Vitamin C anti aging skin care ~ DermaE, C2CaliClean and InstaNatural

*pr sample*

Ok, so here we go another anti aging skin care post. :) coz hey better start faster then be sorry later :)

 Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse with skin brightening and anti aging properties.
Did you know Vitamin C support collagen heath, which is responsible for skin firmness? It helps brighten the skin, so if you have a dark spots or uneven skin tone and sun damage, you should look into products that contain vitamin c.

One of my favorite skin brand - DermaE, launched Vitamin C boosted skin care line that includes concentrated serum, moisturizer, night cream and micellar water.
DermaE is vegan and cruelty free brand. Their skin care products contain non toxic ingredients and well environment friendly. First I heard of DermaE on Instagram.  Some bloggers I follow was lucky enough to test their skin care. I, myself love to discover and try new brands. And was lucky enough to be added to DermaE Pr list :) and here I am writing my first ever review on the blog.
I have way more products to write about in later time :)
for now lets talk about their Vitamin C anti aging skin care.

A while back I was send Concentrated Serum and Renewing Moisturizer. Both products feel good and my skin really like them. I do have acne and sensitive skin. They feel non irritating and smells great. As you can guess citrus-y kinda scent :)
First, I put on the Concentrated Serum ~ it helps brighten skin and boost collagen health, minimizing the look of wrinkles, fine lines while improving the appearance of uneven skin tone. Hylauronic acid and Vitamin C (key ingredients) work together to protect skin form environment stress, helping prevent the signs of aging. Soothing Aloe and Vitamin E deeply moisturize for a rejuvenated you. Another great ingredients are Rose Hip Oil and Green Tea, to which my skin reacts well. Overall this serum is great. It does absorb fast and didn't clog my pores.
Renewing Moisturizer ~ lightweight and radiance boosting  moisturizer, supports collagen heath, help  to improve the appearance  of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Probiotocs and Rooibos work with nonoxidizing vitamin c to shield and straighten skin natural defenses for smoother and firmer skin. Works perfect with serum. Plus it can be use day or night.
Both products work well with my sensitive skin :) Vitamin C skin care available here.

Now we took care of the skin and now time for lips :) Yes you can't forget about the lips!
Recently I got a anti aging lip balm by C2CaliClean. I'm not going to lie I never heard of them before. I was just send a box full of oranges and two lip balms :) Can't complain here :)
So give your lips what they have been craving - anti aging lip conditioner that has proven to replenish, repair and n nourish . C2CaliClean lip conditioner is packed with rich natural oils to bring back life in to the lips. It provides :
* long lasting hydration
* deep conditioning
* refreshing citrus-y mint experience

I use this lip balm night time, after scrubbing my lips I applied it and simply go to sleep. .Most days I wear lipsticks so only on the days I don't I apply it. It does feels good, I do adore the scent :)  So if you struggling with a dry lips this might be for you :)
Lip balm can be found here.

and last is a Vitamin C toner by my other favorite skin care brand InstaNatural. This is not the first time I'm mentioning InstaNatrual on my blog. i seriously love their skin care. Now that they repacked all the products I love it even more. The packing is one of the factors that makes me buy a product. It is important.
InstaNatural is a small company that started in Florida. their goal is to provide natural, effective skin care solution/Their products focus on organic and natural ingredients without using harmful parabens and other questionable ingredients.
I was lucky enough to meet with Shana, who works for InstaNatural a while back. It was nice to learn more about the brand that you really like , you know ?!
Im not gonna lie I have a bunch of InstaNatural products so at some point there will be a brand focus post, in which I can talk a bit more of each product.
Today I will focus only on Vitamin C toner, which is life! Spray on toner!  I actually like them more than regular toners. i feel like I don't waste that much of a product. The mist is really nice and there is not dripping ! The toner is boatload with herbs that have anti-acne, anti-aging, skin-lighting and skin-inflammatory benefits. Daily use will support skin protective barrier, priming it to absorb serum and moisturizer more effectively. the key ingredients :
*  MSM  ~ is essential source of sulfur and it has anti-acne, anti-aging and skin lighting and soothing properties .  It helps to reduce appearance of pores.
* Witch Hazel ~ anti-acne and anti-inflammatory agent. it contains healing active ingredients. It is good to own a Witch hazel because of all the properties.
* Lavender Oil ~ nourishes and refreshes skin, also anti-acne agent.  Lavender oil is the most used essential oil in the world.  It help to restore skin complexion, reduces acne and slows aging .
* Geranium Oil ~ nourishes and refreshes skin, Helps with acne and dark spots on the skin.
* Vitamin C ~ it is basically good for your skin. Helps with anti aging, acne, reduces fine lines, wrinkles,
Toner can be used by all skin types, however if you have really sensitive skin make a skin test before spritzing it all over your face. I have oily-acne-sensitive skin  and I find that it works really good on me. I never got a bad reaction and my skin feels amazing. Plus this stuff smells so good!
InstaNatural is sold mostly online.
I leave a link here that will take you straight to their website.

thanks for reading !
xo Monica 

MAC Holiday collection ~ sneak peek

I saw recently Trendmood and LipstickJunkieForver posted on IG a little sneaky peeky of upcoming Mac Holiday collection. \

Well, by looking at the embossing on the highlight it will be Holiday Collection. 
Ladies , famous Whisper of Gilt is making its comeback once again. 
It did came back last year in Nutcracker sweet collection :) lucky us who got our hand on it :)  and now it is coming back again!

