Summer Reads proposition - Jocelynn Drake 'Dark Days Novel'


Today's post it not a beauty related , but I hope you still will like it.

I dont know if any of you know that I am a bookworm , I love books and love reading , especially on my long commute to work and back home.

The books that I mostly reach for are fantasy, paranormal romance, and novels ( written by N. Sparks, gosh i love this guy heh ). Everything that have a paranormal , supernatural beings like witches, vampires , werewolves, angels , mermaids.

I do have a few favorite writers/authors that I love to read. But that will be in my future blogpost. I will tell you more of them plus I will mention the books that I love and why.

On this post lets concentrate on book I read in a past month or I will read in near future.

Lets start off with JOCELYNN DRAKE ' Dark Days Novel '

Quick Overview:

Mira the man character is a vampire / nightwalker,  who can control the fire ( later in the books we will find out how she can do that and who she really is ) she is called Fire Starter . Danaus is vampire hunter that is 2000 yrs old ( we will find out his story as well  in other books ).  He brings Mira new about Naturi, an elfin race that try to wipe out humans, nightwalkers and any other supernatural creature from earth.
500 yrs ago they nearly destroyed Mira  n attempt to control her and her gifts. They have been locked up by TRIAD a powerful vampires in a cage prison. But the seals holding Naturi in are about to be broken by Rowe , a Naturi who tries to free his kind and his wife-queen Aurora.
Mira has to stop Rowe , and her only help is her worst enemy The Vampire Hunter Danaus.

My thoughts :

From the first book I was really into the whole story. I wanted to know more and I wanted to know how will it all ends.  Plus There was this connection between Mira and Danaus and I just waiting for them to finally hook up! They are perfect for each other! The books overall are really good. Book 1 to 3 is from Mira's point of view , book 4  is Danaus point of view ( finally we know what does he think about the situation and his real feelings for Mira!). the last book 6 Is Mira and Nyx (about her more in the books just keep reading :) ).

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6 

If you know any good books ! please let me know !

xoxo Monica

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