Game of Thrones inpsired makeup collection by Urban Decay

*purchased by me*

I been holding off this review, because I wanted to get lipstick and eye liners.  They been sold out since launch and I am not sure when they will be back in stock.
I am kinda tired of waiting tbh.But what can I do? Not sure when it will be back in stock,so for now I will show you swatches and write few words on the eye-shadow an highlighter palette. 

As a huge GOT fan I knew I will get this entire collection :) I passed when it was released on UD website,coz girl I need my points either at Sephora or Ulta. Finally managed to grab 3 palettes and highlighter palette at Sephora during VIB Sale. Yes I got 20% off :) Woohoo. 
 If you think why did I buy two palettes? One was for me and one for my bff as her birthday gift :) 

So far this is the best launch this year. The eye shadow palette is definitely the star of the collection. And I am surprised its not sold out yet. Overall the palette is insane! the cover is a zoomed Iron Throne,which is wickedly awesome.

Inside you will find very nicely sized mirror.Also there is a map of Westeros and quote from Dany.

  Underneath the quote, hidden is the replica of Iron Throne.

 This is basically the whole reason I spend $65 on this palette.I got my own Iron Throne :) I can't sit on it but still its all mine! Also in front the throne is another quote, this time from Tyrion Lannister. 
Eye shadow palette itself is hidden in the sleeve.So reminds more of old schools VHS tapes! Who remember those?  I know I know its so bulky and for some the packaging might not make sense but come one its so freaking cool! 

Eye shadow palette contains 20 eye shadow and its divided into three main Houses and another group represents North,Beyond the Wall and White Walkers. 

Lets start from the top: shades that represent Free Folk,White Walkers and Nights Watch - cool and icy shimmers
* Frozen North - deep teal with iridescent micro-shimmer
* Free Folk - metallic silver
* Take The  Black -jet black with blue/silver shimmer
* White Walker - shimmer light blue
* Hardhome -transformer shade, sparkling white

Next is House Stark - it contains smokey mattes and neutral shimmers:
* Weirdwood Leaves - satin deep plum
* The Sight - metallic emerald green, with iridescent micro shimmer
* Nymeria - matte warm terracotta shade
* Winter Is Here - dark brown with iridescent shimmer
* Winterfell - transformer shade,antique gold.   

Next Is House Lannister and Targaryen

Next up House Lannister - mattes an neutral shimmers
* House Lannister - matte peachy shade
* Lannister Red - matte chestnut 
* Red Keep - metallic warm copper
* Casterly Rock- metallic dark bronze
* Kings Landing - transformer shade- pale gold shade

And finally we have House Targaryen - contains jewel toned shimmers:
* Dothraki - metallic gold
* Bend the Knee -  shimmery lilac 
* Stormborn - metallic purple
* House Targaryen -  metallic pale  rose gold
* Bay of Dragons - transformer shade- sparking pink 

 So what do you think so far? This palette, as you can see is shimmer heavy.I like shimmers so it is my cup of tea :) You can create look by group Houses or just mix and match from the entire palette. 
Let me just say that UD eye shadows are one of the best on the market. This palette is totally worth it,if you are the fan of both GOT and UD.If not then would you still buy it? 

On the side note I want makeup brands to do more this sort of collection. You know how fun would be Supernatural collection?or Friends? 
Lets hope!

Now second product I bought was the Mother f Dragons highlighter palette. Palette includes 3 highlighting powders each named after a Dragon form the series:

* Drogon - frosted cooled toned pink
* Viserion - metallic golden nude
* Rhaegal - metallic bronze.

My fair skin can pull out only first 2 shades.Rhaegal can definitely be used as an eye shadow. Aside from beautiful colors can we appreciate the design of the box?The 3D looking dragon scales are wicked! The design is truly breathtaking.

 Inside there is a nicely sized mirror and your three highlighters with dragon egg embossed on top. Powders are finely milled and blend really nice and give beautiful glow on the skin.
This little palette retails for $36.00

What do you think of this collection? will you be buying anything?

Dull Skin? Tired Eyes? Don't worry Pixi Beauty got you covered with Beauty Skintreats

*pr sample*

Pixi Beauty never cease to amaze me. So far,the countless products I tried from them, was only one I didn't like. Over all their products are great and are staple in my daily routine. 

