Weekly Skin Care Picks #1

*pr sample*

Hey Loves,

So I decided that every Sunday I will be showing you my skin care picks from  a week before. 
I used to change  my skin care daily,  but it would be hard to write a post based on that. I would have to either combine the posts or post everyday. And we all know that daily posting is not for me. Sometimes I do have a busy schedule and well post don't go up the time they supposed to.  So with that said I guess Sunday is the best day for the skin care posts to go up.  so let  me show you what products I was using the entire week. 

 Lets start with cleaning my face with Kezo Amazing Cleansing Water ($25).  This is a great refreshing micellar water, that cleanse face and eyes, removing makeup and impurities. Like with all Micellar waters I apply it on a cotton pad and simply clean my face. My skin after looks and feels fresh. The Ginger Plant Essence: cultivated especially for Kenzo in the Chinese providence Shangdong, ginger grows in sandy plains. Naturally rich in mineral salt and essential oils, it help produce a healthy glow and radiance boost.  The skin looks review. The Yuzu extract, native to China, it help to combat skin dryness. To obtain extract, the fruit is picked in October when it is most juicy. Yuzu extract helps to increase water level in skin cells. 
 After that I go with  Ziaja Manuka Tree Cleansing Gel ($12.99). This is great pick for oily/acne skin people. It smooths irritation and calms down the redness. It is very gentle and efficient. Manuka Leaves Extract is a key ingredient, used to solve oily and combination skin problems. Has antibacterial properties, deeply cleans and eliminates bacteria causing acne. This bottle my mom send it to me all the way from Poland. Ziaja Cosmetics is really popular polish brand. In Poland my whole family uses Ziaja . Me, personally I remember using a bronze body lotion. Oh how many bottles I went through it's insane. 
Next step is to combine CelleCle skin care Multi Glow A Night Treatment ($98) and Clarins Booster Detox ($39). Let me start by saying that CelleCle skin care packing is freaking gorgeous! Wow! feels so luxurious just like the product that comes out of it. I been actually using this night treatment for two weeks! This treatment product infuses skin with the perfect synergy of pure, time released Retinol and a scientifically proven Bio Retinoid. Overnight application leaves skin feeling and looking smoother, firmer and brighter. In addition, skin friendly sugars lock in moisture, for hydration, while purifying Chinese Licorice keeps complexion calm, clear and healthy. It helps to even out skin tone and diminishes appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There is no scent to it. It sinks into the skin and skin just feels good. I like to mix it with Clarins Booster Detox.  It contain green coffee extract to counteract the visual toll of partying, pollution, stress and indulgence. Booster gently purifies and detoxes skin for clearer and more refreshed complexion. A must have for people who lives in a big cites. Booster can not be use alone. Best is to mix with a night cream, serums etc. just add 3 to 5 drops. The booster is not for a everyday use tho. I use it once or twice a week, just when my skin really needs it. I know the bottle might look tiny but it will last you for long time. I like the built in dispenser which helps to get the right amount of product, just simply tap on it and the drops will come. It will not leak or spill :) 
The last product that goes on my skin is my beloved  Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior ($95). Thanks to Octoly I got a chance of trying Kate's products and gosh i love them.  Wrinkle Warrior was the second product i received. This all in one serum and moisturizer plumps up the skin using three sizes of  hyaluronic acid. It is lightweight and helps to fight wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet. It absorbs fast and leaves satin finish. It also improves appearance of skin firmness and elasticity.  It can be use day and night. It does not clog pores and works good with my oily skin. Plus I like the scent :) Yes it does have a fragrance :) 

So this are the pick for this week. Next week I will try to use some drugstore products :)
Did you try any of the above? Or you have any on a wishlist?

xo Monica

Pur Cosmetics Vanity Palettes ~ Dream Chaser and Goal Digger

*pr sample*

Hey loves,

Excited to see Pur Cosmetics launching new palettes! and gosh how fun are they :) They are not like your typical palettes :) Just wait and see for yourself :)

Two new palettes Dream Chaser and Goal Digger just  launched and are available on PURCosmetics.com ($36 each).

