Terax Crema + Keratin Daily Conditioner

Let's talk hair care. 
Not so long ago I received a Terax Italia Crema + keratin Conditioner for testing purposes.
Now. I have never hear of that brand before. Have you? 
They have been in business for over 40 years. Family own. They make a luxury, handcrafted beauty care. The Terax Hair Care's full line of rinse out and leave in conditioning treatments, including their cult favorite Terax Original Crema Conditioner leave hair soft and healthy. Terax Hair Care focuses on building healthy hair from the inside out through high quality and innovative hair care formulations.
All of their products are produced in small batch size, which allow for superior quality control and offers customers the freshest possible products free of sulfates, parabens and  artificial colors. 
Terax Original Crema + Keratin  features SmartKeratin technology that leaves targeted deposits of keratin on only the most damage area of the hair fiber, leaving hair soft, shiny and easy to style.  This technology also allows the keratin protein to remain in the hair even after you rinse, unlike most other keratin protein that just wash down the drain. 

Terax Hair Care claims that their conditioners make hair soft and silky. And it is 100 % true. After one use I notice a difference in my hair. Let me tell you something about my hair:
 * They are color treated ( I been dying my hair since I was 15yrs old)
* Really dry, dull and rough
* split ends
They do need all the help they can get. All that coloring and all that chemicals in Hair Color products I use wont do any good. But I cant imagine myself in my dark blonde hair...I really like myself in  light blonde. hahaha! 
I use a ot of leave in conditioners and hair masks . Some works some don't. Some weight my hair down... hate that .... 
But when I first try the Terax Hair Care Crema Conditioner I was blown away!
After shampooing I apply small amount of the product into my hair and I left it in for about 5min. 
when I touched my hair I was in shock on how soft and silky they were! wooow! I could even run my fingers through it! and that never happens! Brushing was super easy too. They were not tangled, the brush just went in and out, without all that pulling! Really wooow! After drying my hair look healthier then ever! soft and shiny and I couldn't stop touching them hahah! 
I think I found my new Holy Grail product :) 
The only down side of the products is it price ~ $22. For some of you might not be much , but for me  at the moment is a bit pricey. 

Terax Hair Care is available in Ulta.com and fine spas, salons and retailers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy and United Kingdom. 
For more check www.TeraxHairCare.com

Thanks Belle PR for sending it to me :)

Maybelline 'The Nudes' & 'The Blushed Nudes' Swatches + Review

The nudes are my go to palettes. Great for everyday eye look. I always find my self buying them the most. Today I want to show you my two Maybelline palettes The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes.

The Nudes ~ I bought it at Rite Aid few months back. I got it on 40% off sale. The regular price is $10.99 or $12.99. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I was excited to hear they were coming out with a palette! Like an actual palette that have more then 4 shades in it! I had to wait a while. Most of the girls on instagram already had it, and I could not wait to get my own. Finally after months of waiting I bought it.
First off I have never try Maybelline eye shadows so I didn’t know what to expect.
But hey! It’s Maybelline and it can’t be bad. I have never had any problems with the brand. So far every product I tried, I liked it. Now back to the palette.
It contains 12 shades: nudes, bronze and taupes. Some are more pigmented then others.
As you can see looking at the swatches the matte shades are not pigmented. The shimmers on the other hand yes.  The mattes are workable; you can build it up to achieve the look you desire. I have not yet used all the shades in the palette. There are only 4-5 I used constantly.
The back of the palette breaks down “look” into quads, trios and duos. A little cheat sheet that comes pretty handy.
Overall this palette is good.  If you like softer, kind off ‘no makeup’ looks then this palette might be for you. Me, I prefer bolder and much more pigmented shadows.
Also I don’t think it’s worth the money it cost. If you really want it, get it on sale. Don’t pay regular price for it. Hope the quality improves in the future.

The Blushes Nudes ~ Maybelline newest baby. Available at Wal-Mart for $9.99. When I first saw the picture of this palette I knew I need to have it.  
Palette comes in the same packaging as the original ‘The Nudes’ palette. But instead of black this one is washed rose golden. Again we have 12 shades: rosy, pinks and mauve taupes. The shadows are a bit dry but workable. Most of the shadows are shimmery, so if you don't like the shimmers , well this palette might not be for you. The pigmentation is a bit better then ‘The Nudes’ palette, but still they are a bit chalky. The only one matte shade in this palette have a lack of pigmentation. The rest like I said before is workable. A lot of people compare this palette to Urban Decay Naked 3. I don’t own Naked 3. As reading other blogs I say that the colors are similar to UD palette, but they are not a dead-on dupe. Plus the UD palettes have a better pigmentation, hence the price difference.

I do like this palette better then ‘The Nudes. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and rosy shimmery shades.  Plus I like it more , because it was my Mother's Day gift from my daughter :)

Top Row

Bottom Row

I would not wear it without the primer. I used primer and no primer with them. Without the shadows fade and crease fast. With primer they do last a bit longer.
Overall they are nice palettes.
do you own them? What do you think ? 

