Michael Todd Beauty SonicBlend ~ Makeup Brush Review

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Hello Beauties!
Today I want to "talk" about Michael Todd's SonicBlend Makeup Brush. I wont hide I was excited about this brush. I love Soniclear brush! I did a review of it here if you want to check it out. 
So yes I was excited for SonicBlend and I did have a high hopes for it . 

From Michael Todd's Website:
The SonicBLEND is the first of its kind makeup brush to use sonic technology to apply makeup. Better than rotating makeup brushes, the SonicBLEND applies makeup flawlessly at up to 400 micro-movements per second. Easily sweeps on foundation, blush, contour, highlight, setting powder and bronzer without lines or streaks for natural looking airbrushed-like results every time. PLUS, SonicBLEND comes with built in protection against microbial contamination so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher longer.
SonicBLEND provides better coverage so you use less makeup. Can help improve the overall healthy look of your complexion by minimizing the possibility of clogging pores as well as irritation from rubbing and stretching the skin which can occur with traditional makeup application. "

I have to say I like this brush! It does blends my foundation so good and gives me the air brush look. It does not "eat up" the product like some brushes do. I been using it for a week and half and yes I am hooked. When I received it I had to charge it first. There is no batteries need. Device comes with USB cable that you can plug into your computer or phone charger adapter. I used my phone charger. 
Let it charge for about 3 hours.  When it was ready I simply attached the "brush" head and picked one of my foundations. I smear foundation all over my face and let the SonicBlend do the work. 
And you guys it did an amazing job! Just fyi, when you use it don't press too hard to your skin like with regular brush. 
It applies makeup at sonic speed , up to 200 times per second. It pushes makeup into pores, wrinkles and fine lines. It really evens out the skin tone :) My face never looked so smooth and even :) It was WOW! The bristles on the brush are soft and when at work it feels like a massage. Totally like it!
SonicBlend comes with  a build in protection against microbial contamination so the brush stay cleaner and freshers longer. 

This brush works great with all kind of products liquid, cream and powder. I did try it with foundations and with my liquid highlight and dang it I love it! It applied my highlight sooooo good! I was always struggling with getting it right. It never look good. So I always been using regular powder highlight. I have one illuminator form Soap and Glory and well i didnt like how it looked applied with m,y finger or beauty sponge or brush. I read somewhere that SonicBlend works great with all kind of bronzers and blushes and highlights. So well let see if it can help me out with my little highlight situations. and it did! I love it!I didn't try with bronzers or blushes yet. i will get to that. I like to apply bronzer with regular brush, but I will try it next week and definitely will update you on my IG acct. . as for blushes I don't wear them too often. 

What more i like about this device is that it offers three speeds. You can choose the speed at which you want to apply foundation or any other makeup/face product. It is not cheaply made. It does have a nice weight to it but its not extremely heavy.  Brush head is removable and you can replace it anytime.Too be honest I don't know how often you have to change it. With Soniclear every 6 months but no idea about this one. I guess once you keep it clean, meaning wash it like a regular brush you can change it I dunno every 6 months to a year? I gotta ask Micheal Todd :)

Overall I am pleased with it! I love the way my face look after applying with SonicBlend. I like that there is no batteries required, no cords etc. It comes in 4 color option (pink, black, pearl white and leopard design .. why i didn't get pink :( ) hahah. 
The two cons I have is the price ($99) and the fact that it don't have  a plug for USB. 

Now the question if the device was not send to me for review would I buy it? The answer is yes, but I would wait for a sale or something :) 

SonicBlend available at Michael Todd Website.
Price $99

L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powder ~ Swatches

A little over a month ago I saw that my local Beauty Supply store got new L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powders.  Yes! I was so happy. Ever since I saw a IG post and swatches I died.. I really wanted them! I remember going back and forward and looking for them.

Finally I saw them a week ago and I went back yesterday and I picked 5 colors. 
But trust me I will be going back for the reaming shades, coz the pigments are gorgeous! 
I am surprised that no one talks about them ... was looking for reviews and swatches on google and nothing. I found few swatches on IG  and that;s it. 

