MAC Bronzing Collection - Summer 2020 - my picks

*purchased by me*

This limited edition collection dropped not long ago and I does get me thinking of Summer. 
Summer that I hope we get... 
I am kind of confused as this is a Bronzing or Bronzer collection? I see both names on the web and just not sure which is correct. I call it Bronzing coz Bronzer is bronzer  :) 

This collection was available excursively at ULTA here in the USA.It is a Limited Edition and includes: 2 bonzers, 5 foiled eye shadows, 5 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses, 4 strobe face glaze, fix plus, body strobe lotion and bronzing brush. 
So as you can see it was quite a big. 

I was able to grab a bronzer, 3 lipsticks and one eye shadow. 
I went back to get the face glaze coz I was curious but the shade I wanted was sold out. 

Here are closer pics of my picks and as this is a Limited Edition I did not swatch anything... but.... I got me thinking that maybe I should start using my LE stuff... I know I did use few in the past so I have no idea whats stopping me. As of now I only took pictures of this collection but I might have break my "untouchables" and start using them. We will see LOL I am still thinking what to do :)

  • Beige-ing Beauty Bronzer- this is a light yellow tones bronzer that might or might not be too dark for me. But I wanted the compact so bad so I bought it and wen with the lighter version of it. This is supposed to have a dewy-matte finish and cream to powder formula. I tell that by looking at it and dipping my finger ever so slightly it is powder formula that does feel creamy when I swatched it.. again lightly. I dunno I feel like I will crack it open and start using it. Color looks dark in the pan but lets see :) Retail $32

  • Foiled Eye Shadow in the shade Monaco-co - I was so super hesitant with buying an eye shadow coz of the price... I t was $26!!! I know crazy! I was watching some UK YouTuber and she was applying this shadow on and I really really wanted it. I closed my eyes and bam I bought it. I just didn't know why the prices was so high on it? Was it coz it was LE? Different formula? I had no idea until I got it mail.... And the pan was huge! I didn't take a side by side picture, but this particular shadow contains 3g/0.1oz of product versus 1.3g/0.04oz in my other regular pan shadows. And I compare it with my other LE shadow from Snow Ball Collection. The shade is described as a warm rich brown :) Retail $26

  • Cote D'Amour Lipstick - this was the shade I knew I was going to get. I love bright, fun colors for Summer, even tho I never wear the ones from MAC coz again LE... Retail $20
  • Set To Sizzle Lipstick - this is described as grapefruit pink and this one was also on my wish list :) Retail $20
  • A La Plage Lipstick - light nude with slight gold pearly sheen. I knew I wanted three lipsticks from this collection and on two I was sure which shades I am getting but it was hard to decide on the third one. Finally I went this beauty :)  Retail $20
Now I am patiently waiting for Mac Mosaic Collection to drop. But there is no dates on when it will be available in the USA... Below is the picture :) I can tell you that I will be getting all lipsticks, palette and highlighter :)

Get That Glow - IPSY Glam Bag Plus - May 2020

*purchased by me*

My Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is here. And boy I was let when the choice item was up and I missed my chance on Sunday Riley Good Genes.... But all good coz I was able to purchase it during add on session for $18, which was an amazing deal! I mean IPSY is killing it with Sunday Riley skin care inside their boxes! and if you don't get it they offer it in adds on for fraction of the retail. I like that a lot!

As for my bag, ugh was not really impressed. I like the actual bag tho! so summery and it looks like a ocean water and sun :) SUMMER baby!

  • Coloured Raine Vineyard Soiree Palette - this was my choice item and tbh I was hesitant between this palette, Mimosa Moment palette by the same brand and NoMad Kiss of the Sun Palette. I was looking on the website to see swatches or anything on it but could not find anything so I went ahead and chose Vineyard Soiree palette. Its pretty and its cool toned purple. I like Coloured Raine shadows I have few singles and I heard that Queen of Hearts is beyond amazing :) This palette is Limited Edition made for Glam Bag Plus. Retail $22

  • Mudmasky After Mask Vitamin Serum - this serum you should apply after masking. I guess this could work if i use clay mask as these tend to dry my skin really bad. I dunno how I feel about it to be honest. The retail value is $53.75 and I am  not sure if its worth it. Also no idea if I will be keeping it or passing along... Time will tell

  • Sugar Rush Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the shade Cupcake -if you don't know Sugar Rush is sister or a baby brand to Tarte Cosmetics. all I will tell you that it smells like cake but the shade is not me. Its too nudy too brown... There was more berry option and I would prefer that one more. Retail $15

