NEW NARS Solstice Collection ~ Is it worth buying? Swatches and Review

  *Purchased by me*

Who am I? Like seriously!? I was never the one to jump on the NARS wagon and order a new launch as soon as it drops... NEVER! NARS is one of the brands that do have exciting launches but I mostly wait till they are on sale before I spend my hard working paycheck.

I really have no idea why I just  fell instantly in love with the new collection. I really have no idea what sold me. LOL I think the overall look of both palettes was so beautiful and something that I needed to have asap. Spoiler alert: they don't disappoint! 

Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette - LE- it's a perfect warm and rich summer palette. There is a mixture of shimmers and metallics, alongside two matte shades. The color story is very me and I think the golden,  brozy, reddish looks are so summery. The shadows itself feel and work amazing. They are pigmented, you get full opacity with one stroke of a brush or like in my case finger. I will always say and stand by that shimmers and metallics formulas best performed when applied with fingers. Apparently the vivid warm shades are formulated with the brand's Pigment Power Suspension, which delivers ineradicable color payoff thanks to pigments suspended in an innovative liquid bidding system. Like I said, they are really a pleasure to work with. Also they can be sheared out for a perfect wash of color on the lids. I personally am really impressed with this palette and I hope to see this formula more.

I almost forgot to mention the packaging on this palette. I am amazed at how stunning it is! The textured sun rays?! Hello Summer!

Swatches below: Stunning right?

Next is the beautiful but a bit over priced bronzer and highlighter duo

Summer Solstice Cheek Duo - LE - When you get a cheek duo that is the same price as the palette it has to be good. This duo is made up with highlighters called Ibiza and bronzer Laguna.  These two are NARS best selling bronzer and highlight. I knew of Laguna being super popular but not about Ibiza. When getting, please note that the bronzer has an over-spray that will be gone once you dip your brush in. Now how do I like it? Well I love them. Especially when both are mixed together, they give such a wonderful summer ready sun-kissed glow on my light skin. Both are so pretty on their own as well but I like to just go in and swirl my brush between both. Also I notice a very nice almost tropical scent, which I'm not mad about. I think it suits the duo a lot! The packaging on the cheek duo is the same as on the palette, it has the same sun rays texture design but instead of being gold like the eyeshadow palette, this one is copper. 


Final thoughts: I LOVE IT. I have never been head over heels about NARS but this collection just opened my eyes and I can't wait for new launches :) 

Have you guys picked it up? What do you think about this summer must-have? 

SIGMA Beauty AMBIANCE Collection ~ a new Summer must have? Review and Swatches

  *gifted, but no PR*

Hi Loves~ Let's chat about the new Sigma launch - Ambiance Collection.

Let me start first by saying that the whole collection was sent to me as a part of the Facebook giveaway win. Total shocker I know! But I am so happy because I saved my coin LOL. I was planning on picking up eyeshadow and highlighter palettes anyways, so it did kinda work out in my favor. 

So the collection is stunning! It's golden themed and just screams summer to me. But mostly it screams a summer sunset. I just get these types of vibes you know? It's like the sun is setting down and you are getting ready for a night out. It's sparkly and very confident. Like when you apply it you that B***ch. I love it! 

So the collection arrived in box that contained :

* Ambiance Eyeshadow Palette

* Glowkissed Highlight palette

*Radiant Glow Brush Set

* 2 Lip glosses : Brilliance and Idyllic. 

 Ambiance Eyeshadow palette - The packaging on the palette is beautiful. Yes I needed to start there. It's very golden. It comes with a dual ended brush that is really good! Plus there is a full sized mirror inside. Palette contains 14 shades ~ 7 mattes and 7 shimmers. I know we have seen these shades over and over again but still they will captivate your eyes. The quality of it is outstanding. I only have one more Sigma palette (Corde Rosa) and both palettes perform really well . I really didn't have any troubles with it. 

See swatches below:

Shade names:
* Daze - desert beige matte
* Luster - pinky coconut metallic
* Oasis - light pecan matte
* Marigold - pink coral with glitter
* Daylily - neutral papaya matte
* Midas - luxe gold metallic
* Enrich - cool brown matte
* Firefly - soft pearlwood shimmer
* Sunspot -warm hickory matte
* Burnish - russet brown metallic
* Summer Solstice - burnt orange matte
* Candlelight - antique walnut shimmer
* Bask - sandy brown matte
* Sunflower- intense gold metallic

Glowkisses Highlighter Palette - this is my first time trying the highlight from the brand. To be honest I am not even sure if they ever made highlighters before. Nevertheless, I am loving it. The shades a buttery soft and they give an amazing glow on the skin. I seriously wish I was bit more tanner, I bet the shades would look even more beautiful. All shades look good on my fair skin tone and they give that wet look on the face. Powders are really easy to pick up and blend. I use my OG Sonia Kashuk brush from years ago... I think it applies highlighter perfectly even tho its more of big eyeshadow blending brush LOL. Don't come for me haha..