I think they are amazing. If you like pigments give them a try :)
They are bold and metallic. Highly pigmented. 
Each comes in a plastic clear cube with metallic cover that reflex color of pigment inside. 
They look amazing over the primer :) 
There is 12 beautiful shades in the collection. 
I picked 5 for now :) The ones that i wanted the most. 
I swatched them with my finger and brush to show you on how intense they can be! brush application and the color pay off is amazing. I did not use any primer,

* Toasted ~ metallic rose gold
* Glowing ~ metallic copper
* Glisten ~ metallic chocolate brown
* Glean ~ metallic navy blue
* Twinkle ~ metallic teal 

| top swatch is with a finger bottom with brush |

My Beauty Supply store sells them for $2.99 each, but I found them on Ikatehouse for $1.99. I think the reaming shades I just going to order from there. 

KBShimmer Bling In the New Year and Chai-hauhau ~ swatches + review.

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Hello Loves!

I have another nail polish post for you :) The post that was supposed to go up back in December... and why it didn't ? I don't know. December was really busy month for me. All the cleaning, crazy holiday shopping etc took all my time.

I did promise to myself to write a post featuring Bling In the New Year nail polish by KBShimmer. 
This is my favorite nail polish ever created :) It is prefect :) I wore it through out the December and yes I did paint my nails with it on new years eve or rather a day before. 
If you are a fan of metallic glitter polish you will love this one. 
It has silver metallic flakes base and silver halo glitter with accents of colorful shifting flakes of greens , pinks, golds and blues. This gives me life! The nail polish shines! really shines! 
even nighttime outside while walking my dog I was looking at my nails and simply admiring the polish:) couldn't take my eyes off! I show it to my hubby's cousin and she painted her nails right away :) Even at work I got so many compliments and questions where did I get it form? I like it the most at night, especially outside , under the starts or a street light LOL it shines :) I really love it.

It went on easy and all I need was 2 coats :) It last for about 4 days (which is normal for me ) and then it stared to chip. When I took if off it went with out any problems. Not like the glitter polishes, that you have to rub it off until your nails hurts. This one is prefect. Even on the nails and you don't feel glitter.

It was my very first time trying kind of polish. When i saw it yes I fell in love right away but I was scared that it will be like a regular glitter  nail polish... but it wasn't :) 
 Next step is to wait  for some sales over at KBShimmer and pick more polishes like this one :) I love the colors on the website  and I will be definitely picking few up :)

Second nail polish by KBShimmer is Chai-huahua its a muted red orange. This polish was inspired by Chi Tea Spices~ cinnamon, cloves and anise. This is  a pretty red. I do have a lots of red polishes in my collection but so far this one wore better then others. Applies in two easy coats, lasted for about 4 days :) No streaks while applying. 

Over all KBShimmer polishes are amazing. I only tried two but I will be getting more. Right now, while I am trying to link their page I added 3 to my cart ahahha! 

Each polish cost $9.25 available on KBShimmer website

Polishes were sent to me for review. All thought are my own*

Sinful Colors ~ Luck of The Stylish ~ Swatches

I was looking for new Sinful Colors x Kandee Johnsons nail polish collaboration and no luck yesterday. 
On the other hand I found Luck Of The Stylish collection. Because of the green polishes I bet its made for St. Patrick's Day. I might be wrong tho.
I haven't buy new SC in forever. I was scrolling down the Instagram feed and I found few polishes from Holiday Collection that I want. SO I will check two more stores today and hope I can get lucky. 
Now I don't know how Sinful Colors work. If all the nail polishes in displays are new or re-promotes or limited edition. If any one knows I appreciate it. 

As I mention the whole line in this collection is green :) According to SC info I found on their web the collection includes:
* Works Like A Charm
* Queen Of Greens
* I'm Clover It
* Gilded Goddess
* San Francisco
* Rise and Shine
* Mint Apple
* Green Ocean

So out of polishes from above,  display I found  had the first 4.  on top of that some other ones that I though were not part of the collection. But I picked them up anyways :)I bought total; of 5 polishes . 3 I will swatch here are the part of the collection and other I will do a separate post :)

Works Like A Charm 
very muted mint green with gold sparkles. Sparkles are really tiny but you can definitely see them. I actually didn't know if I should buy it or not. This is not a polish I would reach out the most for. But, oh well its pretty and why not :)  (2 - 3 coats)

Queen Of Greens
This was the polish I knew I need in my collection. Gorgeous shimmering emerald green. I have a weakness for shimmery polishes and this one is wow beautiful! This one is the highlight of the collection. Show is only one coat! My favorite shade so far.

