My happy place ~ My Vanity

Ever since I deepened my passion for makeup I wanted a vanity. But well NYC's apartments are not the biggest, so there was no space for it. 
Long story make it short, a friend of my suggested to put my vanity in a hallway. I have nice long hallway that in fact did fit my vanity. After measuring everything, I went to IKEA and picked up Malm table and 6 Alex Drawer. I set them up in my hallway and well I was half happy. There was absolutely no light in the hallway, but on the other hand my makeup had it home. So I continued on doing my makeup at the kitchen table and vanity was basically another decorative piece of furniture. 

But then around two years ago my sister in law moved out and we had one extra room. We moved Sophia and her hordes of toys out of our bedroom. Yes! I remembered it was Thanksgiving and I was moving everything around! I moved out Sophia's belongings in no time, and then I went ahead and set up my beauty corner. Moved my bed to the middle, on one side there is a night table and on the other longer wall my beauty place. 

So I have my Alex 6 drawers, malm 3 drawers chest, that hold my skin and hair care and then there is my vanity. Outside, in a hallway I still have a book shelf that hold more of my makeup. I been planning to bring it in, but then I dunno I don't want to clutter up my room. So I left it as it is. 

My vanity surfaces changed a lot during that two years.  Right now I have almost the way I want. I still feel like it is missing something hahaha. Telling you girl can never be pleased!  I was browsing ideas/inspirations on Pinterest, but dunno, I will leave it as it is for now. 
I will be getting another Alex drawers for sure, but I can't decided if I want the 9 taller ones, or the 6 one and just stalk it on top of the other one. 
Still trying to decide. 

But anyways here are few pictures of my Vanity. 

This is my current set up. The Lipstick canvas I got from Marshalls for only $25

During Christmas I had my tiny white and gold/rose gold tree in the corner :)

One of my favorite coffee mugs :)

So neat! kinda miss this set up :)

One of my fave pics, Before and After. Trust me this mess is nothing compared to what I had to deal last week!

Right after I moved my vanity to my bedroom :)

My Alex 6 Drawers :) on top almost all my perfumes and the huge PR Package from Pixi

Hope you enjoyed~!

Sneak Peek ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills new "Soft Glam" Eye shadow Palette

I rarely post sneak peek, but my oh my the new ABH palette is breathtaking!
I bet you all see it all over Instagram already. The new baby will launch around March and I am telling you it will be mine. 

Soft Glam is so pretty! very romantic and very well me :)
Soft browns, pastel pinks, peaches, shimmers and mattes.  She is truly a beauty!
 Palette includes 14 shades- 7 brand new, 3 from MR and  ABH singles. 

As you guys can tell I am super excited for this palette. All I now it will be available around March, but not sure with the price, I going to assume it will be around $42 just like the other ABH Palettes. 

* Pictures credit Trendmood1 Instagram. 

Winter Skin Care Routine with Dermae, Clarins and Willing Beauty

*pr sample*

The winter months can be difficult and harsh. And let me tell you NYC winter this year is no joke. For over two weeks temperatures were below 20F. 
And my oily skin become dry and rough. So mainly I focus on hydration and use a lot of hydrating products. 

Here is what I been using during last few weeks 

DermaE Hydrating Cleansing wipes ~ I got them in the mail like two weeks ago I believe. And they are the reason that the post didn't go up two weeks ago, hahaha! I figure if I like them i will include them in here and guess what!? I like them. What I like the most is the cloth itself. It is thick, soft and soaked. It removes my makeup with such an ease! I need only one wipe to clean my entire face and neck. They are what my dry skin needs at the moment. I do like the scent as well. There is a hint of cucumber scent if I am not mistaking.  Each wipe is infused with Hyaluronic Acid that helps condition, soften and smooth skin, leaving it fresh and dewy. Fortified with super fruit extracts like Grape Seed and Maqui Berry, they offer antioxidant protection while keeping skin clean and refresh. Even tho I said they take off makeup I will still no matter what wash my face with cleanser.  ($7.19 at DermaE and Target Website)

DermaE Hydrating Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid ~ one of two cleansers I been using. I love how convenient it is. Hello pump! It purifies, restores and refreshes my skin. Papaya exfoliates to regenerate the skin, while lemon grass acts as natural astringent to tone and tighten. Hyaluronic Acid binds moisture to the skin for smooth and radiant complexion. I been using it morning and night time. It cleanse very well and works great with my Michael Todd Beauty Soniclean.  It does not strip the skin and it really hydrates it. My skin feels really soft and most of all hydrate. No more itchiness!
I use it to even remove my eye makeup coz its really gentle and non irritating.  ($13.95 Dermae)

My second cleanser is Willing Beauty  Do-Over Nourishing Cleanser. I really like this one. The formula is silky and smooth. Comes out like a balm and later it foams up a bit  and beautifully not only removes left over makeup but also leaves skin hydrated. Leaves no residue and don't strip the skin. I use this one mostly night time coz it removes makeup really good. Especially on the days when I don't use wipes. Definitely a mist have for me this winter. Plus it is great for sensitive skins! ($18, here)

After all the cleansing I go with Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum. I apply it before any moisturizer morning and night time.  A light weight, moisturizing serum designed to nourish with organic leaf of life extract to protect against dehydrating effect that damage the skin, such as sudden temperature change. I use two pumps and apply to my skin. It sinks in right away. My skin feels soft and hydrated! what else can I want? Perfect for the winter months. ($78, Clarins and other retailers like sephora etc)
Along with serum I been suing Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel. I love this guy! I use it all year round. I do love the light scent of it. I really addicted to it hahah ! It have a gel like consistency that sinks into my skin and leaves it hydrated!  After it settles in the skin it leaves it matte. I do like when my skin is matte but lately I need some glow. I am pretty sure I will have a lot of use of this guy during warmer months as well. So if you need boost of hydration this is your duo! Both Clarins products work amazing together. ($48, Clarins and other retailers like Sephora etc)

