Completely Bare Products ~ Review

*pr sample*

Hi Loves,

Ok, I am so happy that I was include in Bloggers Box send form Ricky's NYC. Woohoo, OMG all the goodies I got to test out are amazing! Completely Bare was one of the products I got.
So I got:
* Completely Bare Moisturizing No Bumps Shave Gel
* Completely Bare Facial Hair Removal Cream
* Completely Bare All in One Travel Wax Kit

I been loving the no bumps shave gel. It gives incredibly close shave. I been using it on my legs, underarms and bikini :) It works great. Feels really soft once you apply on the area you wish to shave. It does contains beads that melts once you massage them into the skin. The gel is clear and don't leather as much as your typical shave cream would, which I do like :) Shaving is really easy and I didn't cut  myself not even once. and the bumps I always get right under my knee... well didn't see them at all :) it have a nice fresh scent. My skin felt so smooth after shaving :) Love it!
Plant and floral extract helps condition and smooth skin. Special blends of essential oils create protective moisture barrier of long lasting hydration. Chamomile extract helps smooth skin and prevent irritation. I can say this is the best shave gel I ever tired! 
Available at Ricky's NYC 
Price : $8.99

I was also excited for All in One Travel Wax kit. It includes : 1.7 oz body balm, 12 face strips, 6 bikini strips, 2 completely off towelettes. 
Now, to be honest I don't really need to use face strips or face removal cream. Except for eye brows I don't have any hair that need to be taken care off. Too bad I cant use it on my eye brows. Anyways I think The Facial Hair Removal Cream and Facial Strips might go to my mom ( I dunno if she will need them or not ), because I really have no use for them and I don't; want them to lay around.
with that said I like the idea of the Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor, formulated to reduce hair density, growth and length. For best results apply twice a day on area where you wish to inhabit hair growth. Its smells really good, light clean scent of lemongrass and green tea. i been using it for a week and so far preforms great. Hair grows slightly slower then usual. I really want to get full size of this product to test it more out and see if it really does work if use longer. 
I will tell you I am such a chicken when it comes to waxing! I tried one and no more! painful!
But I really like the bikini strips :) Super easy to use and not as painful. 
I think the wax kit is a great buy :) 
get it form Ricky's NYC
Price : $12.99

Lip Monthly ~ May Bag ~ Review and Swatches + discount code

Hi Loves!

So I been introduced to new subscription bag.  Its called Lip Monthly and it is awesome! 
it is  an affordable subscription for all lip lovers. Each month they send 4 to 5 FULL sized lip products! How awesome is that? 
I received my MAY bag few days and and I love it! 
It came in a gold envelope. Inside I found small cut little makeup bag filled with goodies!

Like I said all my products came in a makeup bag. Makeup bag is small and adorable. White with yellow tulips and lip monthly logo on the bottom right corner. 

Inside I found:
* Manna Kadar Lip gloss ~ priming gloss stain in shade Manna Babe. I have never heard of this brand before. The gloss is nice! I like raspberry wine shade a lot! Comes in a square tube. Applies easy. Don't feel like its drying my lips or whatsoever. Wish only it was a bit more lasting. Price $24

* So Susan Jello Shot ~ a gel stain hybrid formula with heat shift technology, that instantly transform into a healthy, rosy flush upon a contact onto skin according to your body temperature. This product is so fun! In a tube is orange but once you apply it changes color to light pink. And it stains! When I swatched on my hand it could take it off easily! be careful ! just light dot on desired area blend. I have my in a shade Hangover. Price for this cheek and lip stain is $24.95.

* Dirty Little Secrets ~ Lipstick in shade Guilty Pleasure. first off I love the names! dirty secrets and guilty pleasure...ummmm sign me up! LOL! haha..anyways back to the lipstick. Pink with violet undertones, kinda remind me of orchid flower. Lipsticks feels really nice on the lips. Its creamy and opaque and smells like bubble gum! :) perfect summer lip color :). Price for this beauty $10

Top: DLS Guilty Pleasure, Manna Kadar and bottom So Susan

* Jor'el Parker Face Mask ~ (deluxe size) The Original Fango Mud Therapy face Mask. Includes Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea Antioxidants, Volcanic Ash Minerals. This mask feels great on my skin. I like to apply right before I shower. My skin feels hydrated and soft! And OMG can we talk about the name Jor'el ... Ummm Superman dad hello there ! Also if you take a closer look at the logo you can see a Superman diamond sign. Sorry I am a big fan of Smallville :) 

SO that is it for the bag. I really like the products. Some I never heard of some I did but never tried. It is fun way to try some other brands for a good price right? 
The value of the bag was $68.95!!!!  and the price you pay is only $12.95 a month. what a deal right? 