Each palette contains 4 eye shadows, a blush, a brozner and a highlight. Inside is also a big mirror that ... wait for it .... is retractable standing mirror that transform the palette into your own little vanity :)  How cool is that! I took me a while tho to figure the mirror thing out hahaha! But i is so easy! once you open the palette , pull the mirror upward and taadaa perfect little vanity for all the touch ups and well makeup on the go :)
I love the idea! 

Now lets talk about the palettes. 

Goal Digger ~ contains shimmer shades. So if you are a fan of all sparkly products this one is for you :) It comes in reflected shiny packaging that is a finger magnet! so watch it :) it took forever to clean this little guy up after I played with it . LOL my weird ocd! I don't like to see finger prints all over hahah! but oh well :)  

Dream Chaser ~ contains matte and more neutral shades. so yeah ,matte junkies this one is for you. The packaging on this is matte. Therefor you can tell them apart, if you have both that means. 
Same for the outer packaging . Box is either matte or shiny. 

the names are not printed inside of the palette (bummer) but you can find them on the back of the box (which I can't find anywhere ) . i guess since it is a smaller or portable size palette they don't have space ? I don't know . 

Overall I really like both palettes. the products are nicely pigmented and they look great on the skin. The only thing I didn't like that the eye shadow were together in the same pan. There was nothing that separated them and with that they kinda mix together. In Dream Chaser its ok coz colors are same color scheme, but Goal Digger have a light and dark together and i have to be extra careful and not to mix them. 
I really like the face products in both. They are soft buttery and overall beautiful looking. 

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the palette? Which one is calling you name?

Click Here to be redirected to pur website (not affiliate)

till next time!
xo  Monica 

Tropical Muffins *Pinterest Recipe*

Hey Loves,

Pinterest inspired me again :) this time I made Tropical Muffins! Pintrest is a place where I can get any recipe! A little over a month ago, while grabbing my lunch I stumbled upon pineapple coconut muffins. Yum right? but almost $4 for muffin was no no form me. I can make at least a dozen with that price! After getting back to work I look on Pintrest for Pineapple Coconut muffins. i found few but Tropical Breakfast  Muffins by A Spicy Perspective stood out the most. Why? Coz not only it contain pineapple and coconut but it does also my beloved mango :) 

Most of the ingredients I had already at home, I was missing only mango and shredded coconut. 
After getting everything, screwing up recipe (yeah it did happen). LOl let me tell you. I had only 1 cup of sugar, and instead of mixing sugar with butter like recipe say, I mixed it with flour! Yes silly me! I had to go out again. 
My husband, who don't eat anything sweet ate like 6 of them! 

Yum! guys they are so good! not crazy sweet. 
below is the original recipe from A Spicy Perspective :) Also  here is the link to her recipe :)
hope you guys will make it :)

  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened (2 sticks)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 15 ounce can crushed pineapple
  • 3/4 cup diced fresh mango
  • 1 1/4 cup shredded coconut, divided

  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line two large muffins tins with paper muffin liners. Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt in a small bowl.
  2. In the bowl of the electric mixer, cream the softened butter and sugar. Beat until light and fluffy, about 3-5 minutes. Scrape the bowl, then turn the mixer on low and add the eggs, vanilla and flour mixture. Scrape the bowl again and add the crushed pineapple, diced mango, and 3/4 cup shredded coconut. Mix until smooth.
  3. Divide the batter evenly between 24 muffins liners. Then sprinkle the remaining shredded coconut over the muffin batter. Place the muffin tins in the oven and bake for approximately 25 minutes. Insert a toothpick in the center of a muffin. If it comes out clean, remove the muffins from the oven. Cool for at least 5 minutes in the muffin tins, then flip the muffins out of the pans.

Palladio Beauty ~ Drugstore haul ~ Swatches and review

*pr sample*

Hey Loves!

I got a surprised package from Palladio a while ago with  many great goodies.
I love Palladio, they are great drugstore brand and their products are simply amazing.
I love the velvet matte liquid lipsticks and crushed eye shadows :)

Palladio was kind enough to send me a lot of great products.
I got:
* 3 velvet metallic lip creams
* 3 matte lipsticks
* 2 stick highlights
* brow products
* mascara

I didn't try all yet tho. On the ones I did try I will give you a quick review and tell you what I think of it.