I really cant wait to see more of this collection, like lipsticks for example :)

what do you girls think of it ? I know i am saving my bucks now :)
definitely will update once other products will be reveled :)

*pictures credit @trendmood1 on Instagram 

A little update on this collection :) It is out already and the official name is Snow Ball :) and its stunning! the pics don't do the justice.
I went ahead and bought three lipsticks and one eye shadow. I have in plans to grab one more eye shadow and one  more lipstick, but for now all is sold out.
I have for you some of my favorite pictures by few IG ladies :) just take a look at this glamours collection

 Pic credit @trendmood1 

 pic credit @villemo20 

 Pic credit @cassydaraiche

 Puc credit @stephy.xoxo 

 Pic credit @seattlemua.renee

 Pic credit @makeup_more_more 

 Pic credit :@_lipstickandL0ve

Pic credit @beatfacefridayy

pic credit @xxojess_

I also adore this mini lipstick set ! its beyond cute and it comes with 12 mini lippies (pic credit @xxojess_

Metallic Lip Potions by Fairy Girl ~ swatches + review

*pr sample*

Fairy Girl have done it again :) This time brand surprised us with a Metallic Lip Potions!
Liquid metallic lipstick are so on trend now :)

I  really love that the brand you love and supports , support you right back. Fairy Girl is the brand that   I am lucky to work with :)  last week I received a small parcel filled with their newest launched. 8 Metallic lip potions :)

The lipsticks come in the same packaging and same tube as Fairy Girl"s amazing  matte liquid lipsticks.
 And the shades! I love the shades! they all scream summer! Absolutely gorgeous! They are very comfortable on the lips!  Color payoff is on point and they are transfer proof. Which means once you apply  they will dry and it wont budge :)  and did i mention they are created with out parables, vegan friendly  and cruelty free! yes!

Yes they are metallic and yes they are wearable. Some metallic lipsticks might be way to metallic, right? Fairy Girl's metallic is very subtle and prefect for every day.
Lipstick have a vanilla scent to it just like the matte ones do.

I got spoiled with 8 gorgeous shades:

* Pink Moon ~ metallic hot pink
* Metal Rose ~ metallic soft pink rose *my favorite
* Mermaid Kiss ~ metallic mermaid teal *favorite
* Unicorn Princess ~ metallic bubble gum pink
* Miami ~ metallic peachy pink copper
* Violet Venom ~ metallic violet purple
* Butterfly Soul ~ metallic gold
* Precious ~ metallic red with pink undertones

Aren't they stunning? Do you know you can also wear them as a lipstick toppers? I do! I rock Metal Rose over Note Cosmetic Lipstick (forgot the name, but the color shades are really similar). I got so many compliments already on that pair! :) If you don't eat much greasy food it will wear all day :)

Personally cant wait to see what Fairy Girl will came up with next :)  I would love to see a highlights and maybe eye shadow palettes :) or better since they already have lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks and metallic liquid lipsticks , now time for glosses and lip liners :) what do you think Fairy Girl ?

Thank you one more time :) I simply adore your products !

click here to shop :)
$15 each

Jeffree Star x MannyMUA collab ~ swatches + review

Yes, I know I am late to the swatch party but whatever. 

i was super excited for this collab. I knew the bundle was the thing for me. I needed it. The collab launched while I was at IMATS. At Beautylish booth the collection was up. So everyone could swatch it and get it right away at the discounted price. The only downside was ... no box. You know the bundle comes in a cool box that makeup collectors and beauty blogger need in their collection. Well i passed on it then, coz no box I don't need you. Instead I grabbed few other JS products. after I was done I asked my sis in law to order the bundle off JS website... and guess what sold out :( 
bummer right? so I said to myself I wait till it gets back in stock. 

Few weeks ago I entered giveaway at Makeup Addicts Rejoice on FB where the main prize was ... JS x Manny Collab. And woohoo i won :) You guys have no idea how happy I was :) 
Noosha was super fast with shipping and I got my prize shortly after :) 

You guys it is breathtaking! the box, the packaging the products all perfection. 
I just love the black holographic packaging ! The bundle includes two Velour Liquid Lipsticks and one Skin Frost Highlight. All wearable and it will suit everyone :)

I adore JS liquid lipsticks formula. I do have few in my stash. They feel really nice on the lips and no drying. Colors wear through out the day. The new shades come in a limited edition packaging, black holographic packaging with JS  (star) and Mannys (crescent)  logos . 
"I'm Shook" ~  medium tones burnt coral. It looks more red on me then coraly. 
"Daddy" ~ this one is my favorite. cooled tones brown, that gives you a 90's grungy vibes. I love brown lipsticks! this is def a must have one :)
Both wear amazing and both go on opaque on the lips. Like I said before JS formula is amazing. 

