Winning Prize from Cover Girl Contest


I wanted to share with You my winning prize from Cover Girl ' ready set repost ' contest form Instagram. The contest was more then a month ago, and every week there was 50 winners selected, all you had to do is to repost their contest picture. Lucky me, I was selected in the first week.  Click here to follow Cover Girl on Instagram.

I did already post the picture of my prize on Instagram (click here ) , but I figure that  I can  bring you up close for you to see what  got.

Prize included:

Clump  Crusher Mascara in VERY BLACK and LashBlast Fusion Mascara In VERY BLACK.
I did try the clump crusher mascara before and i did really like it.

Bombshell Intensity Liner in PITCH BLACK. 
24h long wear eyeliner. 

Bombshell Shine Shadow by Lashblast.
Colors left to right:
Gold Goddess, Color me Money, Ice Queen 

Outlast Illumina - all day lipcolor ( all day colorcoat and moisturizing topcoat)
Colors from left to right:
Beaming Berry, Moonlight Mauve, Starlit Pink

Lipstick SmooChies Lip Balm
Colors left to right :
Selfie, Kiss and Tell, Party Girl

Colorlicious LipGlosses
colors left to right:
Give me Guava, Pinkalicious, honeyed kiss

Cover Girl XL Nail Gel (nail polish)
colors left to right
Whole lotta guava, Overblown orange, Buxom Blue

I was super happy to receive this prize , I don't own many of CG cosmetics and I cant wait to use them! The only thing I had before was the green mascara the clump crusher and I really did love it. The other its all new too me . There will be some reviews and swatches once i get a hold of better camera.

Thanks for reading !

xox Monica

Rainbow Store Small Haul


Happy Sunday Loves!

Lets start with my small haul from Rainbow Store. I really love that store , ever since I step a foot in there  was n love! hehe  know the quality of their clothing is not as good as Gap or H&M , but still they do have a very unique designs , that I came to love! If you look inside of my closet most of my shoes , bags, and clothing is from Rainbow. Plus the prices are very good ( clearance tags  from $3 up to $12).
I did purchases few dresses last week but unfortunately it didn't fit me right and i did like it. Yesterday I went to exchange it . Here is a few things I picked up:

First is the dress that I was not sure if  will like it , but after I put on i was sold! hehe its strapless and its long ( up to ur knees), plus I love chevron print . Price $12 on sale

Second is the Minty T-shirt with a cute dog on it. Price $5

sorry my camera don't give the true color of the shirt. 

Next step , accessories! 

Picked up a Minty watch ( my old one broke and  need a new one asap hehe) and hoop earrings . Both were with 50% off tags , so final price for the watch was $4 and earrings $2.50


And the last , my favorite purchases of all! The Bags!
I got two, same design but different color! Yes i could't decide which to take , both colors were sooo pretty! you ladies have the same problem? cant decide and then take both colors? hahah I  do!

I took the last two colors Cobalt Blue and Burgundy, price $10 each on SALE!
I think the Burgundy one will be perfect in a Fall Season. Same goes to Blue one , perfect for now and any other season!

Hope you all enjoyed it! if yu want to see more go to Rainbow website to check! Rainbow Website click Here

thanks for reading!

xoxo Monica

Summer Reads proposition - Jocelynn Drake 'Dark Days Novel'


Today's post it not a beauty related , but I hope you still will like it.

I dont know if any of you know that I am a bookworm , I love books and love reading , especially on my long commute to work and back home.

The books that I mostly reach for are fantasy, paranormal romance, and novels ( written by N. Sparks, gosh i love this guy heh ). Everything that have a paranormal , supernatural beings like witches, vampires , werewolves, angels , mermaids.

I do have a few favorite writers/authors that I love to read. But that will be in my future blogpost. I will tell you more of them plus I will mention the books that I love and why.

On this post lets concentrate on book I read in a past month or I will read in near future.

Lets start off with JOCELYNN DRAKE ' Dark Days Novel '

Quick Overview:

Mira the man character is a vampire / nightwalker,  who can control the fire ( later in the books we will find out how she can do that and who she really is ) she is called Fire Starter . Danaus is vampire hunter that is 2000 yrs old ( we will find out his story as well  in other books ).  He brings Mira new about Naturi, an elfin race that try to wipe out humans, nightwalkers and any other supernatural creature from earth.
500 yrs ago they nearly destroyed Mira  n attempt to control her and her gifts. They have been locked up by TRIAD a powerful vampires in a cage prison. But the seals holding Naturi in are about to be broken by Rowe , a Naturi who tries to free his kind and his wife-queen Aurora.
Mira has to stop Rowe , and her only help is her worst enemy The Vampire Hunter Danaus.