Velvet Matte Metallic Cream Lip Colors

I do love the original Velvet lip creams :) This one are same but with the metallic finish.
They have a similar formula, but this one as the name suggest have metallic sheen to them. They are really opaque and apply smoothly on the lips. Same as with the velvet matte they don't fully dry down, they will transfer, for example if you drink coffee you will see a stain on the mug. I personally like them. For the price they are really good. Maybe not a everyday wear for me ( I do Love my Nudes) , but hey I rocked one out at my work and I even got compliments :) I really like the fact they they won't dry out my lips. I wore all there shades I got and boy I love them! Definitely will pick up reaming colors :)

shades that I have:
* Opulent ~ really dark red.
* Ritzy ~ dark pink
* Gilded ~ gold brown

Dreamy Matte Lip Color 

Great lipsticks. beautiful colors and amazing pigmentation.  They do wear like dream tho! matte and non drying :) The packaging they come in is sleek black tube  :) on the top there is a sticker with a lipstick name and the bottom shows a lipstick shade. The packaging feels like your holding expensive lipstick to be honest. I really like it. Another thing is they have a scent to it. Which I personally love! I know some don't like scented lipsticks but I do :) The smell like a vanilla :) The go on matte and look gorgeous on the lips. Non drying and wear for about 5h :)

shades I have:
* Refined Chianti ~ for me is a deep wine red, so gorgeous! and my favorite. Perfect vampy color
* Darling Damask ~ grape purple. Another stunner
* Magnificent Magenta ~ dark magenta pink.

Creamy Stick Luminizer

I am a highlight junkie :) So these two sticks were my favorite products from the bunch. I do prefer powder formula though, but these are so creamy , so blend-able and so easy to work with. You can apply either with stippling brush, fingers or beauty sponge.

I have two colors :
* Stunner ~ Champagne Shimmer that I personally love the most. It gives really nice glow to my cheeks :)
* Limelight ~ light pink , that reminds me more of a blush than a highlight :) Its really pretty and I think it will make a great base for a blush :)
They don't feel sticky or leave a greasy residue on the face.

The Brow Definer ~ Medium Brown 

This is one of the products I did not try yet. I'm sorry but I can't put down my brow pomade by Freedom Makeup. Hey Palladio do you make a brow pomades? If not please do!
Palladio Brow Definer is a twist up pencil. With thin tip on one side and spoolie brush on the other side. I got two in a shade medium brown , but looking at the website I see the shade Taupe and I believe that would be a more better match. Anyways I will try it soon and see how it works :)

Brow Obsessed Mousse with Fibers

Yet another product I didn't try but I can say it looks promising. Fibers in a lightweight mousse builds sparse brows and fills in any gaps. I look forward to try this :) It comes in two shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

Palladio Double Agent Faux Lash Effect Mascara

Yes you guessed again I didn't try this one yet. Right now I have like 5 mascaras open and this one will have to wait its turn. I do look forward to trying it :)

All the products I didn't try i will soon and i will give you my thoughts on it :)

xoxo Monica

Sheet Masks by Miss Spa Beauty ~ Charcoal, 24K Gold and Bubble Mask

*pr sample*

I got three new sheet mask form Miss Spa beauty. 
I love mask and masking :) but it it my first time trying sheet masks . I heard so many mixed reviews about Miss Spa masks that I was not sure this was something for me :( 

 Miss Spa was kind enough to send me three masks:

* Charcoal Clarifying Mask ~ targets pore clogging dirt, bamboo charcoal helps absorb impurities, soothing botanical extracts nourish and hydrates.

* 24k Gold Radiance Mask ~ pure 24k gold helps with luminosity, while skin soothing peptides encourage elasticity to help reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

* Oxygenating Bubble Mask. ~ re-energize dull looking skin. Nourishing pineapple fruit extract helps replenish and refine skin tone, reviling optimum clarity and radiance. 

