Boxy Charm - Boxy After Dark - October 2019 *unboxing*

*purchased by me*

New Boxy is here! But before we even jump inside,did you see the spoilers for upcoming boxes? December Boxy Luxe looks fab already!Also Boxy launched Premium box for$35 a month and guess what?!? I think I will be getting it!Yay! There is so much I want to tell you but my keyboard is giving me a hard time... the space button seems to be stuck :(

Oh well.... anyways welcome to Boxy After Dark, October edition. I don't want to repeat myself much but Boxy seriously need to check peoples preferences when it comes to makeup. This month I am half happy.2 products I will use, 2 I don't and 1 I am on the fence... 

Lets start with two my faves in this month box:

* Dose of Colors- Sassy Siennas palette - I think almost every box go Dose of Colors palette. There were variation and I ended up with Sassy Siennas. I love it.

  All matte shades and the quality is beautiful! I hunt the palettes down in sell/trade groups and bought Baked Browns and Marvelous Mauves. Berries are next on my list. These beauties retail for $35

* Iconic London Prep Set and Glow spray - first off the sparkles are beautiful!It leaves gorgeous sheen on the skin. I use this more as a body shimmer spray. Another thing I love about it is the scent! so lovely but so heavy and I would never spray it on my face LOL. but body is ok! Retails at $29

* Hank and Henry Slick with it Mascara Duo-this have to be my third mascara... and this is the product I am torn about . Like I want to try it and on the other hand not. So far I was only disappointed with mascaras. But I heard the brand is really good so I might give it a go. Retails at $19

* Mellow Cosmetics Brow Gel in shade Dark Brown - something that i am not interested at all. Even my profile says no brow or liners pls! I could have try it if only they sent my shade... Dark Brown is so not me... Pass....Retails value $16

* Hollywood and Vine BlackKohl liner- another product  I am not into it. I don;t use eye liners at all.. so pass ...Retail at $7

Last two products I didn't bother to open. Figured I can gifted to someone or add to giveaway pile.

Total value of the box $103
I think this is the cheapest box I got so far. Usually value for my boxes is over $120.
Anyways I think next month you all will see two Boxy unboxing :) So stay tuned for that :)


Profusion Cosmetics MIRAGE palette - is it a perfect Fall palette?

*pr sample*

If you follow my blog and IG for sometime,you know I love Profusion Cosmetics. 
Not only they are affordable but gosh the quality is freaking amazing. 
If you struggle to find affordable matte palettes or matte eye-shadows, well look no further. Profusion mattes preform better then some of the high end ones. What ever Profusion makes its a big hit not only with me but with all beauty community.

Mirage is the new baby of theirs.Palette launched maybe two months ago. The color scheme is eye pleasing. Mix of warm tones, pinks, purples and there are three pressed glitter shades. 
The matte shadows like in every other palette are amazing. Pigmented and blend like a dream. Shimmers are stunning and best when applied with a finger. Personally not a fan of pressed glitters, but I see a lot of brands puts them in the palettes. I guess that is the new thing LOL. But seriously this palette is such a  great transition from Summer to Fall. I mean just look at the shades! You know does it remind me? Sunsets. Few weeks ago the sunsets in NYC were beautiful! From bright orange to beautiful purple-pink skyline. Gosh that was such a beautiful view! You would not believe it! I feel the sunsets during September are beautiful. But why do I think that this palette is perfect for Fall? well just look at the warmth, the beautiful gold,browns, oranges. Does that not remind you of Fall leaves!? My dream is to go to Vermont or Main during this time and see the changes over there. 

Here are the swatches:

I have no words, this might one of the best Profusion palettes. Adore all the shades and the super high end quality. Also this palette retails for only $13 !!! You can grab it at Profusion website and Walmart that sells Profusion Cosmetics. 

