New in my skin care ~ Jan Marini Hyla3D

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If you know me you know I am always excited to try new skin care. I found this particular product on a new platform that (new to me) helps influences works with brands ~ BrandBacker. 

The product that I will be writing about is Jan Marini's Hyla3D.

Here is a product overview and brand info from brand's website:

Age and sun damage diminish the body’s ability to replenish and maintain youthful levels of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the skin, leading to loss of volume and visible signs of aging. Hyla3D takes a 3-dimensional approach to restore skin’s hydration, youthful volume, smoothness, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. "

Jan Marini Skin Research is one of the most respected brands in professional skin care. JMSR has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists to develop cutting edge solutions to today's most common skin concerns. JMSR has introduced a host of technological firsts, has been awarded numerous patents and has published multiple independent peer-reviewed studies on it's products."

This product contains hyaluronic acid to enhance collagen and elastin in the  skin , to help improve damage and aged skin. 
I am a fan of hyaluronic acid. I own small bottle of it by other brand and I use it .. almost daily, by dropping few drops and mix it with my moisturizer. 
When i read that this product contains HA (hyaluronic acid) I really wanted to try it. HA is essential for healthy looking skin. Did you know that 50% of  existing acid in our body is found in the skin? 
Aging and other types of damage to the skin cause HA level in our skin to decline.  That is why we use all different treatments to help skin looking healthy. 

 Hyla3D contains multiple forms of HA:
* lipsomal encapsulated HA
* cross-linked HA
* ultra low molecular wright HA 
Formula takes a three dimensional approach to restore moisture and volume to the skin. 
Not only boost hydration on surface but also enhances natural HA in the skin to help fill in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

As you can see the product comes in a  30ml/1oz.fl bottle. the bottle over all is sturdy and very well made. It contains a pump, that pumps out enough product. the product itself is very lightweight serum and there is no scent to it. It works good on my sensitive oily skin. So i am guessing it will work for all.  I use it before my moisturizer night time. 
It gives my skin boost of hydration and helps with the anti aging . Im in my 30's so it is about time to think and start using anti aging products. 

Price : $125 
available on Jan Mairin's website and Dermstore

Skin care including HYLA3D

* product was send to me by BrandBacker and Jan Marini for review.

Sunday Riley U.F.O face oil and Martian Toner ~ new in my skin care

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Hi beauties!

This post been long coming. it was supposed to be up last month, but because of my chaotic schedule I had to postpone it. 

I love good skin care and Sunday Riley is one of the best I tried so far. Their two otherworldly products UFO and Martian became my favorites! 
The Martian Toner I owned before in a sample size (100pts Sephora perk) and I fell in love with the first application. later, when i received a full size product form Sunday Riley I was so happy! 
I was send both UFO Oil and Martian toner that targets oily/acne skin concerns. 
As a not so proud owner of a oily skin, both products were lifesavers.

Martian Mattifying  Melting Water Gel Toner , gosh thats a one long name! I call it Martian Toner
:) simple and easy hehehe. As I mention before I got a sample size at Sephora a while back. Sunday Riley was the skin care brand that was praised by bloggers all over the world. I stumbled upon so many blog posts and read so many great reviews on their products. When I saw it Martian toner at 100pts sephora perk I decided to get it. First off I wanted to see if the hype was real, coz let e honest the price point is rather high! And I am that kind of person who don't like to purchase a cosmetics or any other product and than return it. Anyways , back to the toner. I was actually sold on word mattifying. For us oily skin people mattifying is important :) We don't want to look like a grease ball right? This toner is not like any other toner I used before. It have a unique gel to water formula.  
What I mean by that is that it comes out in a gel formula and once you massage in the skin it changes to water and it sinks fast. It have a cooling effect and mattifies instantly. It can be used morning and night. I personally prefer morning. It creates a great base for foundation and it keeps my skin matte throughout the day.  Available here $55 (4.4oz)

Key ingredients :
* Bendonite Clay ~ mattify and reduce size of pores
* Marshmallow extract ~ reduce redness and soothe irritation
* Cucumber and Witch Hazel ~ tone and tighten
* Manuka Leaf Oil ~ natural antibacterial properties that help fights breakouts

U.F.O that stands for Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, ok so I became on facial oil junkie, thanks to Jamey! She is my inspiration. I can read her blog on skin care and look through her IG page all day. She is the one who got me more into skin care. 
I was a bit skeptical to oils at first. Come on I have an oily skin and why on earth would I put more oil on? Well some oils work wonders and they help to balance the skin :) Just like this one . UFO oil I simply adore you. This oil is meant to fight acne, breakouts and blackheads. It has 1.5% salicylic acid, tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil to help fights acne with out over drying It also have licorice root and hexyresrcinol, both natural ingredients to brighten a dull skin. 
Oil have a thick consistency and have a very pleasant herbal scent. And you guys its green! Now i get the idea with name UFO :) its does look like it came to me form other planet . 
 I prefer using it night time. After cleaning and moisturizing my face I drop few droplets on my palms and massage into the skin. It soaks imminently and leaves my ski hydrated and smooth. After using it for few weeks straight I notice that my face is less greasy in the morning and my pores are smaller :)  Available here $80 (1.18floz/35ml)

thanks to both products I got my acne under control.