Swatches below:

Shade names top to bottom:
* Flare - light gold metallic
* Aurora - buff pink metallic
* Twilight - pink quartz metallic
* Sizzle - rosy gold metallic
* Golden Hour - warm amber metallic
* Sunstone - bright papaya metallic

Radiant Glow Brush Set ~ comes in a beautiful gold, sparkly, textured makeup bag. Guys this was my first time trying Sigma brushes... I know now .... I never really had a chance before. I applied once to Simga's PR but never heard from them... That was back in 2016 I think :) So long ago. Any who, the brush set contains five brushes and like I mention the makeup/brush case. The handles on the brushes are textured, same as the bag and the palettes. The brushes overall feel amazing. They have a nice weight to them, seriously giving me such a high end feel. 

Brushes included:

* F80 - flat kabuki brush 

* E35 - Tapered blending brush 

* E55- eye shading brush

* F35 - tapered highlighter brush

* F53 - air contour/ blush brush

Lip glosses - Shades Idyllic and Brilliance ~ Trying Sigma gloss formula is also new for me. They do feel good tho. Non sticky, they give a beautiful shine. And I think they are a perfect fit for this collection. A sun-kissed lips, what more can you want more :) Brilliance is champagne shimmer and Idyllic is tawny copper shimmer. 


So that would be it. I am really impressed with the collection and can't wait to play more. 

Too Faced New Teddy Bare Palette ~ Swatches and Review ~ Do you really need another nude palette in your collection?

 * Purchased by me*

The new Teddy Bare Palette by Too Faced Cosmetics was not on my radar at all. The only reason I have it is because I got an amazing deal on it. 

But is this a palette that you need? I mean let's be honest, how many nude palettes do you own? I know I own quite a lot The amounts of palettes I have could compete with Sephora, like no joke. But back to Teddy palette. 

First thing that you will notice is just how small the palette really is. Seriously its really small... Even the shadow pans are tiny. I use fingers when I do swatches and I really had a tough time digging in it. The packaging is thin tho so it can be easily store and travel with. Outside on the cover you can find a cute teddy bear that is risen up. 

Once you open, you can see that the palette house 14 shadows. And can you see the small pans? the is a mixture of 10 mattes and 4 multi dimension metallics. And there is a scent like with most Too Faced Palettes. This one has a mixture of honey and graham crackers. I can smell honey more then crackers. The scent don't bother me, as it's not as strong. Plus when I was applying the shades it didn't last long. 

Here are the shade names and swatches:

  • The Snuggle Is Real (light peachy-taupe matte)
  • Fur Real (champagne, gold- and purple-speckled metallic)
  • Teddy Bear (light yellow-brown matte)
  • Pot of Honey (shimmering golden-bronze metallic)
  • EmBAREassed (medium peachy-pink matte)
  • Lace Teddy (maroon, white- and gold-speckled metallic)
  • Boop (deep plum-brown matte)

  • Bare It All (warm-alabaster matte)

  • Mama Bear (warm light-brown matte)

  • Gild A Bare (peachy-pink with pink-sparkles matte with sparkles)

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy (deep red-brown matte)

  • Press Paws (rich medium-brown metallic)

  • Stuffed (rich medium-brown matte)

  • Sharing Is Caring (medium terracotta-rose matte

Now my thoughts -  Let's start that I really like the shimmer shades coz duh they are shimmer shades and I love them no matter what. All 4 swatched and layered on the eyes beautifully. Mattes on the other hand were hits and misses. The lighter ones were ok, but the darker ones when I tried to layered them on in my outer corner, they didn't look so good. We have two creased colors that pans are a bit bigger than others. One is more beige-y gold and the other rose. As you look at the palette there are two directions the look can go - gold or rosey. But then again for the gold look it would be nice to have a chocolate brown shade to deepen the outer corner. Overall it is a cute palette, very nice and wearable color story, but the price seems a bit too high... It retails at $45 which in my opinion is a bit too steep... maybe $30-$35 would be a better price range.

