Colourpop releasing Hocus Pocus Collection and I am here for it

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Colorupop dropped a bomb and on 9.30.2020 is launching a Hocus Pocus collection. This might be the best Halloween collection ever! I mean who don't love this movie! It is a Halloween classic! 

I am just hoping to get whatever I need... We all remember what happened when they launched Sailor Moon... Madness... 

By the way what do you guys think? Would you get it? Do you like Halloween makeup? Do you like Hocus Pocus? 

I am eyeing palette, all 3 lipsticks coz hello RED :), and maybe the eye liners... I know I say I hate them but its Hocus Pocus so I will make an exception 

IG Colourpop

Fall Decor and more - Marshalls , Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby Haul

 *purchased by me*

Finally my favorite season is here :) I mean don't you just love FALL?

I was so excited to see Fall stuff at Marshalls ! Seriously each year I always miss a lot of it.... This time I scored  some awesome stuff.

1st I got MUGS! I love mugs! i love collecting them as well, but I am trying to stop myself from buying it all coz I have small apartment in Brooklyn with not much cabinet space... But there were three mugs that I could not leave there. 

* Halloween Pumpkin Mugs one in black and one in white - I could not decide which I wanted more and since they were the last two left I took them both. Aren't they cute!? I am on the hunt now for a mug with Jack Skellington & Sally or something Beetlejuice themed. 

* Third mug is more of a witchy vibe. It says "Stay Wild Moon Child" and gosh I am obsessed! 

Next are Fall inspired coffee syrups! YUM! Last year I wanted them so bad but there were all gone. This year I was able to grab Salted Caramel and pack of three that includes flavors like Maple Donuts, Pumpkin Caramel Cone and . There was one that was Pumpkin Cheesecake flavored but I was not sure and now I regret I didn't get it. These are so fun in the morning coffee. Tastes sweet so you don't need your sugar. 

Next we have a kitchen towels. I saw one I really really like but when I came back the next day it was gone. But Sophia found this one with Halloween Dog outfits and we too it. 

I got more Halloween kitchen towels for Dollar Tree. They are good but the quality is so so. They really thin but then again the prints are always fun!

Also from Dollar Tree I picked up few hanging Fall signs that I already displayed  around the apartment.  

Up next is a Autumn themed drying mat. I only have one and it have flowers on it.. So when I saw this one for $2 at Rite Aid I took it.  

Next we have pumpkins! All of them except one were from Hobby Lobby. Its sad that there is no Hobby Lobby in NYC :( I know I would blow my money over there with ease hahahah. I ordered my pumpkins online and they are stunning and really affordable! 

The rose gold pumpkin was from Rite Aid. it was the last one and I thought it would look cute on my vanity :) Btw speaking of vanity, I need to show you my updated space. I added extra storage and I finally got cute vanity chair! Just wait till you see it :)

Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection by Alter Ego

*purchased by me*

This isn't the first time I'm showcasing this brand on my blog. But whats not to love? I really do think that the quality if their products is outstanding! At this point I own all their eye shadow palette ( please come out with more!) and I was only missing lipsticks. They do have lashes but I don't wear those so it was an easy pass. 

So liquid lipsticks :) I got them cheap like seriously cheap! They were buy 1 get 1 free., and each lipstick retails at $6. So if you do the math I paid $18 for 6 lippies and I am so happy :) 

The shades are really up my alley and anyone who like nudes. The packing on these is so nice! I mean even the packing they do so good, so soft :) Even the lipstick component is so high end looking :) I like how is black at the top and then it go to see through so you can clearly see the shade of the lipstick. They all have doe foot applicator. 
I tried them all on my lips and they all applied evenly. There was no patchiness, and when they dried out they wore really comfortably. There is small transfer but they are long lasting. 

Shades I got:

* Jealousy - muted plum 
* Intrigue - terracotta / brown nude 
* Infamous - deep wine red
* Euphoria - mauve pink 
* Vanity - deep crimson shade of red
* Crush- muted pink

From top: Euphoria, Crush, Intrigue, Jealousy, Infamous, Vanity 

Which one is your fave? You can purchase them on ShopAlterEgo website.

*link non affiliated

CoverFX Monochromatic Blushes - Swatches

*purchased by me*

*** These babies are coming for FALL 21 Days of Beauty Event. They will be available at ULTA on September 10th . GET READY Ladies ! ***

As you can remember I got these blushes during Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty Event. 
There were half off (org. $38, got it for $19). 
 You guys I been wanting them form the moment they launched but yeah spending $38 on a blush was to much for me. 
It took me forever to decide what colors to buy... I did want them all and I will get the reaming colors at some point. I did a lot of thinking, watched YT videos and looked for swatches on blogs etc. Finally I made my mind up and added 4 shades in my cart just to delete one.. I went back later on to buy it but it was sold out. They did surprisingly sold out super fast.

Description from the brand:

The duo includes both a "monochromatic matte and shimmer shade" that can be used "individually or layer[ed] together." The blushes are described as having "high-impact payoff" with no other specifics. The consistency of the matte shades was incredibly silky, finely-milled, and smooth without being powdery--they were thinner but not difficult to apply and sat well on bare skin as well as over foundation. The pigmentation ranged from semi-opaque to opaque and was definitely buildable."

I got following shades:

* Mojave Mauve - perfect romantic dusty rose. warm matte and luminous pink duo gives this romantic look the the cheeks. This one is my fave.

* Pink Dahlia - pretty flush of pink. Contains matte coral and shimmery warm pink

* Soft Peach - a peachy nude shade gives sublets of flush to the skin for a fresh look

from the top Pink Dahlia, Soft Peach and Mojave Mauve 

I have not worn all the blushes as yet. The only one I tested with full on makeup was Mojave Mauve. Gosh words can't describe how much I love that blush. The color was pigmented but blended so nice on the cheeks. Just keep the pigmentation in mind and don't pick up much product if you have fair skin tone. I applied both shades on and it did give a beautiful radiant flush.
These are really worth it. You get two blushes in one compact. I do understand that $38 is not for everyone, so my advice- wait for some kind of sale :) 

Laneige Brings a Gummy Bear Flavored Lip Sleeping Mask and Lip Balm - You need try it!

 *pr sample*

Hi loves! 

If you like a gummy bears then continue reading this post and well add new Laneige products on your wish list because you will go crazy for it. 

I been fan of Lainege lip sleeping mask for years now. And when I saw spoilers of them launching a new gummy bear flavored lip sleeping mask and lip balm I screamed! I love love love Gummy Bears and the Happy Cola gummies by Haribo. Yum! Do you guys like it too? If you do then this duo is right for you. 

Lip Sleeping  Mask - I think at this point every one knows and tried this products. I tried many sleeping mask in the past but this one on par with Bite Beauty, I been using constantly. The formula is easy to apply. The new one comes with applicator (wonder if the other ones comes with applicator as well coz I don't remember seeing it in the box), that makes scooping out much more easier then just going directly with a finger (guilty!).  This to me smells like a grape gummy bear. I guess that's why they went with the purple packaging for both. 

I used to use this mask both night and day time. Now since I also got the Glowy Lip Balm I use that in the day. The Glowy lip balm comes in a squeezey tube. It feels lighter on the lips and seriously a little goes a long way. Don't go to crazy or the product will "goop" up on the lips and trust me you don't want that. Flavor is same as with the Sleeping Mask -  grape gummy bear. 

Let me know if are planning to pick these babies up! 

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