

Let's Glow with Pop Beauty Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powders

*pr sample*

I love a good highlighter. They are my favorite to purchase and well to receive. Pop Beauty send over an amazing PR Package few months ago. It included 4 of their new Pop Prismatic Illuminating Powders. I say it was a love at first swatch. They give a glow AF! Blinding and well beautiful!

They come in a square, rather bulky packaging. Pop logo on a see-through acrylic lid.  In the middle there is a highlight. The more I look at it the more they remind me of diamond surface. There is a lot of product in each (5.1 g) and you don't pay much for it. I love a good affordable highlighter. 

The formula is so creamy! There is no fall out whats so ever. It beautifully glides on the skin and it makes it glow. If you like soft glow aka glow from within these are not for you. They are infused with shimmery particles that upon contact with skin gives beautiful blinding glow. Non glittery at all. Just beautiful intense glow! Yes these babies are pigmented. They are just amazing. Two shades I keep constantly reaching for are Celestial Lights and Gilded Lights. My Stellar Lights one came in broken unfortunately, but still I make a use out of it. The Stellar Lights and Lunar Lights I like to use as an eye shadows :). The best is to apply them with a dense brush rather then fluffy one. 

Like I mention they are affordable. $12 each and worth it. So if you like to glow and go for it. I think they are amazing and like I said the two lightest ones been in my makeup rotation since last month. 

They are available at POP Beauty --> Here.

Dream Street and The Zodiac Palettes - KathleenLights x Colourpop Collab ~ Review + Swatches

I always get excited when Colourpop launches a new eyeshadow  palette. They are such a great quality! I made a goal to collect them all. As of now the only ones that I still have to purchase : Fame, Fortune, Give It To Me Straight and Pretty Much. 

My recent haul included Sol Y Mar palettes, that I reviews and swatched here. Also I grabbed Makeup Ur Mind and Preception palette in collaboration with Shayla. 

Today I will swatch and talk about KathleenLight palettes: Dream Street and new The Zodiac palette. 

I will start with The Zodiac palette, because it is the newest. I love Zodiac theme and anything that is Zodiac, spiritual, Galaxy, Star, Moon, Sun, Dreams etc related. Hhahah I know so much! When I was little I would read a lot of horoscopes. It was kinda a thing and like every magazine had a horoscope in so why not. Another thing I loved to do was to look at the night sky.  I still do. But there is something magical just looking at the stars and moon, finding constellations, and trying to spot shooting stars. It is easy to do so when you live in open space like farm. I live in the city now and its hard to see anything :( Another thing I loved to do, is to translate dreams. I try to remember the most important details from my dream and I would go online and try to figure out what it means.  Good old days if you ask me. But now let's get back to the palette shall we?

The palettes outer packaging is stunning. The box is black with golden-coppery Zodiac designs and palette itself is like this gorgeous Cobalt Blue shade with the same designs. It have a mirror which is a plus. I personally think that all Colourpop palettes should have mirrors. Regular palette cost $16, this one was $18.. so $2 for a mirror? Why not right! I really don't mind paying extra.

Now back to the palette. Inside we have 12 shades as there is 12 Zodiac signs. I think the shades are stunning and my sign The Pisces have the most beautiful shimmery teal shade! I am in love with it. Like I said shade variety is good, we have mixture of mattes, satins and shimmers. I love that the names are printed on the actual palette, like under every shade. I feel like some of the shades don't really match the names. I know if anyone of us got a chances of working on a palette like this would choose different shades. But over all I do like the shades that are in this palette, aside from the names.

* The Aries ~ gorgeous metallic warm orange and gold shimmer (my dad's sign).
* The Taurus ~ light matte brown (this is my daughter sign)
* The Gemini ~ light gold with metallic sheen (my husband sign)
* The Cancer ~ light peachy-pink with metallic sheen.
* The Leo ~ light orange with gold shimmer that gives beautiful sheen
* The Virgo ~ medium dark taupe brown matte finish (my brothers sign)

* The Libra ~ medium pink with satin finish (my mom's sign)
* The Scorpio ~ metallic plum, one of  my favorites in this palette
* The Sagittarius ~ deep berry purple matte shade
* The Capricorn ~ matte black with gold flex of glitter, love the way it looks in the pan
* The Aquarius ~ matte cobalt blue ( pretty color but hard to work with )
* The Pisces ~ sparkly aqua teal shade and yes my favorite in the palette.