So what about you? Are you going to get it? Or you already did? Share your thoughts in the comments :)

Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment Velvet Blushes ~ Swatches

 *purchased by me*

HI Loves~ Welcome back. I got a fun and blushy post for you today. And I am talking about no other then Patrick Ta. I been dying for his blushes for quite some time now. I can't even tell you how many times I been in and out of Sephora just swatching the blushes. I mean each and every time I stop by his blushes and I was telling myself that one day I get my hands on it. The on;y question was to ask was "which shade will I pick up"? Fast-forward at least a year later and here I am with not one but three blushes! All thanks to IPSY. 

IPSY recently (February) launched a new tier in their subscription and its called Glam Bag X. I was lucky enough to get off the wait list and I got my first amazing box in February. And in that box, you guessed Patrick Ta blush. One down two more to go! IPSY had three shades to offer in boxes and after looking around Facebook pages I was able to purchase two more. 

Patrick Ta is world know makeup artist, and his makeup line is absolutely beautiful. Definitely my type of aesthetics, with gold, rose gold packaging and beautiful shade selection. For now I only have these 3 blushes but rest be assure it will grow overtime because I have few items on my wish-list. 

Monochrome Moment Velvet Blushes are just like the name suggest, velvety. These are very subtle and can be build up to desired color. They give natural look without being right in your face. Sometimes you just need to tone down your blush and these babies come in handy. Brush picked the powder up with easy and blends nicely on the skin. The pan of it its quite large so you won't hit "pan" that fast. 

Shades I have are as follows:

* She's Adorable

* She's Passionate

* She's Seductive 

Jaclyn Cosmetics - Bronzer and Blush Duo + Accent Light Highlighters ~ Swatches

 *purchased by me*

Hi loves! Omg last I posted in December, dang! I knew it was long but didn't think that long. I meant it's been crazy. Work is double busy and on top of that my boss told us that he will move office from NY to NJ... And if I am willing to stay it will be more then 2h traveling time one way... So yeah this is not working for me and I been job hunting for the past month. Not easy... Anyways wish me luck as I am sending my resumes out. 

Now, in this new post lets take a closer look at newest Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics launch, namely highlighters and bronzer/blush duos. I thought I will skip on these but oh my just look how beautiful they are. I managed to grab 3 highlighters and 2 duos at Ulta Beauty few weeks ago. 

The first ever highlighters were launched back in 2019 and since then she revamped them. I personally never gotten any of the old ones (I did wanted the Flesh palette), but now I jumped and purchased  the new ones. The shades in the Flesh palette can be bought separate which made me really happy! I been dying to get that palette but its discontinued now.  But never the less I have the shades I wanted, woohoo. 

Accent Light Highlighters ($29) - one word amazing! seriously amazing! Lets start with the gorgeous compact the highlighters are housed in. Its beautiful! She did such an amazing job on it. They are smaller then the duos, all gold and just luxurious feeling. Its a baked formula that gives the amazing glow on the skin. It swatches and applies really good, with no fall out and it last all day. Each shade I got looked good on my skin. Seriously I am loving them at the moment. Shades I go are:

* Sparks - frosted gold

*Iced  -frosted champagne 

* Mesmerized - soft peachy highlighter

Blush and Bronzer duo next~ 

Bronzer and Blush Duo ($36) - I picked two palettes one slightly warmer and darker and one lighter and cooler. The formula on these is good. Swatch wise they looks and swatch beautiful. When applied with a brush there is a kick up of the powder. They are sheer and they can be build up. These are perfect for people who are not a fan of blush or just starting playing with makeup. Now the packaging on these is stunning! Very lux and super high end. Loving the black with rose gold detailing. Even the outside box is gorgeous! I overall like them but really hope she can make more shades and bit deeper. When I am on the run I don't have time to sit and build blush or bronzer to my desire color. Shades I picked are:

* Lilac Love /Top Tan - lilac blush and light brozner with neutral undertone. 

* Warm Flush / Golden Goddess - warm peachy blush and light brozner with warm undertones. 

And that would be it. I mean I am really loving the highlighter the most and I hope she can come up with more wearable shades. I am also thinking if I should pick the beam loose highlighter and the mood exposure powder. No idea what to do LOL. Mood exposure powder is a all over face powder, but since I have an oily skin I am afraid it will not work on me. As for the beam loose highlighter is that I don';t use much of loose highlighters but there are two shades that I are calling my name.. I dunno what to do ... decision decision. Anyways that is will be it for now. Hopefully you going to see more post from me soon:) Hugs

CoverFX Monochromatic Blushes - Swatches part 2

 *purchased by me*

I swatches part 1 over here. And like I mention in that post I will be getting more colors of these beautiful blushes. Once again ULTA Beauty had them on sale for FALL 21 Days of Beauty Event. I think these blushes were the only interesting thing during the sale... No wait, I had Shape Tape in my cart but forgot to check out on time so ... it went back to regular price...