One more thing before I leave to write another post. This palette reminds me of Sunrise palette by Natasha Denona. I don't own it but I saw it at Sephora few times and each time makes me think of Mirage and when I look at mirage,Sunrise palette comes to mind. It might a great and an affordable dupe in my opinion. LOL now I want to go and spend $65n on ND palette to compare.Should I? Let me know what you think :)

Affordable Skin Care Routine with Good Molecules

*pr sample*

Who doesn't love an affordable and efficient skin care? I know I do. 
So in today's post I will talk to you about an amazing and affordable products from Good Molecules.

Good Molecules is a Beautylish exclusive skin care brand. So right now they are sold over there.The products prices range form $6-$15. Like what?!? The effective ingredients act to target skin concerns like: acne,redness, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and aging.

 Good Molecules is often compared to The Ordinanary, coz of the products pricing. I like that we have brands like that.We don't have to spend tones of money on high end products just to make our skin look better. Now let's jump into the review I have for you on 4 products that were kindly sent to me by GM team :)

Lets start with my favorite Niacinamide Brightening Toner - its the newest product by the brand. I don't think I lunched that long ago. I love toners,lets start there.But to find a good toner is not easy. There is few in my top 5 that i absolutely love and this one is in there as well. Toner retails at $14 and it comes in a glass bottle. I don't believe that I own a toner in a glass bottle, most of them are in plastic. I been using it daily for past two weeks and I already see difference in my skin. The biggest difference i see in my pores. But overall my skin feels and looks much brighter and less dull and tired. Plus I feel like it somehow helped with my acne problem. I have not gotten much of a break out since I added it into my routine.So what ever toner claims it does. And like I said I am going easy on 3 week of using it daily. Toner is so gentle that can be used twice a day and my skin really response good to it. In my PM routine I apply after cleansing: on cotton pad to take off the leftover residue and then again I add few drops to my palms and massage into my skin and then follow up with rest of my products. I think that its worth trying. Aside from great ingredients mentioned below,toner does not contain fragrance or alcohol.

  • Target uneven skin tone, dullness, and visible pores and strengthen your skin’s barrier function with niacinamide (vitamin B3)
  • Naturally derived arbutin improves the look of hyperpigmentation while licorice root extract soothes inflammation and inhibits excess melanin production
  • A stable form of vitamin C boosts skin’s ability to defend itself against free radical damage and promotes collagen production
 Price $14 and get it here.

Second product I been liking is the Overnight Exfoliating Treatment- I been seeing many mixed reviews on this products. Some love it,some hate it. I used it 4 times in past two weeks and I really like it. I mean overnight exfoliating peel, how exciting this sound. What is it exactly you might ask, well its a overnight treatment to help to resurface and renew your skin. Its a blend of  10% AHA/BHA ( glycolic acid (in an 8.05% concentration), lactic acid (in a 1.035% concentration) and salicylic acid (in a 0.1% concentration). It supposed to smooth away dead skin cells, unclogged and reduce appearance of pores and give you a radiant looking skin. But does it? I say this is one of the milder AHA/BHA peels I used. Since you putting it overnight and not just for few minutes. I have not notice any irritation or dryness (did I mention that it contains two alcohols?), but never the less my skin reacted good to it. After 4 times of using it I did notice my pores becoming smaller. Maybe coz I also been using the toner? Probably. But as longest your skin don't react negatively to it,its a really good treatment to have in your routine.
Plus at $6 you can't go wrong. Grab it here.

Next we have an oil that I never heard before - Squalane Oil - and apparently it is really good for your skin. Who knew! And let me tell ya this is a life changer and I will for sure be repurchasing it.
Squalane Oil is suitable for all skin types.