OPI Infinite Shine "Linger Over Coffee" and Infinite Shine Fiji Collection "Do You Sea What I Sea" swatches and review

*pr sample*

Hello to another nail post :) This time I will show you swatches of my two, new OPI polishes.
New meaning I got them , ummmm like 2 months ago more  or less. 
OPI polishes are amazing. They are the ones that last the longest on my nails. The new Infinite Shine formula with the primer and top coat stays put up to 2 weeks. win win for me! I said it many times already I love nail polishes. over all love painting my nails and changing colors every other day. Coz why not!? 

My two new colors that joined OPI family are simply gorgeous!

First super pretty summer blue is from FIJI collection, in the shade "Do You Sea What I Sea?".
Fiji collection is inspired by Fiji Island, it embrace color and  captures the essence of the lush, unspoiled terrain ~ evoking an emotional response and offering a spiritual connection to the environment.  there is 12 shades in a collection and all are available in Gel Color, Infinite Shine and Nail Lacquer formulas. 

I have my in Infinite Shine. Do you sea what I sea is the most beautiful blue ever! I don't own anything like this color. Is perfect for spring and summer but also I can see my self wearing it in winter. The formula is sheer, you need at least 2-3 coats for the color to be opaque. It goes on even without streaks.  It is really shimmery! It have a purple-blue shift. I adore this color! I had it on for about 10 days when it started to chip. Not bad! I used both base and top coat. Right now my toes rock this color and I love it! cant wait to pull out my flip floops and show it off!

second OPI polish is  "linger over coffee", also Infinite shine formula.ah again this color is breathtaking. I say perfect for like end of summer and beginning of Fall. Pretty , warm brown with pale pink undertones. It might not be everyone cup o tea.. or coffee. I personally love darker nails. I don't own much browns so I am happy that this one joined my collection. 
This one wore around 6-7 days before start to chip. I didn't use base or top coat with it. 

Do you guys like OPI polishes?
 Do you have a favorite?

*disclaimer ": both shades were send to me from #octolyfamily for #honestreview #gifted. Opinion is my own.

Lancôme L' Absolu Rouge - Hydrating Shaping Lipstick ~ swatches and review

*pr sample*

L' Absolu Rouge Lipsticks are simply divine. After 25 years they got  they got re-vamped and come in new black sleek, click-to-close tube. Don't worry there is an instruction on the box. I admit was a bit confused and had no clue how to opened it LOL. The tube is sleek lacquer with signature Lancome rose as a gold domed seal on the cap- with just one push of the rose , the lipstick is revealed.  The L'Absolu was created by Lisa Eldridge. 

 4 shades I got:

* 202 Nuit & Jour ~ Sheer nude. Perfect for everyday wear. This would look so nice if it was matte or even cream formula. Overall i like this one a lot! Like I said prefect for every day :)

* 132 Caprice ~ creamy red. Super sexy red! If you love reds you need this one in your stash :) applies really smooth and buttery . Amazing texture and super vibrant red! Summer  red for sure!

* 397 Berry Noir ~ matte berry shade. Oh if you like your vampy lips that this one is for you. Opaque in one swipe, best part non drying formula! this matte not only last long but it feels comfortable! 

* 378 Rose Lancome ~ matte pink. Im not a fan of pinks, but wow this is is just gorgeous! Matte fuschia pink that can be worn all year round. I think its prefect for all seasons. Same matte opaque, long lasting and comfortable formula like with Berry noir. 

I am in love! I have never tired that lipstick range before. I really like the formula on all. Creamy and mattes are really long lasting, and they do feel really good on the lips. Colors are stunning !  Nuit & Jour is really sheer and it give a nice glossy look, which I really like. With the minimum makeup I wear these days I say Yes to it :) 

They are ulta luxurious ! Available in 44 shades and 3 finishes ~ sheer, cream and matte. You can gbt them anywhere where Lancome is sold : Sephora, Ulta, Lancome online, Macys, Bloomingdles. 

Price $32 each

* disclaimer : Lipsticks were #gifted to me by Lancome and Octoly  #octolyfamily for #honestreview. Opinions are my own.  

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