Now the blushes. I picked up other three shades I was missing (was not interested in bronzes at this time). 

So I got 

  • Warm Honey - its the lightest in this bunch. Its has bronzey gold undertones. As name suggest its warm and I bet it would look perfect on summer tan skin. :) Not that I have any tan hahaha I white as a sheet but I know these babies are blenadable so I bet it will look good on. 

  • Spiced Cinnamon - this is more of a terracotta shade. Again it has lovely warm undertones and I think this one would look pretty during Fall months. 
  • Sweet Mulberry - ha I don't know what I was thinking when I added this one to my cart... I mean its dark and plumy but at the same time gorgeous! I just hope I will be able to pull it off. Also if you remember my last post I mentioned that I wanted one more shade but when I went back it was out of stock, Well this was this shade. 
From top warm Honey, Spiced Cinnamon and Sweet Mulberry 

I order them on September 10th and got them already on September 12th. So surprised! I mean I been getting a snail mail lately and every one I swear every one blames Covid... And then there is ULTA who ships packages out in flash... so if ULTA can so can other companies .. Just saying ,....

Boxy Charm Unboxing - June, July, August 2020 - what I got in my boxes

 *purchased by me*

Three months worth of Boxy Charm in one post. 

Lately I been having issues with Boxy deliveries. I get my boxes super late its not even funny... Since June they been showing up by the end of the month.. But my August Base box came on September 5th... Again Covid is to blame... but on the other hand my IPSy get here before the 10th of every month ... so Covid my a**... Anyways I am waiting for my September boxes now (uhmmm my IPSY is here already ..) and that post will be up later ... unless I don't get them on time it will be up few moths later in the same form as this one. 

Even tho I complain on my boxes getting here late, the products I get are amazing. Boxy is really stepping their game and they keep getting awesome brands and feature their products in the box. I mean wait and see! I will give you over all whats inside in the particular box, and my thought on the items I tried. Btw I will have an awesome announcement in my IPSY box round up :) 



The lux box was a hit in JUNE. I was really happy with it as well as I was happy with the picture I took LOL. I know I am so full of myself LOL but who cares! this is one of my better pictures :) my box included following:

* Tarte Tartiest Pro Amazonian Palette - finally the Remix palette got her sister :) This is pretty warmed tone, matte palette. Perfect for everyday and perfect in par with the Remix palette we got back last year. Retail value $49

* Kylie Skin Face Wash - tbh I couldn't care less for this one. I don't support that brand and I gave my away. Retail $24

* Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil - this stuff is pricey and it's waiting (still sealed) for its turn. I have a lot of skin care opened at this point so it have to wait.Reviews are good on this so cant wait! Retail value $82

* Purlisse BB Cream - I already own it and I really like it. Especially during hot and humid New York summer. Was really happy when I saw this in my box. Retail value $35

* Lily Lashes Mascara - that one was one of my choice items. I have not open it yet but I know that Lily Lashes makes an amazing lashes so hoping the mascara will be just as fabulous. Retail value $24

* Billion Dollar Brows Brush set - not gonna lie they do look good., but I have not used them yet. Well if I don't they will make a prefect Christmas gift :) Retail value $55

*Bodyography lip pencils - Ugh lip pencils and eye liners ... I hate them in my boxes coz I don't use them ... the colors are so pretty tho ugh I wish there were lipsticks instead! Come on Bodyography please make lipsticks in these shades! Retail value 28

* Hallmart Collectibles Satin pillow case and eye mask set - I LOVE this! This one my other choice and gosh I am so happy with this cute set! Retail value $50

Total value of the box: $347


This premium box was such a hit, just because everyone got TF Contour palette as well as Glow Recipe Avocado Melting mask. 

* Skin & Co Shower Gel - oh me and my hubby love the fresh scent of this shower gel. We went through one bottle already and I repurchased the second one. It has a notes of fresh lemongrass and guys anything with lemon has my name on it. Retail $22

* Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping mask - I am so happy to see yet another one of Glow Recipe products. I have a small sample size back when I purchased a Holiday kit and I really like it :) Retail $49

* Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette - Again so happy to see another amazing TF products. I pulled my out and I used less then 5 times coz ..hi New York hot and humid summer that melts my makeup..Fall is coming and this baby is moving up to my everyday drawer :) Retail $44

* Kat von D lipstick - the choices were not that good this time around. I went with KVD lippe coz I do like the formula of them . Retail  $20

* Kat Von D Liquid Liner - ink well long wear matte eye liner .. I sold this one to friends friend. Like I said I don't wear eye liners... Retail value $20

* Billion Dollar Brow Sculpting dual ended brush - guys I almost threw that one away...well I did so I had to run outside and dig in the garbage can ... It got wrapped with the trash and I only realized I was missing it coz I look at the pamphlet. Geez. Retail value $35

Total retail value: $190



Not happy at all with this box ... 