Now for my experience with these masks. First i tried Charcoal Mask, I have a large pores and well mask said that It will help to clean pore clogging dirt. The mask is made out of stretchy bamboo fabric and as you can guess its pitch black :) Looks actually fun on the skin. When I opened packaging I was surprised how wet the mask was! It was dripping so bad I had a problem putting it on my face. No kidding. It took me few minutes to place on my face and even it out and be careful not to get "water" in my eyes! Yikes! I did have a problem around my nose area. the mask was cut so weirdly that I took forever to place it on my nose and around it. Finally when I done it all I had to do was to relax for 20 min and then take off the mask. I did feel a bit of stinging effect on my jaw line though. I got scared! Guys one time i tried a mask and it burned my skin ! So when I feel sth is off i have to check it before its too late. I run to the bathroom to see what is happening. I slowly lift the mask but i didn't see anything red. I place the mask back on, the sting continue for more 10 min and than stops. When was time to take the mask off, thank god there was no reddens!  but the amount of residue left was crazy. I didn't know if should I wash it off or patted in to my skin hahah! I went ahead with second choice and gently patted to my skin. Now my skin was so soft and actually healthy looking :) As for the pores I did see a small difference. Nothing major but I could tell the pores were cleaner and smaller :) 
   The 24k Gold Mask is fun! It have a gold powder and once you take the mask off the gold powder will stay on your face. This will give your skin that glowy luminous look. Mask was huge tho! I had problems even it out on my skin LOL. It was smaller around eyes and I was afraid that the liquid would just drop into my eyes. Again the mask was super soaked. Luckily I didn't notice any burning like I did with Charcoal mask.
The Oxygen Bubbling Mask was the most fun of them all. I liked it I really liked it. Again same as before the mask was soaked with a liquid and very soapy. I manage somehow put on my face haha. As soonest you put the that mask on it start bubbling. It do reminds me of my favorite Dr.Brandt Oxygen mask. And I think this my be a cheaper option for you. The mask bubbled and made champagne noises :) It was so relaxing :) After 20 min I took of the mask and saw a white residue on my face. I rub it in and let it hang on there for 5 more min and than I washed it off. My face felt fresh and alive. definitely my favorite mask out of three,

Miss Spa did good with the masks :) I really enjoyed them :)
They are available at Miss Spa Website and Target

Pixi Pretties ~ Spring Collection in collaboration with beauty and lifestyle bloggers

*pr sample*

I am So excited about this post :) Pixi Beauty just launched a Spring Collection that was created by beauty and lifestyle bloggers :) Annnnd Pixi just opened up a flagship store in Cali! OMG! first ever Pixi Store! God I wish we get one here in NYC too! Congrats on the store and this beautiful collab Petra! 
So like I said the Spring Collection was created in collaboration with popular beauty and lifestyle  bloggers: Caroline Hirons, Judy Travis (itsjudytime), Maryam Maquillage (marymanyc) and Aspyn Ovard. 
Each of the ladies sit down with Petra and with her guidance they created their dream products for us :) 

A few weeks ago I got this huge PR package with all the new products. I actually screamed when I saw it. Guys it is HUGE! I was so excited to try everything! Guys I knew I will keep the box (duh who would throw it away?!?) so all day Saturday I was cleaning my makeup place. After more less 4h later I got everything organized and the box sits now on my Alex looking all pretty :) I pull out all the products and move them to my vanity drawer so I could use them :) 

you can see below before and after on my makeup space :) 

So now let me tell you more on each product and each collaboration :)

Let's start with Judy Travis. She is also known as ItsJudyTime on YouTube. I met Judy at NYC Pixi Event October 2016 and she is sooo sweet! I love watching Judy's YT and I was so excited for this collaboration. I have a BH Cosmetics palette that Judy created with BH years ago! Do you guys remember it? So seeing that now she created a new ItEyeTime palette and ItsLipTime palette with Pixi I was thrilled! Each palette comes with 12 shades. 
Eye shadow palette have a mixture of mattes and shimmer shades. Its a warm tones hue-ed palette prefect for everyday. Colors feel silky smooth and they blend like a dream. Top two rows are warm , third have the mauve hues and the bottom have a cool-toned darker shades. This palette is just beautiful. Love the eye looks I created with it. Now I don't know how is they staying power without the eye shadow  base LOL. I been using ArtDeco's primer based for a few weeks now and you guys nothing will ever move of your eyelid. This base hold eye shadows the whole day. But maybe I can tell you more of in my ArtDeco post soon :) Just heads up you need that base! 
 Second palette is a lip palette. Also includes 12 everyday lip and cheek shades. They can me worn by itself or you can mix them up and created your prefect color. I personally will use it as a lip palette only. Again the color section in this palette is just beautiful. We have light neutral shades, we have mauves , reds and darker colors :)  