My First RocksBox ~ I'm a ROCKSBOX IT GIRL

Did you know I like, no I mean LOVE jewelry? No ? Well now you do.
I received my very first ROCKSBOX in the mail last week. 
Rocksbox is a subscription service that let you rent beautiful jewelry for only $19/mo. You get 3 gorgeous and unique pieces of designer jewelry. You can keep is as long as you want or send it back, and then they will send you new pieces. If you like something you can always purchase it at discounted price. 

Rocksbox reached out to me and they asked if I would like to try their service for three months free of charges. I said YES after emailing back and forward. I sign up on their website and took a style survey. After entering my billing and shipping info I got my first box within a week. Opening it was like Christmas in May. The jewelry they send to me is STUNNING! It is so me, actually I can hear it screaming my name every time I look at it :)
If you interested in signing up for a Rocksbox yourself, get your first month FREE with this code  "VILLEMOXOXO".
Disclaimer: when you sign up, you will have to enter your credit card information for authorization purposes and Rocksbox will charge you $25 but they immediately void it after. So no worries. 
If you have any questions, don't be shy just ask:) 

The jewelry arrives in a white box. Inside is neatly packed. Each piece is packed in separate black bag and wrapped with chevron tissue paper. When I opened the lid, there was a note with my name on and another note form a Madison, who choose the jewelry for me, Sweet huh?! 
Here is what I got:
~ PERRY STREET Chelsea Earrings ( $52 $41)
~ GORJANA Taner Bar Mini Necklace in  silver ( $55 $44)
~ PERRY STREET Amelie Crystal Necklace ( $90 $72)

Can we talk on how stunningly beautiful the Perry Street Necklace is?!? I get a rock star vibe and I love to pair it up with my leather jacket and some simple clear zirconia studs.  You want to concentrate on the necklace. My metal nature is calling. I already have a style idea in my mind and cant wait to show it off. 
The only thing I dislike about it is how tight the bib is ... I wish it would be a bit wider so I could wear it around my neck.

Just look the crystal earrings by Perry Street. Aren't they gorgeous? Pear shaped, oval and round crystals make this piece very classy and timeless. Perfect for any occasion. 

The last piece in my box is Gorjana Taner bar Necklace in Silver. It is a really pretty, delicate and simple piece. Not really my style. I like bold and big jewelry, but yes sometimes I have to keep it simple. Due to short chain it is very tight around my neck :(

Perry Street AMELIE necklace

Gorjana Taner Bar

Perry Street Chelsea Earrings

Selfie of the most beautiful necklace

Next two pics I'm wearing Gorjana taner bar necklace

Earrings :) I will try to take better pictures soon :)

New In ~ May 2015 / Zakupy ~ Maj 2015

I love new makeup. I love buying new makeup. And this kind of posts I like to read the most. Makeup hauls. Sometimes I get asked why do I need so much makeup and do I use it all? The answer is I LOVE MAKEUP and I like to buy it. Some of you like to buy purses, shoes, clothes and I like makeup. And do I use it? Yes I do.
 I always hunt for good deals. Rarely do I pay regular price. I shop on sales.

The only things I got in this haul at regular price were Mac Wash and Dry collection. I actually wanted more form that collection, but I wasted money in something else. I told myself I go back to MAC store one day and grab a lip glass. I never went back, realize I don’t really need a new lip glass.


Moje Majowe zakupki. Oprocz kolorowki, ktora jak zapwenie wiecei kocham, kupilam tez dwie now sukienki ale niewiem czy chcecie tez zobaczyc. Oczywiscie tez dla mojej malej kupilam letnie ciuszki.
Teraz pokaze nowsci w mojej kosmetyczne i na polce z lakierami.


Winning Prize form Pixi :) Wrote more here.

Orly Elsa nail polishes (all half off reg.price)

Milani Dolci ----> more here 

Maybelline ---> more here

Went back for Milani Dolci Nail polish :)

Some new makeup stuff

Urban Decay Vice 3 :) bought it off my friend Hannah :)

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes ( review plus swatches coming soon)

MAC Wash and Dry :)

Blush Hipness
Lipstick Creame d'nude

Wash and Dry and Alluring Aquatic (last year summer collection)

Finally got the Miley Cyrus lipstick and Lip glass :)

May Favorites 2015 / Ulubiency Maja 2015


HI Loves,

Today I want to show you some of my favorites form the past month.
I think this is my second or third post. Due to my busy schedule and only one computer I get really delay. I take pictures but by the time I start to write it’s the middle of the month already. Lately I
pre-write post so I can post it during the week. Right now I have 3 that need to be published. But let’s do the FAVORITES first.


Nie pisalam o ulubiencach bardzo dawno. Moze sie kiedys pojawil jeden czy nawet dwa posty.
W domu mamy jeden komputer i zawsze corka w gry gra albo fimy oglada wiec nie zawsze jest czas zeby cos napiac. Dlatego ostanio pisze posty na zapas.
zapraszam teraz na moich ulubiencow.


