Versace ~ Bright Crystal

Let me start by saying that I always wanted Bright Crystal by Versace. Ever since I can remember. 
First time I smell them when I was on vacation, I think I was like like 18 years old back then. I used to spend vacation at Polish coast. That summer I got in touch with my cousin and I spend first few weeks over at her apartment. One day getting ready I saw on her desk this gorgeous pink bottle with huge crystal/diamond cap. I was drawn to it like a mot to a light. Yup it was Bright Crystal. Something that was out of my reach back then. I was even surprised that 15 year old had it and not me. Well it was out of question for me to send over $100 on a bottle of perfumes.. my parents wold never allow it.  The story make it short, after I opened them I was in heaven. They smelled like summer. Fresh And sexy. It opens with notes of pangranade, yuzu and iced accord. The heart o fragrance is magnolia, lotus and peony. The drydown is amber, musk and mahogany. 
Send is truly refreshing but not overpowering. Very feminine and sensual. 
Every time I spray them it reminds me of that fun summer I had. I did eventually got the smaller size of it. I run out of it fast though.

Can we talk about the bottle for a second? Can we all say that it is gorgeous? Well I think it is. Beautiful pink, sturdy bottle. And of course huge crystal with Versace Logo on top. Looks so beautiful on a vanity surrounded by other perfumes. 
I would say this is a perfect daytime scent. I always get lots of compliments in the office whenever I wear them. 
They are inspired by mixture of Donatella Versace's  favorite floral fragrances.

Top notes : Pomegranate, Yuzu and Iced Accord

Heart Notes : Magnolia, Peony and lotus

Base Notes : Amber, Musk and Mahogany.

I am so happy to have them again in my life.
Love the sexy aroma. The scent last all day on me. I swear by the end of that day I can still smell it. 
Versace Bright Crystal can be find in any department stores, but hey do you want to save some money? have them in stock for way cheaper then any other store! You should check it out, because they carry not only perfumes but makeup and skincare as well :) Sounds great right? So what are you waiting for!? 

Buff Her ~ Foaming Food Facial scrub in Strawberry Lemon

Who doesn't like facial scrubs? Well I am a big fun of it :) And if you are too then keep on reading.

I actually want to talk to you about Foaming Food Facial Scrubs by Buff Her. 
Good exfoliation is a staple in a every skin care. Buff Her unique facial food scrubs are handcrafted form natural, organic fruits and veggies. Yes all the ingredients are organic and you can recognize them. Such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, honey and even coffee. 
Out of three scrubs I have form them I will only focus on one for now. 

I been using Strawberry Lemon Foaming food scrub for a while now. Like I said I have 3 different ones but I only opened one for now. First off the packaging is really good. Glass jar that holds 3.25 oz (96g) of product is in. After you open the lid, it smells like a heaven gate to strawberry fields. I can even say how good it smells! Strawberry lemon cupcakes! Oh I know! Long time ago I bought a strawberry cake mix, I think form Duncan Hines. After baking cupcakes the whole house smelled like freshly baked strawberry goodies. This scrub actually smells even better! I think the combo of lemon and strawberries makes it so yummy! plus both ingredients are super for breakouts! Strawberries contains salicylic acid, that is main ingredient in any acne medication. 
I remember when I first used it, my face was so red! I went a bit overboard and scrub the heck out of my face. Imagine that! After I went over with my moisturizer and my skin felt so smooth and tight! After that I been using this scrub once a week and hell I love my skin! 
Each container get you at least 200 uses! That is a lot! Plus i t is super easy to use ;) scoop desire amount ( a little goes a long way) into your wet hands rub it together and then apply to your face in circular motion. You can use it either water or your favorite cleanser with it. 
Buff Her scrub is the best one I ever used! I really been loving. Some scrubs, face mask etc . breaks me out. But not with this one. This feels really good and smells so delicious! it makes me wanna bake! 
Later I will be doing review on Milk and Honey  and Vanilla Almond Scrubs. I didn't open them yet so they need to wait their turn. Hopefully they won't wait long ;)
Check Buff Her website. There is a plenty scrubs and flavors to choose from. Go with your skin type to get a perfect match ;)

XoXo ~ Monica

Review on Matcha Skin Lip Scrub coming soon :)

mixed with water

Winter Pamper Time

Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex ~ Winter Hair Care

Your hair needs same attention as your skin, no matter if it's summer, fall or winter. Now that temperature drops drastically, your hair gets damaged very fast. 
I have a long hair, a very very long hair and plus my hair are color treated and they get damaged very easy. So hair care is really important for me.

