Spotted Disney Elsa at Walgreen's

Disney Elsa Collection at Walgreen! 
When I saw it I swear I almost had a heart attack hahah!  I love when Walgreen's brings the Elf's Disney Princesses Collections. We already had Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Now Elsa form Frozen. All I have to say is "Thank God for Instagram ! Without you I would not know if it '.
Last week or so my friend from Instagram spotted some new Princesses stuff at her local Walgreen's. Me, after that I run to mine and Yes! score ~ makeup bags and hair accessories. I picked only one bag and I really wanting o get one more :) Crazy , who needs 50 makeup bags? ...... This crazy Gal :)
Anyways this week someone posted a picture on Insatgram showing the new Beauty book, eyeshadow palette, cheek palette. I almost died in my seat :)!
Went to my Walgreen's again , but I didnt't find it :( Hopefully they will put it up soon! :) 
Anyways I did take some pictures of a display and the stuff the offer now .
Take a look :)

Ardell Lashes ~ $7.99

 ORLY COLOR BLAST Nail polishes ~ $6.99 singles and Duos $10.99
They all have a Movie Themed Names like :
Minty ~ Ice-Solated
Shimmery Purple - Coronation Ball
Blue - Frozen
Purple - Watch out, or Elsa
Baby Pink - Winter Rush
Milky White- Snow Queen
Yellow - In Summer
Pink - Olaf you a Lot
Red - Warm Hugs
Purply Pink - free Spirit
Blue - Kristoff he Goes 
Royal Blue - A Happy ...Puddle

Limited edition Snunci Hair accessories $3.99 each 

 SOHO Beauty Makeup Bags Prices from $7.99 , $9.99, $11.99

Picture That Almost Killed me hahah! Look at that Beauty book! and do you see the top right corner :) I am hunting these babies down :)

If I see anything new I will make sure to update you loves :)
Have a great weekend :):):)


  1. Tego Ci zazdroszczę - ta różnorodność, tak ilość - tego tu brakuję. I wcale Ci się nie dziwię, że masz dużo kolorówki - też bym miała :-)

  2. <3 the comb ! Nice blog, I follow ! ^^

  3. Te lakiery wyglądają świetnie :) Palety również :)

  4. ale świetne :) ładne kolory lakierów ! ale zazdroszczę dostępu do takich cudów i NY :) buziaki z PL

  5. ohhhhh ile bym oddała za taką kosmetyczkę z Elsą! <3

  6. Osz kurcze, szał widzę na tą bajkę ;D A lakiery bym chętnie wypróbowała ;D

  7. świetne masz tam rzeczy szkoda ze u nas w PL jest ich mniej :D świetny blog kochana :)

  8. Bardzo ładne :) dopiero niedawno pierwszy raz oglądałam tą bajkę ;)


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