Too Faced Rock n Roll palette ~  My new favorite baby. Some of you might know I am a big Too Faced fan and even bigger Rock Music fan J I remember wanting this palette when it first came out. Anyways I got recently form my friend Hannah. I did use it quite a lot . The shades are perfect for nice smoky eye look, plus they are shimmery. I prefer shimmery shades more then matte shades. Plus the packaging is stinking cute. There will be a separate post about this palette with swatches.

Nowa paletka ktora dolaczyla do mojej kolekcji z Too Faced. Ogolnie kocham to firme, jedna z lepszych na rynku. Paletka Rock n Roll jak sama nazwa mowi jest rockowa hahah :) W sume dlatego ja chcialam na pierwszym miejscu. Opakowanie suer i cienie :) i ogolnie pigmentacja jest fantastyczna.


MUA Starry night palette ~ I have it for a while but I didn’t open until recently. I got it form UK friend, we did a swap a while back. First off I was not particular happy about the colors. They were to dark for my liking and I was afraid I screw up my makeup. But one day I decided to open and omg Love it! It creates the most perfect purple/pink smoky eye look. I like it even better then the famous MUA Undress me too palette.


Przyznam sie ze zapomnialam ze mam ta paltke w sowich zbiorach. Dostalam od kolezanki z Angli, kiedy sie wymienialysmy kosmetykami. Ubostwiam ta paletke :) wspanilae kolory i super pigmentacja :) bardzo fajny i szybki makijaz mozna nia wykonac 

Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara ~ love this mascara. Here is a review.


Mascrara jest naprawde super. Napisalam mala recenzje po angielsku ... sorki moze jak znajde czas to sie uda po polsku tez :) 

Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pencil ~ perfect for my upper water line. Waterproof , this is a big plus. I don’t transfer to my water lines.

Wygralam ta kredke w konkursie u PIXI. Jest bardzo fajna, miekka i nakladam ja w gorna linie wodna :) 

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream ~ love my bb creams, especially summer time when the weather gets warmer. Its lightweight and it have a SPF.


Latem uwielbiam Kremy BB. Ostation ten stal sie szybkim ulubiencem 

Jordana Cosmetics Modern Matte Lipstick (Tease) ~  beautiful rosy pink lipstick. I heard bad and good about the Jordana lipsticks. I don't know I do like my. Its creamy and opaque and last at least 5-6h without reapplying.


Jedna z moich ukochanych pomadek. Piekny kolor is dlugo sie utrzymuje na ustach. ma wykonczenie matte ale nie wysusza ust jak inne matowe pomadki.


Milani Comsetics Nail Polish (Periwinkle) ~ my birthday gift form my lovely Ashley. Gosh I love this nail polish. It screams SUMMER! The color is beautiful and I wear it all the time. It last long on the nails. Plus it is a great DUPE for one of ESSIE color.


Moj ukochany lakier. Ma przecudny kolor. Dostalam go od mojej koezanki Ashley. Idealny na lato.. W dodatku bardzo bliski kolorem do Essie Bikini So Teeny. Robilam swatche na instagramie. Napewno pojawi sie notka na blogu nie dluggo )

These are my May Favorites. What are yours? Leave a link to your post in comments down below so I can go and read it

Hugs ~ Monica 

May in Pictures / Mix zdjec z Maja

Hello June. Time passes so fast. I have to say May was a good month. My daughter celebrated her birthday. She is 6 Years old! I got her My Little Pony Ice Cream Cake. She loves Ponies. And I prefer ice Cream cake more then regular one. We did have a fabulous weather. After the cold winter, warm weather was what we need. We did a BBQ for Sophia’s Birthday Party, and I got to tell you I love BBQ-ing.
Here are some picture form May.


I juz mamy czerwiec. Czas tak szybko leci... Maj byl bardzo dobrym dla mnie miesiacem. Moja mala Sophia obchodzila juz 6te urodziny. Kupilam jej tort lodowy z My Little Pony, ktore ona poprostu uwielbia. I wogole ja bardziej lubie torty lodowe niz normalne z ciasta. Moze dlatego ze tutaj nie ma takich dobrych jakie sa w Polsce, albo jakie moja babcia robi. A babcia robi bardzo dobre torty. A po tej naszej dlugiej , mrozniej zimie wkoncu sie ocieplilo. Robilismy grilla w Sophi urdzinki i bylo super. Pierwszy raz mielimy malze i byly pychaaaa. 
a Teraz kilka zdjec z Maja :)


Some Skin Care and Hair care form my MOM
Kilka nowosci od mojem mamusi , w koncu moge wyprobowac plyny micelarne

Rose from Sophia
Rozyczka od mojej malej

Iced Caramel Latte

Taro Bubble Tea ~ THE BEST

The best snack ever


LOve me some KIMCHI

Polish Breakfast

Our first BBQ


Sophia's Birthday Cake

Birthday Girl


 SELFIE time

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