My thoughts :

From the first book I was really into the whole story. I wanted to know more and I wanted to know how will it all ends.  Plus There was this connection between Mira and Danaus and I just waiting for them to finally hook up! They are perfect for each other! The books overall are really good. Book 1 to 3 is from Mira's point of view , book 4  is Danaus point of view ( finally we know what does he think about the situation and his real feelings for Mira!). the last book 6 Is Mira and Nyx (about her more in the books just keep reading :) ).

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6 

If you know any good books ! please let me know !

xoxo Monica

Breakfast Smoothie


Here is a quick recipe for my breakfast smoothie :) I have been obsessed with smoothies lately trying something new everyday. I'm pretty sure this kind of recipe is already , but well here is mine :)

All you need is :

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Apple (peeled and cubed)
  • 2 tablespoon Peanut Butter 
  • 1 glass of Almond Milk  ( regular milk is fine too )

Add everything to you blender and blend until smooth. You can always add honey or sugar if u lie sweet drinks , I like it like that:)


xox Monica

Review on Milani Baked Blushes

Hi , Happy Sunday Loves!

Today I come to with a quick review on Milani Baked Blushes. I bought mine in shades:

  • Dolce Pink
  • Corallina 


The color is gorgeous! beautiful coral/ peachy  color, yes with lots of shimmer/ glitter to it. When I swatched it i was surprised on how pigmented it is! and yes there is a lots of glitter , but it will disappear when u buff it well. Due to the great pigmentation be careful when apply , because it can turn orangy.


This blush along with Corallina i picked up at my local CVS ( buy 1 get 1 50%off). Love the shade of this one , beautiful pink packed with glitter. Just like Corallina is super pigmented , lots of shimmer that can be easily buffed out.


The pigmentation, blendability and  staying power is great. They do come with many colors and I'm pretty sure  you will find something that suits your skin tone. Personally I do Love shimmer or glitter , I things its perfect for spring and summer! especially for summer when you try to achieve the summer glow! Plus you cant go wrong with the price! I also love the packaging (sorry for not taking the great pics of the detail on packaging ) , well its gold! and i thing that gold packaging is very glamorous and classy!  it comes with a mirror and a blush brush.
This blush might not be suitable for everyone, I heard mixed opinion ( too much glitter and to chalky).
Me I LOVE IT! love to shimmer  in the summer time!

Where can you find it :

Milani Website

Walgreens Web and Store

CVS  Web and Store

plus many other like Target and Walmart .

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Monica

Dupe Alert! ESSIE and CIATÉ


Today's post will be about the dupe nail polish I own and I found out about it not so long time ago.
 I;m talking about the ESSIE " Cascade Cool" and  CIATE "Kiss chase" .
Both are pretty pink colors. Ciate have a nice creamy formula , need just two coats and dries up pretty fast.
Essie also have a nice creamy formula , I can see some blue undertones in it . Both are jelly like.
when i paint my nails I'm telling you won't be telling difference which is which
plus both are in same price range Ciate ( $8 at Sephora ) Essie  ($8.50 at Ulta )
 Here are some swatches for u ladies!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Monica

Bath and Body Works ~ Semi annual Sale 2014

Don't you just hate when all the stores have a semi annual sale at the SAME TIME? Because I do!  BBW and VS sales take place same time... Which means I spent more $$$ then i tend to spent . I already shared my VS Haul , you can see it  HERE .

Here the few things I Picked up at BBW:

 How cute the popsicle coupons are??!!!! means will be shopping more! :) 

thanks for reading!

xox Monica

Victoria's Secret ~ Semi annual sale 2014

Finally I come to share my VS Semi Annul Sale Haul.
I know it took me long time to post it, sorry for that.
I went to VS three times. This was actually my first time shopping semi annual sale , I have always skipped it and went to Bath and Body works instead. But since I found out that VS no longer will carry their MAKEUP LINE , I told myself : before they discontinue at least go ahead and try it.

So here are few photos of what i pick up :)

I'm kinda sucker for makeup bags , and the ones from VS are sooo adorable so my collection is slowly growing :)
My very first Perfumes from VS. Heard good things about it . Small review will  be posted in few days .
Same things with VS PINK, never had anythings except Undies form PINK line , so let see how the shirts and Yoga pants will do.
I will also try to make a review on VS makeup palette, bronzer and finishing powder

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Monica.

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