MAC Holiday collection ~ sneak peek

I saw recently Trendmood and LipstickJunkieForver posted on IG a little sneaky peeky of upcoming Mac Holiday collection. \

Well, by looking at the embossing on the highlight it will be Holiday Collection. 
Ladies , famous Whisper of Gilt is making its comeback once again. 
It did came back last year in Nutcracker sweet collection :) lucky us who got our hand on it :)  and now it is coming back again!

I really cant wait to see more of this collection, like lipsticks for example :)

what do you girls think of it ? I know i am saving my bucks now :)
definitely will update once other products will be reveled :)

*pictures credit @trendmood1 on Instagram 

A little update on this collection :) It is out already and the official name is Snow Ball :) and its stunning! the pics don't do the justice.
I went ahead and bought three lipsticks and one eye shadow. I have in plans to grab one more eye shadow and one  more lipstick, but for now all is sold out.
I have for you some of my favorite pictures by few IG ladies :) just take a look at this glamours collection

 Pic credit @trendmood1 

 pic credit @villemo20 

 Pic credit @cassydaraiche

 Puc credit @stephy.xoxo 

 Pic credit @seattlemua.renee

 Pic credit @makeup_more_more 

 Pic credit :@_lipstickandL0ve

Pic credit @beatfacefridayy

pic credit @xxojess_

I also adore this mini lipstick set ! its beyond cute and it comes with 12 mini lippies (pic credit @xxojess_


  1. To chyba będzie najpiękniejsza kolekcja z maca :)

  2. Ojejciu, tak piękne aż żal używać !!!

  3. Wygląda przepięknie! Ale o jeny, mamy czerwiec, a już pojawiają się zdjęcia zimowych kolekcji! ;)

  4. This shades are so awesome. I have been using some of their lipsticks for last around 2 years and this highlighters when these were launched. Moreover, recently I have completed my professional makeup lesson London and opened my studio. These products are damn awesome!! My clients like them too!!!


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