 Message From Judy explaining why she created these two palettes : " I travel quite often and typically bring minimal makeup, which is why I love palettes," Travis says. "I like having a variety of colors to choose from without packing so many products in my makeup bag. "

Next we have Aspyn Ovard a lifestyle blogger. Too be honest I have never heard of Aspyn until this collaboration. After that I look more into her presona and learned more about her :) 
Aspyn who likes to keep her makeup to minimum  created a trio of face products to add just a bit of flush with out looking overdone. 
The Glow-y Powder Highligher & Cheek Powders, come in three shades named after her favorite destinations :
* London Lustre ~ soft icy - golden highlighter
* Santorini Sunrise ~ warm champagne highlight
* Rome Rose ~ shimmery rose-hued blush.
Her collection also includes an eye accents : lower lash mascara and clear brow gel.
I love the formula on the Glow-y Powders. The pigmentation is just right!  They look gorgeous! the blush and the champagne highlight are my favorite! 

Message from Aspyn explaining why she created these products: " The products I made are products I would purchase myself," Aspyn tells Allure. "I love beauty and makeup, but I'm not super crazy about trying a lot of new different products, so I chose to create my Eye Accents Kit since I believe both those products are essentials. And then I love a strong pretty highlight and a peachy blush, so I created those as well." But her fave in line? "The Lower Lash Mascara! I use it every day on my upper and lower lashes—the small brush separates my lashes really well. "

Next we have Maryam Maquillage. I did not meet Maryam but I saw her at the NYC Pixi Event. Again I had no idea who she was. I mean I don't have to know all Beauty Bloggers right? After the event I found on IG few beauty bloggers and followed them :) I really like what they do! LOL I could do it faster right hahaha! Anyways .... Maryam also known as maryamnyc, created two sculpting/contouring palettes:
* The Strobe & Bronze Glow & Bronze palette
* The Strobe & Sculpt Highlight & Contour palette 
There is also the dual ended brush to go with the palettes :) And the brush is amazing!Both palettes are just as amazing as well. Both come with 6 shades matte and shimmers. They are so pigmented!

Message from Maryam explaining why she created these products : " I really love all three products and cannot live without them because the shades are curated for every occasion in which I want to feel bronzed, glowing, chiseled or all of the above," she says. "We made sure that the powders are packed with pigment, so that all you need is a tiny bit of product for major results " 

The last we have Caroline Hirons and the double cleanser! I met Caroline at that Pixi Event :) She is sooooo sweet! Also when Petra came over to us and introduced herself and Caroline she said Caroline is responsible for popularity of Glow Tonic :) She made that stuff popular and now its a cult product for many bloggers and not only. 
Caroline created with Pixi Double Cleanse :) Which I was super excited about :)  And GOD I love it. I need a back up of a back up seriously! I heard that all the products are limited edition but I hope and pray for them to be permanent especially the cleanser! 
Double Cleanser is paraben free, fragrance free and not tested in animals. It comes with two sides Solid Cleansing Oil and the other side Cleaning Cream. 
First I use the Solid Cleaning oil to take off my makeup, and it does it so well! than I follow with the cream. I love it. It feels gentle and it didn't break me up :) 

The oil side contains :
* Vitamin E ~ protect and condition 
* Cameillia Oil ~ omega rich and nourishes 
* Evening Primrose oil ~ heals and moisturizers 

The cream side contains:
* Vitamin C ~ promotes collagen and protects
* Peptide Complex ~ Line relaxing and plumping
* Arginnie ~ Improves cell renewal and elasticity.