Today I will share with you my new hair care products I been using for a past week. 
And also I become a Brand Ambassador for and I super excited to tell you more about this amazing expirence!  FragranceNet is a website where you can find perfumes, colognes, candles and makeup at really great prices! So i there are any great deals going on I will or sure let you know right away :) Best if you all can follow my IG -> Villemo20. I post there first and this place comes in second :). 
Anyways back to review. Also at the end I will post few tips on how to take care of your hair in winter, so stay tuned for that. 

Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner ~ since I have color treated hair I need to invest in hair care that help me keep my color longer. Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex duo which I received from FragranceNet not only kept my color but it made my hair look and feel better. I even got a lots of compliments and girls at my work asked what did I do to my hair ?! They look smooth, less fizzy and when you touch silky soft. Yes, that's what I called Magic In  a Bottle. 
Before that my hair were really dry and dull looking. Maybe you notice that after shampooing your hair gets really heavy and very dry, you know what I mean ? Does this happen to you too or its only me? They get so tangled that when I think of brushing all the knots out I cry, Yup that will hurt!
Every time I got to hairdresser all I hear is how bad my hair are.Well I know they are, but I wont stop dying them, I like myself in a blonde hair.
After using this magical duo my hair never felt better. After shampooing I actually could run fingers thru my hair ( I didn't conditioner my hair yet).So after shampooing three times I apply conditioner and I let it sit in my hair or 5- 10 minutes. If I don't use hair masks ( and I didn't use it this time , I wanted to know how these two will perform on its own) I leave in conditioner for 10 min to make my hair more softer and more manageable. 
After 10 minutes I rinse my hair and boy they felt good! Brushing it went fast and smooth. 
Yeah well almost bottom of my hair was still tangled, well that happens a lot to me :)
Anyways I really am impressed with Smoothing Therapy duo. 
After blow drying and styling I notice that my hair were also less fizzy. Plus straightening my hair with flat iron went easier and faster than usual. It also smells divine. Fresh and fruity.
And before I blow dry my hair I used Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin replenishment. Advance formulation that revitalizes the hair with a blend of keratin and emollients. It restores moisture, protects against frizz and helps seal nourishment into the cuticle, leaving behind silky, shiny hair. 
The bottle comes with a pump so it is very easy to use. Just dispense 2-3 pumps in your hands and then apply evenly into your hair. the color of it reminds me o f strawberry pudding :) but I am not a big fan of a scent tho. I am pretty sure this will become a product that I will not be able to live without.

You can ind all three on :
Shampoo ~ $13.49
Conditioner ~ $13.49
Infusion Therapy ~ $18.47
All with 25% off coupon :)

Few tips or you :
* Wear Hat ~ always cover your head and hair.
* moisturize ~ use hair mask
* try to use less hair tools such as blow dryer and flat iron, they take all the moisture from your hair and make them dryer. if you using them, apply heat protecting sprays first
* avoid chemicals
* use argan oil to add moisture to your hair

Skin Again ~ Skin Care Routine

Hello my loves,

Let's talk once more about skin care. I love trying out new skin care products. Lately I been using  Skin Again Exfoliating Gel and Youth Serum. 

SkinAgain Youth Serum ~ I been using it day ad night time. I really been liking it. I feel like its perfect for my skin. It don't make it dry (like a other serums did). My face feels hydrated and brighter. Well, I don't have any wrinkles ...yet, but it won't stop me from using it. It is better to start sooner or later :) With this serum I concentrate around my eye area ( I know it is not a eye cream) but it helps me keep my dark circles at bay. My skin feels smooth.  It also does a great job as a primer. Well in my case primer base for an actual primer. I feel like my makeup applies more smoother and last longer. It comes with a airless pump that "pumps" out the right amount of product. 

SkinAgain AHA Exfoliating Cleanser ~ This stuff is amazing! Smells like grapefruit and cleans my skin so good! Form the first time I used,  I could see and feel a difference in my skin. My face felt smoother, tighter and cleaner! especially my pores. They are so much less visible. The cleanser is not harsh is the opposite. Love the jojoba micro beads that exfoliate my skin getting rid off dead cells, makeup and cleaning out my pores.

Over all I been enjoying both products. Really been loving the Cleanser the most! I really like a good cleanser/Exfoliate that cleans my skin the right way and my face actually feels clean!
Both can be purchase on SkinAgain Website.