The second palette i will talk will be Dream Street.

I know it took me forever getting this palettes. I wanted it since it came out , but there was always something else and I never got around ordering it. Until now. I grabbed the $32 two palette bundle and could not be happier!

Dream Street palette is dreamy! I don't know you guys I am so impressed with Colourpop palettes. This collaboration was before The Zodiac palette as all of you know.
I adore the the packaging on this palette. It is really subtle and dreamy! I dunno that moon get me every time :) the mixture of cream and metallic rose gold is beautiful. Then we have a moon and stars :) I love that the names are printed under each shade! Makes life so much easier!

The inside is so beautiful as well. And then we have shades. I like all the shades. Again there is a mixture of mattes, metallic and satin. To be honest I like the color selection in this palette more then in The Zodiac. I will be playing with both this coming week so both will stay up on my vanity for now. I so can't wait.

* Shooting Star ~ light medium brown, matte finish. Great transition shade.
* Magical ~ light peachy-orangy shade also matte finish.
* Star Dust ~ coppery metallic. Gorgeous shade
* Twinkle ~ rose gold with metallic sheen
* Sweet Dreams ~  champagne with golden shimmer
*  Water Bearer ~ matte deep blue teal

* Potion ~ deep red based orange (terracotta) with matte finish
* Spark ~ reddish nice and bright and vibrant
* Kaleidoscope ~ silvery metallic shade. Best used wet
* Elfish ~ deep dark chocolaty brown, matte finish
* Moony ~ light pinky shade, great for highlight, it has a pearly sheen
* Mermaid Boy ~ teal with brown undertone. Duochrome

Overall I like both palettes. But there are few similarities between few shades tho. I was swatching side by side some of the them and I will put the post shorty after this one. Not all are 100% same but they are very closely matched. I will definetly find myself using more of a Dream Street palette, coz I just love rose gold, coppery shimmers. But also The Zodiac have great colors that I can't not wait to play with.

Which palette did you liked more? Are Dream St team or The Zodiac team ? I will be ordering the remaining products from the Zodiac collection and I will be posting it as soonest I get it.
Let me know :)

Saribelle Cosmetics ~ Affordable Skin Care at Target

*pr sample*

This post should have go up months ago. Unfortunately I got caught up in life problems and as you can see I was not active much on the blog. 

Tell me what's better then finding affordable gems at drugstore? Nothing!  I love trying out new affordable  products. Let's be honest, not every one have huge bank account and can splurge at high end skin care or makeup. And you know how pricey it can get right? 

Today I want to introduce you to Saribelle Cosmetics. Affordable skin care brand made for kids, teens and women all ages. Sensitive skin friendly. 
I came across them on Instagram. As you can guess the  beautiful packaging caught my attention. I followed them right away :)  I mean can we just talk about the packaging?  It is simply adorable and well fit for a princess.

As a blogger I get chance to try so many great and not so great products. Right now I am on the quest to find a good skin care for my daughter. Sophia will turn 9 in May and I want for her to start using a proper skin care products and not just a soap. I feel like soap dries up the skin. 
We already have an affordable cleansing brush and now we found a great skincare. 
Sophia really enjoys Saribelle products. The foaming cleanser is so easy to use and perfect for her. 
Non of the products broke her out or did anything. They are super friendly on her skin. 