* PUR Cosmetics Festival 2 palette - I like this one . this one of the two products I was actually happy to get. Colors are so much fun but I have not played with it yet. Retail $36

* Clean Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster - this is the second one I was happy to get and it was my choice item for the month. Retail value $50

*Ciate London Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Spray - I would like it more if it was not so matte. I ca't really use dewy sprays coz my skin is already oily ... such a shame ... Retail value $22

* Lavish Beauty "Color switch" -  this is the next products are so pointless... why would they include two accessories ? I understand if you want to throw in one but two ? Come on! I already have 3 color switches ... I have no need  for this one . sadly this one will have to find a new home along with the next products. Retails $15  

*Chella Slanted tweezers - I used to work with Tweezrman and I have enough of tweezers .. Do you get why I am so frustrated ? silly color switch and tweezers .. they just throw it just to add up the value . These tweezers retail for $20 

Total value : $143


This one was a bit better then the base but still two products were not for me...

* Byroe Bitter Green Essence toner - I was hoping to get this one. I didn't open it yet but I heard its good! In September box there is Tomato Serum and I can't wait ti get my hands on it. Retail value $95

* Morphe x Manny MUA palette - as much as I don't like Manny the palette is rather cute. I love the highlighters and I still have to play with the rest of the palette. Retail $20

*Kennia Ontiveros Beauty Blush Palette - this one was my choice and wow I LOVE it! what a stunning palette! Guys I been on the blush kick lately. There was also a bronzer palette available. I will insert picture and guys let m know what you think? Should I get it? Retail $42

* Folly Fire lipstick trio - these are so beautiful! wow ... again I am so happy to have them in my box. Colors are so up my alley and I can't wait to wear them more . Retail value $40

* Laura Geller Beauty line and define dual dimension eyeliner - pass for me ... LOL yup you see another eyeliner ... oh well I will give it to someone as a Christmas gift :) Retail $24

*Boxy Charm Neon Jelly makeup bag - like seriously? IPSY gives bags for free and BOXY adds it in a value... ugh... I mean I kept my and i made a use out if it . Retail $20 (I don;t think so)...

Total Value : $241



I was happy with the box. especially coz it had concealer and that Violet Voss palette I been wantig since I saw the sneak peek.

* Too Faced Born this Way Concealer - this one was my choice for the month. Finally I can tried the concealer that everyone seems to love it. Retail $29

* Violet Voss Essentials 2 Palette - I was hoping for this palette. Colors are stunning and up my alley. We got similar palette last year but it was colorful. Retail $36

* Clarins Velvet lip Perfector - the bestselling Natural Lip Perfectors went bold with the new matte finish. Its a weightless mousse that delivers highly pigmented velvety finish. Retail $26

* Minetan Body Skin Hydra Glow Serum - first time seeing this brand. But its is a triple action  HA formula delivering time resealed multi depth hydration for fully hydrated skin that glows. Retail  $45

* Rockins Cosmetics Big Fat Liner - yay another liner, oh gee! another product that will be passed along to someone in need of a liner. Retail $25

Retail Value :  $161


So happy! Two Too Faced products in one month! Nice Boxy!

* Sunday Riley A + High Dose Retinol Serum - We start Premium with a bang! This is the first time Boxy has Sunday Riley products. I got few in IPSY already. Again it just sits for now I need to go and see what I have open now.. Retail $85

* Ciate London New England Editor Palette - Inspired by New England's Fall features super soft and bendable shades. Mix of matte and shimmers.But tbh packaging is tacky. It reminds me of MUR if you know what I mean.  Overall I like the color story. Retails $32

* Too Faced Born this Way Translucent Setting Powder - yay another TF product! and now I have the whole set of Born this Way products. Retail $33

* MAC Lipstick - woohoo! I am always happy with MAC lipsticks :) I got my in the shade Fast Play . Retails $19

*Laura Geller Eyelash primer - I opened this one but its meh... it smudges .. Retail $24

* Afterspa - Slip on Exfoliator - ehhh another meh product that I don't think I need.. dunno let me open it and try it. Retail $18

Retail Value $211