Message from Caroline explaining why she created double cleans : " I am known for cleansing properly—my first post back in 2010 was on cleansing, and it’s still one of my most popular ones," Hirons tells Allure. "The Double Cleanse can be used three ways: You can either use both steps in the evenings, step one followed by step two, or you can use just step two in the evenings if you aren’t wearing makeup, or you can use step two on its own in the morning. It takes literally two minutes if you’re in a hurry. No excuses! "

All mentioned products are available in Target , Target website and Pixi Store and Website 

Beauty Favorites 2017 ~ February

hello March, Hello my birthday month! Omg can you believe we are in 3rd month already!? 
February being a short month went by super fast. My job keeps me constantly busy so I have no time to write a new posts LOL. I used to sit at my desk, take a piece of paper and start writing. Oh well what can I do? 
I have few favorites for you :) Last year I have not post many faves posts so this year as one of my new year resolution is to bring them every month :)

So here we go :) there is a mixture of makeup, skin care and hair care :)


I be honest I didn't have many favorites this month in makeup category. I been using most of the products from past month. I did not have much time to play with anything new.  I did ended up pulling few gems that i will mention right now :)
 * Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Face Palette ~ I am so happy I bought it. It contains full size , yes full size of their best sellers like Hoola, Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Coralista. This palette is so great and god it smells so good once you open it up! I been using Hoola and Dandelion the most! I have to check other ones too but these two are amazing! BTW did you see all the new products Benefit is dropping! like another palette similar to this one and Dandelion Twinkle? I so exctied for both!
* Pixi Beauty It's Judy Time Eye Shadow Palette ~ I am completely  blown away by all the collabs that pixi did! I love Judy's palette! the color selection, the pigmentation everything! Compared to the other eye shadows i own from Pixi this is by far the best one :)  Perfect for everyday look and guys if you see it get it! (pr sample)
* Pixi Beauty Glow-y Powder in London Lustre ~ holy smokes! this highlight is gorgeous! I am obsessed! It is very suitable for my fair skin and gives me beautiful glow! I been using it every day i mean it every day :) Hopefully I can put it aside and try other highlighters I have in my stash :) Lets see hahaha but this one Ahhh i am in love! good job Aspyn and Pixi! (pr sample)

* L'oreal Infallible Lip Paints ~ Now they are pretty expensive for a drugstore lipstick. I got them on 40%off sale and still I pay around $7. Anyways I wanted to try ever since i saw them popping all over IG. I picked two nude shades. and guys I like them :) I don't think i will get any others but if I ran out of any of this I will definitely repurchase. The have a good coverage with shiny finish. They feel like balm and actually hydrate my lips :) I really like them :)

NOTE: i will have a full post on all Pixi Collabs very soon. i was not happy with the pics I took and I have to re take all LOL . #bloggerproblems 


* Pixi Beauty Caroline's Double Cleanse ~ yes another Pixi product! This double cleanse is amazing! plus it saves time taking off the makeup :) We it did for me :) one side is solid oil and the other is cleansing balm. Go first with oil that melts off everything so easy and than go over with cleansing balm :) Definitely a must have in a skin care routine. (pr sample)
* Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub ~ guys I totally forgot I have this guy! lately I saw it all over IG and I was like "hey I think i have something by the brand!" I opened my drawer and there it was :)  It smells really good and gosh my face feels so good after :) I want to bring you up closer and there will be a full post dedicated to this scrub very soon :)
* Sunday Riley U.F.O Clarifying Face Oil and Martian Mattifying Toner ~  again these two will get a post on their own coz I have a lot to say :) Oily, prone skin friendly and overall i am pleased with them :) Ever since I got them They been staple in my skin care. For someone with oily skin this is a must have.  (pr sample) stay tuned for post :)
* Way of WILL Natural Deodorant ~ not precisely a skin care but well here we go a deodorant :) I liked it I really did. That's why I mention it here. But then one day I got burned! I don't know if it was this particular deodorant or something else. I disconnected using all products I used that day. It might not be its fault but still it took part of the burn that happened under my arms. Before it felt amazing. refreshing (that peppermint scent) I felt like my underarms were dry and not sweaty. I think it is a really good product. Its just that accident made me be afraid of using it again hahah silly me. But if you look for a good natural deodorant check this one out :)