* Squalane is an excellent moisturizer and leaves skin hydrated, plump and soft. The texture is super-light and non-greasy, and it sinks into the skin fast
* Squalane is non-irritating, making it great for people with sensitive skin conditions. It's also completely odorless and colorless
* Squalane can help regulate excess oil production. That makes it a better choice than jojoba, which also has this property, but is a less stable monounsaturated fat
* Squalane can speed healing of cracked or chapped skin, and soothes eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
* Squalane is naturally antibacterial (just like coconut oil)
* Squalane helps protect your skin from the free radicals that can cause age spots and premature aging. It may even help fade dark pigment over time

 Squalane oil is very similar to skins natural oils. It absorbs quickly and it wot leave your skin greasy.The consistency is not thick or liquid-y.Its somewhere in the middle. The only down size of it is that the bottle is so tiny. I been using it am and pm routine and I am really pleased with it. This small bottle retains for $8 but its totally worth it. You can get it here

Last products that was sent to me is Hyaluronic Acid Serum  - I think at this point everyone have at least one HA serum in their stash. I know I have or had few. It is a great addition to my am and pm routine. It is very nice to use,no problem when I wore under the makeup.  This serum is quite good and I at $6 it is worth to add into your routine. Hyaluronic acid is incredibly gentle and phenomenally helpful for all skin types, even the most sensitive, redness-prone skin. In fact, its positive influence on skin’s surface is due in part to its natural calming benefit, which means it is also suitable for breakout-prone skin. Each of the following fragrance-free formulas contain redness-reducing, hydrating, and antioxidant ingredients that make skin smooth and soft, and they’re gentle enough even for those with eczema-prone and rosacea-prone skin.
 Hyaluronic acid supplements can help your skin look and feel more supple and plump.
As of now HA is a staple in so many routines.
If you interested in trying good moloecules HA, get it here.

***Non Affiliate links***

New Products Alert- Naturally Serious "Illumi-Nation Anti-Fatigue Power Serum"

*pr sample* 
*BrandBacker post*

Guys! New product alert! @naturallyserious skin care just  launched Online new product - Illumi-Nation Anti-Fatigue Power Serum! and boy its good! Let me tell you a bit about the brand in case you haven't heard of them :) "Naturally Serious takes your skin seriously! We are who we say we are. 
Cleanly & ethically developed without BS, our products combine 
powerful natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology for clinically
advanced results." They are a clean beauty and you can find their products at Sephora. I actually was planning to stop by to my Sephora after work one of the days but oh men, my job this week was insane! But anyways lets talk about this gorgeous looking bottle and well miracle inside it. First the bottle and the whole presentation is beautiful! Its a glass and have a pump, what a life saver! right?! 

Brand says that "
This glossy, super anti-aging formula effortlessly melts into skin for a dewy, glass-skin radiance. Targeting the stress in your skin to reduce wrinkles in just 24 hours, Illumi-Nation transforms your appearance, smoothing, hydrating, and leaving skin with a brighter, healthy finish.
We are cleanly made, ethically developed and clinically tested. Naturally Serious merges powerful anti-oxidants with a proprietary complex of natural actives. Together, these clinically tested ingredients help repair past skin damage, promote cell renewal and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. What does this mean for you? Effective protection against UV rays, pollution and premature aging - and brighter, younger-looking skin that glows from within.

And I agree with everything! This balm instantly melts into the skin and it has a gel like consistency. Its such a pleasure to work with it. My skin really feels and looks better. I live in NYC and to have anti-pollution skin care in my routine is a life saver. My skin after a week and half of using it look so much more awake! Much brighter and healthier. The serum smell amazing too!  Beautiful natural fragrance. Most importantly the product contains anti-pollution blend of 6 antioxidants (pomegranate, goji berry, grape seed, green tea, red tea and white tea).
All Naturally Serious skin care products are free of paraben, mineral oil, sulfates, drying alcohol, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, silicone, etc.Highly recommend checking them out! I am already eyeing two more products that I really want get my hands on it :)

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Palette Swatches - Halloween 2019 *Limited Edition*

*purchased by me*

Ok so I found a new wet N wild Halloween display at my local Walgreens. By accident mostly... Ok I went hoping I can find the palettes and boy I did!
There are 4 palettes in total. Not sure if all are NEW or some are re-promotes. Sorry I don't think I bought any last year.
But you guys! Hunting this Halloween display brings out all good memories when,back few years ago everyone was "hunting"new LE Wet n Wild releases. Kinda miss those times. Right now I don't even see most of new launches. I usually get them online,month after. 