  • Girlactik Skin Glow Duo in Sunset - this was part of the choice and i thought I wont get this and here it is. I just gonna say no to the product and the brand... I don't have a good experience with them at all.... Retail $26

  • Beauty For Real - Hi Def Mascara - yay another mascara .... if its not mascara its a liner... I will try it later coz right now no makeup days are in :) Retail $19

  • Sunday Riley Good Genes- and yes my add on item :) I am so happy to have it and I do have a high hopes for it :) I not sure if you remember I bought small mini size duo at Ulta but I haven't open yet so that duo will travel to my mom while I will keep this baby! Please work good for me :) Retail $85 

And above is bag that was sent this month and guys I love it! I only wish it was a bit bigger :) I already purchased bag from the glam bag ultimate and now I need regular glam bag bag :) I dunno I love IPSY bags and some designs I want them all :) 

What do you think of this bag? It's $25 a month just like Boxy Charm, but to be honest it didn't wow-ed me. I like the palette and the rest will go somewhere else. I love that was able to get Good Genes in adds on :) and of course the bag is so pretty :) 

Mother Nature- Boxy Charm Base Box Unboxing

*purchased by me*

Boxy Charm surprisingly arrived early this month. 
I already unboxed Premium for May, and now its time for base. 

I tell you right away I was not blown away by it, more so disappointed. Boxy advertised Jouer lip glosses and I was hoping for it... I see that if I want something in my box I never get so from now I will not say out loud that i want something and maybe it will be in my box LOL maybe... hahah 

I was scrolling though IG stories and one of my IG friends said that the box she got was basically made with Dollar Tree products... I got same box with one item different and all I can say I hear you... 

Influencers and other people on Boxy;s PR get better boxes. Most of the time they boxes are so much better then ours (paying customers) . As you can see and well read I was not happy myself with the past few boxes. But I saw spoilers for LUXE and Premium for next month and they do look impressive :) 

Now lets unbox my base box for month of May 2020

  • Glam Glow Berry Glow Probiotic Recovery Mask - this was my choice item and I am happy with the mask. i tried it once already and i am happy my skin likes it. I saw many posts all over Facebook that some girls get reaction to it! It burns their skin!!! Luckily my skin seems to work good with this mask. And btw it smells amazing :) This is my second Glam Glow product that I got in Boxy :) Retail $49

  • Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Illuminator  in the shade Peach Glow- I was not mad about it :) I like her highlighters and already own two so it was nice to add shade I didn't have. It pretty and peachy :) Now I want Charming Pink and I can be done :) Retail $26

  • Studio Makeup Easy to Wear Eye Shadow palette - tbh I am unsure how I feel about it. I only swatched it and by swatching the metallic shades look really nice, but how will it wear, still to be discover LOL. I will probably send this to my mom as it does reminds me of Sultry and Naked Reloaded which I already own. Retail $35

  • Trestique Concealer - mehhhh... I mentioned in my beauty quiz I don't want complexion products.. I just don't feel they have a good shade matches... and as for the concealer go its a pass for me. I don't use concealer much and if I do I like my Colourpop one. Retail $24

  • Daily Concepts Shampoo Bar- ok I was excited about this. I been seeing shampoo bars all over IG and blogs and I wanted to try one for myself. And ... yeah its not for my hair. I do get what they trying to do with getting rid of plastic bottles but its a bar and for someone with long ass hair its not it. It took forever for me to foam and just to rub in my hair... I think someone with short hair or any guy will appreciate it. I will pass to my hubby and see if he likes it ;) I get the product but its just personal preference and I say no to it. Retail $24
Total value of my box was $158.

MAC x Selena La Reina Collection - my picks

*Purchased by me*

Ok, so who remembers when the first Selena x Mac collab launched? I think it was sold out in minutes coz I only gotten a gloss that my friend kindly gifted to me. 

This year the second part, the launch was much smoother. There was a pre-sale and then official launch on Mac, Macy's , Ulta Beauty websites. I got my order from Ulta (double points for my extended birthday month) it took around two weeks to get the order in :) And I ordered what ever I wanted from the collection, nothing more nothing less.

