New! Profusion Cosmetics ~ Daydream Believing Collection ~ Sneak Peak + Swatches

*pr sample*

Last Thursday I was invited to Profusion Cosmetics breakfast event showcasing their new Collection. And you guys all products are a must have!
Fist off all, thank you Profusion for inviting me. The event was such a blast! It was held at Sugar Factory in NYC's Meatpacking District and dang I loved every second of it. Not to mention it was my first time at Sugar Factory. We were sited upstairs and had a breakfast served and it was all top with gorgeous makeup. I really enjoyed listing to Mona talks about Profusion. Its like all the products were her babies and she was just so happy to talk and rave about them, and i ma not surprised!  The new products they they coming out with literally blew my sock off!

What I like the most about Profusion is the quality of the products. They are so good. Eye shadows are so pigmented, they blend like a dream, the colors are stunning. The face palettes same. And the best part is you can get it all with $10 or less! Talk about the makeup on the budget. High end quality for less, sign me up!
Profusion was born over 20 years ago in Southern California and what we were told they been using Profusion makeup on celebrities and all sort of events for years! And the best part is they are cruelty free! 

Now wanna see the new products? Keep on reading :)

I was send with a nice goodie bag home that had few pieces of the new launches. 
But tbh I want more, no I want it all. I am so excited about all the products and I bet they will sell fast and people will be happy!

Lets start with the eye shadow palette. Sienna ~ and as you can see she is a beauty! At my table, girl could not stop talking about it. Sienna is 21 eye shadow palette that comes with dual ended brush and its so pigmented. The colors are just stunning! and the best thing about it? This palette will retails for
$9.99! Guys $10! for super high quality shadows! 

There will be 2 more palettes one is called Chocolates ( I so need it like right now!), that will have a range of earthly shades including rich chocolates, mint greens, decadent golds and deep bronze tones. I know sounds like a dream palette, right? The third eyeshadow palette is Pro Pigment, and it is the pink palette. It will contain combination of shimmery opals, bright pinks and soft, wearable violets. With this palette they got me on shimmering opals :) I personally didn't see it, but it was at the event for sure :) Just out of my reach. But definitely will will be grabbing both as Sienna is so lonely! ahaha she is missing her sisters!

Another big palette that is launching is Sculpt & Glow palette. There will be two of them one lighter one darker. I have lighter one and its called Moonstone Edition and it contains range of radiant shades form pearl to soft pink highlighters and light to medium contour.

  Goldstone Edition is the darker palette that contain shades form peachy to gold highlighters and medium to deep contour. So there is 7 highlighters, two bronzers and pro series brush ~ all for $9.99. 

Lets stick with eye shadow palettes, shall we? There will be 4 different 10 eye shadow palettes coming out and yes I need them all! I only got the "Shimmers" one, and as the name suggests it is all vivid shimmery shadows with  high impact of pops of color from pinks to blues and rich golds. I am a shimmery girl all the way. All metallic, shimmery shades have my names all over it.

They are 3 more palettes in this series: "Royals" ~ I love love love that one. OMG the most beautiful colors ! Contains gorgeous jewel tones. I am so ordering it the minute the collections launches.  "Classics "~ every day palette with multi finish shades ranging from  neutrals to brozne and deep shimmery coppers. Yes "Classics" is another great a must have palette for me. The last one in series is "Mattes" ~ all matte palettes for matte shadow overs. I am not a matter girl but heck I need that palettes, coz Mona loves it and she is so proud of that palette and that matte formula!

So yes this palettes also lands on my wish list. Oh geez who am I kidding I want the whole collection at home with me LOL! Wait did I tell you the price? No ? guys $4.99 for each palette! $4.99 for high pigment palettes! YES!!!!!

Before I moved on on other products I got. Let me quickly mention the palettes I don't have but they also will be launching. All eye shadow palettes. Sorry I didn't take pics of any of it. Coz after breakfast the palettes were all over the place and well it was hard to track them down. Next time I have to arrive early so I can take pics before they all disappear LOL. 
So anyways there will be "9 Piece Eye Defying Kit", design to create captivating eye looks. Available in two color ways:"New Nudes" ~  mix of build able cranberries and warm browns. and  "Orchids"~ selection of berries and orchids.  They will retain for $6.99 each. 
There will also be a "Rose Gold Palette" ~ that I am dying to get! I almost took a pic of it but someone snug it hahaha. BUT wow she is stunner and she will be the size of Sienna palette. There will be 15 eye shadows and 3 blush/highlights and it comes with dual ended brush. It will retail for $9.99. 