The last moisturizer I want to mention is DermaE Hydrating Night Creme ~ another must have for me. This is drugstore option and it is budget friendly. This one hella amazing night cream. The formula is a bit thicker and takes some time to sink into the skin. It makes my skin hydrated and soft. Again no irritation. It did calmed my redness and helped with my acne. Creme also have anti-aging properties. My skin loves it and I bet your would too. ($29.50, DermaE)

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette ~ swatches

Second post this year, and this time I show you my must have Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette. 
Holy smokes this palette is breathtaking! Contains 16 shades - 4 mattes and 12 shimmer/foiled/metallic, that are infused with cocoa powder (yes it smells really yummy once you open it) and real gold. 

The colors are stunning! It is a nice wearable palette with few pops of colors. 
As to previous launch of White Chocolate Bar (which I won't be getting) I had a high expectation. And really it blew my socks off! I order it from Sephora website. I didn't even bother to go and swatch it. I usually do that. When new product launch I go to Sephora and "touch" it before I spend my money on it. 

The packaging is really beautiful! Its a regular Too faced Chocolate bar with a gold  chocolate melting all over  it. It looks really luxurious! The packaging is very sturdy plastic. Inside  you find a full sized mirror and of course beautiful shadows. 

I personally am a fan of all sparkle, shimmery, metallic shadows. All the colors in the palette give me life! They swatch beautifully and apply really good. I use either wet brush or my finger to get that full on metallic thing going on my eyes. The mattes are really nice as well.  There is not much fall out either :) really easy to apply, blends well. I dunno this my be the best palette that Too Faced came out with this far.  On the side note, during the 50% off sale at their website I ordered Sweet peach and Semi Sweet palette, that were missing in my collection :) I am really excited for them to get here :) I also feel tempted to buy clover Palette, I dunno I don't hear many great reviews, but the shadows really look appealing to me.

Anyways getting back to the Chocolate Gold palette, below are finger swatches:

* Money Bags ~ rich green with gold shimmer
* Chocolate Gold~ bright shimmery/ metallic  yellow gold
* Rich Girl ~ shimmery/metallic taupe 
* Cocoa Truffle ~ matte chocolate brown 
* Decadent ~ matte black ( a bit patchy in my opinion)

 * Love & Cocoa ~ shimmery/ metallic burgundy
* Old Money ~ shimmery/ metallic copper
* New Money ~ shimmery pink (thought it would be more pigmented)
* Famous ~ shimmery/ metallic brozne
* Classy & Sassy ~ shimmery/ metallic rose gold (my fave)
* So Boujee ~ matte light brown

* Holla for a Dolla ~ shimmery/ metallic olive green 
* Gold Dipped ~ shimmery/ metallic gold 
* Livin' Lavish ~ shimmery/ metallic deep plum purple
* Dripping Diamonds ~ shimmery/ metallic silver (another fave)
* Rollin' In Dough ~ matte beige (looks better on the eyes than swatched)

I think this palette is not only holiday friendly but well all year round friendly :) hahah that didn't made sense right ? You can totally use it for a day to day makeup. 

New Physician's Formula The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 ~ My Thoughts

Hi Babes!

Hope your year started fabulous! My so so. I had migraines for 3 days in a row... Sucks I know, what can I do. .. :(

But anyways I am here to share with you my quick thoughts on new PF The Healthy Foundation SPF 20. Thats a mouth full don't you think ? hahaha .
On New Year's Day I went out to CVS coz a day before I got 40%off coupon and decided to use it. Bought foundation and press powder fit me for a friend and for myself fit my foundation, total temptation palette and mascara. On a way home I stopped by Rite Aid to see if there is any good makeup sales and I was welcomed with new Physician's Formula display :) Yup new foundations and illuminating primer hit my Rite Aid. And the best thing was it was buy one get 2nd free! so  I decided to pick up the foundation :) I grabbed two shades and on top of the discount I got $6 off! which made me pay less then $11 for both! total score if you ask me :)

I ran home and opened it up. I had to try it even tho it was around 4pm already, but oh well. 
First off, foundation comes in very heavy duty glass bottle. I like that I feels more expensive then it actually is. Second there is a nice shade range for the foundation. My store got around 8 on the display but I think on PF website is way more. I am super happy that PF introduce to us more shades, and not their topically Fair, Medium, Dark range. No one does 3 colors anymore. I like to see that they stepped up their game :)

What surprised me was the applicator. It like the one you get in a concealer :) I don't think I own a foundation that have this type of applicator. I do prefer pump in my foundation, but I learned how to work with this type as well :) 

Now the foundation is long wearing and build-able. Blends easily. When I use a brush to blend it in I get more of a medium  coverage, but with damped sponge gives light to medium and more natural looking. I do prefer sponge. I really like how healthy and natural it looked.  I really did like how it wore too. I did get oily throughout the day but that's normal hahah . God sometimes I hate my skin.   On my oily skin lasted 8h. Which is good.  I used it on top of Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer. I bought my in shades LC1 and LN4. Combined they are really nice match to my skin.

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 It contains all skin friendly ingredients. One of them is Hyaluronic Acid, which supposed to improve skin tone appearance. Vitamin A, C and E help hydrate and nourish, while SPF 20 helps again sun rays. 

(slightly blended)

Overall I really enjoyed it. Worth trying out, since PF claims it is for all skin types :) 
I think it is one of the best foundation at drugstore. Now I need to hunt down all other new launches by the brand and there is few of it hahaha :)

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