Maybelline 100th Year Anniversary Collection

Happy 100th Birthday Maybelline! 

I came across their new display at Rite Aid. And compare to other displays I saw pictures online , mine sucked! There were 4 different shades of Baby Lips, my display had one 1. 
From a range of 5 new shades of lipsticks, we got only 2 shades ( 4 tubes - 3 Purposeful Muave and 1 Strike A Rose, which was badly swatched !  ). Then we got some mascaras, eye-shadows, brown drama and nail-polishes. 
If you would like to see how the display looked, check nouveaucheap post ---> click here. 

The only products I picked up were Baby Lips and a Color Sensational Lipstick. 
Really hoping that I can find rest of BABY LIPS and LIPSTICKS. 

Let's talk about the packaging. Isn't it pretty? It has a New York City Skyline and number 100. 
It is a great collector item as well :) 

Color Sensational Lipstick ~ Purposeful Muave  

Very wearable warm nude-muave color. It's creamy and smooth.The color is perfect for every day use:)  I really thought it would be darker on me. As you can see the bullet is bit darker then when it swatches. Overall I really do like the formula of Maybelline lipsticks. I have few and I adore each of it :) 
Price $7.99

Baby Lips ~ Ra Ra Red 

 Oh I love Baby Lips. I think they are super fun lip balms. Love when Maybelline launch new ones every once in a while. 
From the new display I picked only one so far. 
The name of it is Ra Ra Red and the bullet as you can see in the photos is super red. But don't be scared , it swatches as a sheer pinky-red. 
Perfect for spring -summer when you need to hydrate your lips, plus you get a limited edition packaging :) Even though if you are not a baby lips fan , I say go for it just for the packaging :) 
Price $4.49

Overall I really looking forward of getting more products. Maybe eye-shadow duos and BB Cream ( I have one already and I really like it so why not to get one with a limited edition packaging?) 


  1. Ja ostatnio znalazłam zagubioną kilka miesięcy temu pomadkę z Maybelline :)

  2. That lipstick is GORGEOUS! Wish we got them here.

    1. on my lips is a perfect nude :) love it...

  3. U Ciebie zawwsze tyle kuszących nowości - jak zwykle super inspiracje <3

  4. Baby są cudowne :) osobiście mam dwa odcienie różu :)

  5. Baby są cudowne :) osobiście mam dwa odcienie różu :)


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