But anyways here are the palettes and swatches.I hope you find this helpful and it will make you decision easier. 

Lets start with my favorite:

*Coffin Break - this palette is just wow.Every shade is stunning and well perfect for every day.Golds,brown and oranges.

 Perfect Fall bestie to have. Swatch wise - stunning! Every shade swatch so good.They feel buttery and so smooth. This is the 'safe' palette,which I bet will sell out fast. There is nothing crazy over here.Just pretty warm tones that goes perfectly together.

* In the Smokes- cool tones palettes with greys and reds. My palette swatch really good.

 The shimmers are wonderful!creamy and pigmented. I actually like this one. I think the reds are fine. Its funny as I think Wet n Wild saw my Halloween look last year (haven't posted anywhere so...) LOL. I was the only person at my work kinda dressed up! I pulled a Witch with red/black smokey eye,red glitter and black lipstick. WNW are you guys spying on me?I swear this palette would come so handy last year! I had to pull out like 5 or more different palettes to create witchy look. Any who cool palette:)

* Boo Crew - gorgeous mix of blues and greens.reminds me of ocean.

 Majority of shades are shimmer and again I found them to swatch lovely! I adore shimmery shades! the best way to apply shimmers are your fingers. I seriously can't wait to play with this one. I like that shades are not so muddy. There is one shade that is really sheer and can be used as a topper to add that beautiful sparkle to any look. Majority of my blues and green I use on my lower lash for pops of color. On the side note, this reminds me of the new ELF palette. The vibes are so similar!

* Wizards in Training - the last palette I found and wow !beautiful purples,wine shades.

 Again I found the shade swatch really good. And what's with the purple?!? Every new palette that comes out have purple tones! Don't get me wrong I love purples, and just wondering..Is it a theme this year? Anyways , the only two shades I had problems with are the matte white (super sheer) and the transition pink(swatch wise sheer as heck,hopefully it can be build up). Over all a stunning palette.

Overall I am really happy to grab them.For $5.99 I say its not bad.On the side note, I notice that the lid is not as sturdy as in previous palettes.Or  maybe its just me? I feel the material is so flimsy! The  other palettes once you open,lid stays on nicely,here its just won't stay up. I dunno why. That is one con I have on these palettes.All together they are really fun to have. 

Let me know what you think?Which palette calls your name?
 can't wait for Halloween! What is your costume?are you guys going trick and treating? 

New Favorite Anniversary Ring From Anjolee

*pr sample*

I am in love. Girl if you know me you know pretty jewelry is my weakness. I own a lot of silver jewelry, and personally this is my go to.Sure I love a gold too but hey if you lose silver your won;t shed many tears as if you would loose gold piece. Trust me I lost gold ring and I cried for a week! 
Anyways that was years ago,and I like to keep that wound closed. 

Now lets talk about Anjolee- they sale gorgeous jewelry on their website. Rings,earrings,necklaces, bracelets you name it. Every thing is neat and well presented. The best part is that you can actually customize your jewelry! Yes you heard me right! You choose stone,carats weight, sizes,etc just to make your piece perfect.
The mission of Anjolee is to provide customers with the highest quality of hand-crafted jewelry, using only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds, and gemstones.

 To achieve their mission, they focus on:
  • Customized jewelry that reflects each customer’s taste and budget
  • State of the art technology
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, and always available jewelry specialists
The originator of the diamond tennis bracelet, Anjolee has steadily expanded over the years into a full range of quality diamond jewelry, from bridal pieces and fashion rings to bracelets, earrings, and necklaces

I tell you that I love a good bling. I adore shiny jewelry and Anjolee gives me just that! The pieces on their web are stunning. The ring I choose is not that simple it is so extra and I love it. It is an anniversary silver ring with 1.32 ct cubic zirconia (link). And wow what a beauty it is! Especially when the light catches the stones they shine! I got size 9 and it fits perfectly on my ring finger. I been wearing it for over a week now and I been getting so many compliments and questions on where did I get this beauty! This seriously can pass by White Gold and Diamonds. 