Now lets move to face palette I have and the other I don't but as before I need. 
"Blush and Glow" palettes that contain 5 color bush and highlight. Again it will be available in two color way: 1 ~ lighter hues from peachy to opals for light and medium skin tones . 
2 ~ rich shades from roses to honeys for medium to deep skin tones .

I have the version 1 and wow the blushes are so perfect and so wearable! I do need to pick up the version 2 just coz :)

There also will be a "Luminizer" ~ 5 shade highlighter palette and I am so ordering both! Anything highlight I want. I am a highlighter junkie all the way. again this will be available in two versions:
1 ~ tones form icy pearls to champagne peaches.
2 ~ golden shades, for a touch of 24k inspired looks.

Just fyi, the 2nd version have this gold gold highlighter that someone mention might be a perfect dupe for Rihanna's Trophy Wife. I personally don't own that highlighter from Fenty, but after hearing that I will get the 2nd version of this palette. 

The prices for Blush and Glow and Luminizer palettes is ... drum rolls please.... $ 4.99 each! Yes now go and shop for it! 

Also there is also one more face palette. 5 piece defining kit ($6.99) will include highlight, blush and brozner. and it will come with a brush. 
Two version: "Sunlight" ~ neutral shades and "Stardust" gold infused highlighters and contours with berry undertones. 
Again sorry, lacking the pictures. 

I got two more mentions and I will be done. 
Profusion is launching lip sets "Lips-To-Go" in 7 different colors. Each set includes: lip liner, matte liquid lipstick and a high shine, shimmery lip gloss/lip topper. I have one or two sets of this set already and I must say that they are amazing! the lip liner glides on so good and its so creamy. Liquid lipstick stays on the whole day and the lip topper adds sparkle, which I adore. From the event I brought the red set and OMG its so juicy! I love red lips! 

like I said there will be 7 in total launching:
* Dream ~ pinky nude
* Secret ~ nude mauve
* Charm ~  mauve taupe
* Imagine ~ deep purple
* Ambitious ~ vibrant purple 
* Passion ~ true red
* Fantasy ~ deep merlot 

the set will retail for $4.99 each 

The last but not least is the brow kit. 8 piece kit that include 5 pc brow palettes with primer and dual ended brush, brow pencil, clear brow gel and tweezers. available in 2 shades: Light to Medium and Medium to Deep . Retail $6.99

So what do you all think? I am personally excited it for this beautiful collection. Plus it is so affordable it wont break my bank.  I also heard about the Christmas and future collection and I am already excited! The collection will officially launch July 3rd on and Targes in stores and online. 

Here is few more pictures from the event :) Tables set up and some pretty flower arrangement I got to take home 

 Mona, showing the Rose Gold Palette

 You can see here the 5 pc face palettes and the 9 pc eye shadow palettes

 In the back the Chocolates Palette , and some new lippie colors

 Flowers I took home :)

 Small arrangement and Insta-worthy Milkshake! YUm!

Sinful Colors LE Nail Polish swatches from Indie Sol and Boho Beat Collections

Haven't done a nail polish swatch post in a while right?  I stumbled on a Sinful Colors display at my local rite aid a while back and I been obsessed with it ever since. I love Sinful Colors polishes so when I saw all the new shades I had to grab them all.

What get me confusing is the name of the collection. My display was called Indie Sol and had all the polishes in it. But when I was searching online for the correct name I came up with Boho Beat collection as well. So some polishes are from Boho Beat and some are from Indie Sol. 

Anyways here are the swatches of each color :

* Rave New World ~  this one is in Indie Sol collection , according to Sinful Colors website. It is such a pretty  lighter blue with subtle pink shimmer. And it looks so good on my light skin. It applied evenly and all I needed was two coats.  It a little bit darker then periwinkle. 

* We're in Tents ~ this one belongs to Boho Beat collection, according to Sinful Colors website. It is beautiful shimmery green. And I guess one of the most popular shade in the collection. The group I'm in on FB, I see girl dying to get their hands on it.  I like green polishes and this one as well applies evenly and you need two coats of it. 

* Positive Vibez ~ this one is in Indie Sol collection , according to Sinful Colors website. Such a pretty subtle shimmery rosy pink color. This is one perfect for a soft mani, on a days that you don't want to wear nothing "in your faced" kinda shades.