Miss Tutii ~ Asian Beauty Box

Attention Ladies and Gentleman  we have a new awesome subscription box on the market.
If your a fan of Korean, Japanese or any other Asian Skin care brand , you are in luck!
Miss Tutii will be your perfect choice.
They offer 3 different kind of subscription :
1.) TutiiMask ~ $12. each month you will receive 6-8 masks ranging form sheets mask, face, lip, eyes and body.
2.) TutiiBag ~ $15. each month you will receive a bag of 4-5 deluxe samples or full size products.
3.) TutiiBox ~ $25. Each month you will receive full sized or premium brand samples (e.g. SKII, IOPE, SHISEIDO).
 Free Shipping in USA.

And the best part is if you don't like a product that came in you bag or box you can swap it for different one! 
Tell me what other subscription box offers that?!?

You can use VILLEMO20 for 20%off!!!! 

Now lets take a look what came in January TutiiBox :)
~ SK II clear Treatment Lotion (full Size) $70
~ SNP Animal Sheet Mask $4
~ LALA Ultra Light Sun cream SPF35 $24
~ MY SCHEMING Black Sheet Mask $3.50
~ TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar $10
~ ETUDEHOUSE Missing You Hand Cream $8

Overall I am very impressed with my box! Box is worth is $119.50 and you pay only $25 :) Great deal! I heard of most of the products but I have never tried any of them. I really looking forward to try SKII and Etude House. hand Cream and Bunny Lip gloss bar are so cute! 
All the goodies come in cute PINK box :) yes PINK how awesome! The box is also totally reusable! 
So again if you like Asian Skin care or you know someone who does, or you just simply want to try it~ look into Miss Tutii. FYI they also ship International ;)
Read more on their website ---> MissTutii.

Don't forget to use my code at check out VILLEMO20 and it will save you 20%! Ends January 31st, after it will give you 10% only.
NOTE: this is not an affiliate code, I don't make any $$$ form it :)

MAC Poesia ~ Sneak Peek!

MAC Cosmetics is launching new collection! 
Chris Chang of Poesia puts an acid soak twist on a modern MAC Collection, featuring vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. 

This collection will be available around May 2016.
Check it out! I really love the colors and cant wait to see swatches!
The packaging is to DIE for! definitely will be picking up something form this collection, why wouldn't I right?! Btw I really want to know whats inside in that middle compact ? Thoughts?

Bella And Bear Brushes ~ Review

Two months ago I received new brushes . I tell  you I love trying new brushes and I am always in need of new ones. I got set of 5 "Cats Eyes" and a foundation brush. So far I am really happy with them. And ... If you are interested in purchasing anything form Bella and Bear I will have a coupon code for you :) Sounds great right :)

"Cats Eyes" 5 piece brush set ~ this a great kit if you start dealing with makeup. It have 5 brushes that you will use quite often while doing your eye look. So we have ;
* Leopard Cat ~  I used it to blend shadow in my crease and on the outer corner and lover lash line. It is a bit scratchy tho. 
* Iromote ~ love this one to apply shimmer, glitter shadows. 
* Pampas Cat ~ big, fluffy blending brush. Sheds a lot 
* Black Footed Cat ~ eye shadow brush.
* Ilberian Lynx ~ double ended. one end is a spoolie and the other is a tipped brush, that I like to fill my eyebrows with. 
Love all the cat names. I think something was wrong with my set tho. I read a lot of people love this set and they say how good it is etc. Yes I agree it is good , but out of 5, 2 brushes were a big disappointment for me. And I am talking about the ones I was most excited about: Leopard Cat and Pampas Cat.
Pampas Cat sheds so much! Even while blending it was losing bristles like crazy! 
And Leopard cat is a bit to rough for my eye lids, scratched the heck out of me! I do notice that after 2 washes it got a tiny bit softer.
like a said the set is not bad. I might got a crappy one but I think the brushes are ok and worth trying out. 
They also come in this gorgeous box. Vintage teal looking. I do like the box better then the brushes tho! it is really lovely :)

You can get them off AMAZON for only $15. 

Foundation Brush "LYNX" ~ flat top kabuki brush. Perfect for blending, buffing liquid foundation. This brush is amazing! the best foundation brush I ever tried ! first off is super soft. I could rub it all over my face forever. Again came in this cute vintage teal box. I was surprised to see the net around bristles! You don't see this often. It applies my foundation evenly. And it works great with my Dior AirFlash Foundation! I tried so many brushes to work my Dior with no luck. Highly recommend this brush! get it and you wont be disappointed. 

Link ----> Amazon. (Bella and Bear). $12

Kismet Cosmetics Lipstick Review

Another lipsticks review! Yay! Are you happy? Coz I am to introduce to you a new brand I recently discovered ;)

Kismet Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand based in Louisiana , created by local makeup artist. 
I want to show you two lipsticks form Kismet Velvet Collection : "Naked Gypsy" ( nude) , "Hey Baby" (pink metallic mauve) and one of the new Succulent Collection ~ liquid lipstick "Elope" (nude).