Gilded Goddess
Gold metallic glimmery shade. This one too I was about to skip coz i have similar ones in my collection. But my brain told me I need it so I took it :) I don't really like the gold polish on my nails, It kinda looks dull coz of my skin tone... (2 coats)

Over all SC polishes are great. Price is super affordable ($1.99), colors are gorgeous and they last decent amount of time :) 

NARS Unfiltered | and Unfiltered || Blush palettes ~ swatches

NARS is one of the brands that I want to look more into this up coming year. I own few products but I want more. I see on IG some girls have a beautiful and huge collections of NARS products. I want it too. You can be a makeup junkie without NARS in you collection. 

So I decide to start my NARS  collection with a big bang! I bought two new blush palettes form Spring 2017 collection. Well, I was supposed to get only one but I couldn't decide which I like more so $120 later I am a proud owner of two gorgeous palettes :) 

Each blush palette includes 6 powder blushes. 5 limited edition shades and one re promote.  both come in sturdy packaging with mirrored surface. I actually like the packaging a lot. One is red and second one is pink. 

| from top to bottom : Watch Me, Me First, Takeover, Out There, Chic, Exhibit A)

Unfiltered I is more warmer and suitable for darker skin tones. But come on I had to have it coz of Exhibit A blush :) I know I can get it anytime but it just look fabulous in the palette and well other blushes are just as stunning. "Watch Me" is a gorgeous highlight! Ah cant wait to use it.

Unfiltered II is cooler and  suitable for lighter skin tones (hence Me :) ) this one have lovely pinky and mauve shades. I am not a pink blush kinda gal but damn this palette is gorgeous. 

| From top to Bottom: Conquest, Undefeated, Power Play, Hot Sand, Fame, Candid

I actually cant tell you which I like more. Both have pretty and unique shades. Both are simply stunning. So if you have a founds get both if not choose the one that will suit you better :) 
palettes are available at Sephora and NARS website ( $59 each)

New At The Drugstore ~ Milani Cosmetics Spotlight Face and Eye Strobe Palettes ~ Swatches

Hello Loves, it is finally snowing here in NYC. I wanted snow for Christmas but oh well...
Anyways today i want to show you swatches of new Milani Cosmetics  Products I picked up yesterday. 
I went to look for Jordana's Lipsticks for a Friend and I found a display of new Spotlight Strobe Palettes by Milani. 
Milani is my favorite drugstore brand. Their products are amazing and always luxurious looking. The gold packaging is everything:) plus the quality of the products is so on point! I could rave about them forever :)  This year Milani is on fire! They launching so many great products that I can't wait to get my hands on, I just need $$$. LOL! But no seriously, all the new stuff is keep showing at my local drugstore and get this the prices are better than on Milani's website (just a thought)
These Spotlight powders retails at $13 at Milani web I got them for $12. 

"Spotlight Face and Eye Strobe palette is ultimate multitasking glow powder with universal flattering shades to illuminate face and eye like never before. Light-reflecting powders build and blend effortlessly for an instant glow. Use as a blush, highlight or an eye accent and to spotlight all of your pretty features with beautiful luminosity."  

Ah they are so pretty! I just don't want to touch it. The design reminds me of Hourglass eye shadow palettes. The sand dunes design is everything! 
Milani Spotlight palette comes with in 3 color selection and each palette have a 3 shades in. Blush, Bronzer, Highlight. 

* Sun Light 01 ~ the lightest in the trio comes with white gold highlighter, copper bronzer and coral blush.  Warm toned.

* Candle light 02 ~ medium, comes with pink-pearl highlighter, caramel bronzer and pink blush. Cool toned.

* Golden Light 03 ~ the darkest of all includes all shades of bronze (warm, deep and light).