* Jelly Ellie ~  this one is in Indie Sol collection , according to Sinful Colors website. Pretty peachy shimmery shade. In the bottle it looks more pink, but once on the nails you can see it is more peachy. If you looking for pink go with Postive Vibez.  Jelly Ellie I notice its another popular shade next to "We're in Tents". I wore it last week and it lasted on for 5 days and well it looked gorgeous.

* Sundown Getdown ~  this one belongs to Boho Beat collection, according to Sinful Colors website. this is a bright orangy-red shade with pink shimmer. On me looks more orange then red. Again another fun . juicy color perfect for summer. 

* Sunglasses at Night ~  this one belongs to Boho Beat collection, according to Sinful Colors website. Pretty aqua blue. This one is a cream finish . so sparkles or shimmers in it. To be honest I can't wait to wear it! this screams summer on so many levels. 

Which shade did you like? 

New In ~ Perfect Summer Jewelry by Nogu by Joseph Nogucci

*pr sample*

Annnd I am back again with a new quick review. This time I will show you and talk about the jewelry pieces I got a while ago from Nogu Jewelry via Octoly. 

I was accepted and was send two pieces. A bracelet and earrings. 
Lets start with a bracelet.

18K Rose Gold Crystal Pave Gala Bracelet ~ base is stainless steel plated with 18K rose gold. The bracelet is shamballa type the closing. Two strings that pull out and pull in again. I like it, but it was kinda off hard for me to pull the string apart. I was really scared that I might brake it. but thank god it is alright now. The beads are the main focus of the bracelet. Crystals set pave style. I adore them! There are 5 beads in the middle of the bracelet, and guys when the light hits it, it sparkles! holy crap so beautiful and so mesmerizing! 
you can find the bracelet here. Also it is available in White Gold and Gold plating. 

Now the earrings.

18K Gold Gilded Wings ~ again base is stainless steel plated with 18K Gold. They are hypoallergenic, nickel free and made with surgical grade steel. The shape resembles wings and they hang on a fish-wire type of closing. It comes with silicone backing which for me is good, coz well I am afraid that I might loose them one day. silly but true... I had one pair of fish wire type of earrings, got tangled in my hair and somewhat somehow I lost half pair. I always put the some sort of backing on all my fish wire earrings. I wore them already many times and got lots of compliments from my co-workers. 
You can find earrings here. 

Both pieces by NOGU Jewelry are simply stunning! So very well made! They don't feel cheap at all. and I am a jewelry hoarder, so comparing to whatever you get at H&M or Forever21 this one is so much better and so worth the price! Each piece came with its own cute jewelry box, that slides open. I do like this sort of extras! not all the time you get cute box to store your bling bling.  You guys go check them out, the bracelet selection is so beautiful and I see few that I really like! They offer free shipping with orders over $25, and a free gift with orders over  $60.

* samples provided by Nogu by Joseph Nogucci and Octoly. Opinion is my own. Links are not affiliate. 

Milani Comestics ~ Must Have Metallics Palette ~ review + swatches

  OMG this little gem is finally mine! Guys I am so happy to finally own it. 
I been dying to get my hands on this palette since it came out. But there were always something to do or to buy. 
I saw a newly  re-done  Milani display at my local CVS with this beauty included.  And since CVS offered $4 Extrabucks back of any $10 Milani purchase, then why not buy it! So I did. I got pretty palette and ExtraBucks :) 

Just s the name suggest this palette is mostly Metallic. It comes in a gold plastic case with clear lid. Just like the other palettes.
 I really am obsessed with all the colors. 
The pigmentation is freaking amazing. They are  buttery soft and  well super intense. There is one satin and one matte shade. The black is obviously matte, and the first cream color is satin. 
This palette is perfect for all metallic lovers.  That cranberry red was calling my name for a very long time hahah! The min reason why I decided to purchase this beauty. 

Overall I am super pleased with this palette. Milani Cosmetics really is steeping their game! Lately they been launching amazing products that call out to every beauty junkie. I myself want to get few more products  The highlighters look amazing, some of the other palettes that come in the golden packaging are on my wish list.   Milani palettes are one of the best at the drugstore. And also they have released recently new bigger palettes, one all matte and the other metallic. They retail for about $20 each and hopefully I can get them soon.

Do you own any of the Milani palettes? Which one is your favorite?

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