* Instant Foaming Facial Cleanser ~ Lightly scented with mandarin and pink grapefruit essential oils, this all natural foaming cleanser removes all dirt and impurities  while Organic Calendula Flower and Aloe leave skin feeling refresh. I love the smell of this cleanser. It really smells divine. It comes with a pump, and you just need a tiny bit to clean entire face. My Sophia loves it. She say it is really easy to use and she likes they way it foams. Washes off with out leaving any residue and skin feels clean and refresh. ( Target, price $12.49)

* Moisturizing Face Lotion ~ lightweight face lotion, leaves skin feeling hydrated with out feeling greasy. Infused with Organic Chamomile and Calendula to calm irritated areas for smoother and softer skin. Organic Marshmallow Root  Extract soothes skin while Organic Caledula Flower Extract calm irritated areas. Again there is a very pleasant scent to it. I really like it and Sophia does it as well. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft. I like how it is great for kids and teen. Finally lotion I am not afraid to put on my daughter face. ( Target, $14.19)

* Oil free Blemish Gel ~  it targets problem areas with a unique blend of Licorice Root  and Witch Hazel, while cooling Peppermint Oil helps reduce redness and soothes irritated areas. This is the product that we didn't use much of. I get pimples one in a while and Sophia got one or two so far. I actually forgot I have this and applied something else on her pimples LOL. Now I had this pulled out on my vanity and when we get an uninvited friend on our face we will fight it with this gel. 
(Target, $12.29)

* Therapeutic Mud Mask ~ special blend of clays combined with Grapefruit Peel, Lemongrass and Peppermint Essential Oils purifies deep within pores. Can be used all over or just as a spot treatment. Ah I love how refreshing this mask is. It dries up quickly and washes off with warm water. It leaves skin so soft and so fresh! I really really like it. it is definitely in my top favorites/ I have not try this mask on Sophia yet. I am not sure if she have a need of masking her face or not hahah. I guess it all depends on her. If she asks I will hand it over to her.  (Target,  $13.69)

Overall I want to say that me and my daughter love Saribelle Cosmetics. They are all natural and most important kid friendly. So if you have young daughter, sister, niece or cousin get it for her. She will love it and her skin will be grateful as well.

*pr sample provided by Saribelle Cosmetics. Opinion is my own. 

Summer Glow with Pixi Beauty ~ Liquid Fairy Lights and Glowy-y Gossamer Duos ~ review and swatches

*pr sample*

This PR box is so magical! Lately Pixi Beauty is stepping up their game! They keep launching so many fantastic products! Already saw the preview of the new ROSE makeup mist, ombre bronzing palettes etc. Oh can't wait!

 OMG I have two more blog posts on PIXI beauty previous launches., sorry guys time was not my friend in the past few months. Those post should be up soon :)

The post that need to go up : New Pixi Collab with beauty bloggers like Dulce and Chole, that collection is really beautiful! And I also have to review some skin care. As you know PIXI makes amazing skin care!

Now lets focus on glowy skin and glittery eyes :)

Glowy Gossamer duos ~ I feel in love at first sight. I knew I will love them and I did. I live for highlighters! I can;t never get enough of them. They are staple in my makeup routine. The powders are soft and silky. Highly pigmented with creamy texture. I could not keep my fingers of these/ When swatching they just melt into the skin and applies they are blinding! They give that wet kinda look. There is no glitter int them whatsoever. They just the type of highlight I need this summer. Perfect in so many ways.

They both come in pretty square green, pixi style compact, with clear lid. There are two shades in each compact: lighter and darker. And there are two color option: Subtle Sunrise and Delicate Dew. 
Retails for $18. Available at

Now let me show you a very pretty sparkle that will make your your eye pop :)

* Liquid Fairy Lights ~  liquid long wearing glitter eyeshadow. They are infused with chamomile and rose extract. No joke at first I thought they were lip glosses. When I was swatching I was thinking to myself, that the glitter is a bit too chunky and it would be not comfortable to wear on the lips LOOOL! I mean really can you blame me hahaha they come in a lip gloss type of packaging and well my brain right away picked up that these are glosses... then I went back to the box and read that they are in fact liquid eye shadow just the type Stila makes. So anyways, moving forward these are awesome! When you applied them they will not budge! Can be used alone or as a topper on  an eyeshadow.

There is 5 colors int the collection:
* Crystalline ~ pure white with holographic glitter
* Rose Gold ~ rose gold base with silver glitters
* PassionLight ~  dark copper with glitter
* SunRay ~ pale yellow gold with silver glitter
* BareBrillance ~ bronze with silver glitter 

They are perfection and you can wear them on any occasion :) Even to the office! LOL yes I did that and got lots of compliments! :) 
They retail for $15. Available on

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