Victoria's Secret ~ Semi annual sale 2014

Finally I come to share my VS Semi Annul Sale Haul.
I know it took me long time to post it, sorry for that.
I went to VS three times. This was actually my first time shopping semi annual sale , I have always skipped it and went to Bath and Body works instead. But since I found out that VS no longer will carry their MAKEUP LINE , I told myself : before they discontinue at least go ahead and try it.

So here are few photos of what i pick up :)

I'm kinda sucker for makeup bags , and the ones from VS are sooo adorable so my collection is slowly growing :)
My very first Perfumes from VS. Heard good things about it . Small review will  be posted in few days .
Same things with VS PINK, never had anythings except Undies form PINK line , so let see how the shirts and Yoga pants will do.
I will also try to make a review on VS makeup palette, bronzer and finishing powder

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Monica.


  1. Super VS tez ma extra rzeczy a jakie pachną te perfumy?? I.te bluzeczki śliczne������

    1. prefumy fajne , swieze , vs a fajne rzeczy ale uwaza ze bbw jest lepsze :)


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