But wait for it! I have a code for you! you can get your first bag at 55% off discount! 
use code MONICA55. 

Aquis Hair Turban ~ Review

*pr sample*

Hi Loves,

I never knew I will say that this towel changed my life :) It became such a staple in my hair care routine for a past weeks. I have a long hair, really long hair and it take forever to dry them. I been using regular towels for years. Until I found Aquis Hair Turban in Ricky's Bloggers Box. 

Aquis Hair Turban ~ made form aqutex microfiber, which delivers efficient moisture transport while providing comfort and durability. Dries hair faster then regular towel, cuts down on hair damaging blow drying. Helps reduce frizz. Really lightweight and easy to use. Towel secures my hair and I can do some other things. I really like the button on the back :) I been using it ever since i got it :) The button make it so easy to wear and for the turban to stay in place. I did notice that my hair are a lot more dried then when I use regular towels.  
I really been loving it and now I want to get another one for my daughter :) I really want to take a better care of her hair now and continue to do so. 

Aquis hair turban can be purchased at Ricky's NYC and Aquis Website
Price: $30
I have my in color Dessert Rose 

L'oreal 6 in 1 Cleansing Balm ~ Review

*pr sample*

Hi loves!

Time for a hair care product review. This one was send to me by Influenster for testing purposes. 

L'Oreal Ever Pure 6 in 1 cleansing balm ~ combine 6 products in 1 to help save time and put less tear to your hair. I got my for color treated hair. 
The bottle is pretty big. Comes with a pump which is a plus. On the instruction they wrote that I need 6 to 8 pumps, considering I have long hair I need more then that. 
This is non lathering cleanser that you use in place of your regular shampoo and conditioner. It cleans and condition hair without stripping color or moisture. 
 What it does:
* Cleans
* Treat
* Soften
* Condition
* Detangle
* Shine
Free of sulfate, silicone and dye.
Rosemary mint scent. ( I love the scent :) )

I have a mixed feelings .
First when I used it I wasn't quite happy. My hair felt wight down. Especially roots. I felt after drying they still looked greasy and down. There was no volume to it nothing. Plus since I didn't use my hair mask and lots of conditioner  brushing was painful. So no no on its own. 
Second I tried with my regular hair care products. This time I skipped my roots and concentrate on my actual hair. I left my scalp alone and for that I used some other product. 
I applied is all over my hair ( not scalp) and I let it sit for about 5 min. Then I went ahead with my hair mask and again I let it sit for 5 min. Once I was done I rinse all and then brush it threw and dry it. I will tell you my hair felt a bit better. I actually like to mix it with my other hair products. For ne it works the best that way. 
It is not a bad product. But on my hair works better with my all other products. 
I will say I will not be buying it again though. 

Pur Cosmetics ~ Fully Charged Mascara

*pr sample*

Hi Loves!

Lets talk mascara. Pur Cosmetics  Fully Charged Mascara is everything! Its amazing and the way my lashes looks wooow! I get lost of volume and length.After one coat I can see a huge difference in my lashes! They are really black and more visible. The color is super intense black. Formula is rather wet, on which I don't mind. I prefer wet formulas over drier ones. I feel like it is easier to work with. I didn't notice any smudging. As I apply in the morning and when I get home after 13h they look almost same.  I did notice some clumping, but its not a big deal. I used one of my lash combs and voila they look stunning. Easy to remove with any makeup remover. I use either Micellar water or oil makeup remover. Mascara melts away really fast. God this mascara is really awesome!

Fully charge you lashes. It uses magnetic polymer matrix which creates an elastic veil around each lash. That elastic veil helps instantly lift, separate and define each lash for a long lasting performance. The formula also help to strengthen and reduce fallout. The brush reminds me of Too Faced Better then Sex mascara . 

* Age-defying ingredient for  eyelashes. Helps fight the follicle aging process by conditioning lashes to help premature fall out. 
* Nourishes lashes giving them more flexibility to maintain lift and curl.
* Separates and sets each lash for all day length, volume and curl. 