"Naked Gypsy" is a perfect nude. its very sheer. Swatched on my hand you can see the color ( a bit hint of pink), but once I apply on my lips you can see a pretty sheen ;) I really like it. I can be wore over a lip liner or topped with a gloss. Not drying , even thought it says semi-matte on a packaging. 
"Hey Baby" this a gorgeous metallic mauve pink. I don't think I own Lipstick like this. This is my everyday type of lipstick. It is always in my makeup bag. 
Both lipsticks feel smooth and comfortable on the lips. Come in a black tube with Kismet name printed at the bottom. Lid is see-through. The tube is a really good quality! Don't feel cheap or like its about to break. 

"Elope" is one of the shades available in a Succulent Collection. A liquid lipsticks. But not the matte liquid lipsticks like Jeffree Star or Kat Von D. This one is more of a hybrid between gloss and a lipstick.  The color is a mix of brown and pink. Another perfect nude, that I been wearing a lot. The applicator is stiff doe-foot which I like. The color is super opaque. Formula is creamy and feels soft and lightweight on my lips. Also is very long lasting. I didn't have to touch up much. To "kill"the gloss effect I "bite on a tissue" and the i got more wearable shade.

I actually like the Succulent Collection more then Velvet one. Wish I could pick more colors up. Elope is the shade that I wore the most. The second comes Naked Gypsy, my perfect nude.
I am more of a nude lippie girl as you can tell :)

Kismet Website ---> here. They do have a great selection of colors. Go and check it out :) 

Also I really like the name KISMET. There is this book series I read and the main characters sister name was Kismet. Books are about a young witch Tammy Jo who loves bake. Did I mention she is part fairy? :) If you interested it is a "Southern Witch" series and sorry for spoilers . but Kismet wont make an appearance until book 4 and 5 :(

Noyah, natural Cosmetics ~ Lipsticks Review

I been meaning to write this review months ago. I did actually put it down on a paper , but hey! if you know me , I lost it. Story of my life....
Anyways .... Let me show you my pretties lipsticks ever!
Can you tell why???? Yes , the packaging! Look, just look how gorgeous it is!

Noyah, born in a heart of NYC, cruelty free natural cosmetics in dazzling bamboo packaging. 
All natural kosher lipsticks are formulated with Coconut oil, Shea Butter and skin protecting Vitamin E.
I own 3 shades; 
* Empire Red~ Semi Matte (perfect for glamorous red lip)
* Hazelnut Cream ~ Cream Finish (rose-hazelnut shade with a touch of frost).
* Desert Rose ~ Semi Matte dirty pink.
All I have to say is , they are stunning! Of course the matte finish lipsticks will be drying, but over all they do wear comfortable on the lips. They are pigmented. Empire Red is like I said your perfect red, and lucky for me is a blue undertones, with I think suites me better then warmer shades of red. The other two Hazelnut cream and Desert Rose are everyday lipsticks. The ones you carry with you in your makeup bag. 
Unfortunately someone ruined my Desert Rose lipstick. The lippie was smashes inside of the lid ! I cried when I saw that! I really hate when people touch my makeup with out asking me! I don't even know when it happen ;(
Anyways Noyah need to work a bit on the lipsticks lids. They are really hard to open. I am pretty sure, one of my hubby's cousin saw the pretty packaging displayed on my vanity and she tried to open it. Maybe she screwed lipstick  wrong way and it got stuck in the lid, so it was pulled out of the tube. Oh well ;( can't do nothing about it. Although packaging is beautiful , you need to be very careful while opening. 

I also have two lip glosses:
* Cherry Cardinal ~ bright cherry-red gloss, with some sparkles
* Summertime Peach ~ perfect nude gloss with some gold sparkles
I am not  big on glosses. I do like them but I prefer lipsticks.
Noyah lip glosses tare all natural with rich sheen and pop of color. They are made with Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. They are great for a pop of color and to moisture lips as well. Like any gloss they can be use over a for example a matte lipstick.
I really been liking Cherry cardinal. Wore it a few times and I must say it is a gorgeous color. It lasted super long too! Some glosses tend to wear off with in an hour after applying , but not  this one. It don't feel think or heavy on the lips. Plus its not sticky ;)

Visit Noayh Website to see more colors and read more.

XoXo ~ Monica

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette ~ Sneak Peek

The best and sweetest makeup news today! Jerrod co founder of Too Faced Cosmetics showed us (finally) ne palette! Peanut Butter & Jelly! How stinking cute it is! I am a huge fan of PB&J. Especially the crunchy PB :) Trendmood1 and Sophia at Lipstickjunkieforever showed us some swatches! :) I know I will be picking up this beauty. and wait for it.. the best part is the palette will smell like PB&J! Hallelujah ! 