The packaging  on the collection is really something :) It resembles Selena's bejeweled bra she wore during her shows. Inside the palette and highlighter there is a picture of her in that bra. The whole collection was done with the black and silver theme and I like it :)

  • MAC x Selena La Reina Extra Dimension Skin Finish - shade La Leyenda. This baby sold out so fast. And I totally understand why. Just look how gorgeous this rose is! Its described as medium dark gold with strong, warm peachy undertones and the metallic sheen. Right of the bat I tell you this shade is not for me. My skin is way to light to pull it off. I only going to add this to my "untouchables" drawer, which includes all beautiful, limited edition Mac pieces. Retail $37

  • MAC x Selena Me Siento...Muy Excited Eye Shadow Palette - a 8 pan palette with mattes and shimmers. There are two Dazzleshadows in this palette that apparently are not so great. No clue I didn't dig in the palette yet. Not sure if I will. Like I said I have "untouchable" drawer and that's were the palette will go... I think. Ugh I don't know what to do... part of me wants to grab brushes and just play with it and the other part just want to leave it as it is. you see that's why I need doubles of everything ... but who have that kind of money LOL. I really like the color story. I know its nothing new but still I like it a lot :) Retail $35

  • MAC x Selena Lipstick - shade Queen of Cumbia - a rich red lipstick that we could say it was a signature look of Selena. Retail $20
  • MAC x Selena Lipstick in the shade Selena Vive - its a light peachy nude that is just perfect for nude lovers :) Retail $20

Next week I will have another collection by MAC :) I got my order two days ago and most likely it will be up on Monday :) 

April Favorites and Few Pics from life in Quarantine

HI Loves, how are you all doing?
Sorry but there will be no makeup faves this month coz well I haven't put on makeup in weeks!
I also sometimes skip skin care... I know don't yell... It's just I just didn't feel like pampering myself at all.
Even tho it was a rather slow month I found myself using few gems.

  • M.A.D Acne Drying Lotion - this have been my fave for a few months now and guys I love this drying lotion! It makes such an amazing difference in my acne! Especially when the "new" pimple shows I put this lotion on for over night and sometimes during the day, and withing few days pimple is gone. I have no idea what happened but I had really bad hormonal break outs during April and this was saving my face.  
  • M.A.D Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer - I been using this moisturizer also for months now and I swear by it! Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Ginger Root Extract and Peppermint oil are some of the main ingredients. Its really light weight, helps control oil and most importantly helps fighting acne. I was even using it under my makeup and it really worked well and it definitely                                        helped me calm my acne down. 
  • Fresh Beauty Rose Toner, Kambucha Essence and Rose Deep Hydration Oil Infused Serum - I will send you to my post (here) to see my review. These three are seriously amazing. I notice that Rose Toner did helped my acne a lot! hence I am running low on it. I used Kamubucha essence twice a day and Deep Hydration Oil Infused Serum just night time. 
  • Sol De Janerio Spray - just coz you need to smell good in quarantine no? I love this spray! I have one at work as well :) 
  • So Fresh SO Clean nose strips - this are my favorites, they pull all the "stuff" out. They are on a thicker side so sometimes Its hard to adjust them on the nose, but seriously so worth it as it pulls a lot! I am on my last two strips and I will need to somehow get more asap :) 
So that would be it for my Faves. Like I said, not much as I was being super lazy in April. Hopefully May will be better :) 

Now below are collages of some pictures I took in April :) Enjoy 

So I dyed my hair again. This time I used Arctic Fox and hi its pink and purple, just like Twilight Sparkle :) And showcasing new earrings from Aliexpress! Stunning right? I order few in the same theme :)

Outfit in March, April and still May. My Pj's :) Comfy and I basically live in it :) Here I wear regular H&M tank top and pants from the PJ's I recently hauled from Amazon.

 Walking dog around the neighborhood. Sophia had fun and that day was such a pretty warm weather :)

The white tree is right infornt of my house. Thank God I was able to take a pic before it turned green :) Second picture is of empty NYC that I showed here.

Pink flowers on the trees are my faves!

Park Slope :) I took few pics from the car. By the end of April I had a partial nail avulsion. I suffer from ingrown nails and sometimes they get really bad. They took a big chuck of my nail (sorry I don't want to gross anyone out so I will keep the pics for myself). It was a surgery with anesthesia. She had to "stab" me with the needle in two places on my toe, right beneath the nail and in the back. :(  Hurt like MF. My nail currently is still healing and it will grow eventually.

 Sushi party platter. Hubby's friend visited from Upstate and brought sushi :) How can I say no?

So that would be it. My April was really quiet and most of the days I spent on the blog and watching tv.

I up to date with Outlander. I started and finished Sex and the City (again all 6 seasons) , True Blood (amazing 7 seasons!), and I have one more season to go of The Grimm :)

 and finally I watched The breakfast Club and re-watched few classics like The Thing, Wuthering Heights, The Count of Monte Cristo :)

How was your April? 
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