You get it at : Khol's , Ulta and Pur Csosmetics website
Price $22

Jimmy Choo 'Illicit' and Valentino 'Valentina' ~perfume luxury

Let's talk luxury. Perfume luxury. Who doesn't want to smell like million bucks?:) 
Today I want to share my thoughts on  Jimmy Choo and Valentino perfumes.

Let's start with beautifully seductive and tenting ~ Illicit by Jimmy Choo.
Opens up with notes of bitter orange and ginger. The dry down is warm blend of honey with floral elements. Love the honey - amber notes. Perfume is on a sweet side which I been loving at the moment. Illicit stay on my skin all day. No kidding, I could still smell reaming woodsy smell after 12h since spraying them on. 
The bottle and the packaging are gorgeous. Looks really luxurious on my vanity. inspired by art deco crystal glass tumbler with the yellow juice inside ... ah in love. 

Top: Bitter orange, ginger
Heart: Rose, Jasmine Sambac
Base: Amber, Honey, Sandalwood

You get them at
Price:  $51.79 ( includes 30%off coupon)

Valentino 'Valentina' ~ is it me or this perfume is perfect  for Valentines day? What  I love the most is the bottle. Look how gorgeous it is . Floral decorations of pink and ivory flowers :) It just makes this bottle super classy and luxurious.  Perfume is a composition of floral -fruity- oriental mix. Its delicate, elegant and fun. Reminds me of summer in Poland, yes that strawberry note got me. And I am a fan of strawberries. The scent is not overpowering. Opens up with notes of Cambrian bergamot which gives a fresh opening. Later you can trace notes of Jasmine, Rose  and Strawberries.  The dry down is warm sensual amber. I really like the perfume, but it don't last long : ( such a shame :( and another thing is the plastic cap. Why plastic... it really cheap made and it don't go well with the luxurious looking bottle. I say if you want to give a shot to Valentina get her, she is sweet and fruity and I hope it will last longer on you then it does on me. She is a stunner for sure.

Top : Cambrian Bergamot
Heart: Jasmine, Strawberries, African Orange Flower, Tuberose
Base: Amber, Vanilla and Cedar.

you get Valentina on
Price: $43.39 (with 30% coupon)

Vanity Flair Customs ~ Makeup and Brush Holders

*Pr Sample*

Hi Loves!

Have you ever wonder what the background on almost all my pictures is ?Well those are brush and makeup holders from Vanity Flair Customs.
They all are handmade by owner ~Kirsten.
And they are gorgeous! I have total of 7 and seriously I want more!

The holders are huge inside. You can fit a lot of brushes and not only. They are also perfect for storing lipsticks,lipglosses, eyeshadow ets.
Prices vary depend on the holder you want. You can also custom made your or just choose from the ones on Kirsten etsy shop.

Lets me show you my very first holder I got from her.
Louis Vuitton inspired holder. It is freaking gorgeous! Love the bronzy gold glitter and the LV decal is beautiful!

The next two:
 * Too Glam To Give  a Damn ~silver glitter.Love the quote and the letter decal. Perfection On the other side I have a picture that says" On A Bad Day There Is Always Lipstick"and how true this is!

* Wake Up and Make Up ~  love this one!It's pink and is so sparkly! FYI I am trying to hunt down a pink mug with the same quote but no luck.I knew a girl who used to made it but she don't do it anymore *sad face*. The other side of this holder is a LV white heart :)How sweet!

My third was Tiffany & Co inspired holder. and OMG I was never more excited then when I was waiting for this baby!This is prefect. Love the tiffany blue glitter with black Tiffany & CO decal. This holder also have a special meaning to me:) On the other side I think that is Audrey Hepburn picture in black and white. and I have to say that unfortunately it is no longer available.

The last three arrived last week and Monica was so excited that had to rearrange her vanity hahah!But It was so worth it.

* Chanel inspired ~baby pink glitter.I love how sweet and cute it looks. Chanel Logo is white and looks really beautiful on the pink glitter.On the other side I have a white unicorn! GodLove anything magical like mermaids, angels and unicorns. Unicorn decal was a collab that Kirsten did with makup_by>_soolmoz on IG .I love that unicorn :)

* Blend That Shit ~pink glitter. Ok I Love pink if you didn't notice haha! Love This holder as well. The other side of the holder is again the Unicorn but this time decal is silver and more glittery.