*Sexy Long Hair Dry Luxe Shampoo and  detangler ~ both are amazingly good! Dry shampoo helped me out the week I was sick (I didn't wash my hair for almost a week). When you sick You don't really take care much of your hair. Or if you like me and had fever (small) for 5 days you don't want to wash your hair. Thank god we have dry shampoos! oh and how I like this one! It gave my hair a boost of freshness and they looked great! It didn't leave any white cast on my hair which is a plus. The Luxe detangler helped a lot along with Eva's dry conditioner my daughter hair. Her hair is a mess! I don't know where she gets all the knots! but its so painful even for me to brush it through. Luxe detangler sprays cream on the hair to makes it brush easy and it does! the brush goes on smoothly and to brush out the knots takes few minutes. (pr sample)
* EVA NYC  Forget me Knot dry detangler ~ I love this stuff and I been recommending to everyone who ask me how to brush kids knots with out the struggle! One of the mommies at my daughter school she love this stuff. We always talk when we bring our kids to school and she said that she have a difficult time to brush her daughter hair. I told her about this and even brought one day with me :) I remember she was searching for it online and she found a great sale ($7 each reg. $14) and bought 3 bottles! I am actually running low on my and I have to repurchase it again :)  (pr sample)
* L'oreal Color Vibrancy Hair Mask ~  hair masks are a huge staple in my hair routine. I always always have to put a hair mask at the end of washing. Recently I been send this one by Influenster and I love it so much that I bought another one! It is creamy and it makes my hair so soft ! after using it few times I notice that my hair are less dry and more silky! sometimes you find gems in drugstore :) (pr sample)


* KBShimmer Office Space Collection Take Back CTRL ~ love the formula of KBShimmer polishes :) This color though! Gorgeous dusty rose on mauve side. Cant wait to post the swatches of the whole collection :) Bare with me! I have a lot of posts coming this month :) (pr sample)
* Dip Into Pretty City Lights ~ halo glitter :) what more can I say :) This one need at least two -three coats. I really like it! Looks great with any nail color :) Plus super inexpensive :) (pr sample)

Places to see in NYC ~ Brooklyn Bridge

I haven't done a NYC post in a while. I know some of you like reading it and scrolling down the pics. 
To walk down and up the Brooklyn Bridge was on my bucket list for so long. I think we all saw Godzilla movie and the famous bridge? You know the movie form 1998? This one of the movies that after watching i wanted to go to NYC so bad! So 10 years later I finally had a chance to walk down it. Can you believe it took me 10 Years!? Crazy! Dont get me wrong it is my first time walking not my first time on the bridge. Whenever going back to Brooklyn we always take Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge :) 

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest hybrid style cable-stayed/suspension bridge in United States. 
Completed in 1883 connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River.  
The pedestrian walkway in the center of the bridge above the car lanes.

Can you spy Sophia? LOL!

The view from the bridge is phenomenal, especially if you walk from Brooklyn towards Manhattan. The lower Manhattan skyline is right in front of you :)

Sophia and I, we took a walk starting from Brooklyn to Manhattan and than back. 
We took A train to High Street/Brooklyn Bridge stop and than walk 3 min. Once we found the stairs we got on and start taking pictures :) 
The weather that day was wonderful! almost spring like :) It was an impulse trip. I was panning to visit my in laws, who lives in Park Slope, Sophia wanted to do something so I ask how about we go for a walk on a Brooklyn Bridge? Oh yes great idea. But after checking forecast I saw that around 4pm it will rain, but at 1pm sky was blue and sun was shinning. We got ready fast and took a subway to the bridge and came home just in time. Shortly after it was pouring rain and thunderstorm. 

Here are few pics form the trip :) Enjoy them and let me know what places you would like to visit ? :) maybe I go there next time :) 

| view on Midtown if you look closely you can see Empire State Building|

|car lanes|

|view on Brooklyn side|

 Where should we go next time? Any ideas ? Let me know :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
xoxo Monica

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