Now the skin frost. OMG its just stunning. It is called Eclipse and its described as an icy peach highlight. It is same size as other JS highlights. It comes again in a limited edition packaging with JS and Mannys Logo imprinted on the product. Large mirror inside is a huge plus. 
I used only a bit, coz hello I don't want to destroy the logo LOL . It is blinding! I love how it look on my cheekbones. and when you spray it with a makeup spray it is even more blinding! Love it! glow for days ! 

my tiny Jeffree Collection :)

Sinful Colors ~ Desert Divas - Stoned Crystal Shimmer ~ Swatches

Found new Sinful Colors nail polishes at my Rite Aid. Well not so new but new to me. I don';t understand why we get all the collections so late... Its NYC for crying out loud! Can you believe I didn't see Kandee polishes display!?! And I went to every drugstore I saw in my path and nothing. Oh well, what can I do... :( 

anyways I did find the Desert Divas display,  that Stones Crystal Shimmers are part of ...but with only four colors left :( I did pick them up anyways :) Sinful Colors are the best drugstore polishes! not only they are affordable but also they do last pretty long on my nails. 
Each nail polish have a translucent crystal flakes in. And surprisingly they go on really nice on the nail. What you see in the bottle , well you get that on your nails. 

here are the colors and swatches of shades I got

Just Deserts #2218 ~ light neutral pink.  Formula is a bit sheer, but the color can be build up. Shown on swatches 2 coats. no base or top coat.

Thera-Pewter #2223 ~ shimmery gray with lavender undertones. I really like this color. again formula rather sheer but you can get away with two coats.  Excuse my swatch LOL, nail polish didn't dry properly and I applied another layer and it results in that uneven swatch :( 

Super Cooper #2225 ~  gorgeous shimmery dusty sage green. I adore this color! formula is amazing. Opaque in two coats. 

Namaste The Night #2220 ~ shimmery deep plum. and boy this one is gorgeous! nicely opaque and again two coats and you good to go. 

Clay Me #2221 ~ shimmering copper , burnt terra cotta orange. I am not a biggest orange fan but this one is really pretty! especially with the shimmery flakes :) Shown two coats, but it is surprisingly opaque in one coat.

overall I really love this collection, hope I get lucky and track more polishes :) 
which shade did you like?

MAC Juicy Fruity Collection ~ my picks

I feel summer already with newest MAC cosmetics collection. 
MAC Juicy Fruity is inspired by tropics, exotic fruits and flowers. Vibrant colors paired with a black background .. ahhhh feels really juicy!

I went day after launched day and surprisingly I was able to get what I wanted :)   
Collection did launched on May 18th here in USA :)
 I , for some reason I love to shop at the store. I just want to feel product and well swatch it! and there was a swatch party! I left the store with only 3 picks :( I kinda on fence here LOL i might pick up two more products ... lets see :) 

First two things that I grabbed were Fix + and Pearlmatte Face powder . 

Can you believe I have never ever tried a Fix+!!??!!?? Yeah  I actually wanted to grab the limited edition scented ones that were available last year but heck they sold out super fast. When i saw that COCONUT one will be available with new MAC collection in cool LE packaging, i knew it will end it up in my shopping bag. Do you know the first thing I did when I got home? I pull that spry out and sprayed my face right away! yes! summer scent indeed! now wonder all the scented FIX+ spray sold out so fast last year, I bet you this one will too! So if you want it I suggest run to your local MAC and grab it , even two! coz it is amazing! Yes baby the hype is real! 

Next up is Pearlmatte face Powder "Oh my Passion" , oh yes the design on it is breathtaking :)  Really look at it ! isn't it gorgeous? :) 
The Pearlmatte face powder is supposed  to be a combination of a highlighter and a blush with excellence color payoff and rich creamy texture. 
In the pan you can see a bronzer, pinky coral and pinky lavender blush and soft yellowish highlight. when swirled together it creates warm peachy blush :) I personally didn't stick my fingers in my , hell if I ever do. Some products you really can't touch it LOL. I did play around with it at the Mac store and I really like the color after swirling all shades together.  My powder is going to DO NOT TOUCH MAKEUP STASH :) 

Lastly I got a lipstick. I always get LE lipsticks:) This time I picked only one , but I really want to get either the pink or purple-ish one :) Again I went home with a nude ~ Calm Heat. 
Pinky beige with satin finish, I read few reviews on it and its not so good LOL, but hey I don;t think I will wear it anytime soon but I guess paired with a lip gloss should be fine. I read that it sinks in the lip lines and that don't look good. I swatched it on my hand only. I didn't wear so can'r tell you much :) 

(promo pic , found on  google. )

I think the packaging is gorgeous on this collection and well any MAC junkie should get something , ya know!?  Like I said I really want to pick up one more lippie and a bronzer. I read that one of them is super nice, matte and cooled toned. 
 Hopefully it will be something left for me :) 
What did you pick up form this collection? 
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