* Last is the is smaller than others. This one is perfect for your lipsticks!and can we talk about that glittery pink lips decal! I loveee it!This one is a new addition and it should be available soon.

All holders can be purchase on VFC etsy page---> here.
Also make sure you check her IG page so you can see more :) ---> here. 

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick ~ Radiant

I don't have enough $$$ to splurge on Bobbi Brown Bricks, which are on my wishlist. But I found alternative product. Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick. I have my in Radiant, which is a perfect match for light skin gal like myself.

Shimmer Strips are housed in black square plastic packaging. Lid is clear so you can see the color of the brick. The edges of the package are bit sharp so be careful. The packaging feels sturdy and and the lid closure is not bad. I don't think it will pop open in makeup bag and gives me a heart attack.

There is a total of 5 shimmer strips. They can be use as bronzers and highlights and even eye shadow. Yes that little brick is very versatile. You can use them separately or swirl them together to achieve ultimate glow.


The texture is really good. Powder is finely milled and pigmented. Champagne golden shimmers make a very decent highlight. 

* soft gold
* soft pink
* coppery bronze
* champagne
* deep coppery bronze 

I know there is one more shimmer brick. Hopefully soon I can get my hands on it. Rose Gold shimmer brick is deeper and darker then this one and it will look gorgeous on dark skin gals and it would make a beautiful eye makeup. 

As you can tell I love MUR. Their products are amazing and very affordable. 

Shimmer Brick available on MUR US Website and Ulta.
Price $ 7

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Concealer

*PR Sample*

Amazing Cosmetics done it again! New addition to concealer family launched Spring 2016. And I am talking about Illuminating Concealer. 
Amazing Cosmetics call this lighter than air formula.Concealer contains pearlescent light reflector that blur imperfections and gives skin glow.

I have to admit I was scared at first.Illuminating concealer that gives a glow..ummmm...I have an oily skin and I really don't need more glow that could possibly make me look more oily than I am!Imagine my surprise! it didn't make me shiny. Thank God! 

Concealer provides medium coverage. Blends really nice, wears all day and it dont set in fine lines. Doe foot applicator makes applying easier. I like the formula. It is thick but once you blend you dont even feel it. 
 I like to use it under my eyes ( covers dark circles and brightens eyes),forehead,bridge of my nose and around it.I usually use damp beauty blender and hen set with powder. 
It can also be used as a brown bone  highlight and spot coverage. 

Concealer comes in large shade selection.
Price: $30

Palladio Beauty ~ Blushes

*Pr Sample*

Hi Loves!

I coming back with another Palladio post :) This time I have two blushes to show you. Both were part of the PR Box i received from company a while back. My previous post I will link them down below.
I love blushes. I don't wear them as often as I should but there is something about it that makes me want to have them all. How weird. Guess any beauty junkie will say it I want it all :) haha! I bet I am not alone. 
Anyways I want to talk about one cream and one powder matte blush form Palladio.

Palladio Matte  Blush "Peach Ice" ~  obviously as a name suggest this is a matte finish blush. If you want to try any good quality matte blush I will recommend this one :) I really been enjoying it.Very smooth, non flakey formula. Pigmentation is really good. Blends nice and easy. Comes in a plastic packaging with clear lid, so that you can see the color you getting. Peach Ice is a pretty light pinky-peachy shade. Great for everyday wear. It gives nice soft peachy flush to my cheeks. I like it that it looks really natural. 
I really been wanting to pick all the shades. Hello Blush Junkie! There is in total 4 shades. I hope Palladio will introduce more :) Fingers crossed!

I'm Blushing 2 in 1 Cheek and Lip Tint ~ I am not a cream blush fan but I been really liking this one. Guess the color made me do it:) Multi Tasking cream color stick that provides subtle flush to cheeks and lips! Blends really nice and leaves nice sheer hint of color n the cheeks. I use my finer to blend tit, I find it that this way is really easy.And that were I like to use it. It looked way to frosty on the lips for my liking. The blush stick is small and it twist up form the bottom. "Precious" is really light icy pink. 

Again I really been impressed with Palladio. Their products are really great and they need a bit more hype! 
They are available at Palladio Website, Ricky's NYC, Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply.

Previous form Palladio:
Metal Crush Eye shadow
Silk FX Eyeshadow palette 
Velvet Matte Lip Creams

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