I think the style of the ring is classy and goes with any outfit and any occasion. Its so funny because when I wear it I feel like Madonna in "Material Girl" clip. And Anjolee team is just like the guys that give Madonna all the jewelry :) I know weird compassion but ugh sometimes I can't stop my imagination. 

Diamonds (and CZ's) and girls best friends, are they yours too?

Check out Anjolee and their stunning master pieces here
And here is the link to my ring.

*** Please note that Anjolee don't sell Silver. My ring was a sample made specially for me in SLV and CZ. Anjolee does offer as add on CZ replicas of anniversary rigs and /or bridal sets. In order to get one you must purchase a gold set. I am pretty sure if there is any question Anjolee Customer Service will help***

Boxy Luxe - All Access - September 2019 *unboxing*

* purchased by me*

woohoo!My second Boxy Luxe arrived just few hours ago. I was really excited! All the sneak peeks and spoilers got me really excited! And this month didn't disappoint! August Boxy Charm was a flop. September is amazing! I got all that I wanted. If I want any other products variation I can simply visit few Facebook groups, there is always some one who what's to sell their stuff, and there will I be, ready with my money!

So enough with me talking to much let me show you what I got this month :)
Skin Care first,then makeup and hair care last :)

* Dr Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask - this is my second product from Dr.Brandt. Im not mad as I love their products. The oxygen bubble mask is a HG !!! This is a new release from the brand and it was in every single box.Woohoo! This is a hydrating recovery sleeping mask that balances skin naturally occurring flora and locks in moisture overnight to reduce redness and soothe the signs of irritation. Again I am excited to try this. Retail $52.00

* Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum - there was this serum or Sunday Riley Tidal cream. I was really torn between both, but I had to pick one during the survey BC sent two months ago. This is an ultimate brightening serum for brightening and smoothing.Formulated with a stable blend of 2% pure pineapple juice-one of the most potent sources of natural vitamin c, natural AHA,and bromelain enzymes.Infused with chamomile, aloe, and vitamin E to soothe even the most sensitive skin. Again so freaking excited to try it! I love the Watermelon Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe and to have add this to my collection makes me wanna jump! Retail $49.00

Next is makeup!

* Violet Voss Essentials Eye Shadow Palette - yes yes,double yes!I am so happy for this palette! I love VV and their formula is one of the best. This is such pretty and well essential palette that will (already saw tutorials) create beautiful looks.

I can't wait to start using it.What can I say I am eyeshadow palette junkie :) Retails:$29.00

* Tarte Park Avenue Princess Palette - face palette that contains bronzers and two highlighters. This is my second face palette by Tarte :) There was also an option of Too Faced Natural Face Palette. I actually wanted that one.

I dunno BC used to send emails showing peeks of what will you get in your box but not anymore. So since they don't I went ahead and purchased TF palette during Ulta 21 days of beauty for only $22 :)

 So win win, as this is palette that I been intrigue by it. So I am bringing her out and will be playing starting next week.Retail $45.00

* Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Rubio - yes I am here for pretty red! And Stila formula is seriously one of the best! It literally stays all day.  I believe everyone who gets BoxyLuxe will get one of three shades in their boxes. Retail $22.00

* Hank & Henry Blickity Black Eye Liner - something I don't us is a liquid eye liner. I just never learned a proper line or wing.So I will be finding a new home for this little guy. Retail $20.00

Hair Care is next!

* Sutra Clipless Curling Iron with a cool tip - believe it or not I don't own curling iron. This iron is best for beach waves, glam curls and more

.It has a ceramic heating element and an infused titanium polishes barrel . Retail $65.00

* IGK Mistress Hydrating Balm -  excited for this tho! I heard so many great and positive reviews of the brand but never really tired it myself. Its leave in conditioning balm that don't weights down hair. So we shall see!Retail $29.00

What do you guys think?I love this month box!I really do and it makes me excited for next month.and guess what! We saw sneak peek and there will be a Dose of Colors palette! like yay!
And the value of my box was  $311
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