Palette will be available around Spring (April) at ULTA ($36) 
Now who is going to pick up this beauty!? 

Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes In Amethyst Aura and Aquamarine Dream ~ Swatches and Review

Let's add a bit of fresh color this Winter with these gorgeous Pixi Beauty palettes.
Both were send to me along with gray liner. 
I been wanting to try these palettes for a long time. The colors are so beautiful and they are inspired by gemstones. There is, I believe 9 different palettes. Me , as being a huge makeup hoarder I will be getting remaining palettes very soon :)
For now let me bring you up close and show you "Amethyst Aura" and "Aquamarine Dream'.
Lets start with "Aquamarine Dream" ~ I was so happy to see this palette. Not only it contains beautiful rage of blues (royal blues, navy and turquoise), but Aquamarine is my birth stone.So now you understand my excitement. The colors are indeed mesmerizing. These are prefect for blue and brown eyes. There are matte shades and the satin shades. the pigmentation is really good, especially on the satin/shimmery shades. I feel like with the matte shades you need to work a bit more.
"Amethyst Dream" ~ this contains a beautiful shades of violet, rose and indigo. This palette is prefect for green, hazel eyes. As for me I get more use of this one then the blue one. I really like purple hues in my makeup. I think purples and silver look stunning together.  

Both palettes contain 6 shades. The finish is matte, satin/shimmer. The pigmentation overall is really good. The matte shades need a bit more work. For a drugstore palettes , these are quite good. Applies over white base primer the shadows look really bold and beautiful. 
The come in a small, green plastic packaging with dual sponge applicator. The package make is easy to travel and to store. 

"Amethyst Aura"

"Aquamarine Dream"

Endless Silky Eye Pen in Slate Grey ~ I love these liners! They are waterproof, don't smudge and they are long wearing. with only one swipe you get a beautiful jewel-tone line. I like wear it on my upper waterline. The Endless Silky liners are the best liners I ever used. 

Pixi Beauty is cruelty free, paraben free, mineral oil free. 

Eye shadow palettes and Liner can be purchased at Target and Pixi Website. 

Did you ever try PIXI? Let me know :)

What I got for Christmas 2015.

I saw this post on many blogs and since I love to read and see what other got for Christmas, I decided to show off my Christmas goodies. 
Our Christmas was fun. We  open our gift on 25th and it is always so much fun, especially for my daughter. This year I got lots of makeup and gift cards. Some makeup products I can finally cross off my wishlist, YaY!
But Sssshhhhhh some of the gifts I bought it myself. Because I like to spoil myself once in a while...

Hubby stepped out his game and finally bought me gift I always wanted ~ Urban Decay Naked 3 and YSL Rouge Valupte Lipstick. I think he could't hear me anymore complaining that I want Naked 3 and one of the YSL lippies in a pretty gold packaging. ( sorry no pic of the lippie)

My mom send me $$$ so I went ahead and grabbed Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Eye lash Curler. Which of course I don't have a picture of. You can see it above in a makeup mess photo.

And form my co worker I got Kat Von D LoLLITA set and Too Faced Melted Set.

And of course form Snow I got SVEN ! my new blogging buddy! I was happy like a kid! LOL. Sophia got Olaf and I got Sven :) Now Sven is blogging with me everyday. He will be my inspiration for future blog posts and he will make sure I post more often then I did before.

Aminar (hubbys cousin) gave Colourpop! Love Colourpop ;) I got Frida Lippie Stick, Super shock eye shadow  'Squin' ,Blush 'Between the Sheets' and Highlight 'Lunch Money'.

As for me I found few gems at Nordstorm Rack:
Michael Kors Nail Lacquers ~ I wanted to get all the colors. There were only 5 in a bin but I got only 4 ;( , girl before me grabbed this gorgeous purple !!!! Ughhhhhh! makes me wanna cry!
NARS Lip and Nail Set ~ I actually wanted to get dual intensity eyeshadow palette, but all were shattered and broken ;( Sad that people don't care and treat makeup like this. All eye shadow palettes were broken :( I only got this set. I will do a separate post later on it and show you guys swatches :)

At Sephora I grabbed Urban Decay Vice 4 palette for only $39!!!! And after Christmas with my gift cards I went to Sephora again and bought New Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette and Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette. 
And the biggest gift will soon come. I will order a vanity and Alex 9 drawer for my babies! Cant wait ! I have so much makeup that gets out of control. 

Hugs! ~ MONICA

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