Today I will focus on three products, Mud Mask, Peel Off Mask and Eye Gel Patches.

 DetoxifEYE eye gels -lets start with them as I was super excited to try them. Under eye patches that hydrates, plumps,soothes and de-puffs. They are super easy to use.Come with tiny spatula that helps to take them out of the container. You basically apply them underneath of your eyes,close to lash line. What's great about these is that they stay in place. They deliver boost of hydration and soothe at the same time. They are infused with caffeine, that helps skin under eyes looks more awaken. I own The Ordinary Caffeine eye solution and I swear by it.

 These guys are great when I feel down and sleepy. I put them in while getting my daughter ready for school. Keep them on for about 10-15min and I am good to go. There is 60 patches in the container so that will last your for some time. Another great ingredients aside from Caffeine, are: Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Extract,Gold, Botanical Collagen and Peptides.

Glow Mud Mask I had before. Good to refresh my stash,so thanks PIXI :) This is clay mask. and unlike other clay masks this one is easy to squeeze out the tube. It has a dark green color with slight herbal scent. The cream like consistency helps mask to spread out evenly on the face. Once dried its pretty easy to wash off with warm water.
The results? Even after first time you'll be amazed.  The skin was visibly cleaner, less oily and pores smaller. I like that it removes the excess oil with out stripping the skin. Big plus for that! There was one clay mask I tried before (not Pixi) and it left my skin feeling like Sahara dessert. Crazy tight and so dried up. The worst feeling ever! That mask landed in the garbage next minute.
Glow Mud Mask is o much more better.

The key ingredients:
* Dead Sea Mud, Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Salt - adds hydration, and helps maintain balance of the skin.
* Aloe Vera - calms inflamed skin
* Clay - helps absorbing oil from the skin and helps skin become more balanced.

T- Zone Peel Off Mask - with Avocado & Green Tea. Pore Purifier. Detoxifying peel-off mask draws out impurities and lifts away oil to reveal immediate results. It contains a unique green super food blend that includes avocado, cucumber, aloe, green tea and bamboo extract to help firm & refine. Great for congested, dull and tired skin. It have nice metallic green color that is super fun. Masks applies nicely and evenly. After it dries up, you simply peel it off.
After first time using it I notice less oil and well my skin looks a lot cleaner.
Use 1-2 times a week or as needed. Apply a thick even layer to T-Zone only. Leave on until completely dry then gently peel off. Avoid eye area, eyebrows, hairline and lips. Do not use on skin that is irritated, broken or sunburned.

Right now as you can see in the picture below I like to multi-mask and combine both Pixi mask on my skin :) And no I dis not grow a beard :)

Have you tried any of the mentioned product?Would love to hear your thought below :)

New Bedding Set - Marble Duvet Set - Amazon Haul

*purchased by me*


I love a good Amazon find. Lately I been doing more and more shopping there. 
Most I check jewelry,clothes, kitchen products and lately bedding sets.
I love duvet sets and here in USA only Ikea is the place that have any duvet. 
Most bedding have two pillows,fitted sheet and flat sheet. Ugh I don't need a flat sheet I want duvet! and funny how I go and ask for duvet the sellers look like me like I'm from the moon...Is it really that hard to get it? 

One day I opened my Amazon app to post a review and there was a deal of the day on a duvet set! It was only $22 and I grabbed it with out thinking ( I will show in the feature post). Then Amazon was recommending more sets. I already eyeing few more:)

But the star of the show is definitely this marble set that I found on IG :) I contacted seller and asked for link and order it. There were three options in listing,but guys marble have my heart :)

When it arrived I changed my sheets and put the Marble duvet on :) 
I think that it looks so magical with the dusty pink pillows,flowers and lights:) 
So romantic :)

And the best part is it so comfortable! The extra soft microfiber gives a blissful sleep and seriously you don't want to leave your bed. Its wrinkle resistant and apparently it wont fade through out the  washes. 
The set contains two pillow shames and duvet for comforter.