All three are just stunning! 
The packaging is kinda bulky. Its black and square with clear lid. 
The products swatched with a finger looks  beautiful. When you use brush and apply to your face it gives you more natural look. It's not crazy pigmented, I know it looks like it might be but it is not. 
I over all don't mind it, I like more of natural look and products that wont do me harm hahaha. With more pigmented products I always tend to 'hurt' myself hahah and it so hard to fix.  With these Milani I can work and not be afraid that once I am done I would look like a clown or glitter ball. 
I say that if you like super crazy pigmented products these Milani are not for you. If you are like me and like more of natural look and don't mind the lack of pigmentation, they will work for you :)

Swatches of new Maybelline 24k Nudes Eye shadow palette

When you see a new Maybelline display with new products you get them girl! 
I was actually debating should I or not grab the new 24K palette. I have other Maybelline palettes and they are ok. Nothing really special. With no offence Cover Girl Palettes are way better. But here we are reading of Spring 2017 24k Nude palette.

First off I read that Maybelline reformulated all palettes including this one. When I look at it I see that the shadows might be better, they do have the buttery look to it. 
I actually like the color selection in this palette. 12 jewel tone shadows and they are gorgeous :) btw I can't wait to grab new jewel tone Cover Girl palette! Did you see it? A IG friend form Canada posted on her ig and blog. So yeah I am excited. 
Now let get back to 24k Nude palette.  I am so off topic today. Don't judge this is my 4th blog post I am writing today. 

palette packaging is same as the other ones. And like Blushes Nudes the outer packaging is different, This one is more of tarnish gold I would say. 
On the back we have suggestion on different looks and ingredient list. 
Clear lid so you can see shades inside. Wish there was a mirror tho. It also comes with sponge applicator. 

Now the shadows :) I love the colors and how they all look inside of the palette. We have mattes, shimmers and satin. 
They do feel more buttery then previous ones. I feel like they will applies better with a sponge applicator or finger (more intense) and over a primer! make sure you use primer for better color pay off and longer lasting..  

Another thing this palette will work better if paired with others. The colors are either light or too dark. They are really dark and they all look almost same. 

Overall this is not a bad palette. but definitely  better then previous ones. 
I got my at Rite Aid it was on 40% off and i paid less than $7 

PUR Cosmetics x Trolls ~ Eye shadow Palette ~Swatches

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Heyyyyy Loves and Happy New Year!
We are officially in 2017! cheers to my 30th birthday coming in March :) Dang I am getting old! 
Anyways right before beautiful year of  2016 ended I got a surprised package from PUR Cosmetics. 
The Trolls obsession is not over yet! after MAC and Hard Candy, PUR Cosmetics is bringing to us very soon a gorgeous eye shadow palette :) 
We all know trolls and I bet we all had at least one while growing up. 

From Pur Cosmetics:
" Trolls were one of our favorite toys growing up. each crazy haired doll was full of personality and wild color combination. What we loved the most about Trolls is that these little creatures always inspired us to celebrate our differences and be unique. It was a dream come true to work with DreamWorks  and Khol's to create a 16-piece eye shadow palette collection inspired by the DreamWorks film Trolls. The kaleidoscope of vivid, highly pigmented eye shadows in unique shades gave us the opportunity to create palette unlike anything we've ever created before. "

I be honest here I have never tried PUR eye shadows before,but dang they are good!
The palette over all is beautiful! the color selection is amazing. Love all the pops of colors and all the neutrals. We have shimmers, satin and matte shadows :)
Palette comes in silver a'la sequin looking box. The palette itself is silver and on the cover we have PUR logo, DreamWorks and Trolls logo and a shadow of a troll on the bottom right corner. :)
Inside you find 16 gorgeous shades and a mirror :) 
The eye shadows names are Troll inspired :) We have Poppy, Creek, Bridget, Branch, Guy Diamond etc. My box came with a cute Trolls fabric, palette of course, cute trolls pez and chocolate which my daughter stole from me. 

There is total of 5 matte shades. Bridget is more of a satin than matte for me. The rest have a shimmer and Satin & Chenille is a duo chrome ( have a purple/lilac shift).

All swatches done with a finger  , no primer. 

Palette will be available :
January 8th 2017 on purcosmetics.com
January 19th 2017 Exclusively in Khol's stores nationwide 
Price $29

PUR Cosmetics is Cruelty free. 
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