You can find this set on Amazon(click here) $30.99

Make Waves - My first ever Boxy Charm - May 2019

*purchased by me*

I finally craved in and subscribed to famous Boxy Charm. Oh guys, you have no idea for how long I been thinking of joining. After hearing my sister in law loves each and every box she gets,I decided it's about time. And here I am with my first box.

This won't be a review.More like see whats inside. I can always post review at later time :) 

First is the product I was hoping for :) Glam Glow - Gentle Bubble Cleanser.Ah just look at this beauty! I heard all good reviews on it so yes I am super excited to try it!Have you tried it before? Or any Glam Glow product on that matter? This is my very first time trying anything from this brand.And I am so excited! Its a daily conditioning gel cleanser that gently and effectively cleanses skin and dissolves makeup. Oat amino acids condition while vegan formula with apple extract, vitamin E and green tea extract bubbles up to clean and remove impurities.Soap, fragrance free and SLS/SLES free.  Retail $28.00

Next is Milk Makeup - Blur Stick. Again this is my first time trying Milk Makeup. This is lightweight, silicon free, matte primer stick that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines with powder-filled,blurring micro spheres. The smooth and velvety formula goes on clear to create a flawless, shine free canvas that helps makeup look better and last longer. Well reading the short description a I am excited as I have oily skin with pores :) Retail $36.00

Ciate London - Eye Lustre Creme Eye Shadow - I got my in shade ICE. They are great at creating long lasting,shimmering eye looks. The metallic,glittering eye shadow can be swipe on a full covereage or blend out for a sheer sparkle.Applied on any eye shadow as a topper. ICE as you can guess is a white sparkly shade! and glimmers so beautiful!I definitely want to ware it sheer and it shows so much more sparkle! Retail $22.00  

PUR Cosmetics - Eye Lash Curler - I love how cool and holographic it is :) I be honest I don't use curler often. Not sure if I will keep it or pass it along. Let see. 
Retail $18.00

Luna by Luna - lip gloss in the shade Venus. pretty sparkly lip gloss.I might own it already as I got very similar one in Lip Monthly bag months ago. Not sure tho. If I don;t I might keep if not I will pass along :) Retail 18.00

Total value of my May Boxy Charm is $122.00 and all products are always a full size products. 
Boxy Charm is only $21.00 and you can sign up here.

New palettes by Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless

*purchased by me*

Ok so for the next few weeks there will be tones of palettes blog posts. What can I say,I love buying them :)

New in my collection are the Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless palettes. There is 4 in total but I only have 3 as the Decadent palette was sold out when I ordered rest :) 
And yes you guessed right I will be ordering it soon :) 

Now lets talk about the palettes, and how gorgeous these are! the packaging sold me! They all come in a tin that is very sturdy. There is a big mirror inside and each palette contains 18 beautiful shades.  The shade names are printed inside under each shade. I prefer that way and wish more brand did same. All for $15 each :) I say not bad! 

Lets dive in into first one - Optimum Palette. The tin on this one is a grey marble,super pretty. Its a mix of cool and warm tones with bunch of beautiful shades - 8 mattes and 10 shimmers. I love this palette a lot.These are my kind of shades and it reminds me a bit of Profusion Chocolates palette.

 The mix of browns, bronzes, golds and greens is simply beautiful and definitely a safe zone for all of us.
This palette is vegan and cruelty free.


 Few of my favorite shades: Peak, Parallel, Choice,Outstanding,Capital.

Unconditional Love - very pinky and very romantic palette.  Gorgeous light pink marble packaging.Adore this one :) I think it goes really great with whats inside.Soft, rosy and very romantic.

 The shimmers and the mattes in here perform really good.I used this palette twice and I really like the looks it created.Perfect for every day.


My favorite shades: Official, Coy, First Date, Love Potion, Adore,actually all!
This particular palette is not vegan but it is cruelty free.

Constellation Palette - the brightest out of all the,The packaging on this is insane! Its a galaxy and I love it!The shades like a mention are super bright!

 And they are not the shades I use every day. I don't feelgood playing with colors that bright. I got this one so maybe I can use with some other palettes :)

There is few shades that I really like in here like : Celestial, Spiral,Saturn and Retrograde.
Again this palette is not vegan but it is cruelty free.
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